Monday, June 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2607 Solutions

1 After much delay, book of maps is printed on time (2,4) AT LAST (book of maps=ATLAS, time=T=>book of maps is printed on time = ATLAS+T)
4 Blokes following a copper showing insight (6) ACUMEN (Blokes=MEN, a=A, copper=CU=>Blokes following a copper = A+CU+MEN)
8 Rascal wanting ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property (9) SCALLYWAG (ring=CALL, last piece of jewellerY=Y, stolen property=SWAG=>ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property =S(CALL+Y)WAG)
11 Sensational cover with ancient city featured inside (5) LURID (cover=LID, ancient city=UR=>cover with ancient city featured inside = L(UR)ID)
12 Dog in time-share, rarely barking (8,7) SEALYHAM TERRIER (time-share, rarely barking = ana. TIME-SHARE+RARELY)
13 Singer in musical (Tommy) (4) ALTO (Container => musicAL TOmmy)
15 An inferior alternative in back next to worst (6,4) SECOND BEST (back=SECOND (to second someone is to back someone), worst=BEST (a verb, e.g. to best one's previous record))
18 Plant rolled about by the wind in fall? Very small daughter chases it (10) TUMBLEWEED (fall=TUMBLE, very small=WEE, very small daughter=D => TUMBLE+WEE+D)
19 Stage favourite's returned (4) STEP (favourite's=PET'S=> favourite's returned = rev. of PETS)
21 Article reportedly in favour of the nation's journalism (3,6,6) THE FOURTH ESTATE (Article=THE, in favour of=FOR=>reportedly in favour of=homonym of FOR=FOUR, the=THE, nation=STATE => THE FOUR+THE+STATE)
23 Having knowledge of a conflict ending in peace (5) AWARE (a=A, conflict=WAR, ending in peace=last letter of peacE=E => A+WAR+E)
24 Almost certain to provide yield (9) SURRENDER (certain=SURE=>Almost certain=SUR, to provide=RENDER => SUR+RENDER)
25 Submissions - wrestler's third gives delight (6) PLEASE (Submissions=PLEASE, wrEstler's third=E => PLEAS+E)
26 Girl with drop of table wine (6) CLARET (Girl=CLARE, drop of Table=T=>Girl with drop of table = CLARE+T)

1 Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town to get help (9) ASSISTANT (gibe=TAUNT=>Heartless gibe=TAUNT-U=TANT, Italian town=ASSISI=>one leaves Italian town=ASSISI-I=ASSIS=>Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town = ASSIS+TANT)
2 Animal in a shaded avenue, curled up (5) LLAMA (a=A, shaded avenue=MALL=>a shaded avenue, curled up = rev. of A+MALL)
3 Boy in news, extremely lucky in resort (6) S_L_Y_
5 Pass old high road, in a state (8) COLORADO
6 Joy could get me payment from tenant across the border (9) MERRIMENT (me=ME, payment from tenant=RENT, the border=RIM=>payment from tenant across the border=RENT across RIM=R(RIM)ENT=>get me payment from tenant across the border = ME+RRIMENT)
7 The lowest point in Florida (not written about) (5) NADIR (Florida not written about=rev. of FLORIDA NOT=TON ADIROLF=>'in' is the containment indicator => toN ADIRolf)
9 Intentionally ambiguous statements made by sly person ahead of angry speech (6,5) WEASEL WORDS (a sly person=WEASEL, angry speech=WORDS)
10 Party the go-getter spoiled (3-8) GET-TOGETHER (the go-getter spoiled = ana. THE+GO+GETTER)
14 Mild anger over a note (9) TEMPERATE (anger=TEMPER, a=A, note=TE => TEMPER+A+TE)
16 Classified? Start of these military activities on Crete, possibly (3-6) TOP SECRET (Start of These=T, military activities=OPS, Crete possibly=ana. CRETE=ECRET => T+OPS+ECRET)
