Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2613 Solutions

1 Endless series of notes written by one, a Shakespeare character (7) OCTAVIA (series of notes=OCTAVE=>Endless series of notes=OCTAV, one=I, a=A=>Endless series of notes written by one, a = OCTAV+I+A)
5 Unfair arrangement that involves untreated wood (3,4) RAW DEAL (untreated=RAW, deal=WOOD)
9 Terribly irate going round ancient city in ancient country (7) ETRURIA (Terribly irate=ana. IRATE=ETRIA, ancient city=UR=>Terribly irate going round ancient city = ETR(UR)IA)
10 Woman ringing daughter on island state (7) FLORIDA (Woman=FLORIA, daughter=D=>Woman ringing daughter = FLORI(D)A)
11 So tasty, Thai cooking in other words (4,2,2,3) THAT IS TO SAY (So tasty, Thai cooking = ana. SO+TASTY+THAI)
14 Minister's chatter cut short (5) RABBI (chatter=RABBIT=>chatter cut short = RABBI)
15 Mail a lad abroad about a spiritual leader (5,4) DALAI LAMA (Mail a lad abroad = ana. MAIL+A+LAD)
16 Increasing the wealth of church popular in Niger originally (9) ENRICHING (church=CH, in Niger originally=ana. IN+NIGER??=ENRIING=>church popular in Niger originally = ENRI(CH)ING -- 'originally' is not convincing as an ana. ind.)
19 Despicable person with dog (5) HOUND (Dbl Def)
20 New York politician plugging Ireland, say (6,5) EMPIRE STATE (politician=MP, Ireland=EIRE=>politician plugging Ireland=E(MP)IRE, say=STATE)
23 On the subject of a rugby player, very large (7) APROPOS (a=A, rugby player=PROP, very large=OS => A+PROP+OS)
24 Was obsequious to a degree, one visiting editor (7) TOADIED (to=TO, a=A, degree=D, one=I, editor=ED => TO+A+D+I+ED)
25 Pangs of conscience about son getting in again (7) REMORSE (about=RE, son=S, again=MORE=>son getting in again=MOR(S)E => RE+MORSE)
26 More demanding Irish novelist, by right (7) STERNER (Irish novelist=STERNE, right=R=>Irish novelist, by right = STERNE+R)

1 Reversed more than is usual, then changed direction (10) OVERTURNED (more than usual=OVER, changed direction=TURNED => OVER+TURNED)
2 Hackneyed yarn, unembellished? (10) THREADBARE (Hackneyed=BARE, yarn=THREAD)
3 Receiving repair, damaged plant (8,7) VIRGINIA CREEPER (Receiving repair, damaged = ana. RECEIVING+REPAIR)
4 Notice fit little boy getting changed (7) ADAPTED (Notice=AD, fit=APT, little boy=ED => AD+APT+ED)
5 No regrets? (7) REFUSAL (??)
6 Western fancy goods they had in plant (5,10) WOODY NIGHTSHADE (Western=W, fancy goods they had in = ana. GOODY+THEY+HAD+IN)
7 Leave former partner with it (4) EXIT (former partner=EX, it=IT=>former partner with it = EX+IT)
8 Guide boy round centre of Crewe (4) LEAD (boy=LAD, center of CrEwe=E=>boy round centre of Crewe = LEAD)
12 Troublesome lout ain't as welcome (10) SALUTATION (Troublesome lout ain't as = ana. LOUT+AINT+AS)
13 Ted Heath was one reportedly suppressed PM? (10) BANDLEADER (suppressed=BANNED=>reportedly suppressed=homonym of BANNED=BAND, PM=LEADER => BAND+LEADER)
17 Deadlock dad's locked in new semi (7) IMPASSE (dad's=PAS, new semi=ana. SEMI=IMSE=>dad's locked in new semi = IM(PAS)SE)
18 Circles Ayr and gets disoriented (7) GYRATES (Ayr and gets disoriented = ana. AYR+GETS)
21 Pretty fine tune (4) FAIR (fine=F, tune=AIR => F+AIR)
22 Close to old and strange house (4) _R_M ??

