Monday, January 31, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8204 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Call a note off suddenly (3,2,4) ALL AT ONCE (Call a note off=ana. CALL+A+NOTE)
5 Burn Dutch vegetable (5) CHARD (Curn=CHAR, Dutch=D => CHAR+D)
8 Tear a fine fabric, tear to bits (8) LACERATE (a fine fabric=LACE, tear to bits=ana. TEAT=RATE=>a fine fabric, tear to bits = LACE+RATE)
9 First a generation calculator? (6) ABACUS
11 Royal Engineers leave income at scene of action (5) VENUE (Royal Engineers=RE, income=REVENUE=>Royal Engineers leave income = REVENUE-RE)
12 Settler coins role afresh (9) COLONISER (coins role afresh = ana. COINS+ROLE)
13 Swimmer in the red staggered (6) REELED (Swimmer=EEL, red=RED=>Swimmer in the red = REELED)
14 Very skilful teacher on extremes of litany (8) MASTERLY (teacher=MASTER, extremes of litany=LY=>teacher on extremes of litany = MASTER+LY)
16 Vegetable to put a lid on rock music (8) CAPSICUM (lid=CAP, rock music=ana. MUSIC=SICUM=>to put a lid on rock music = CAP+SICUM)
18 Grand, most important circus (3,3) BIG TOP (Grand=BIG, most important=TOP)
22 Story of a short arrival in Natal (9) NARRATIVE (short arrival=ARR, Natal=NATIVE=>a short arrival in Natal = N(ARR)ATIVE)
23 Jumbo tooth (5) IVORY (Direct)
24 No sir, nothing is upset by prayer (6) ORISON (No sir, nothing is upset=ana. NO+SIR+O(nothing=O))
25 Dish that imparts a freshness (8) PASTRAMI (imparts a freshness = ana. IMPARTS+A)
26 Strength, possibly (5) MIGHT (Double Defn.)
27 Nothing could be more boring (9) DREARIEST (Direct)

1 Finished with a Latin admirer (3,4) ALL OVER (a=A, Latin=L, admirer=LOVER => A+L+LOVER)
2 Gaps in a nuclear fallout? Right away (7) LACUNAE (a nuclear fallout=ana. A+NUCLEAR=>a nuclear fallout? Right away=ana. A+NUCLEAR-R = LACUNAE)
3 Jerome K. Jerome's sailing trio (5, 3, 2, 1, 4) THREE MEN IN A BOAT (Direct)
4 It may portend the sack to the employee (6) NOTICE (Cryptic)
5 Political head of department may incite tribesman to revolt (7,8) CABINET MINISTER (incite tribesman to revolt=ana. INCITE+TRIBESMAN)
6 A drug taker swallowing a small volume is one who makes a charge (7) ACCUSER (A=A, drug taker=USER, a small volume=CC=>A drug taker swallowing a small volume = A(CC)USER)
7 Ruin the French system of weights (7) DESTROY (the French=DES??, system of weights=TROY => DES+TROY)
10 Miserable attempt to conceal animal cry (5) BLEAT (Container => MiseraBLE ATattempt)
15 Length of a forearm (5) CUBIT (Direct)
16 Go along! Study class (7) CONFORM (Study=CON, class=FORM => CON+FORM)
17 Standard, royal nightmare for many a motorist (7) PARKING (Standard=PAR, royal=KING => PAR+KING)
19 "My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known — — !" (Romeo and Juliet) (3,4) TOO LATE (Direct)
20 Try a dip afresh for a financially promising situation (3,4) PAY DIRT (Try a dip afresh = ana. TRY+A+DIP)
21 Iron man's woman (6) FEMALE (Iron=FE, man=MALE => FE+MALE)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2591 Solutions

1 Animal from mountain, a tailless cat (6) ALPACA (mountain=ALP, a=A, taillet cat=CAT-T => ALP+A+CA)
4 Relatively expensive in cheerful bazaar (8) UPMARKET (cheerful=UP, bazaar=MARKET => UP+MARKET)
10 Clerk in prison with drug dealer (9) PENPUSHER (prison=PEN, drug dealer=PUSHER => PEN+PUSHER)
11 US actor's book covered by girl (5) GABLE (book=B, girl=GALE=>book covered by girl = GA(B)LE)
12 Social worker, without equal, runs round rear of sanatorium (7) ALMONER (without equal=A LONER, rear of sanatoriuM=M=>without equal, runs round rear of sanatorium = AL(M)ONER)
13 Coach with collection of books (7) OMNIBUS (Double Defn. - 1. Coach i.e. bus 2. collection of books)
14 Card game that's pleased generations? (5,8) HAPPY FAMILIES (pleased=HAPPY, generations=FAMILIES)
17 Boarding school's fantastic shady bolthole (9,4) DOTHEBOYS HALL (ana. SHADY+BOLTHOLE)
19 Saw Venture Scout in lead (7) PROVERB (Saw=Proverb, dunno how to explain the rest??)
21 Letter from pile, set reviewed (7) EPISTLE (ana. PILE+SET)
23 Record music for a film (5) SCORE (Direct)
24 Last piece in paper — see it any differently? The reason, perhaps (9) EYESTRAIN (ana. R(last pice in paper=last letter of PAPER=R)+SEE+IT+ANY)
25 Criminal yet to be spotted round parts of Alpine region (8) TYROLESE (Criminal yet=ana. YET=TYE, parts=ROLES=>Criminal yet to be spotted round parts = TY(ROLES)E)
26 Novelist from Oregon? Very probably (6) ORWELL (Oregon=OR, Very probably=WELL => OR+WELL)

1 A comic paper to be published (6) APPEAR (A=A, comic paper=ana. PAPER=PPEAR => A+PPEAR)
2 Headgear provided by airline — article to detest? Not quite (6,3) PANAMA HAT (airline=PANAM, article=A, to detest=HATE=>to detest? Not quite=HATE-E=HAT => PANAM+A HAT)
3 Shake large milk can (5) CHURN (Double Defn.)
5 Reason peer lost new portable cassette player (8,6) PERSONAL STEREO (ana. REASON+PEER+LOST)
6 A bit of rural info — article on it turned up in country (9) ARGENTINA (A=A, bit of rural=R, info=GEN, article=AN=>article on it=ANIT=>article on it turned up=TINA => A+R+GEN+TINA)
7 Bake spicy British meat dish (5) KEBAB (Bake spicy=ana. BAKE=KEBA, British=B => KEBA+B)
8 Locks in fortress, essential (7) TRESSES (Container => forTRESS ESsential)
9 Drinks made by girl? Nonsense (6-8) SHERRY COBBLER (girl=SHERRY, Nonsense=COBBLERS (slang))
15 Gradually sample ground grain (9) PIECEMEAL (sample=PIECE, ground grain=MEAL => PIECE+MEAL)
16 Italian article on the French badger may make one uncomfortable (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE (Italian article=IL, the French=LA, badger=TEASE => IL+LA+TEASE)
17 Down payment raised is accepted by store (7) DEPOSIT (raised is=IS, store=DEPOT=>raised is accepted by store = DEPO(SI)T)
18 Herb in bog boy pulled up (6) FENNEL (bog=FEN, boy=LEN=>boy pulled up=NEL => FEN+BEL)
20 Smell coming from river, it's said (5) ODOUR (river=ODER, 'it's said' is the homonym indicator for ODER => ODOUR)
22 Bury or Milan team? (5) INTER

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8203 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Hit back? It is oddly unfair (1,3,5) A BIT THICK (ana. HIT+BACK+IT)
5 English county creatures (5) BUCKS (Double Defn.)
8 Courage derived from a drink holder (6) BOTTLE (Double Defn.)
9 What an anonymous letter could be (8) UNSIGNED (Direct)
11 A measure that dear ones back (4) STEP (dear ones=PETS=>dear ones back = STEP)
12 A mean, blasé, corrupt sailor (4,6) ABLE SEAMAN (ana. A+MEAN+BLASE)
14 About a hip bone mentioned in a Swahili account (5) ILIAC (Container => SwahILI ACcount )
15 Germ cells that Georgia reportedly encounters (7) GAMETES (Georgia=GA, encounters=MEETS=>reportedly encounters=homonym of MEETS=METES => GA+METES)
16 One that arouses a keen manoeuvre in conflict (8) WAKENER (keen manoeuvre=ana. KEEN= KENE, conflict=WAR=>keen manoeuvre in conflict = WA(KENE)R)
17 Feeling remorse is universal in a band (5) RUING (universal=U, band=RING=>universal in a band = R(U)ING)
19 But for a southpaw his delivery would be the opposite (3,7) OFF SPINNER (Cryptic Defn.)
20 Heart of woman's winning service in club (4) MACE (Heart of woMan=M, winning service=ACE => M+ACE)
22 I quietly ignore rip in dressing gown (8) PEIGNOIR (ana. I+P(quietly)+IGNORE)
23 Bacon's piece that was more impetuous (6) RASHER (Double Defn.)
24 Girl who found Montana's capital not hard (5) ELENA (Montana's capital=HELENA, hard=H=>Montana's capital not hard = HELENA-H)
25 The art of getting stuffed! (9) TAXIDERMY (Cryptic Defn.)

1 In the morning, a statesman is lying in wait (6) AMBUSH (morning=AM, a statesman=BUSH => AM+BUSH)
2 Another moment and it would have been too late (2,3,4,2,4) IN THE NICK OF TIME (Direct)
3 Note a couple of pounds in the cash box (4) TILL (Note=TI(Do,Re,Mi...), pounds=LL => TI+LL)
4 School for more pleasant garnet designing (12) KINDERGARTEN (more pleasant=KINDER, garnet designing=ana. GARNET = GARTEN)
5 The one to be married is a girl assisting another getting wed (10) BRIDESMAID (Direct)
6 Emigrant poacher who turned cameraman (15) CINEMATOGRAPHER (ana. EMIGRANT+POACHER)
7 Chants, about 499 short lines (7) SIDINGS (Chants=SINGS, 499=ID(in Roman)=>Chants, about 499 = S(ID)INGS)
10 Opposing reform, old boy's blunt around opponents (12) OBSCURANTIST (old boy's=OBS, blunt=CURT, opponents=ANTIS=>old boy's blunt around opponents = OBS+CUR(ANTIS)T)
13 Bear-like creature, huge, and protected by father (5,5) GIANT PANDA (Direct)
16 Joyous shout, we hope, is about love (7) WHOOPEE (ana. WE+HOPE+O(love))
18 Man with an affected interest in painting, for instance, is warm and unreserved (6) HEARTY (Man=HE, with an affected interest in painting=ARTY => HE+ARTY)
21 A poet reportedly embargoed (4) BARD (embargoed=BARRED, reportedly embargoed=homonym of BARRED = BARD)

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8202 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Was out of town over the last 2 days, hence no blogs. Back in full steam.