17 Mistakes made with underwear (8) BLOOMERS (Dbl Def)
20 A grand in addition (2,4) AS WELL (A=A, grand=SWELL => A+SWELL)
21 Hidden danger involving male vagrant (5) TRAMP (Hidden danger=TRAP, male=M=>Hidden danger involving male = TRA(M)P)
22 Run, avoiding large snake (5) ADDER (Run=LADDER, large=L=>Run, avoiding large = LADDER-L)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8315 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Beg but, however, score with gun (8) SCROUNGE (however, score with gun = ana. SCORE+GUN)
5 Expert with spasm is producing vinegar (6) ACETIC (Expert=ACE, spasm=TIC=>Expert with spasm = ACE+TIC)
10 Fancy nickname conceals a scoffer (5) CYNIC (Container => FanCY NICkname)
11 The element to drop in a cascade (9) WATERFALL (Element=WATER, drop=FALL => WATER+FALL)
12 Behaves cruelly towards one, transposing what the doctor does (3-6) ILL TREATS (what the doctor does=TREATS ILL=>transposing what the doctor does=transpose of TREATS ILL = ILL TREATS -- expln. courtesy Parasuram)
13 The pace of casual love (5) TEMPO (casual=TEMP, love=O => TEMP+O)
14 Cut made by old NCC in national highway (5) NOTCH (old NCC=OTC??, national highway=NH=>old NCC in national highway = N(OTC)H)
16 Ringers that could daunt beautiful girls reportedly (8) COWBELLS (daunt=COW, beautiful girls=BELLES=>beautiful girls reportedly=BELLS => COW+BELLS)
18 Plant producing shortened bike, the last word (8) CYCLAMEN (bike=CYCLE=>shortened bike=CYCLE-E, the last word=AMEN => CYCL+AMEN)
20 He introduces performers with the Military Cross, one hears (5) EMCEE (Military Cross=MC=>Military Cross, one hears = homonym of MC)
24 Ram's sign (5) ARIES (Cryptic def)
25 Former partner, stressed about drip that is comprehensive (9) EXTENSIVE (Former partner=EX, stressed=TENSE, drip=IV(Intra-Venous drip)=>Former partner, stressed about drip = EXTENS(IV)E)
27 Australian creature in Kerala: boa of new variety (5,4) KOALA BEAR (Kerala: boa of new variety = ana. KERALA+BOA)
28 Tired, right in the early morning (5) DRAWN (right=R, early morning=DAWN=>right in the early morning = D(R)AWN)
29 A great deal advanced in extremes of penury (6) PLENTY (advanced=LENT, extremes of PenurY=PY=>advanced in extremes of penury = P(LENT)Y)
30 What can be burnt as fuel daily? Black diamonds! (8) CHARCOAL (Daily=CHAR (as in a daily maid), Black diamonds=COAL => CHAR+COAL)

1 Force produced by pressure difference is cut on being switched (7) SUCTION (is cut on being switched = ana. IS+CUT+ON)
2 Lock of hair hanging down — call it a hindrance? (7) RINGLET (call=RING, hindrance=LET=>call it a hindrance = RING+LET)
3 Cruel deception is a source of corruption (5) ULCER (Cruel deception = ana. CRUEL)
4 Valueless trinket turning up in swag, we gather (6) GEWGAW (Reverse container => sWAG WEGather -- 'turning up' suggests reversal, and 'in' is the containment indicator)
6 Support for bridge, for one (4,5) CARD TABLE (Cryptic Def)
7 Hindrance to free action at the heart of flummery later rectified (7) TRAMMEL (heart of fluMMery=MM, later=LATER=>heart of flummery later rectified = ana. MM+LATER)
8 To ring up America about nothing is insensitive (7) CALLOUS (ring up=CALL, America=US, nothing=O=>To ring up America about nothing = CALL(O)US)