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8344 Solutions - by Vinod & Sriram

1 Security device at ATM — electrode designed to capture time (5,8) METAL DETECTOR (ATM — electrode designed=ana. ATM+ELECTRODE, time=T=>ATM — electrode designed to capture time = ana. ATM+ELECTRODE+T
9 The candidate — me, one in trouble (7) NOMINEE (me, one in trouble = ana. ME+ONE+IN)
10 Support the English partner (7) ESPOUSE (English=E, partner=SPOUSE)
11 New or Old, it is part of the book (9) TESTAMENT (Direct)
12 Incomplete surgery is a dramatic thing (5) OPERA (surgery=OPERATION=>Incomplete surgery = OPERA)
13 Old President managed to conceal age somehow (6) REAGAN (managed=RAN, age somehow=ana. AG=EAG=>managed to conceal age somehow = R(EAG)AN)
14 So in a state of unconsciousness as to come flapping (8) COMATOSE (as to come flapping = ana. AS+TO+COME)
17 Furtive, cunning: but they last, anyhow (8) STEALTHY (they last, anyhow = ana. THEY+LAST)
19 Insist upon inclusion of right in something valuable (6) ASSERT (right=R, something valuable=ASSET=>right in something valuable = ASSE(R)T)
23 Catalogues of desires (5) LISTS (Dbl Def)
25 French article definitely known to be subject to variation (9) UNCERTAIN (French article=UN, definitely known=CERTAIN)
26 Lively music Al Gore played with a hint of lilt (7) ALLEGRO (Al Gore played=ana. ALGORE=ALEGRO, hint of Lilt=L=>Al Gore played with a hint of lilt = AL(L)EGRO)
27 More pungent part of Morocco (7) TANGIER (Dbl Def)
28 A flirt's facing difficulty from a regulator of vehicular movement (7,6) TRAFFIC SIGNAL (A flirt's facing difficulty = ana. A+FLIRTS+FACING)

1 "I beheld the wretch — the miserable — whom I had created" (Mary Shelley) (7) MONSTER (Direct)
2 What the new employee has to go through to get the maximum pay for the job (9) TIMESHARE (??)
3 Old actress Turner sheltering brown plant (7) LANTANA (Old actress Turner=LANA, brown=TAN=>Old actress Turner sheltering brown = LAN(TAN)A)
4 The hole that the seer permitted (6) EYELET (seer=EYE(one that sees), permitted=LET)
5 Periodic trial of the politician (8) ELECTION (Direct)
6 Starch from cassava (7) TAPIOCA (Direct)
7 The way to get out in the protection of British sappers (5) ROUTE (out=OUT, British sappers=RE=>out in the protection of British sappers = R(OUT)E)
8 Typical quality of a girl, good oriental (7) AVERAGE (a=A, girl=VERA, good=G, oriental=E)
15 Theatrical manoeuvre? (9) OPERATION (Cryptic Def - ref. to the Operation Theatre)
16 Dismiss Pole, awfully rough, very loud (5,3) SHRUG OFF (Pole=S, awfully rough=ana. ROUGH=HRUGO, very loud=FF)
17 Rescue student in the grip of a fierce animal (7) SALVAGE (student=L, fierce animal=SAVAGE=>student in the grip of a fierce animal = SA(L)VAGE)
18 Food to resolve a snag in American city (7) LASAGNA (resolve a sanag=ana. A+SNAG=ASAGN, American city=LA=>a snag in American city = L(ASAGN)A)
20 The instrument to play ragas in (7) SARANGI (play ragas in = ana. RAGAS+IN)
21 It supports a plant to hasten drilling work here (7) TENDRIL (Container => hasTEN DRILling)
22 The acid for producing vinegar (6) ACETIC (Direct)
24 Penny in the slot to produce a break (5) SPLIT (Penny=P, slot=SLIT=>Penny in the slot = S(P)LIT)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8343 Solutions

1 Unimportant kind of boxer (11) LIGHTWEIGHT (Dbl Def - 1. Unimportant 2. kind of boxer)
9 Restraint on mob rage exploding (7) EMBARGO (mob rage exploding = ana. MOB+RAGE)
10 Work unit dug out a prickly pear (7) OPUNTIA (Work=OP, unit dug out=ana. UNIT=UNTI, a=A)
11 Prince perhaps and a viceroy also in part (5) ROYAL (Container => viceROY ALso)
12 Cripple the poor actor's call? About time (9) HAMSTRING (poor actor's=HAM'S, call=RING, time=T=>poor actor's call? About time = HAM(S)TRING)
13 French coffee and where to get it (4) CAFE (Dbl Def)
15 A feat by editor gets dwarfed (7) STUNTED (A feat=STUNT, editor=ED)
19 Garden of fruit trees or a variety of beet (7) ORCHARD (or=OR, a variety of beet=CHARD)
20 Ruler who developed arts (4) TSAR (developed arts = ana. ARTS)
24 The endless bad wind affected the range of frequencies in transmission (9) BANDWIDTH (ana. BAD+WIND+TH(endless THE) -- poorly placed 'endless' and ana. ind)
25 Synthetic resin to keep oxygen stable within (5) EPOXY (Container => keEP OXYgen)
27 One from Anjou is given an adjustment (7) ANGEVIN (given an adjustment = ana. GIVEN+AN)
28 Processed hide, article accepted by old king (7) LEATHER (article=THE, old king=LEAR=>article accepted by old king = LEA(THE)R)
29 A curate's art used as a cooking ingredient (6,5) TARTAR SAUCE (A curate's art used = ana. A+CURATES+ART)