1 Diplomat, one getting married, keeps money where the patient gets attention (10,4) CONSULTING ROOM (Diplomat=CONSUL, one getting married=GROOM, money=TIN=>Diplomat, one getting married, keeps money = CONSUL+TIN+GROOM)
8 A number Pole leaves needing water (6) THIRTY (Pole=S, needing water=THIRSTY=>Pole leaves needing water = THIRSTY-S)
9 Liquor, neat one, set flowing (8) ANISETTE (ana. NEAT+I(one)+SET)
11 An ideal thing? What a vision: Queen Mary II? (9) DREAMBOAT (a vision=DREAM, Queen Mary II=BOAT => DREAM+BOAT)
12 Give up what is produced (5) SPEND (Direct)
13 A not-so-heavy barge (7) LIGHTER (Double Defn.)
15 In drink, I'd be lacking interest (7) INSIPID (In=IN, drink=SIP, I'd=ID => IN+SIP+ID)
17 Egg's white or blue? Man confused (7) ALBUMEN (ana. BLUE+MAN)
19 Notice a point editor modified as needed (7) ADAPTED (Notice=AD, a=A, point=PT, editor=ED => AD+A+PT+ED)
21 Savage old Indian law: beginning of limitation (5) FERAL (old Indian law=FERA, beginning of limitation=L => FERA+L)
23 Overcome awful flu? That's clever (9) MASTERFUL (Overcome=MASTER, awful flu=ana. FLU=FUL => MASTER+FUL)
25 Rigorous trial to assess worth of new cats' diet (4,4) ACID TEST(ana. CATS+DIET)
26 Accusation made by Daily Globe heartlessly (6) CHARGE (??)
27 For Phoebe, diet isn't somehow irrelevant (6,3,5) BESIDE THE POINT (ana, PHOEBE+DIET+ISNT)

1 Cronin's fortress? (7) CITADEL (Ref. to AJ Cronin's book 'The Citadel')
2 A racket for getting the best points (5) NOISE (??)
3 That is the final word: no more negotiation (9) ULTIMATUM (Direct)
4 Musical compositions for ten? No, it is wrong (7) NONETTI (ana. TEN+NO+IT)
5 Coarse sounding, venomous creature caught in the track (5) RASPS (venomous creature=ASP, track=RS??=>venomous creature caught in the track = R(ASP)S --Coarse sounding should be raspy, not rasps)
6 Cricket side: the spinners turn up immediately (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT (Cricket side=ON THE??, spinners=TOPS=>spinners turn up=SPOT)
7 Required to be made into dough, it is said (6) NEEDED (to be made into dough=KNEADED, 'it is said' is the homonym indicator => NEEDED)
10 The kind of grapes that are hard to get (4) SOUR (Cryptic)
14 Material, B-grade, in English fashion (9) GABERDINE (ana. B+GRADE+IN+E(English))
16 High flier takes steps in vessel (5,4) SPACE SHIP (takes steps=PACES, vessel=SHIP=>takes steps in vessel=S(PACES)HIP)
17 A bar to hold very loud, noisy quarrel (6) AFFRAY (A=A, bar=beam=RAY??, very loud=FF=>A bar to hold very loud = A(FF)RAY)
18 Greeting a team with poles — odd (7) NAMASTE (ana. A+TEAM+NS(poles))
19 Moral fall, failing to start church recess (4) APSE (Moral fall=LAPSE=>Moral fall, failing to start = LAPSE-L)
20 The water in the milk, say (7) DILUENT (Direct)
22 Stick used in some flat hits (5) LATHI (Container => fLAT HIts)
24 Italian physicist who cooked a bit of meat in a raging fire (5) FERMI (bit of meat=M, raging fire=ana. FIRE=FERI=>a bit of meat in a raging fire = FER(M)I)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8199 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Avoid the eastern scenery (6) ESCAPE (eastern=E, scenery=SCAPE => E+SCAPE)
4 Fine constituent in French coffee (8) CAFFEINE
10 With very little cash about, the queen is thoughtful (7) SERIOUS (queen=ER, SIOUS=??)
11 Make out an attendant is responsible for the leak (7) SEEPAGE (make out=SEE, an attendant=PAGE => SEE+PAGE)
12 Latest shoemaker's model (4) LAST (Double Defn. - 1. Latest 2. shoemaker's model)
13 Dead secret resolution caused outrage (10) DESECRATED (ana. DEAD+SECRET)
16 Fellow learner takes aunt to show off (6) FLAUNT (Fellow=F, learner=L, aunt=AUNT => F+L+AUNT)
17 Call for revision of a queer religious instruction (7) REQUIRE (religious instruction=RI??=>revision of a queer religious instruction = ana. QUEER+RI)
20 Straggles quietly as war returns on board ship (7) SPRAWLS (quietly=P, war returns=RAW, L=??, ship=SS=>quietly as war returns on board ship = S(P+RAW+L)S; where does the L come from?)
21 She was made out of the dye (6) EDYTHE (ana. THE+DYE)
24 Disparagement of French religious supplication (10) DEROGATION (of French=OF, religious supplication=ROGATION => DE+ROGATION)
25 Prepared food sold in Indian capital, so we hear (4) DELI (we hear=>homonym of DELHI)
27 Letters to be sorted (7) ANAGRAM (Direct)
29 It sounds as though my fireplace has to move elsewhere (7) MIGRATE (my=MY, fireplace=GRATE => sounds like MY GRATE)
30 Flag of principal, you say? (8) STANDARD (Double Defn.)
31 Some man feeling bad — he regrets promising to hold on (6) ADHERE (container => bAD HE REgrets - too many redundant words in the clue)

1 Simple sort of insurance policy bringing affluence (4,4) EASY LIFE (Double Defn.)
2 Jack perhaps is clearer as a cheat (4,7) CARD SHARPER (Jack=CARD, clearer=SHARPER)
3 A secret contrivance to bring about something illegal (4) PLOT (Direct)
5 Suffered the consequences of improper act (8) ANSWERED (Direct)
6 Shouts for buckshee boxing contests (4,6) FREE ROUNDS (buckshee=FREE, boxing contests=ROUNDS)
7 Possibly the lad is a painter (3) I_A
8 Corrects by including in the last portions (6) EMENDS (last portions=ENDS, ME=??=>by including in the last portions=E(ME)NDS - I guess the intended clue was "Corrects by including me in the last portions")
9 Fiery reminders of Test Match cricket? (5) ASHES (Cryptic Defn.)
14 Look on the other side of the leaf (4,3,4) TURN THE PAGE (Direct)
15 Put in a difficult position when a tip gave offence (10) ENDANGERED (tip=END, gave offence=ANGERED => END+ANGERED)
18 He has long experience of the antique clock (3,5) OLD TIMER (Double Defn.)
19 Chinese dog? (8) PEKINESE (Double Defn.)
22 Naughty ladies men dream of (6) IDEALS (Naughty ladies = ana. LADIES)
23 Go mad about a doctrine laid down with authority (5) DOGMA (Go mad about=ana. GO+MAD)
26 Matured in years (4) AGED (Direct)
28 Nowadays one finds her in advertisement (3) ADA (Container=>NowADAys??)

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8198 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Glass peach to admire but not buy (6,4) WINDOW SHOP (Glass=WINDOW, peach=SHOP??)
6 Many sheep overeat (4) CRAM (many=C, sheep=RAM => C+RAM)
9 A little book about fruit providing good nourishment (7) ALIMENT (A=A, little book=NT(little New Testament=acronym of New Testament), fruit=LIME=>A little book about fruit = A(LIME)NT)
10 Takes for granted when total points are considered (7) ASSUMES (when=AS, total=SUM, points=ES=>when total points = AS+SUM+ES)
12 Rubbish, no three points are repeated (8) NONSENSE (no=NO, three points=NSE=>no three points are repeated = NO+NSE+NSE)
13 Long to have a castle in a hollow cliff (5) CRAVE (castle=R, hollow cliff=CAVE=>a castle in a hollow cliff = C(R)AVE)
15 Join up to grow together (5) UNITE (Double Defn.)
17 Couple ceased to live together to spare Ted an accommodation (9) SEPERATED (ana. SPARE+TED)
19 Sample of what is to come from forest tea plantation (9) FORETASTE (ana. FOREST+TEA)
21 Lad has A1 around at the reception room (5) SALON (I think it should be AL instead of A1; Lad=SON, Al=AL=>Lad has A1 around = S(AL)ON)
23 A deadly place of importance (5) GRAVE (Double Defn. - 1. A deadly place 2. of importance)
24 A new stricter limit (8) RESTRICT (ana. STRICTER)
27 Three headed muscle (7) TRICEPS (Direct)
28 Indistinct in sound (7) NEUTRAL (Direct)
29 Feels compassion — that is certain (4) RUES (certain=SURE=>ana. SURE??; I don't see any ana. ind. though)
30 Rye biscuit for spider crab on the move? (10) CRISPBREAD (ana. SPIDER+CRAB)

1 Sounds like a week can be easily overcome (4) WEAK (sounds like WEEK)
2 Old boy Nair, in Africa, not from Kerala (7) NAIROBI (ana. OB(Old boy)+NAIR+I??; where does the extra I come from??)
3 Order to British Empire for young Sikh leader because he acts as directed (5) OBEYS (Order to British Empire=OBE,young=Y, sikh leader=S => OBE+Y+S)
4 New assistant for the devil worshippers (9) SATANISTS (ana. ASSISTANT)
5 No speed is required to deliver a lecture (5) ORATE (No=O, speed=RATE => O+RATE)
7 A beast getting in front of quiet worker is not checked (7) RAMPANT (A beast=RAM, quiet=P, worker=ANT=>A beast getting in front of quiet worker = RAM+P+ANT)
8 Single maid turns out deceitful (10) MISLEADING (ana. SINGLE+MAID)
11 Makes safe quarter having bizarre curse (7) SECURES (quarter=SE, bizarre curse=ana. CURSE=CURES=>quarter having bizarre curse = SE+CURES)
14 To live he must draw well (10) GUNFIGHTER (Cryptic Defn. -> drawing a gun)
16 Meet mutinous old rebel — the most violent (7) EXTREME (ana. MEET+EX(old)+R; poor word play, and bad placement of the ana. ind)
18 Game country folk without aspiration (9) PHEASANTS (county folk=PEASANTS, no clue where the H comes from)
20 Latch on to a way to raise cash on one's assets (7) REALISE
22 Lucre points made up from plant that was valuable as cattle fodder (7) LUCERNE (ana. LUCRE+NE(points))
24 Vertical pipe in an oil rig (5) RISER (Direct)
25 Course to follow along a loxodromic curve (5) RHUMB (Direct)
26 Ran away from danger (4) FLED (Direct)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2590 Solutions