9 Sound cue for 'Gesundheit' (7) ATISHOO (They say 'Gesundheit' in Germany, when a person 'atishoos' i.e. sneezes)
15 Initial advantage makes the principal jump (4,5) HEAD START (principal=HEAD, jump=START)
17 Always in the red, but highly respected (7) REVERED (Always=EVER, red=RED=>Always in the red = R(EVER)ED)
18 Eccentric is out of bed: start the engine (5,2) CRANK UP (Eccentric=CRANK, out of bed=UP)
19 Trend of public opinion — about weather conditions? (7) CLIMATE (Dbl Def??)
21 City that was elegant in the past (7) CHICAGO (elegant=CHIC, in the past=AGO => CHIC+AGO)
22 Undying, like Rome (7) ETERNAL (Dbl Def -- the eternal city)
23 Food component that makes a good man superior (6) STARCH (a good man=ST, superior=ARCH => ST+ARCH)
26 The depths of the drain cleared (5) NADIR (drain cleared = ana. DRAIN)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8314 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Secure unions, to light the home fires without risk? (6,7) SAFETY MATCHES (Secure=SAFETY?? (SAFE), unions=MATCHES)
10 Source of the weeper's output (4,5) TEAR GLAND (Direct)
11 Protective garment, an article to cover an expert (5) APRON (article=AN, expert=PRO=>an article to cover an expert = A(PRO)N)
12 It is small in France (5) PETIT (Direct)
13 Painting to improve the scenery (9) LANDSCAPE (Dbl Def)
14 Kind of up and down movement in a corkscrew (6) SPIRAL (Direct)
16 Swell student in craft (5) BLOAT (student=L, craft=BOAT=>student in craft = B(L)OAT)
19 Nose that is poles away (5) SNOUT (poles=SN, away=OUT => SN+OUT)
20 Diversion for an alien in stern environment (6) DETOUR (alien=ET, stern=DOUR=>an alien in stern environment = D(ET)OUR)
25 The Ten Commandments on cue: age-old revision (9) DECALOGUE (cue: age-old revision = ana. CUE+AGE+OLD)
26 Thick part of a garden seen here (5) DENSE (Container => garDEN SEeen)
27 Bizarre change of route (5) OUTRE (change of route = ana. ROUTE)
28 Commemorate with a new oriental bracelet (9) CELEBRATE (new oriental bracelet = ana. E+BRACELET)
29 Needing 'ealthy treatment for taking care of the teeth (6,7) DENTAL HYGIENE (Needing 'ealthy treatment = ana. NEEDING+EALTHY)

2 Where animals cease to be in consumers' interest (8) ABATTOIR (Cryptic Def)
3 Fungal disease that the queen contracted (5) ERGOT (queen=ER, contracted=GOT => ER+GOT)
4 Annual day ends ahead of time (6) YEARLY (day ends=Y, ahead of time=EARLY => Y+EARLY)
5 How Romeo loved Juliet, confused, dearly holding book (8) ARDENTLY (confused dearly holding book=ana. DEARLY holding NT(New Testament) = ARDE(NT)LY)
6 Co-student was a cold girl, chum (9) CLASSMATE (cold=C, girl=LASS, chum=MATE => C+LASS+MATE)
7 Cerumen for the non-technical (6) EARWAX (Direct)
8 A bone in the ear of the rarest ape species (6) STAPES (Container => rareST APE Species)
9 Sign up for the race (5) ENTER (Dbl Def)
15 Yearly magazine drops article reportedly intended as a reversal (9) ANNULMENT (Yearly magazine=ANNUAL=>Yearly magazine drops article=ANNUAL-A=ANNUL, intended=MEANT=>reportedly intended=homonym of MEANT=MENT => ANNUL+MENT)
17 Kind of procedure undertaken in a theatre (8) SURGICAL (Cryptic Def -- operation theatre)
18 A spring attraction in Rome (8) FOUNTAIN (Cryptic Def -- Spring=Fountain)
21 Socialist, having eaten fish, staggered (6) REELED (Socialist=RED, fish=EEL=>Socialist, having eaten fish = R(EEL)ED)
22 A poem about old Greek theatre (5) ODEON (a poem=ODE, about=ON => ODE+ON)
23 Severely criticise student-leader, awful cheat (6) SCATHE (student-leader=S, swful cheat=ana. CHEAT=CATHE => S+CATHE)
24 Slow motion sequence in a second match (6) REPLAY (Dbl Def -- second match = RE-PLAY)
26 Shoppers' paradise — call it the best (5) DUBAI (Direct)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8313 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Meeting hall in church of brownish-yellow colour (7) CHAMBER (church=CH, brownish-yellow colour=AMBER => CH+AMBER)
5 A lesser summit (4,3) HILL TOP (Direct)
9 Soldier to rehearse, say, what the doctor may do (7,8) PRIVATE PRACTICE (Soldier=PRIVATE, rehearse=PRACTICE)
10 Short measure by the French to get protected against disease (6) IMMUNE (Short measure=1 mm=IMM, the French=UNE?? -- a,an in French=UNE, but 'the'?)