1 Pressure group in a part of the House (5) LOBBY (Dbl Def)
2 Man in north India with the French mouthwash (6) GARGLE (Man in north India=GARG, the French=LE)
3 Article not featured in wasting a prize (6) TROPHY (Article=A, wasting=ATROPHY=>Article not featured in wasting = ATROPHY-A)
4 The monstrousness of a minor yet to be trained (8) ENORMITY (minor yet to be trained = ana. MINOR+YET)
5 Excessive eating in a surplus situation by a chap (8) GLUTTONY (surplus situation=GLUT, chap=TONY)
6 Being worn out as a state isn't subject to change (9) TATTINESS (state isn't subject to change = ana. STATE+ISNT)
7 Parvenu, poor in the past perhaps (3,4) NEW RICH (poor in the past = recently rich)
8 Slow kind of music from a popular golden time (5) LARGO (Container => popuLAR GOlden)
14 British navy to fight madly for a period of time (9) FORTNIGHT (British navy=RN, to=TO, fight=FIGHT=>British navy to fight madly = ana. RN+TO+FIGHT)
16 Finished with working the teeth? Consider carefully (4,4) CHEW OVER (Finished=OVER, working with the teeth=CHEW)
17 Instrument to develop a grand aim (8) MRIDANGA (develop a grand aim = ana. GRAND+AIM)
18 Cheese processed in rue Grey (7) GRUYERE (processed in rue Grey = ana. RUE+GREY)
21 Upper-class craft, once a terror in the main (1-4) U-BOAT (Upper-class=U, craft=BOAT)
22 Creatures hard to find in a part of the U.K. (6) WHALES (hard=H, part of the U.K.=WALES=>hard to find in a part of the U.K. = W(H)ALES)
23 Kind of feeling already encountered in France (4,2) DEJA VU (Direct -- French for 'Kind of feeling already encountered')
26 Contemptuous expression about a yellow-orange colour (5) OCHRE (Contemptuous expression=OCH, about=RE)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2612 Solutions

1 Demonstrate bit of skill - and how! (4) SHOW (bit of Skill=S, how=HOW)
3 Trainee astronaut, one who often gets high (5,5) SPACE CADET (Dbl Def - 1. Trainee astronaut 2. one who often gets high (a druggy))
9 Tumble on top of rest (11) OVERBALANCE (on=OVER, rest=BALANCE)
11 Mother carrying one girl (3) MIA (Mother=MA, one=I=>Mother carrying one = M(I)A)
12 A Greek goddess paid her to in error (9) APHRODITE (paid her to in error = ana. PAID+HER+TO)
13 Head of security in art gallery gains experience (5) TASTE (Head of security=S, art gallery=TATE=>Head of security in art gallery = TA(S)TE)
14 The place from which one begins a journey trainspotting, possibly (8,5) STARTING POINT (trainspotting, possibly = ana. TRAINSPOTTING)
17 One employed in Fleet Street, running off pursued by crowd? (8,5) PRINTING PRESS (running off=PRINTING, crowd=PRESS)
21 Laborious work, note, filling in crossword diagram (5) GRIND (note=N, crossword diagram=GRID=>note, filling in crossword diagram = GRI(N)D)
23 Resourceful substitute almost checked by foul (9) VERSATILE (??)
24 Champion boxer from Australia (3) ALI (austrALIa)
25 Unhappy chappies make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter (11) MALCONTENTS (make harsh criticisms=SLAM=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection=MALS, subject matter=CONTENT=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter = MAL(CONTENT)S)
26 Henry, with mum in new bar, has potato dish (4,6) HASH BROWNS (Henry=H, mum=SH, new bar=ana. BAR=ABR=>mum in new bar=A(SH)BR, has=OWNS => H+A(SH)BR+OWNS )
27 Film director tucked into bubble-and-squeak (4) LEAN (Container => bubbLE ANd)

