Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8314 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Secure unions, to light the home fires without risk? (6,7) SAFETY MATCHES (Secure=SAFETY?? (SAFE), unions=MATCHES)
10 Source of the weeper's output (4,5) TEAR GLAND (Direct)
11 Protective garment, an article to cover an expert (5) APRON (article=AN, expert=PRO=>an article to cover an expert = A(PRO)N)
12 It is small in France (5) PETIT (Direct)
13 Painting to improve the scenery (9) LANDSCAPE (Dbl Def)
14 Kind of up and down movement in a corkscrew (6) SPIRAL (Direct)
16 Swell student in craft (5) BLOAT (student=L, craft=BOAT=>student in craft = B(L)OAT)
19 Nose that is poles away (5) SNOUT (poles=SN, away=OUT => SN+OUT)
20 Diversion for an alien in stern environment (6) DETOUR (alien=ET, stern=DOUR=>an alien in stern environment = D(ET)OUR)
25 The Ten Commandments on cue: age-old revision (9) DECALOGUE (cue: age-old revision = ana. CUE+AGE+OLD)
26 Thick part of a garden seen here (5) DENSE (Container => garDEN SEeen)
27 Bizarre change of route (5) OUTRE (change of route = ana. ROUTE)
28 Commemorate with a new oriental bracelet (9) CELEBRATE (new oriental bracelet = ana. E+BRACELET)
29 Needing 'ealthy treatment for taking care of the teeth (6,7) DENTAL HYGIENE (Needing 'ealthy treatment = ana. NEEDING+EALTHY)

2 Where animals cease to be in consumers' interest (8) ABATTOIR (Cryptic Def)
3 Fungal disease that the queen contracted (5) ERGOT (queen=ER, contracted=GOT => ER+GOT)
4 Annual day ends ahead of time (6) YEARLY (day ends=Y, ahead of time=EARLY => Y+EARLY)
5 How Romeo loved Juliet, confused, dearly holding book (8) ARDENTLY (confused dearly holding book=ana. DEARLY holding NT(New Testament) = ARDE(NT)LY)
6 Co-student was a cold girl, chum (9) CLASSMATE (cold=C, girl=LASS, chum=MATE => C+LASS+MATE)
7 Cerumen for the non-technical (6) EARWAX (Direct)
8 A bone in the ear of the rarest ape species (6) STAPES (Container => rareST APE Species)
9 Sign up for the race (5) ENTER (Dbl Def)
15 Yearly magazine drops article reportedly intended as a reversal (9) ANNULMENT (Yearly magazine=ANNUAL=>Yearly magazine drops article=ANNUAL-A=ANNUL, intended=MEANT=>reportedly intended=homonym of MEANT=MENT => ANNUL+MENT)
17 Kind of procedure undertaken in a theatre (8) SURGICAL (Cryptic Def -- operation theatre)
18 A spring attraction in Rome (8) FOUNTAIN (Cryptic Def -- Spring=Fountain)
21 Socialist, having eaten fish, staggered (6) REELED (Socialist=RED, fish=EEL=>Socialist, having eaten fish = R(EEL)ED)
22 A poem about old Greek theatre (5) ODEON (a poem=ODE, about=ON => ODE+ON)
23 Severely criticise student-leader, awful cheat (6) SCATHE (student-leader=S, swful cheat=ana. CHEAT=CATHE => S+CATHE)
24 Slow motion sequence in a second match (6) REPLAY (Dbl Def -- second match = RE-PLAY)
26 Shoppers' paradise — call it the best (5) DUBAI (Direct)


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