11 A wild punch from the fodder processor (8) HAYMAKER (fodder=HAY, processor=MAKER => HAY+MAKER)
13 A plea for directions before agreement (8) ENTREATY (directions=EN, agreement=TREATY=>directions before agreement = EN+TREATY)
15 Bird — in retrospect, it motivates (6) TOMTIT (Reverse containment => retrospecT IT MOT -- Not too comfy with 'retrospect' being used as a reversal indicator as well as part of the container)
18 Girl's formal greeting could be rudely brief to start with (6) CURTSY (briefly rude=CURT)
19 Ingenuity in cooking the right English course (8) RESOURCE (right=R, English=E, course=COURSE=>right English course = ana. R+E+COURSE)
22 Reaction of a peer's son to change (8) RESPONSE (peer's son to change = ana. PEERS+SON)
24 Force cord into hollowed out pearl (6) PROPEL (cord=ROPE, hollowed out PearL=PL=>cord into hollowed out pearl = P(ROPE)L)
27 American-style whirlwind visit by political candidate (7-4,4) WHISTLE-STOP TOUR (Direct)
28 Reportedly slippery fish, lifeless, gave up (7) YIELDED (slippery fish=EEL, lifeless=DEAD=>Reportedly slippery fish, lifless = homonym of EEL+DEAD=YIELDED?? -- I thought YIELD is pronounced YEELD and not EELD)
29 Around which to dance on workers' holiday (7) MAYPOLE (Direct)

1 Sudden change of attitude about cost (7) CAPRICE (about=CA, cost=PRICE => CA+PRICE)
2 Self-evident statement displayed in taxi omnibus etc. (5) AXIOM (Container => tAXI OMnibus)
3 Second-rate, dry and stupid (9) BRAINLESS (Second-rate=B, dry=RAINLESS => B+RAINLESS)
4 Right, payment returned for collection of corals (4) REEF (Right=R, payment=FEE=>payment returned=EEF => R+EEF)
5 Acceptance of painting by Indian aircraft maker caused work stoppage (6) HARTAL (painting=ART, Indian aricraft maker=HAL=>Acceptance of painting by Indian aircraft maker = H(ART)AL)
6 Stand-in doctor rewrote column, omitting name (5) LOCUM (name=N=>column, omitting name=COLUMN-N=COLUM=>rewrote column, omitting name = ana. COLUM)
7 One who deceives by winning a batch of cards, shuffling the rest (9) TRICKSTER (winning a batch of cards=TRICK, shuffling the rest=ana. REST=STER => TRICK+STER)
8 The croupier rotates the wheel, capturing a clown (7) PIERROT (Container => crouPIER ROTates)
12 Corrupt place that the chesty revolutionary fled (3) STY (chesty=CHESTY, revolutionary=CHE Guevara=>chesty revolutionary fled = CHESTY-CHE)
14 Change the design of a mechanical barrier (9) TURNSTILE?? (Change=TURN, design=STILE?? -- design=STYLE is ok, but STILE??)