1 Work hard on a new catchword (6) SLOGAN (Work hard=SLOG, a=A, new=N)
2 The position lies unsettled, so declare war? (4,11) OPEN HOSTILITIES (The position lies unsettled = ana. THE+POSITION+LIES)
4 Friend reportedly failed to see fortune-teller (7) PALMIST (Friend=PAL, failed to see=MISSED=>reportedly failed to see=homonym of MISSED=MIST)
5 Business interest (7) CONCERN (Dbl Def)
6 Talk about last to leave do (5) CHEAT (Talk=CHAT, last to leavE=E=>Talk about last to leave = CH(E)AT)
7 Household skills demonstrated by servant since cooking course (not ours) (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE (servant=DOMESTIC, since=SINCE, course not ours=COURSE-OURSE=CE=>since cooking course (not ours)=ana. SINCE+CE=SCIENCE)
8 Parody attempt to conceal an undergarment (8) TRAVESTY (attempt=TRY, undergarment=VEST=>attempt to conceal an undergarment = TRA(VEST)Y)
10 Cheerful lad, we hear, followed by social worker (7) BUOYANT (lad=BOY=>lad, we hear=homonym of BOY=BUOY, social worker=ANT)
15 Cement mostly used round about start of century to make a form of concrete (7) PRECAST (Cement=PASTE=>Cement mostly=PAST, about=RE, start of Century=C=>Cement mostly used round about start of century = P(RE+C)AST)
16 In front of husband, rip page out showing inscription (8) EPIGRAPH (husband=H, rip page out=ana. RIP+PAGE=EPIGRAP)
18 Composer's new look (7) NOVELLO (new=novel, look=LO -- Ivor Novello)
19 Lift beam across ring (7) PURLOIN (beam=PURLIN, ring=O=>beam across ring = PURL(O)IN)
20 Daughter, leaving study ahead of boy, makes an excuse (6) REASON (Daughter=D, study=READ=>Daughter, leaving study=READ-D=REA, boy=SON)
22 Discharge leader of battalion after protest march (5) DEMOB (leader of battalion=B, protest march=DEMO)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8339 Solutions

1 Reverse the opinion and support friend about journalist (4-5) BACK PEDAL (support=BACK, friend=PAL, journalist=>friend about journalist=P(ED)AL)
5 In Florida demand a liqueur container (5) FLASK (Florida=FL, demand=ASK)
8 Shed weight to relieve the mind (8) UNBURDEN (Dbl Def)
9 Author who could take a bow? (6) WRITER ??
11 Drum with good French animation (5) BONGO (good French=BON, French animation=GO)
12 How to capture a man on board in passing (2,7) EN PASSANT ??
13 Write music? Not a note (6) NOTATE (not=NOT, a=A, note=TE)
14 Seaside resort in the U.K. said to make one more cheerful (8) BRIGHTON (sounds like BRIGHTEN, meaning 'make cheerful')
16 Remarks made by officer and soldiers way back (8) COMMENTS (officer=COM, soldiers=MEN, way=ST=>way back=TS)
18 Good man with irritation gets spasmodic pain (6) STITCH (Good man=ST, irritation=ITCH)
22 A GI snoops around with deadly weapon (6,3) POISON GAS (A GI snoops around = ana. A+GI+SNOOPS)
23 Daughter's concealed skill in game (5) DARTS (Daughter's=DS, skill=ART=>Daughter's concealed skill = D(ART)S)
24 Identifying badge of Oliver, yellow in part (6) LIVERY (Container => oLIVER Yellow)
25 A dishonourable approach, the limit in tennis (8) BASELINE (dishonourable=BASE, approach=LINE)
26 Under stress, bridge partners break golfer's support (5) TENSE (bridge partners=NS, golfer's support=TEE=>bridge partners break golfer's support = TE(NS)E)
27 Lubricant, good French one in its applicator (6-3) GREASE-GUN (Lubricant=GREASE, good=G, French one=UN)