1 Early visitor for tots — fire blazing? (5-6) FIRST FOOTER (for tots — fire blazing=ana. FOR+TOTS+FIRE = FIRST FOOTER)
9 Billeted in lodgings in district, extremely exposed (9) QUARTERED (district=QUARTER, extremely exposed=extreme letters of ExposeD=ED => QUARTER+ED)
10 Whack team's leader on shoulder (5) THUMP (team's leader=T, shoulder=HUMP=>team's leader on shoulder = T+HUMP)
11 go along with a European, for the most part (5) AGREE (a=A, European=GREEK=>European, for the most part=GREE => A+GREE)
12 UK rep isn't prepared for these US motorways (9) TURNPIKES (UK rep isn't prepared = ana. UK+REPS+ISNT)
13 One prisoner is after law dictionary (7) LEXICON (One=I, prisoner=CON, law=LEX=>One prisoner is after law=LEX+IC+CON)
14 Valid gen given by sappers round about (2,5) IN FORCE (gen=INFO, sappers=soldiers=RE, about=C=>gen given by sappers round about = IN FOR(C)E)
15 Army officer caught out in a Mediterranean island (7) MAJORCA (Army officer=MAJOR, caught out=C, a=A=>Army officer caught out in a = MAJOR+C+A)
17 Period of time touring in the old country? (7) D_H_M_Y
20 Slow-moving girl bringing tray (4,5) LAZY SUSAN (Slow-moving=LAZY, girl=SUSAN)
22 Lofted club might Woosnam's first on fringe (5) WEDGE (Woosnam's first=W, fringe=EDGE=>Woosnam's first on fringe = W+EDGE)
23 Record shown in book (5) ALBUM (Double Defn. - 1. Record
24 Terrible crimes - social worker exposes wrong doing (9) MISCREANT (Terrible crimes =ana. CRIMES=MISCRE, social worker=ANT=>Terrible crimes - social worker = MISCRE+ANT)
25 British essayist, one's to come to shore after leaving US entry station (5,6) ELLIS ISLAND (British essaysist=ELLIS, one's=IS, shore=LAND=>British essayist, one's to come to shore = > ELLIS IS+LAND)

1 As if Mrs Thatcher could be Santa! (6,9) FATHER CHRISTMAS (As if Mrs Thatcher could be=ana. AS+IF+MRS+THATCHER)
2 Play associated with one girl in a world of romance? (9) RURITANIA (Play=RUR??, one=I, girl=TANIA => RUR+I+TANIA)
3 Style of architecture identified with duke in the course of an organised tour? (5) TUDOR (duke=D, organized tour=ana. TOUR=TUOR=>duke in the course of an organised tour=TU(D)OR)
4 In seventh heaven, as Hillary once was? (2,3,2,3,5) ON TOP OF THE WORLD (Cryptic Defn. -> ref. to Sir Edmund Hilary's conquest of the Everest)
5 One who has dealings with an US lorry driver? (7) TRUCKER (Double Defn.)
6 Witty retort about accepting one appointment (7) RIPOSTE (about=RE, one=I, appointment=POST=>about accepting one appointment=R(I+POST)E)
7 Yell in brief violent storm (6) SQUALL (Double Defn.)
8 Graduate reportedly takes in a network of circuit elements (6) MATRIX (Graduate=MA, takes in=TRICKS=>reportedly takes in=homonym of TRICKS=TRIX =>Graduate reportedly takes in = MA+TRIX)
14 Ones entering one Asian republic from another (9) INDONESIA (Ones=ONES, one Asian republic=INDIA=>Ones entering one Asian republic = IND(ONES)IA)
15 Benefit from travel allowance (7) MILEAGE (Double Defn.)
16 Painted woman, biblical character (7) JEZEBEL (Double Defn. - 1. Painted woman i.e. a prostitute 2. biblical character)
18 Very angry lover over international being reckless (6) MADCAP (Very angry=MAD, lover over international being=CAP?? => MAD+CAP)
19 French girl almost checked out after end of party (6) YVETTED (checked out=VETTED=>almost checked out=VETTED-D, end of party=Y=>almost checked out after end of party=Y+VETTE)
21 Small book of drawing attention to Aegean island (5) SAMOS (Small=S, rest??)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8197 Solutions

1 Usury is attracting considerable attention (5,8) GREAT INTEREST (considerable=GREAT, attention=INTEREST)
8 Sage takes in Al with five for raising wrecked ships (7) SALVAGE (Sage=SAGE, Al=AL, five=V=>Sage takes in Al with five=S(ALV)AGE))
9 Stamp one unused pair included (7) IMPRINT (one=I, ununsed=MINT, pair=PR=>Stamp one unused pair=I+M(PR)INT)
11 Some things for which the leg weary cyclist copper pines (6) MOPEDS (Cryptic Defn.??)
13 Cover note might be put into this (8) ENVELOPE (Defn:Cover, Indirect:note might be put into this)
15 For instance make a false statement about being a vassal (5) LIEGE (For instance=EG, make a false statement=LIE, For instance make a false statement about=LI(EG)E)
16 Being loaded with wealth, one Lieutenant up in revolt (7) OPULENT (ana. ONE+L(Lieutenant)+UP)
18 Total art one finds in South East Asia (7) SUMATRA (Total=SUM, art=TRA, one=A=>finds is the ana. ind. for TRA+A=ATRA => SUM+ATRA -- BAD CLUE)
19 Instant tea and coffee (5) MOCHA (Instant=MO, tea=CHA => MO+CHA)
21 Resting places for those on a journey (8) MANSIONS (Direct)
23 Named after a river this state lies close to 18 Across (6) BRUNEI (Direct)
25 Newly born child — not exactly a neat one (7) NEONATE (ana. NEAT+ONE)
26 Piece laid down according to Mosaic Law? (7) TESSERA (Tessera is a type of mosaic flooring -- why on earth is mosaic capitalized??)
28 Postscripts which come to mind later (13) AFTERTHOUGHTS (Double Defn.)

2 Turn for the worse — casting pearls before swine, finally (7) RELAPSE (ana. PEARLS+E(swine, finally=E))
3 She may turn out to be a lawyer (3) ADA (a=A, lawyer=DA => A+DA)
4 Make a note of a newspaper article (4) ITEM (Double Defn.)
5 Eg. Scalene rural giant turning out (10) TRIANGULAR (ana. RURAL+GIANT)
6 Price paid for curried puree? (5) RUPEE (ana. PUREE)
7 Vehicle skid on road which throws it off the track (4,3) SPIN OUT (Direct)
8 A fool takes herbal remedies one day after (6,5) SIMPLE SIMON (Don't understand the fool the herbal connection)
10 Ah, not a smile from her, being framed (3,4,4) THE MONA LISA (ana. AH+NOT+A+SMILE )
12 A distant hope probably unattainable (5) DREAM (Direct)
14 Body satisfied with gin cocktail inside it (10) CONTINGENT (satisfied=CONTENT, gin cocktail=ana. GIN=ING=>satisfied with gin cocktail inside it=CONT(ING)ENT)
17 Merle may be able to turn the lad (5) ELMER (ana. MERLE)
18 What to do when a player offends badly (4,3) SEND OFF (Direct)
20 Agreeable substance (7) CONTENT (Double Defn.)
22 Angry robber loses his head (5) IRATE (robber=PIRATE=>robber loses his head=PIRATE-P)
24 To return to Bulgaria would be for the damask rose oil (4) _T_O
27 It's the decline of the South African girl (3) SAG (South African=SA, girl=G=>SA+G)

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8196 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Fed up with Italian going round in charge during a shortage (7) DEFICIT (Fed up=DEF, Italian=IT, in charge=IC=>Fed up with Italian going round in charge=DEF(IC)IT)
5 A game to reduce in length (7) ABRIDGE (A=A, game=BRIDGE => A+BRIDGE)
10 Stimulate Philip so to say (6) FILLIP (homonym of PHILIP)
11 Physicist of the naughty nineties (8) EINSTEIN (naughty nineties = ana. NINETIES)
12 Plans to include one for guides (6) PILOTS (Plans=PLOTS, one=I=>Plans to include one=P(I)LOTS)
13 Accomplished journey using auxiliary control (8) OVERDRIVE (Accomplished=OVER, journey=RIDE => OVER+RIDE)
14 Turn up for a motorcycle race before the finish (6) ATTEND (a=A, motorcycle race=TT, finish=END=>a motorcycle race before the finish = A+TT+END)
15 Not willing workers (6) SLAVES (Cryptic Defn.)
18 Lad ran to church section of the main organisation (6) BRANCH (Lad=boy=B, ran=RAN, church=CH=>Lad ran to church = B+RAN+CH)
20 Prominent person composes editorial (6) LEADER (Double Defn. - 1. Prominent person 2. editorial)
23 Scientific practice that puts a burden on part of the economy (8) TAXONOMY (burden=TAX, part of the economy=ONOMY=>puts a burden on part of the economy = TAX+ONOMY)
25 The style of architecture that prevailed during late fifteenth century (6) TUDORS (??)
26 Mortar board, say (8) HEADWEAR/HEADGEAR (Mortar board is a cap with a broad, square top - way too obscure)
27 Praying mantis moved (6) MATINS (mantis moved=ana. MANTIS)
28 In same turmoil, hit those who disbelieve in God (7) ATHEISM (ana. SAME+HIT - poor location of ana. ind. turmoil, the defn. should be disbleief in God)
29 Take issue about heel getting the cheese (7) STILTON (heel=STILT, about=ON => STILT+ON?? - 'Take issue about'? Looks like too many redundant words)

2 Draw forth the Spanish one in charge (6) ELICIT (the Spanish=EL, in charge=IC, IT=where does IT come from??)
3 Gains procured by evil means (3,6) ILL GOTTEN (Direct)
4 I am to pass the English, on stalemate (7) IMPASSE (I am=IM, pass=PASS, English=E=>I am to pass the English = IM+PASS+E)
6 Hazards in a golf course (7) BUNKERS (Direct)
7 Instruct the undertaker in plain terms (7) INTER (Container => plaIN TERrms)
8 Hot plates centre light mysteries (8) GRIDDLES (light=G??, mysteries=RIDDLES => G+RIDDLES)
9 The highest scoring sportsmen who only reproduce the score? (6,7) RECORD PLAYERS (Double cryptic defn.)
16 Like the story about an old English act, maybe (9) ANECDOTAL (ana. AN+OLD+E+ACT)
17 A branch of a company meant possibly to be equipped for war (8) ARMAMENT (ARM+ana. MEANT)
19 Small fishing vessels for immoral women? (7) HOOKERS (Double Defn.)
21 An endeavour made for a model to attract (7) ATTEMPT (a=A, model=T, attract=TEMPT => A+T+TEMPT)
22 Go round, call an American (6) GRINGO (Go=GO, call=RING=>Go round, call = G(RING)O)
24 A film produced considerable time ago (5) OLDIE (Direct)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8195 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Tender in a neat occupation (9) CATTLEMAN (Cryptic Defn. -> Tender=one who tends, neat=cow/cattle)
6 Mother has to win chess game by taking rook (5) MATER (to win chess game=MATE, rook=R =>to win chess game by taking rook = MATE+R)
9 Misleading by remaining still (5) LYING (Double Defn.)
10 Mention DA prepared to be put up for office (9) NOMINATED (ana. MENTION+DA)
11 English writer who added weight to Deva (10) CHESTERTON (weight=TON, Deva=CHESTER??)
12 Read about beloved French backward artist (4) DEAR (Triple way clue -> Read about=ana. READ=DEAR, beloved=DEAR, French=DE, backward artist=reversed RA=AR=>DE+AR; French is not DE, 'of French' or 'for French' is DE, I don't understand why some compilers make this assumption that just French should mean LE/LA/DE/UN)
14 Comments on soldiers' impressions (7) REMARKS (soldiers=RE, impressions=MARKS => RE+MARKS)
15 Spanish wine one may find at a look out post (7) SANGRIA (??)
17 Foolishly pants to editor after a period of five days (7) PENTADS (ana. PANTS+ED(editor))
19 I leave petitioner calling earnestly (7) CLAMANT (petitionaer=CLAIMANT=>I leave petitioner = CLAIMANT-I)
20 I translate into Greek (4) IOTA (the greek letter i)
22 Gaunt American lawyer in cave has a sour disposition (10) CADAVEROUS (American lawyer=DA, cave=CAVE, sour disposition=ana. SOUR=SOUR=>American lawyer in cave has a sour disposition = CA(DA)VE+ROUS)
25 Like list to include really good aggressive guy (9) ASSAILANT (Like=AS, list=SLANT, really good=AI=>Like list to include really good=AS+S(AI)LANT)
26 The pick of the group (5) ELITE (Direct)
27 Stand up before the court, in short (5) ERECT (before=ERE, court in short=CT => ERE+CT)
28 Device for finding precious stone under layers of earth (9) STRATAGEM (precious stone=GEM, layers of earth=STRATA=>precious stone under layers of earth=STRATA+GEM)