16 Study of mountains is for the large part the study of the earth's physical features etc. (9) OROGRAPHY (Direct -- contains a substantial part of geOGRAPHY, which is the the study of the earth's physical features etc.)
17 What the lawyers charge (3) FEE (Direct)
18 Its seed provides flavour to transport at a distance (7) CARAWAY (transport=CAR, at a distance=AWAY => CAR+AWAY)
20 Increase the size for general improvement (7) ENLARGE (general improvement = ana. GENERAL)
21 Like the chairman with an objective, move up (6) ASCENT (Like=AS, chairman=C, objective=>Like the chairman with an objective = AS+C+END)
23 Group of eight gets a month these days (5) OCTAD (a month=OCT, these days=AD (Anno Domini) => OCT+AD)
25 Publicity effort by a professional doctor (5) PROMO (professional=PRO, doctor=MO => PRO+MO)
26 Plant part that the biologist emphasised here (4) STEM (Container => biologiST EMphasised)

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8312 Solutions

1 Typewriter device causes endless trouble at a refit (9) TABULATOR (endless trouble=TROUBL, at=AT, a=A=>endless trouble at a refit = ana. TROUBL+AT+A)
5 Centre of attraction of backward coppers (5) FOCUS (of backward=rev. of OF=FO, coppers=CUs => FO+CUS)
8 Drink for a fellow with a shadow (8) COCKTAIL (a fellow=COCK, a shadow=TAIL => COCK+TAIL)
9 Sailor and Scot get together to find paving matter (6) TARMAC (Sailor=TAR, Scot=MAC=>Sailor and Scot get together = TAR+MAC)
11 Lounge lizard (5) IDLER (Direct)
12 To hate a mathematical problem, say, is offensive (9) LOATHSOME (To hate=LOATH, a mathematical problem=SUM=>a mathematical problem, say=homonym of SUM=SOME => LOATH+SOME)
13 Plunge the gnu and elf in trouble (6) ENGULF (ana. GNU+ELF)
14 Good manners in the king's house? Yes, oddly (8) COURTESY (king's house=COURT, Yes oddly=ana. YES=ESY => COURT+ESY)
16 Feline feature, good and attractive (8) CATCHING (Feline feature=CAT CHIN, good=G=>CATCHIN+G)
18 Idolise and dream about one (6) ADMIRE (ana. DREAM+I)
22 Add years to the tail, for example (9) APPENDAGE (Add=APPEND, years=AGE => APPEND+AGE)
23 Spokes in the wheel (5) RADII (Direct)
24 Tongue of a Celt (6) GAELIC (Direct)
25 Contract for a fellow, new worker (8) COVENANT (a fellow=COVE, new=N, worker=ANT => COVE+N+ANT)
26 Shoot in the balmy season, drop Pole (5) SPRIG (the blamy season=SPRING, Pole=N=>the balmy season, drop Pole = SPRING-N)
27 Refuse to acknowledge thickness in public estimation (9) REPUDIATE (thickness=DIA, public estimation=REPUTE=>thickness in public estimation = REPU(DIA)TE)

1 In a part of the roof, a turn of the touch (7) TACTILE (part of roof=TILE, a turn=ACT=>In a part of the roof, a turn = T(ACT)ILE)
2 Reverse the record of arrears of work (7) BACKLOG (Reverse=BACK, the record=LOG => BACK+LOG)
3 Unorthodox way of solving a problem — exercising the mind on the side (7,8) LATERAL THINKING (exercising the mind=THINKING, on teh side=LATERAL)
4 Adjust filter, that's child's play (6) TRIFLE (Adjust trifle = ana. TRIFLE)
5 In a daring action, her journalist pal got the bird (9,6) FEATHERED FRIEND (daring action=FEAT, her=HER, journalist=ED, pal=FRIEND => FEAT+HER+ED FRIEND)
6 Make music and soothe (7) COMPOSE (Dbl Def)
7 It goes with allegiance in the minister's oath-taking (7) SECRECY (Direct)
10 Important army officer (5) MAJOR (Dbl Def)
15 The requirement, they say, is to prepare the dough (5) KNEAD (The requirement=NEED=>The requirement, they say = homonym of KNEAD)
