Monday, June 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2607 Solutions

1 After much delay, book of maps is printed on time (2,4) AT LAST (book of maps=ATLAS, time=T=>book of maps is printed on time = ATLAS+T)
4 Blokes following a copper showing insight (6) ACUMEN (Blokes=MEN, a=A, copper=CU=>Blokes following a copper = A+CU+MEN)
8 Rascal wanting ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property (9) SCALLYWAG (ring=CALL, last piece of jewellerY=Y, stolen property=SWAG=>ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property =S(CALL+Y)WAG)
11 Sensational cover with ancient city featured inside (5) LURID (cover=LID, ancient city=UR=>cover with ancient city featured inside = L(UR)ID)
12 Dog in time-share, rarely barking (8,7) SEALYHAM TERRIER (time-share, rarely barking = ana. TIME-SHARE+RARELY)
13 Singer in musical (Tommy) (4) ALTO (Container => musicAL TOmmy)
15 An inferior alternative in back next to worst (6,4) SECOND BEST (back=SECOND (to second someone is to back someone), worst=BEST (a verb, e.g. to best one's previous record))
18 Plant rolled about by the wind in fall? Very small daughter chases it (10) TUMBLEWEED (fall=TUMBLE, very small=WEE, very small daughter=D => TUMBLE+WEE+D)
19 Stage favourite's returned (4) STEP (favourite's=PET'S=> favourite's returned = rev. of PETS)
21 Article reportedly in favour of the nation's journalism (3,6,6) THE FOURTH ESTATE (Article=THE, in favour of=FOR=>reportedly in favour of=homonym of FOR=FOUR, the=THE, nation=STATE => THE FOUR+THE+STATE)
23 Having knowledge of a conflict ending in peace (5) AWARE (a=A, conflict=WAR, ending in peace=last letter of peacE=E => A+WAR+E)
24 Almost certain to provide yield (9) SURRENDER (certain=SURE=>Almost certain=SUR, to provide=RENDER => SUR+RENDER)
25 Submissions - wrestler's third gives delight (6) PLEASE (Submissions=PLEASE, wrEstler's third=E => PLEAS+E)
26 Girl with drop of table wine (6) CLARET (Girl=CLARE, drop of Table=T=>Girl with drop of table = CLARE+T)

1 Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town to get help (9) ASSISTANT (gibe=TAUNT=>Heartless gibe=TAUNT-U=TANT, Italian town=ASSISI=>one leaves Italian town=ASSISI-I=ASSIS=>Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town = ASSIS+TANT)
2 Animal in a shaded avenue, curled up (5) LLAMA (a=A, shaded avenue=MALL=>a shaded avenue, curled up = rev. of A+MALL)
3 Boy in news, extremely lucky in resort (6) S_L_Y_
5 Pass old high road, in a state (8) COLORADO
6 Joy could get me payment from tenant across the border (9) MERRIMENT (me=ME, payment from tenant=RENT, the border=RIM=>payment from tenant across the border=RENT across RIM=R(RIM)ENT=>get me payment from tenant across the border = ME+RRIMENT)
7 The lowest point in Florida (not written about) (5) NADIR (Florida not written about=rev. of FLORIDA NOT=TON ADIROLF=>'in' is the containment indicator => toN ADIRolf)
9 Intentionally ambiguous statements made by sly person ahead of angry speech (6,5) WEASEL WORDS (a sly person=WEASEL, angry speech=WORDS)
10 Party the go-getter spoiled (3-8) GET-TOGETHER (the go-getter spoiled = ana. THE+GO+GETTER)
14 Mild anger over a note (9) TEMPERATE (anger=TEMPER, a=A, note=TE => TEMPER+A+TE)
16 Classified? Start of these military activities on Crete, possibly (3-6) TOP SECRET (Start of These=T, military activities=OPS, Crete possibly=ana. CRETE=ECRET => T+OPS+ECRET)
17 Mistakes made with underwear (8) BLOOMERS (Dbl Def)
20 A grand in addition (2,4) AS WELL (A=A, grand=SWELL => A+SWELL)
21 Hidden danger involving male vagrant (5) TRAMP (Hidden danger=TRAP, male=M=>Hidden danger involving male = TRA(M)P)
22 Run, avoiding large snake (5) ADDER (Run=LADDER, large=L=>Run, avoiding large = LADDER-L)


yoogi said...

Hello Vinod Raman,

Its a personal message to you. I usually dont like crosswords since they were very diffcult to me, and I had the opportunity to work in a puzzle game company (Now I run a puzzle game company myself in Bangalore) where I was introudced to the world of language independat puzzles.

I have developeed program to create Cross-Sums (crosswords with numbers). I would like to know what you think of these cross-sums.

I am planning to offer this game for free to newspapers and puzzle enthusiasts. Do write up about it in your blog, if you like it.

Also consider adding a permanant link to our cross-sum page, as we will need every little popularity we can get to nmake this crossword reach wider audience.

nithyananda said...

hi dude,
congrats on ur engagement.

Reshmi said...

Dear Yoogi

Saw your comment. Was wondering if the cross-sum you are planning is something like the Sudoku. Do send me a sample with some description or write up. My email id is:

Thanks. Reshmi.

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