1 Suffering from depression I note (5) COLIC (depression=COL, I=I, note=C => COL+I+C)
2 He belongs to a division of the ancient Roman people (9) TRIBESMAN (Direct)
3 Successful slimmer working on a flat bottom (10) LIGHTERMAN (Double Defn. ->1. Successful slimmer=LIGHTER MAN 2. a flat bottom is a kind of boat, a person working on such a boat is a lighterman)
4 Vedic psalms elevating arts in support of humanity (7) MANTRAS (elevating arts=ana. ARTS=TRAS, humanity=MAN=>elevating arts in support of humanity = MAN+TRAS)
5 They may be Germany's minors, but are great hunters (7) NIMRODS (ana. D(Germany)+ MINORS -- BAD CLUE)
6 No matter — just take care! (4) MIND (Double Defn.)
7 Let it be put in place of a name (5) TITLE (let it be put in place=ana. LET+IT)
8 A flier must take a stand about crumbly bread (9) REDBREAST (stand=REST, crumbly bread=DBREA=>take a stand about crumbly bread=RE(DBREA)ST)
13 A passage of arms for a linking of arms (10) ENGAGEMENT (Double Defn.)
14 Make a copy of plate Eric smashed (9) REPLICATE (ana. PLATE+ERIC)
16 Thought to phone about one point a boy made (9) REASONING (phone=RING, one point=E, a=A, boy=SON=> R(E+A+SON)ING)
18 Jack has sores all round, shaped in the form of beetles (7) SCARABS (sores=SCARS, Jack=AB=>Jack has sores all round=SCAR(AB)S)
19 Chart made to record a person's life (7) CHAPTER (ana. CHART+EP(record))
21 Faculty to perceive the elegant (5) TASTE (Double Defn.)
23 Its power can be used to move (5) STEAM (Direct)
24 Brand new stamp? (4) MINT (Double Def. - 1. Brand new 2. stamp(v.))

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8194 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Like the diary that R.K. Narayan wrote (8) DATELESS (Cryptic defn. -> reference to Narayan's "My Dateless Diary")
5 Kind of law on the floor? (6) MOSAIC (Double Defn. - 1. Kind of law -Mosaic law i.e. law that pertains to Moses 2.floor)
10 World body on one kind of distinctive clothing (7) UNIFORM (World body=UN, one=I, kind=FORM=>World body on one kind = UN+I+FORM)
11 Being reserved, Indian girl trots out just a couple of directions (7) INDRAWN (Indian girl=INDRA, couple of directions=WN=>Indian girl trots out just a couple of directions = INDRA+WN)
12 Opposed to former (6) LATTER (Direct)
13 West Indian beads with woman cause distress (8) AGGRIEVE (West Indian beads=AGGRI, woman=EVE=>West Indian beads with woman = AGGRI+EVE)
15 District Magistrate accepts alternative resting place (4) DORM (District Magistrate=DM, alternative=OR=>District Magistrate accepts alternative=D(OR)M)
16 Note: therein uncovered is a famous physician (10) FAHRENHEIT (Note=FAH, therein uncovered=ana. THEREIN=RENHEIT => FAH+RENHEIT)
18 It generally comes before atonement (10) CONTRITION (Cryptic Defn.)
20 Boss in charge of raising the stock (4) STUD (Double Defn.)
23 Chinese dish that logger properly presented at the Lok Sabha (3,5) EGG ROLLS (ana. LOGGER+LS(Lok Sabha))
24 In-charge North is in the photo outing (6) PICNIC (In-charge=IC, North=N, photo=PIC=>In-charge North is in the photo = P(ICN)IC)
26 It warms people completely in the bush... (7) BRASIER (Direct)
27 ... If Ghana could extradite a national (7) AGHANI (ana. IF+GHANA)
28 Seat theologian in the auction (6) SADDLE (theologian=DD??, auction=SALE=>theologian in the auction = SA(DD)LE)
29 By no means the backroom boys (5,3) FRONT MEN (Cryptic Defn.)

1 In which passengers may travel up and down (6-6, 3) DOUBLE-DECKER BUS (Cryptic Defn.)
2 Write expansively about street hurricane (7) TWISTER (write expansively=ana. WRITE=TWIER, street=ST=>Write expansively about street = TWI(ST)ER)
3 Relax! Solo put out is by bridge players (6) LOOSEN (ana. SOLO+EN (bridge players))
4 Like Uncle in the East (4) SAME (Uncle=SAM, East=E => SAM+E)
6 Issuing commands for ceremony involving priests (8) ORDERING (Double Defn.)
7 World of scholars of which a boorish person forms part (7) ACADEME (boorish person=CAD)
8 Cooperation between the singer and the accompanists on the dais (9,6) CONCERTED ACTION (Cryptic Defn.)
9 Prep going nuts over weak beer (6,3) GINGER POP (ana. PREP+GOING)
14 One in disrepute at present might think of this (4,5) PAST GLORY (Cryptic Defn.)
17 Heraldic type embraces medical officer (8) ARMORIAL (type=font=ARIAL, medical officer=MO => AR(MO)RIAL; no idea where the extra R comes from)
19 Scrooge, for one (7) NIGGARD (Direct)
21 Ron, mate discarded part of old gramophone (4,3) TONE ARM (ana. RON+MATE)
22 Dismantled Ugrian weapon (3-3) AIR-GUN (ana. UGRIAN)
25 One in remote exposition (4) FAIR (One=I, remote=FAR=>One in remote=FA(I)R)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8193 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Uncle in cathedral cities collecting seeds (7) SESAMES (Uncle=SAM, cathedral cities=SEES??=>Uncle in cathedral cities = SE(SAM)ES)
5 Offspring throws coconut fibre about the man (2-4) CO-HEIR (coconut fibre=COIR, man=HE =>coconut fibre about the man=CO(HE)IR)
9 Insect doesn't fulfil the position (5) LOCUS (Insect=LOCUST=>Insect doesn't fulfil=LOCUST_T)
10 Soon ink spreads in the thin paper (5-4) ONION-SKIN (ana. SOON+INK+IN)
11 Disembark after a landing at the airport (7) DEPLANE (Direct)
12 Small flute in photo put out by the U.S. State (7) PICCOLO (photo=PIC, U.S. State=COLO => PIC+COLO)
13 Distinctive elegance of the pen held by the French (5) STYLE (pen=STY, the French=LE => STY+LE)
14 Such a gas cannot be sensed by the nose (9) ODOURLESS (Direct)
16 Unyielding kind of property (9) IMMOVABLE (Double Defn.)
19 Not a desirable class for a degree (5) THIRD (Direct)
21 Hopping about and singing vaguely (7) LOLLING (Double Defn.)
23 A smashing personality (7) WRECKER (Direct)
24 If in No. Ten, distractedly going on and on (9) NONFINITE (ana. IF+IN+NO+TEN)
25 Baldie doesn't complete putting out a spontaneous remark (2,3) AD LIB (ana. BALDIE-E)
26 Association almost let the fever catch on (6) LEAGUE (almost let=LET-T=LE, fever=AGUE => LE+AGUE)
27 Mutt, see the putting together of a small bagpipe (7) MUSETTE (ana. MUTT+SEE)

1 Denial of one's impulses that elfin disciples exhibit (4-10) SELF-DISCIPLINE (ana. ELFIN+DISCIPLES)
2 Well, one doesn't receive this remuneration (4,3) SICK PAY (Direct)
3 Mother is sage wise to rub down (7) MASSAGE (Mother is=MA'S=MAS, sage=SAGE => MASSAGE; the word 'wise' is redundant)
4 As used by the police to control crowds, it creates a screen (5-4) SMOKE-BOMB (Cryptic Defn.)
5 "Shoemaker not in": That's brief and to the point (5) CRISP
6 As used by workmen to go on the railroad (7) HANDCAR (Direct)
7 Indian Railways find smoke billowing. How unpleasant! (7) IRKSMOKE (Indian Railways=IR, smoke billowing=ana. SMOKE=KSOME => IRK+SOME)
8 Lie-in absconder indulges in what is unworthy (14) INCONSIDERABLE (ana. LIE-IN+ABSCONDER)
15 Crush whomever running around and grasping the student (9) OVERWHELM (ana. WHOMEVER+L(student))
17 Honey, holy person endlessly brings hodgepodge (7) MELANGE (Honey=MEL, holy person=ANGEL=>holy person endlessly=ANGE => MEL+ANGE)
18 Give nil credit to net (7) VEILING (ana. GIVE+NIL; 'credit' as an ana. indicator? doesn't look convincing)
19 They are protective at the end of shoes (7) TOECAPS (Direct)
20 It's a smear on paper (7) INKBLOT (Direct)
22 Horrible, Edward is covered in filth (5) GRIME (Horrible=GRIM, Edward=E => GRIM+E)

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8192 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Tart, ne'er turn into one who sabotages workers! (8) RATTENER (ana. TART+NEER)
5 I am very, very long in creating pictures (6) IMAGES (I am=I'm=IM, very long=AGES => IM+AGES)
9 It goes around before an explosive event occurs (3,4) CAR BOMB (Direct)
10 Inmate runs away before the English show (7) MATINEE (inmate runs away=ana. INMATE=MATINE, English=E=>Inmate runs away before the English = MATINE+E)
11 Got back and made the sofa as good as new (9) RECOVERED (re-covered the sofa)
12 Shakespearean character, almost old, is in, by the way (5)
13 Discover clairvoyance may be found by January-end (4) ESPY (claivoyance=ESP(Extra Sensory Perception), Jaunary-end=Y=>clairvoyance may be found by January-end = ESP+Y)
14 Intolerable one on the camel's back (4,5) LAST STRAW (Cryptic Def. => ref. to the saying "the last straw breaks the camel's back")
17 A profession with a lot of drills and fills (9) DENTISTRY (Cryptic Defn.)
19 Complaint Mac never kept at heart (4) ACNE (Container => mAC NEver)
23 Lyn returns and puts on artificial silk (5) NYLON (Lyn returns=NYL, on=ON=>Lyn returns and puts on = NYL+ON)
24 Crazy about Maureen? Do try! (9) ENAMOURED (ana. MAUREEN+DO)
25 Sarcastic about weakening dorm worker (7) MORDANT (wakening dorm=ana. DORM=MORD, worker=ANT => MORD+ANT)
26 Directions a harassed medic follows are local (7) ENDEMIC (Directions=EN, a harassed medic=ana. MEDIC=DEMIC => EN+DEMIC)
27 Smirked and was in the front, before being nabbed (6) LEERED (was in the front=LED, before=ERE=>was in the front, before being nabbed=LE(ERE)D)
28 Interval when utterance doesn't begin and falters (8) ENTRACTE (utterance doesn't begin=UTTERANCE-U=TTERANCE, falter is the ana. ind. => ana. TTERANCE)