16 Fuel processed from sago and lac (4,3) COAL GAS (ana. SAGO+LAC)
17 Greatest energy — derived from a hat? (3,4) TOP GEAR (Cryptic subsidiary ind.)
19 Article in our land describing state of America (7) INDIANA (Article=AN, our land=INDIA=>Article in our land = INDI(AN)A)
20 Letter, a formal one (7) EPISTLE (Direct)
21 British engineers, with a brilliant action, make recovery (6) RECOUP (British engineers=RE, brilliant action=COUP=>British engineers, with a brilliant action = RE+COUP)

The Hindu Crossword 2606 Solutions

1 Frequent public house (11) COMMONPLACE (public=COMMON, house=PLACE => COMMON+PLACE)
7 Spring from rafter? Not quite (3) SPA (rafter=SPAR=>rafter? Not quite = SPAR-R)
9 For example, it may be served with piece of gammon (3) EGG (For example=EG, piece of gammon=G)
10 One bringing an action in court about flat in country (11) COMPLAINANT (court=CT,flat=PLAIN, country=OMAN=>flat in country=OMPLAINAN=>court about flat in country = C(OMPLAINAN)T)
11 Of incalculable value, diamonds left in cupboard (9) PRICELESS (diamonds=ICE, left=L, cupboard=PRESS=>diamonds left in cupboard = PR(ICE+L)ESS)
12 Greek character identified from epithet? Aristotle (5) THETA (Container => epiTHET Aristotle)
13 Sob, drunk, by counter, and disparage one's own products (3,8,4) CRY STINKING FISH (Sob=CRY, drunk=STINKING, counter=FISH??)
16 Bird deafening a pilot, when flying (3-6,6) FAN-TAILED PIGEON (deafening a pilot, when flying = ana. DEAFENING+A+PILOT)
17 Difficult and problematic drunk (5) TIGHT (Dbl Def)
19 Cartoon cat — terribly sly match, by the sound of it (9) SLYVESTER (terribly sly=SYL, match=VESTER??)
21 Comfort found by Saracen? Sure, in the wars (11) REASSURANCE (Saracen? Sure, in the wars = ana. SARACEN+SURE)
22 Bird, domesticated one with head chopped off (3) OWL (domesticated one=FOWL=>domesticated one with head chopped off = FOWL-F)
23 Pompous person in gas station (3) ASS (Container => gAS Station)
24 Be aware of Dutch painter going round steamship for no reason (11) SENSELESSLY (Be aware of=SENSE, Dutch painter=LELY, steamship=SS=>Dutch painter going round steamship=LE(SS)LY => SENSE+LESSLY)