1 Drink responsible for our smell in the borders of Benin (7) BOURBON (our=OUR, smell=BO(Body Odour), borders of BeninN=>our smell in the borders of Benin = B(OUR+BO)N)
2 Ministers as a whole are different, I can bet (7) CABINET (different, I can bet = ana. I+CAN+BET)
3 What is standard on the links needs a pure sort of reach to be developed (3,3,3,6) PAR FOR THE COURSE (pure sort of reach to be developed = ana. PURE+SORT+OF+APPROACH)
4 Such universities could be so considered (6) DEEMED (Double Def)
5 Being prepared for the future, do fighters sense trouble ... (15) FORESIGHTEDNESS (do fighters sense trouble = ana. DO+FIGHTERS+SENSE)
6 ... in opposition to armed conflict in that confusion? (7) ATHWART (armed conflict=WAR, that confusion=ana. THAT=ATHT=>armed conflict in that confusion = ATH(WAR)T)
7 Protein shown in a beaker at international expo (7) KERATIN (container => beaKER AT INternational)
10 Thin thing on a boat, eastern (5) SPARE (thing on boat=SPAR, eastern=E)
15 Way to mature theatre (5) STAGE (Way=ST, to mature=AGE)
16 One flier assisting another (7) COPILOT (Direct)
17 It carries the post on the forefront (7) MAILVAN (Direct)
19 Giving a new direction to using the lathe (7) TURNING (Dbl Def)
20 Could she be an out-of-date thing? (3-4) HAS BEEN (Could she be an = ana. SHE+BE+AN)
21 What the heir may get, say, after end of case (6) ESTATE (say=STATE, end of casE=E=>say, after end of case = E+STATE)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8338 Solutions

1 Conservative bid by beastly mother for watertight structure in construction (9) COFFERDAM (Conservative=C, bid=OFFER, beastly mother=DAM)
5 The team daughter supported (5) SIDED (team=SIDE, daughter=D)
8 In despair I go urging some strictness (6) RIGOUR (Container despaiR I GO URging)
9 Worker gets direction and time to be earlier (8) ANTEDATE (Worker=ANT, direction=E, time=DATE)
11 Vegetable, half all right (4) OKRA (all right=OK, RA=??)
12 A pop singer's distracted by music makers in church perhaps (5,5) ORGAN PIPES (A pop singer's distracted = ana. A+POP+SINGER)
14 Be leaving illegal bar with a gleam (5) SHEEN (Be=BE, illegal bar=SHEBEEN=>Be leaving illegal bar = SHEBEEN-BE)
15 At home the girl's appeal is to get property... (7) INHERIT (At home=IN, the girl's=HER, appeal=IT (sex appeal))
16 ... in delusive babyhood (7) INFANCY (in=IN, delusive=FANCY)
17 Wild dog making a racket — leave (5) DINGO (a racket=DIN, leave=GO)
19 Insincere support for IPC: servile nonsense (3,7) LIP SERVICE (IPC: servile nonsense = ana. IPC+SERVILE)
20 Landowner, no end, in lion's den (4) LAIR (Landowner=LAIRD=>Landowner, no end = LAIRD-D)
22 Warning about bad lager containing metal (8) ALERTING (bad lager=ana. LAGER=ALERG, metal=TIN=>bad lager containing metal = ALER(TIN)G)
23 The element of a popular match in totality (6) SODIUM (a popular match=ODI(one day international), totality=SUM=>a popular match in totality = S(ODI)UM)
24 Priest's vestment of old, giving record cover for head with one ring out (5) EPHOD (record=EP, cover for head=HOOD, ring=O=>record cover for head with one ring out = EP+HOOD-O)
25 Dome, English variety, is a perfect specimen (9) ARCHETYPE (Dome=ARCH, English=E, variety=TYPE)

1 Copy of a part of a tramcar bonnet (6) CARBON (Container => tramCAR BONnet)
2 Numbers of spoken words — metaphors and so on (7,2,6) FIGURES OF SPEECH (Numbers=FIGURES, of=OF, spoken words=SPEECH)
3 Creatures in the east must be docked (4) EMUS (east=E, MUSt)
4 The Diplomatic Corps in the U.K. got involved with new drama: "Asian Bird" (8,4) MANDARIN DUCK (ana. DC(Diplomatic Corps)+IN+UK+N(new)+DRAMA)
5 Knot made with a meek person's coil of rope (10) S_E_P_H_N_
6 A combination of Jekyll and Hyde? (4,11) DUAL PERSONALITY (Direct)
7 Such eyes as those of a devious group (4-3) DEEP SET (devious=DEEP, group=SET)
10 Mysterious, nasty larva in a part of Romania (12) TRANSYLVANIA (Mysterious, nasty larva in = ana. NASTY+LARVA+IN)
13 In undershirt, concealed in grass, ploughed (the money) back in for profit (10) REINVESTED (in=IN, undershirt=VEST, grass=REED=>In undershirt, concealed in grass = RE(INVEST)ED
16 Sick notes get notoriety (3-4) ILL-FAME (Sick=ILL, notes=FA+ME(Do/Re/Me/Fa/So/La/Ti)
18 Weight of Greek upset Austen girl (6) GRAMME (Greek=GR, Austen girl=EMMA=>upset Austen girl=AMME)
21 Twenty failing to start in the centre (4) CORE (Twenty=SCORE=>Twenty failing to start = SCORE-S)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2611 Solutions