1 Judge the flute (8) RECORDER (Double Defn.)
2 PAC? May be found at the top of the chimney! (4,3) TURN CAP (PAC=reverse of CAP=TURN CAP)
3 Develop a short volume, with a woman around (6) EVOLVE (a short volume=VOL, a woman=EVE=>a short volume, with a woman around=E(VOL)VE)
4 Armaments Serb delivers causes discomposure (13) EMBARRASSMENT (ana. ARMAMENTS+SERB)
6 Induce Tom to turn up with one vessel (Oriental) (8) MOTIVATE (Tom to turn up=reverse of TOM=MOT, one=I, vessel=VATE => MOTI+I+VATE)
7 Move to the north to hurriedly load a vessel (7) GONDOLA (Move=GO, north=N, hirriedly load=ana. LOAD=DOLA => GO+N+DOLA)
8 Observe a woodcutter making a playground equipment (6) SEESAW (Observe=SEE, woodcutter=SAW => SEE+SAW)
10 Are trained men to go to sea? (13) MEDITERRANEAN (ana. ARE+TRAINED+MEN)
15 Good man on Oriental period that is by no means modern (5-3) STONE-AGE (Good man=ST, on=ON, Oriental=E, period=AGE=>Good man on Oriental period = ST+ONE+E AGE)
16 Chief, each turn is a source of worry (8) HEADACHE (Chief=HEAD, each turn=ana. EACH=ACE => HEAD+ACHE)
18 General ordered: "Expand!" (7) ENLARGE (General ordered = ana. GENERAL)
20 Such tiles may be used in dadoing (7) CERAMIC (Direct)
21 Beastly description of man (6) ANIMAL (Direct)
22 Turn over a water source with hesitation (6) PONDER (a water source=POND, hesitation=ER=>a water source with hesitation = POND+ER)

The Hindu Crossword No. 2589 Solutions

1 One who'll help if several seen in distress (9) LIFESAVER (ana. IF+SEVERAL)
6 Second son leaving Greek island, heading for Apia here in the Pacific (5) SAMOA (Greek island=SAMOS, son=S=>second son leaving greek island=removal of the second S from SAMOS=SAMO, heading of Apia=A => SAMO+A)
9 Bitterness detected in private, reportedly (7) RANCOUR (private=RANKER=>private, reportedly = RANCOUR (homonym))
10 Title of pub one at end of street (7) BARONET (pub=BAR, one=ONE, end of street=T => BAR+ONE+T)
11 Shopkeeper's goods, no good in hosiery business? (5-2-5) STOCK-IN-TRADE
14 Those who take off in one with a storm developing around it (9) IMITATORS (one=I, a storm developing=ana. A+STORM=MATORS, it=IT=>one with a storm developing around it=I+M(IT)ATORS)
16 Inn by river's hot (5) HOUSE (river=OUSE, hot=H=>by river's hot=by river is hot = H+OUSE)
17 Became less painful or stopped with no hint of cramp (5) EASED (stopped=CEASED, hint of cramp=1st letter of cramp=C=>stopped with no hint of cramp = CEASED-C)
18 Weapon chief made out of lead (9) SPEARHEAD (Weapon=SPEAR, chief=HEAD => SPEAR+HEAD)
19 The day before a festival - awfully frosty one, once in a while (5,2,5) EVERY SO OFTEN (The day before a festival=EVE, awfully frosty one=ana. FROSTY ONE=RY SO OFTEN =>EVE+RY SO OFTEN)
23 Put an end to a nonsense about the Italian returning (7) ABOLISH (a=A, nonsense=BOSH, Italian=IL=>Italian returning=LI => A+BO(LI)SH)
24 Intensely serious, chap holding ace (7) EARNEST (chap=ERNEST, ace=A=>chap holding ace=E(A)RNEST)
25 Guide one into allotment (5) PILOT (one=I, allotment=PLOT=>one into allotment = P(I)LOT)
26 What might keep me warm I wondered shivering (9) EIDERDOWN (ana. I+WONDERED)

1 Fat boy eating piece of rump (4) LARD (boy=LAD, price of rump=R=>boy eating piece of rump = LA(R)D)
2 Suitable penalty (4) FINE (Double Defn.)
3 One making signs, employed by dictator in office? (9,6) SHORTHAND TYPIST (Cryptic Defn.)
4 Truthful source, via broadcast (9) VERACIOUS (ana. SOURCE+VIA)
5 Religious leader's chatter cut short (5) RABBI (chatter=RABBIT(v.)=>chatter cut short=RABBIT-T = RABBI)
6 One carrying litter from the field? (9-6) STRERCHER BEARER (Cryptic Defn.)
7 Rum, it, anise, drunk from small spirit bottles (10) MINIATURES (ana. RUM+IT+ANISE)
8 A bit of trouble over cash available for immediate use (2,3,5) AT THE READY (a=A, bit of trouble=T, cash=READY (as in ready money))
12 Help Earl to depart secretly with PA (4-2-4) AIDE DE CAMP (Help=AID, Earl=E, depart secretly=DECAMP => AID+E DE CAMP; PA=Personal Assistant)
13 So Neil lied about what's used in making printer's ink (7,3) LINSEED OIL (ana. SO+NIEL+LIED)
15 Female with fine area of knowledge of English city (9) SHEFFIELD (Female=SHE, fine=F, area=FIELD => SHE+F+FIELD)
20 Rotten chore making a paint (5) OCHRE (ana. CHORE)
21 Series of letters from one Roman emperor (4) NERO (Container => oNE ROman)
22 Eccentrics turned up in shock (4) STUN (Eccentrics=NUTS=>Eccentrics turned up = STUN)

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8191 Solutions

1 Photograph taken hastily (8) SNAPSHOT (Cryptic Defn. - hastily=in a snap)
6 On the thoroughfare the sailor gets a thrust (4) STAB (thoroughfare=ST, sailor=AB => ST+AB)
9 Therefore the gardener in India is a foreigner (6) SOMALI (Therefore=SO, gardener=MALI => SO+MALI)
10 Everyone about an exhibit: "It is superficial" (7) SHALLOW (Everyone=ALL, exhibit=SHOW=>Everyone about an exhibit=SH(ALL)OW)
13 An ill-matched pair (3,6) ODD COUPLE (Direct)
14 Question girl by the brook (5) GRILL (girl=G, brook=RILL => G+RILL)
15 Indian film director's fish (4) RAYS (director=RAY(Satyajit)=>director's=RAYS)
16 To ponder is intentional (10) DELIBERATE (Double Defn.)
19 Rebel Ryder tossed a fruit (10) ELDERBERRY (ana. REBEL+RYDER)
21 Till the fellow took the weapon... (4) FARM (fellow=F, weapon=ARM=>fellow took the weapon = F+ARM)
24 Capital to have account on remodelled car (5) ACCRA (account=AC, remodelled car=ana. CAR=CRA => AC+CRA)
25 Man of many parts working mechanically (9) AUTOMATON (Direct)
26 Encroachments on fashionable thoroughfares (7) INROADS (fashionable=IN, throroughfares=ROADS => IN+ROADS)
27 Err, too, in fixing the bullfighter (6) TORERO (ana. ERR+TOO)
28 Am in the North-East for a title (4) NAME (Am=AM, North-East=NE=>Am in the North-East = N(AM)E)
29 Muddles I make causes a disaster naturally (8) MUDSLIDE (ana. MUDDLES+I)

2 Time of the greatest prosperity is when you can take some rest (7) NOONDAY (Double Defn.)
3 What you do with words when you pun (4,2) PLAY ON (Direct)
4 A bit that rests on one's head (4-5) HAIR-PIECE (Direct)
5 Try to have some discernment (5) TASTE (Double Defn. - 1. Try to have(v.) 2. discernment(n.))
7 Let mali fetch the herb (7) TELLIMA (ana. LET+MALI)
8 Wager about more intemperate people causes mystification (12) BEWILDERMENT (Wager=BET, more intemperate=WILD, people=MEN=>Wager about more intemperate people = BE(WILDER+MEN)T)
11 Fish or fisherman (6) ANGLER (Double Defn.)
12 The family's failure makes no good story (4,8) POOR RELATION (family=RELATION)
17 Annoyed and somewhat tired about the girl (9) IRRITATED (somewhat tired=ana. TIRED=IRTED, girl=RITA=>somewhat tired about the girl=IR(RITA)TED)
18 Fleet production of a crazy drama (6) ARMADA (ana. A+DRAMA)
20 Last month, with no strong drink, made for good behaviour (7) DECORUM (Last month=DEC, no=O, sttong drink=RUM => DEC+O+RUM)
22 Weary at first but all dressed up (7) ATTIRED (Weary=TIRED, at first=AT before TIRED = AT+TIRED)
23 Morning test is conscienceless (6) AMORAL (Morning=AM, test=ORAL => AM+ORAL)
25 Animal on time in the north-east (5) ASSAM (Animal=ASS, time=AM=>Animal on time = ASS+AM)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8190 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Misgiving about a government concession to the backward? (11) RESERVATION (Double Def.)
9 Sooner comes the nobleman; that is right (7) EARLIER (nobleman=EARL, that is=IE, right=R => EARL+I+ER)
10 Our sailors have an object that is very fashionable (2-5) In-THING (Our sailors=IN(indian navy), object=THING => IN-THING)
11 Around a person a bit of halo. It holds! (5) SHELF (A person=SELF, a bit of halo=H=>Around a person a bit of halo = S(H)ELF)
12 Oh, sir, miss fetches a weed (5,4) IRISH MOSS (ana. OH+SIR+MISS)
13 A king puts restriction on a Mughal ruler (5) AKBAR (A=A, king=K, restriction=BAR => A+K+BAR)
15 Darn! Clues bring up an old scandal (9) SCLAUNDER?? ( an old word for scandal?)
18 Footloose types? (9) SANSERIFS?? (types=fonts; no clue what 'footloose' indicates here; also I thought the more commonly used spelling is SANS SERIFS)
21 Challenges the lawyer to a thing (5) DARES (Direct)
22 A scandal may provoke it; that's the feeling (9) SENSATION (Double Defn.)
24 Look up each way (5) REFER (each way suggests a palindrome)
26 Bone tumour (7) OSTEOMA (Direct)
27 Old Japanese emperor (7) AKIHITO (Direct)
28 One who does not hold back while paying out (4,7) FREE SPENDER (Direct)