1 Contemptible fellow importing Ecstasy (5) CREEP (??)
2 One may help one get a better image (10,5) MAGNIFYING GLASS (Cryptic Def)
3 Its members should know the score (9) ORCHESTRA (Cryptic Def)
4 The plant associated with Blakeney? (9) P_M_E_N_L
5 Book, in the end reduced (5) ATLAS (in the end=AT LAST=>in the end reduced = AT LAST-T)
6 Novelist could make fortune penning one after end of course (5) ELIOT (fortune=LOT, one=I=>fortune penning one=LOT enclosing I(pen as in enclosure)=L(I)OT, end of coursE=E => E+LIOT)
7 Instructions produced since trio recast (5,10) STAGE DIRECTIONS (produced=STAGED, since trio recast=ana. SINCE+TRIO=IRECTIONS => STAGED+IRECTIONS)
8 Almost lost governor in Russian city (9) ASTRAKHAN (lost=ASTRAY=>Almost lost=ASTRA, governer=KHAN => ASTRA+KHAN)
13 Face irate criminal in self-service restaurant (9) CAFETERIA (Face irate criminal = ana. FACE+IRATE)
14 No decline, possibly, in sloth (9) INDOLENCE (No decline, possibly = ana. NO+DECLINE)
15 Piece written about one standing over grave, having lost son (legendary character) (9)
18 Jobs — first of tinkers seeks information (5) TASKS (first of Tinkers=T, seeks information=ASKS => T+ASKS)
19 Father given new alarm (5) SIREN (Father=SIRE, new=N=>Father given new = SIRE+N)
20 Runs over friend in motoring event (5) RALLY (Runs=R(from cricket), friend=ALLY=>Runs over friend = R+ALLY)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8311 Solutions

1 Mark the ballot paper, express oneself clearly (3,6) GET ACROSS (Mark a ballot paper = GET A CROSS)
5 Went out with a companion consumed by hollow dread (5) DATED (consumed=ATE, hollow DreaD=DD => D(ATE)D -- no containment indicator)
8 Belonging to a time before the conflict (3-3) PRE-WAR (Direct)
9 Escape with a bit inside from a trivial inconvenience (8) FLEABITE (Escape=FLEE, a=A, bit=BIT=>Escape with a bit inside = FLE(A+BIT)E)
11 Tsar involved in a connivance (4) STAR (Tsar involved = ana. TSAR)
12 Feats of flying — aces abort one, however (10) AEROBATICS (aces abort one, however = ana. ACES+ABORT+I(one))
14 "... miles to go before _____" (Robert Frost) (5) SLEEP (Direct)
15 Spoon, one to cause an agitation (7) STIRRER (Dbl Def)
16 Realise! A Catholic greeting the first lady! (7) ACHIEVE (A=A, Catholic=C, greeting=HI, the first lady=-EVE=>A Catholic greeting the first lady = A+C+HI+EVE)
17 Survive around the east, nothing less (5) LEAST (survive=LAST, east=E=>Survive around the east = L(E)AST)
19 Dish that gets thrown in slapstick comedy (7,3) CUSTARD PIE (Direct)
20 A simple plant in the botanical garden (4) ALGA (Container => botanicAL GArden)
22 One gambling and aiding crime (8) ABETTING (One=A, gambling=BETTING => A+BETTING)
23 Draw attention to a brief publicity effort (6) ADVERT (publicity effort=ADVERTISEMENT=>brief publicity effort=ADVERT)
24 Selfish person, one who undertakes to ditch pro (5) MISER (one who undertakes=PROMISER=>one who undertakes to ditch pro = PROMISER-PRO)
25 Running away, for a secret match perhaps (9) ELOPMENT (Cryptic Def)
1 Popular drink, new, provides enzyme (6) GTPASE
2 Superior person with a feline feature (3,4,8) THe CATS WHISKERS
3 Talk about headgear (4) CHAT (about=C, headgear=HAT => C+HAT)
4 The French, if you please, visit US Post Office, all renovated (3,4,5) SIL VOUS PLAIT (visit US Post Office, all renovated = ana. VISIT+US+PO+ALL)
5 Striking kind of work done by the Bard (10) DRAMATICAL (Dbl Def)
6 Explosive initially found in Tamil Nadu territory (15) TRINITROTOLUENE (initially found in Tamil Nadu territory=initials of Tamil Nadu Territory = TNT)
7 Shelves for the one putting on clothes (7) DRESSER (Dbl Def)
10 Splendid appearance could lend presence with a difference (12) RESPELENDENCE (lend presence with a difference = ana. LEND+PRESENCE)
13 Patron of a chap, English agent (10) BENEFACTOR (a chap=BEN, English=E, agent=FACTOR => BEN+E+FACTOR)
16 A conservative demand for approval (7) ACCLAIM (A=A, conservative=C, demand=CLAIM => A+C+CLAIIM)
18 Kind of tense about note and too old for it (4,2) PAST IT (Kind of tense=PAST ( past tense), note=TI=>Kind of tense about note = PAS(T I)T)
21 Sharpness shown by the knowledgeable (4) EDGE (Container)