1 Frisk doctor in prison (6) GAMBOL (doctor=MB, prison=GAOL=>doctor in prison = GA(MB)OL)
5 Offshoot of British farm (6) BRANCH (British=B, farm=RANCH => B+RANCH)
8 Fancy icing in tandoori? Restaurant may have it (3,12) AIR CONDITIONING (Fancy icing in tandoori = ana. ICING+IN+TANDOORI)
10 Old servant given cards first (10) HANDMAIDEN (cards=HAND, first=MAIDEN => HAND+MAIDEN)
11 Hairstyle sported by Doctor Faustus, swept back (4) AFRO (Reverse container => DoctOR FAustus, swept back)
13 Loose thing that is worn in bed? (7) NIGHTIE (thing=THING, that is=IE=>Loose thing that is = ana. THING+IE)
15 Driving vehicle through pouring rain is bliss? (7) NIRVANA (vehicle=VAN, pouring rain=ana. RAIN=NIRA=>Driving vehicle through pouring rain = NIR(VAN)A)
16 A complaint is made by each girl left out (7) EARACHE (each=EA, girl=RACHEL=>girl left out=RACHEL-L=>each girl left out = EA+RACHE)
18 Building that's spherical - amphitheatre, originally (7) ROTUNDA (spherical=ROTUND, amphitheatre, originally=A => ROTUND+A)
19 Head of soccer outfit in comedy sketch (4) SKIT (Head of Soccer=S, outfit=KIT => S+KIT)
20 Page written about the Italian forbidding a journey to a shrine (10) PILGRIMAGE (Page=PAGE, Italian=IL, forbidding=GRIM=>Page written about the Italian forbidding = P(IL+GRIM)AGE)
23 Where Plato was taught a lesson? (6,2,7) SCHOOL OF THOUGHT (Cryptic Def)
24 Respect shown by upright character in strange dream (6) ADMIRE (upright character=I, strange dream=ana. DREAM=>ADMRE=>upright character in strange dream = ADM(I)RE)
25 Buds are almost out - that's ridiculous (6) ABSURD (Buds=BUDS, are almost=AR=>Buds are almost out = ana. BUDS+AR)

2 A bishop on an island (5) ARRON (A=A, bishop=RR, an=AN=>A bishop on an = A+RR+AN)
3 Handle carriages , so some say, with credit (10) BROOMSTICK (carriages=smthing which is homonymous with BROOMS, credit=TICK (tick mark))
4 Wrecker did, maliciously breaking instrument (7) LUDDITE (did maliciously=ana. DID=DDI, instrument=LUTE=>did, maliciously breaking instrument = LU(DDI)TE)
5 Bird from intensely cold North (7) BITTERN (intensely cold=BITTER, North=N => BITTER+N)
6 A leader of men, very large man (4) AMOS (A=A, leader of Men=M, very large=OS => A+M+OS)
7 Leader on English newspaper printed during row (9) CHIEFTAIN (English newspaper=FT, row=CHAIN => English newspaper printed during row = CH(FT)AIN -- where does the extra I come from?)
8,9 Saying not applicable to a busman's holiday? (1,6,2,2,4,2,1,4) A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST (Cryptic def)
12 Dreadful August riot, uncalled for (10) GRATUITOUS (Dreadful August riot = ana. AUGUST+RIOT)
14 Awfully daring, he's decorated (9) GARNISHED (Awfully daring, he's = ana. DARING+HES)
17 Perfect example in opening to Exodus (religious book) (7) EPITOME (opening to Exodus=E, religious=PI, book=TOME => E+PI+TOME)
18 Great at new sporting event (7) REGATTA (great at new = ana. GREAT+AT)
21 There's fury when old car fails to start (5) ANGER (old car=RANGER?=>old car fails to start =RANGER-R)
22 Guru's student in Tokyo - girl (4) YOGI (Container => TokYO GIrl)