1 So the tsar ordered electrical instruments (9) RHEOSTATS (ana. SO+THE+STAR)
2 Wave in Hosur generalised (5) SURGE (Container => HoSUR+GEneralised)
3 Bring up reserves to check violence (9) REINFORCE (check=REIN, violence=FORCE => REIN+FORCE)
4 Collision between planes averted in the sky (3-4) AIR-MISS (Direct)
5 First sign? (7) INITIAL (Double Defn.)
6 Khyber Pass, for one (5) NOTCH (Cryptic Defn.)
7 Sid is up Or Red is up The result is confusion! (8) DISORDER (ana. SID+OR+RED)
8 Some roughshod expressions of disgust (4) UGHS (Container => roUGHShod)
14 It passes as money (4-4) BANK-NOTE (Direct)
16 Emphasise Kolkotta Metro? (9) UNDERLINE (Kolkotta Metro=Under Line)
17 It may be filled if the river rose to some extent (9) RESERVOIR (ana. RIVER+ROSE)
19 Use someone else as a model (7) IMITATE (Direct)
20 They go openly on foot (7) SANDALS (Cryptic Defn.)
22 Mumbai suburb causes some disillusionment (4) SION (Container => disilluSIONment)
23 A rising clown is remote in manner (5) ALOOF (A=A, clown=FOOL, rising clown=LOOF => A+LOOF)
25 Chum loses bridge player who is killed by electrocution (5) FRIED (Chum=FRIEND, bridge player=N=>Chum loses bridge player=FRIEND-N = FRIED)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8189 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Quality of having liking to no man (8) CYNICISM (Direct)
5 Trap concealed inside ship for fish (6) SPARTS (Trap concealed=ana. TRAP=PRAT, ship=SS=>Trap concealed inside ship=S(PRAT)S)
9 Bounty man? (8) MUTINEER (??)
10 A card of distinction (6) HONOUR (Double Defn. - 1. A card (any of the top 5 cards in a deck is called an honour) 2. distinction)
12 Princess given a couple of pounds for herb (4) DILL (Princess=DI, c ouple of pounds=LL => DI+LL)
13 Tale of prig becoming a dissolute (10) PROFLIGATE (ana. TALE+OF+PRIG)
15 Mister, admit the princess for deportment (6) MANNER (Mister=MR, princess=ANNE=>Mister, admit the princess = M(ANNE)R)
17 It may hang over the shoulder of a woman in India (5) PALLU (Direct)
20 The boy frequently goes skyward (5) ALOFT (A boy=AL, frequently=OFT => AL+OFT)
21 Field range (6) EXTENT (Double Defn.)
24 Distinction held by a high-up (10) PROMINENCE (Direct)
27 Dandy is a failure in the Orient (4) DUDE (failure=DUD, Orient=E => DUD+E)
29 Accustoms to insure hastily (6) INURES (ana. INSURE)
30 Intrude into a small enclosure with an insect (8) ENCROACH (small enclosure=ENC, insect=ROACH=>a small enclosure with an insect = ENC+ROACH)
31 Silent turn to join up (6) ENLIST (ana. SILENT)
32 No going round but just a nick across a field (8) SHORTCUT (nick=CUT, field=SHORT??)

1 Show may move towards extremes of devilry (6) COMEDY (move=COME, extremes of devilry=DY => COME+DY)
2 Plant difficult to grasp (6) NETTLE (Direct)
3 Icecream container about to enter the limits of Coimbatore (4) CONE (about=ON, limits of Coimbatore=CE=>about to enter the limits of Coimbatore=C(ON)E)
4 Spot Station Master with the listener (5) SMEAR (Station Master=SM, listener=EAR => SM+EAR)
6 South Indian snack is inferior in quality, one added (5) POORI (inferior in quality=POOR, one=I => POOR+I)
7 Bear load in a lovely manner (8) ADORABLE (ana. BEAR+LOAD)
8 Vehemently rouse vet to distribute (5,3) SERVE OUT (ana. ROUSE+VET)
11 Threaten the fliers and cause friction (6) AFFRET (fliers=AF(air force), cause friction=FRET => AF+FRET)
14 Scholar finds it at the end of the line (4) BAIT (Scholar=BA, it=IT=>Scholar finds it at the end = BA+IT)
16 Required the newspaperman to be in want (6) NEEDED (newspaperman=ED, want=NEED=>newspaperman to be in want =NE(ED)ED)
17 Long tree? (4) PINE (Double Defn. - 1. Long (to long for something is to pine for it) 2. tree)
18 It may be kept burning by the scouts (4-4) CAMP-FIRE (Direct)
19 Catamaran is not such a sailboat (8) MONOHULL (Direct -> Catamaran is a boat with 2 hulls)
22 Israelitish (6) JUDAIC (Direct)
23 Such a telephone line is very busy with calls (3-3) RED-HOT (Direct)
25 Thoughts set aside (5) IDEAS (ana. ASIDE)
26 Study church trumpet (5) CONCH (study=CON, church=CH => CON+CH)
28 One almost unusual tree (4) ARAR (one=A, unusual=RARE=>almost unusual=RAR => A+RAR)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8188 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Confused leaf insect (4) FLEA (ana. LEAF)
3 Taking place from time to time at the table? (10) OCCASIONAL (dunno what the 'table' suggests)
10 Unusual regalia found in North Africa (7) ALGERIA (ana. REGALIA)
11 Regularly occurring in mice at the finish (7) ENDEMIC (finish=END, ana. MICE=EMIC => END+EMIC; don't see an anagram indicator--HORRIBLE CLUE)
12 Act or rise up with consequences (2,3) UP END (up=UP, consequences=END)
13 Excelled to move onward for sure (9) SURPASSED (Direct)
14 Put in jeopardy from anger in conclusion (8) ENDANGER (anger=ANGER, conclusion=END => END+ANGER; how's 'anger in conclusion END+ANGER? 'anger at' or 'anger on' would be apt--BAD CLUE)
15 Me a sly one becomes stingy here (6) MEASLY (ME+A+SLY--BAD CLUE)
18 Happening at wide intervals (6) SPARSE (Direct)
20 Stages or periods of development (8) STADIUMS (Direct)
24 Asking the umpire to be attractive (9) APPEALING (Double Defn.)
26 Minor local official with key to change his mind (5) R_E_E
27 Dependent upon to train the French (7) RELIANT (ana. TRAIN+LE; 'upon to' as an ana. indicator -- BAD CLUE)
28 Absence of harmful bacteria (7) ASEPSIS (Direct)
29 What meaner disposition of meteorologists (7,3) WEATHER MEN (ana. WHAT+MEANER)
30 Vivacity of impetuous rush (4) ELAN (Double Defn.)

1 True distinctive characteristic (7) FEATURE (Direct)
2 An intellectual Humpty Dumpty (7) EGGHEAD (Double Defn.)
4 Higher quality of rice the girl eats (8) CLASSIER (ana. RICE+LASS(girl); where the heck is the ana. indicator -- DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE CLUE)
5 Exhausted one becomes fed up (6) AWEARY (one=A, becomes fed up=WEARY??; that'd be WEARIES, wouldn't it -- BAD CLUE)
6 In the beginning help turns up for the sub-continent (5) INDIA (In=IN, help=AID=>help turns up=DIA => IN+DIA)
7 Goddess seems in disarray (7) NEMESIS (ana. SEEMS+IN)
8 Clearly and easily understood (7) LUCIDLY (Direct)
9 The nuclear deterrents that used to be good for a toast? (8) _R_D_N_S
16 Confirmed rods to set up in need (8) ENDORSED (ana. RODS+NEED -- BAD CLUE)
17 Gets a tan being sluggish (8) STAGNATE (ana. GETS+A+TAN)
18 Box file for chirpy air traveller (7) SPARROW (Box=SPAR, file=ROW => SPAR+ROW)
19 Vessel for sacred uses (7) AMPULLA (Direct)
21 Implement you hear could be silent (7) UTENSIL (ana. U(you hear)+SILENT -- BAD CLUE)
22 Tess is not likely to wear this hat (7) STETSON (ana. TESS+NOT;too many redundant words in the clue -- HORRIBLE CLUE)
23 She is a close friend (6) SISTER (Direct)
25 A cleaning level with surface of water (5) AWASH (A=A, cleaning=WASH => A+WASH)

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8187 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Nether wallop? (4,2,3,5) KICK IN THE PANTS (Direct => Nether=PANTS, wallop=KICK)
9 Fliers could badly hit the old ship (8) _I_L_R_S
10 Chap to leave tropical fruit (5) MANGO (Chap=MAN, to leave=GO => MAN+GO)
12 Neat cooker broiling most spectacularly (4) ETNA (ana. NEAT)
13 Stagger about quietly and drive off (5) REPEL (Stagger=REEL, quietly=P=>Stagger about quietly = REPEL)
14 Conceive to invent change (4) COIN (Double Defn.)
17 Admit into closed society (8) INITIATE (Direct)
18 Colourless part of blood (6) PLASMA (Direct)
20 Fine commotion about way to make tea (6) INFUSE?? (Fine commotion=ana. FINE=INFE, way=US??=>Fine commotion about way=INF(US)E; To infuse=To steep or soak without boiling in order to extract soluble elements or active
22 Tributary stream flowing in (8) INFLUENT (Double Defn.)
25 Two firms combine over a nourishing drink (4) COCO (firm=CO)
26 Empty room? (5) SPACE (Double Defn.)
27 Short note sent to me with love (4) MEMO (me=ME, love=O; where do we get the extra M from?)
30 A simple vine (5) NAIVE (ana. A+VINE; where is the anagram indicator?)
31 Touching off to flame up (8) IGNITING (Direct)
32 Chessman unlikely to mate? (6,8) KNIGHT BACHELOR (Cryptic Defn.)

2 I burst into song before I drink in Tuscany (7) CHIANTI (I=I, song=CHANT=>I burst into song=CHIANT=>I burst into song before I=CHIANT+I)
3 Fifty-fifty is about the basis of our troubles (4) ILLS (Fifty-fifty=LL, is=IS=>Fifty-fifty is about=I(LL)S)
4 Rushing streams from rocky heights tore asunder with force (8) TORRENTS (rocky heights=TORS, tore asunder=RENT=>rocky heights tore asunder with force=ana. TORE+RENT)
5 Oriental flower festival for Christians (6) EASTER (Oriental=E, flower=ASTER => E+ASTER)
6 Weapons for inflicting bodily harm (4) ARMS (Direct)
7 Sent you both with nothing to become thin and uncertain (7) TENUOUS (ana. SENT+UU(you both)+O(nothing))
8 All together now! "Knees bend!" (5,6) JOINT ACTION (Cryptic Defn.=>knee=joint)
11 Resent being reminded of little past experience (11) REMINISCENT??
15 Happy state after a few drinks (5) TIPSY (Direct)
16 Cunningly practising secrecy (5) SLYLY (Double Defn.)
19 Biggest twister to have a crush on one? (8) ANACONDA (Cryptic Defn. => twister=snake, have a crush on one=ref. to the manner in which an anaconda kills its victim by crushing)
21 Invented narrative but not stranger than truth (7) FICTION (Double Defn. => ref. to the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction")
23 Without beginning or end (7) ETERNAL (Direct)
24 Take a few steps at topmost speed (6) SPRINT (Direct)
28 Large mass of ice (4) BERG (Direct)
29 Sign of impetigo the cutis having yellowed (4) ITCH (Direct)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2588 Solutions

1 Short fellow, very large, causes utter confusion (5) CHAOS (fellow=CHAP=>short fellow=CHAP-P=CHA, ver large=OS => CHA+OS)
4 Mountain range party — some lit flares (9) DOLOMITES (ana. DO(party)+SOME+LIT)
9 Snub judge (3,4) SET DOWN (Double Defn. - according to, to set down is to consider or to judge)
10 Kelly's is a religious book? (7) GENESIS (??)
11 Angry before last dance (5,6) BLACK BOTTOM (Angry=BLACK, last=BOTTOM)
14 What may be the later consequences of mowing at the farm? (9) AFTERMATH (ana. AT+THE+FARM)
16 Info brought back about one horse producing whinny (5) NEIGH (Info=GEN=>Info brought back=NEG, one=I, horse=H=>Info brought back about one horse =NE(I)GH)
17 Twister about to overcharge (5) CROOK (about=C, overcharge=ROOK => C+ROOK)
18 Astaire, say, first to do part with cane, possibly (3-6) TAP-DANCER (ana. D(first to do)+PART+CANE; In my opinion, 'first to do' is a poor way of indicating the 1st letter of 'do'. It's grammatically incorrect, and against Ximenian rules of fair-clueing. Ideally, it should be 'first of do', but of course that would render the sentence meaningless)
19 Naval officer, triggering raider alarm at sea (4,7) REAR ADMIRAL (ana. RAIDER+ALARM)
23 Mother worried about parking in market town (7) MORPETH (ana. MOTHER+P(parking))
24 First to moan when girl produces cosmetic (7) MASCARA (First to moan=M, when=AS, girl=CARA => MASCARA; refer to my comments on 18 ac)
25 It affords protection for those in difficulty in English river swirling fast around (6,3) SAFETY NET
26 Saltpetre some alert inspector rejected (5) NITRE (Reverse Container => alERT+INspector; rejected=reversal indicator??)

1 House on one of the Costas or here in Morocco (10) CASABLANCA (House=CASA(in spanish/latin), one of the Costas=BLANCA (???Costa Blanca is a place in Spain) => CASA+BLANCA (a city in Morocco)...thanks to Chaturvasi for the answer)
2 Interest in draw (10) ATTRACTION (Double Defn.)
3 Agent wearing standard clobber for wealthy area (11,4) STOCKBROKER BELT (agent=BROKER, standard=STOCK,clobber=BELT=>Agent wearing standard clobber = STOCK+BROKER BELT)
4 Wild dog making loud noise on drive (5) DINGO (loud noise=DIN, drive=GO => DIN+GO)
5 Navigational aid in vessel of limited tonnage? (9) LIGHTSHIP (vessel=SHIP=>vessel of limited tonnage=LIGHT SHIP)
6 Maker of tombstones — huge fellow dressing well (10,5) MONUMENTAL MASON (huge=MONUMENTAL, fellow=MAN, well=SO=>huge fellow dressing well=MA(SO)N)
7 Perched up on top of keep pointing to difficult job (4) TASK (perched=SAT=>perched up=TAS, top of keep=K=>Perched up on top of keep = TAS+K)
8 Frame made from piece of strengthened wood (4) SASH (Double Defn.)
12 At variance with candid sort abroad (10) DISCORDANT (ana. CANDID+SORT)
13 What a sailor may have on dry land? (5,5) SHORE LEAVE (Cryptic Defn.)
15 Prince after a short belt that's made out of fur (9) ASTRAKHAN (Prince=KHAN, a=A, belt=STRAP=>short belt=STRA=>Prince after a short belt=A+STRA+KHAN)
20 Awfully mad Italian let in (5) ADMIT (awfully mad=ana. MAD=ADM, Italian=IT => ADM+IT)
21 Prophet from Aegean island? Not initially (4) AMOS (Aegean island=SAMOS=>Aegean island? Not initially = SAMOS-S)
22 Quantity of meat refused, not kosher (4) TREF (Container => meaT, REFused)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8186 Solutions

1 Backslide when scales fall from careless lapse (7) RELAPSE (scales fall from careless=CARELESS-SCALES=RE, lapse=LAPSE => RE+LAPSE)
5 Having a liking for pal Rita converted (7) PARTIAL (ana. PAL+RITA)
9 Authorise Rose to be upset at the finish (7) ENDORSE (Rose to be upset=ana. ROSE=ORSE, finish=END => Rose to be upset at the finish=END+ORSE)
10 Specialist in treatment of eye disorders (7) OCULIST (Direct)
11 Support for drivers taking some late exercise (3) TEE (Container => laTE Exercise)
12 Corpulent bees with nothing to hide (5) OBESE (ana. BEES+O (nothing))
13 Go or come in to penetrate (5) ENTER (Double Defn. - 1. Go or come in 2. penetrate)
14 Use me right to work again (6) RESUME (ana. USE+ME+R(right))
15 Passive and not changing (8) STATICAL (Double Defn.)
18 Rise up to get on the horse using foot rests (8) STIRRUPS (??)
20 The place where rock music started? (6) CRADLE (Excellent Cryptic Defn. => the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, ref. to a lullaby)
24 Tilts sideways where they tilt head-on (5) LISTS (Direct)
26 Field of violent anger (5) RANGE (ana. ANGER)
27 Regarding insurance on life in short (1,1,1) LIC (Direct)
28 Improvised song on topical subject (7) CALYPSO (Direct)
29 The place to which one is going (7) WHERETO (Direct)
30 Settles comfortably in a snug retreat (7) NESTLES (Direct)
31 Causes to move round centre (7) RORATES (Direct)

1 Go in again to see some more entertainment (7) RENTER (Container => moRE ENTERtainment)
2 Climbers to reach the top (7) LADDERS (Cryptic Defn.)
3 In manner of each previous actor (9) PERFORMER (In manner of each each=PER, previous=FORMER => PER+FORMER)
4 Glacial snow the French sweep up at this late hour (6) ELEVEN (Glacial snow=NEVE, the French=LE=>Glacial snow the French=NEVELE=>Glacial snow the French sweep up=reverse of NEVELE = ELEVEN)
5 Appropriate assets to mark possessions (8) PROPERTY (Appropriate=PROPER, assets=TY?? => PROPER+TY)
6 Startle from inactivity (5) ROUSE (Direct)
7 I do it badly being in charge of the stupid person (7) IDIOTIC (ana. I+DO+IT+IC(in charge))
8 So called without exaggeration (7) LITERAL (Double Defn. - 1. So called 2. without exaggeration)
16 Support for a tripod in the yard (5,4) THREE FEET (Double Defn. - 1. Support for a tripod 2. 1 yard=3 ft)
17 Not proceeding from the pretended source (8) SPURIOUS (Direct)
18 Foolish swindle, say, to get the brittle metal from sand (7) SILICON (Foolish=SILLY, swindle=CON => SILLY+CON sounds like SILICON (say is the homonym indicator))
19 Slight lusts in upheavals (7) INSULTS (ana. LUSTS+IN)
21 Gloomy set somehow becomes most sluggish (7) DULLEST (Gloomy=DULL, set somehow=ana. SET=EST => DULL+EST)
22 Cowers at new fangled deeds deposited with third party (7) ESCROWS (ana. COWERS+S(where do we get this S from??))
23 Be accountable for acknowledgement (6) ANSWER (Double Defn.)
25 One of the divisions of the calyx (5) SEPAL (Direct)

Friday, January 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8185 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Coe is less involved with the triangle (9) ISOCELES (ana. COE+IS+LESS)
6 Animal goes round by the canyon (5) ABYSS (Animal=ASS, by=BY=>Animal goes round by=A(BY)SS)
9 Orange coloured flavouring (7) SAFFRON (Double Defn. - 1. Orange coloured 2. flavouring)
10 Something distilled from former wide expanse (7) EXTRACT (former=EX, wide expanse=TRACT => EX+TRACT)
11 Pertaining to race (6) ETHNIC (Direct)
12 Sensible logical thought (6) REASON (Direct)
15 Die to press on for despondency, somehow (10) DEPRESSION (ana. DIE+PRESS+ON)
16 Of fluid secreted by a surly dog (4) URIC (Of fluid=URIC(of urine); a=I, dog=CUR => ana. I+CUR(surly is the ana. indicator) -- Explanation thanks to Parasuram)
18 Wise men from the East (4) MAGI (Direct)
19 Empty tubes to find narrow trousers (5,5) DRAIN PIPES (Empty=DRAIN, tubes=PIPES)
23 Poor dwelling going for a song (6) SHANTY (Double Defn. - 1. Poor dwelling 2. song
25 Nag mother for the large wine bottle (6) MAGNUM (ana. NAG+MUM(mother))
28 About 51 use it maybe, yes, use it (7) UTILISE (ana. LI(51 in roman)+USE+IT)
29 Abstain from singing the chorus (7) REFRAIN (Double Defn. - 1. Abstain 2. singing the chorus)
30 Selected upper class (5) ELITE (Direct)
31 It may be the chairman's task to fill in with padding and stuff (9) UPHOLSTER (Cryptic Defn. - chairman as in one who makes and upholsters chairs)

1 Detains as substitute (7) INSTEAD (ana. DETAINS; 'as' an ana. indicator??)
2 Ready to wear an unmeasured wardrobe (3,3,3) OFF THE PEG (Direct)
3 Horizontal mounted projection from right nice company (7) CORNICE (ana. R(right)+NICE+CO(company))
4 51 were unaccompanied (4) LONE (51=LI=L+ONE)
5 Action taken to get pets (4) STEP (ana. PETS)
6 The man singing song of praise (6) ANTHEM (ana. THE+MAN)
7 A very long time (5) YEARS (Direct)
8 Extremely Cruel (7) SATANIC (Direct)
13 Sieze power wrongly from us (5) USURP (us=US, URP=??)
14 Dominant idea formed if Tom goes back (5) MOTIF (Tom goes back=MOT+IF)
17 Interminably sorry about the pen of my French aunt (9) REPENTANT (about=RE, pen=PEN, French aunt=TANT => RE+PEN+TANT)
18 Lure of bad government (7) MISRULE (ana. of Lure=RULE=>MISRULE=bad govt; a bad clue as well)
20 Frolicsome like kittens (7) PLAYFUL (Direct)
21 Partly ran to attend the meeting (7) SEMINAR (Partly=SEMI, ran to attend=ana. RAN=NAR => SEMI+NAR; 'to attend' an ana. indicator??)
22 Seems to be very hard work on the street (6) STRIFE (??)
24 An excuse for the accused (5) ALIBI (Direct)
26 Be authorised to find a suitor (4) BEAU (Be=BE, authorised=AU => BE+AU)
27 Consummate expert (4) ARCH (Direct)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8184 solutions

1 Something to flutter at a prospective lover? (9) EYELASHES (Direct)
5 Diet to assist get over difficulty (4) TIDE (ana. DIET)
8 Keep in enclosure (3) PEN (Direct)
9 Device for her to emerge out of egg (7) HATCHER
10 Condition of being reprimanded for disturbance (3) ROW (Double Defn. - 1. Condition of being rerimanded (Chambers lists 'a severe reprimand' as one of the meanings for row) 2. distrubance)
11 Hit out to be hanged (5) SWING (Double Defn. - 1. Hit out 2. hang (dunno why the clue has 'hanged') )
12 Irregular in movement or conduct (9) ERRATICAL (Direct)
13 Practised military exercise (7) DRILLED (Direct)
15 Go over again preparing for exam (6) REVISE (Direct)
17 Put in an appearance to be present (6) ATTEND (Double Defn. - 1.Put in an appearance 2. be present)
18 Irish fishing vessels (7) HOOKERS (Direct)
21 Phosphorescent insects on the wing (9) FIREFLIES (Direct)
22 A nice nest in a corner (5) NICHE (??)
24 Anger found in the firebrand (3) IRE (Container => fIREbrand)
25 Feeling more signs of impetigo to become scratchier (7) ITCHIER (Double Defn.)
26 Person created in the likeness of god (3) MAN (Direct)
27 Icy mountain? (4) BERG (Direct)
28 All without exception have the main part (9) EVERYBODY (without exception=EVERY, main part=BODY => EVERY+BODY)

1 Showed up former assumed attitude (7) EXPOSED (former=EX, assumed attitude=POSED => EX+POSED)
2 Boredom that is with the nun invariably (5) ENNUI (ana. IE(that is)+NUN)
3 Must the fire-eaters be so impetuous! (8) HOTHEADS (Double Defn. - 1. fire-eaters 2. impetuous)
4 Range of the field of action (6) SPHERE (Double Defn. - 1. Range 2. field of action)
5 Pass the critical point and go round the bend (4,3,6) TURN THE CORNER (o round=TURN, the=THE, bend=CORNER)
6 Order I have shortly is straight first (9) DIRECTIVE (Order=DIRECT, I have shortly=I've=IVE => DIRECT+IVE)
7 Six of one and half a dozen of the other (6) TWELVE (Direct)
9 Dance while tossing the caber (8,5) HIGHLAND FLING (Double Defn. - 1. Dance (A Scottish dance) 2. tossing the caber (the caber is a pole which is tossed (fling) like the javelin.. and the person who throws it the longest is the winner, it is played in scotland (Highland)..Explanation thanks to Ganesh)
14 Come between to cover free development (9) INTERFERE (to cover=INTER, free development=ana. FREE=FERE => INTER+FERE)
16 Is too pure to inflict punishment (8) CHASTISE (Is=IS, too pure=CHASTE => ana. IS+CHASTE (but where's the ana. indicator??))
17 Personal matter to remember (6) AFFAIR (Direct)
19 How severely one should deal with naughty children (7) STERNLY (Direct)
20 Class of society one moves around (6) CIRCLE (Direct/Double Defn. - 1.Class of society 2. one that moves around)
23 Came to love the medallion somehow (5) CAMEO (Came=CAME, love=O => CAME+O)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8183 Solutions

1 Creeps like Shakespeare, Blake and Wordsworth! (3,7) THE WILLIES (Defn:Creeps, subsidiary indication: Williams or Willies)
6 State of excitement or worry (4) STEW (Direct)
9 Roughen to blunt and deaden (7) COARSEN (Direct)
10 Instrument for clipping to keep in good order (7) TRIMMER (Direct)
12 Quiet worker is prejudiced (8) PARTISAN (Quiet=P, worker=ARTISAN => P+ARTISAN)
13 Put on one outer garment to get the carnivorous animal (5) COATI (one=I, outer garment=COAT => COAT+I)
15 A facetious male spy maybe (5) AGENT (A=A, facetious male=GENT => A+GENT)
17 Bearing witness at trial (9) ATTESTING (at=AT, trial=TESTING => AT+TESTING)
19 Woodlouse with many pairs of legs (9) MILLIPEDE (Direct)
21 Sailor came back with spirit for a dance (5) RUMBA (Sailor=AB=>Sailor came back=BA, spirit=RUM=>Sailor came back with spirit = RUM+BA)
23 Saltpetre made inert (5) NITRE (ana. INERT)
24 Cause injury impairing value (8) ENDAMAGE (Direct)
27 Your debt is still unpaid for (7) OVERDUE (Direct)
28 Formed as molten rocks cools and hardens (7) IGNEOUS (Direct)
29 Repeatedly so mediocre (2,2) SO SO (Repeatedly so=SO SO)
30 Impresssionable character with an inclination to the right (6,4) ITALIC TYPE (Cryptic Defn.)

1 Mark off the mattress cover (4) TICK (Double Defn.)
2 Issue name tea drunk (7) EMANATE (ana. NAME+TEA)
3 Extra-small picture (5) INSET (Direct)
4 Piece of inland scenery (9) LANDSCAPE (Direct)
5 Worn away and consumed (5) EATEN (Double Defn.)
7 Paint I'm getting for kettledrum (7) TIMPANI (ana. PAINT+IM)
8 Old charcoal burner pushed into an early spot of retirement (7,3) WARMING PAN
11 Cutting tooth (7) INCISOR (Direct)
14 Sweet-sounding singing (10) HARMONIOUS (Direct)
16 Wagging appendage (4,3) TAIL END (Direct)
18 Oppress factory with dreary routine drudgery (9) TREADMILL (Oppress=TREAD, factory=MILL => TREAD+MILL)
20 Precise terms of statements (7) LETTERS (Direct)
22 Whimsical fancy got gamy (7) MAGGOTY (ana. GOT+GAMY)
24 Do this to oneself in order to strive (5) EXERT (Direct)
25 Affected by mental derangement (5) MANIC (Direct)
26 Piece of land that lies in water (4) ISLE (ana. LIES)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8182 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Pulchritude in the lido, a la Ms Williams (7,6) BATHING BEAUTY (in the lido=BATHING, Pulchritude=BEAUTY, ref. to the movie starring Esther Williams)
9 Turn the nut one way and... (7) TIGHTEN (Direct)
10 ... therefore, put business graduate in restraint(7) EMBARGO (therefore=ERGO, business graduate=MBA=>therefore, put business graduate in=E(MBA)RGO)
11 Festival arranged by Madrasi, capturing heart of emigrant (5,4) MARDI GRAS (ana. MADRASI+GR(heart of emiGRant)
12 Fabled writer has a backward stance (5) AESOP (a=A, stance=POSE=>backward stance=ESOP => A+ESOP)
13 Lisper's musical composition: start singing `Strips of leather' (6) THONGS (musical composition=SONG, start singing=S=>SONGS=>A lisper would pronounce SONGS as THONGS)
14 French one and the German get older but not old enough (8) UNDERAGE (French one=UN, the German=DER, get older=AGE => UN+DER+AGE)
17 Logical and conservative? Not here, anyhow (8) COHERENT (ana. C(conservative)+NOT+HERE)
19 The devil is reportedly in debt: demand attention (6) IMPOSE (devil=IMP, in debt=OWES=>sounds like OSE('reportedly' is the homonym indicator) => IMP+OSE)
23 Town seen on a map at naval headquarters (5) PATNA (Container => maP AT NAval)
25 Kisses a cute lass with love anew (9) OSCULATES (ana. CUTE+LASS+O(love))
26 Resident of Birmingham in a second-class card game, reportedly (7) BRUMMIE (second-class=B, card game=RUMMY=>card game, reportedly=RUMMIE => B+RUMMIE)
27 Hard work, drinking bad rum in a violent movement (7) TURMOIL (Hard work=TOIL, bad rum=ana. RUM=URM=>Hard work, drinking bad rum=T(URM)OIL)
28 Can Cynthia hope to wangle a mortgage? (13) HYPOTHECATION (ana. CYNTHIA+HOPE+TO)

1 Underfoot protection during a shower perhaps (3,4) BATH MAT (I think it should be 4,3 instd of 3,4)
2 Feline parent, with no hesitation, finds insect (5,4) TIGER MOTH (Feline=TIGER, parent=MOTHER, hesitation=ER=>parent, with no hesitation=MOTHER-ER=MOTH)
3 What is fashionable at home? Slender girl to start with (2-5) IN-THING (at home=IN, slender=THIN, girl=G=>THIN+G)
4 Upper-class people generally make an effort (6) GENTRY (generally=GENT, make an effort=TRY => GEN+TRY)
5 Girl with new air at vespers (8) EVENSONG (Girl=EVE, new=N, air=SONG => EVE+N+SONG)
6 Foliage of trees seen in a penumbra generally (7) UMBRAGE (Container => penUMBRA+GEnerally)
7 Tales of the skeins (5) YARNS (Double Defn.)
8 A band of players that is getting an enthusiastic supporter (7) GROUPIE (A band of players=GROUP, that is=IE => GROUP+IE)
15 Riot of IRA characters quelled for a stronger reason (1,8) A FORTIORI (ana. RIOT+OF+ IRA)
16 Blameless Pope of the 16th (or 17th) century (8) INNOCENT (Double Defn.)
17 With the required skill, fit for the test team perhaps (7) CAPABLE (fit=ABLE, test team=CAP => CAP+ABLE)
18 A mad PRO's version of a motorist's guide (4,3) ROAD MAP (ana. A+MAD+PRO)
20 Sickness of girl: needs fresh air (7) MALARIA (girl=MALA, frsh air=ana. AIR=RIA => MALA+RIA)
21 Slip, one tom by Greek character (7) EPSILON (ana. SLIP+ONE; we've a typo here:we need 'torn' instead of 'tom'. torn wud be the ana. indicator for SLIP+ONE)
22 Cause injury to Torn in the embrace of Haggard girl (6) (we've a typo here as well: should be 'Tom' instead of 'Torn'; Tom=CAT, Haggard girl=SHE => Tom in the embrace of Haggard girl=S(CAT)HE)
24 Asking for money, in a sense (5) TOUCH (To touch is ask for money(slang))

Monday, January 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8181 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Still, one is said to be so loathsome (10) ABOMINABLE (Still=YET, one=I=>YETI=a.k.a. ABOMINABLE snowman)
7 Eastern money hard to find in club (4) BAHT (hard=H, club=BAT=>hard to find in club = BA(H)T)
9 A Swiss district in China! (6) CANTON (Double Defn.)
10 Adamant? O dear! But it is wrong (8) OBDURATE (ana. O+DEAR+BUT)
11 In our time, it is the norm (8) STANDARD (Direct)
12 Antelope that could stink, carrying body odour (6) REEBOK (stink=REEK, body odour=BO=>stink, carrying body odour=REE(BO)K)
13 Round every which way, as her pals made out (7) SPHERAL (ana. HER+PALS)
16 Tool for which American money was returned (7) BUCKSAW (American money=BUCK, was returned=reverse of WAS=SAW => BUCK+SAW)
17 Not confined, left in a great flurry (2,5) AT LARGE (ana. L(left)+A+GREAT)
19 Poor part of town in which to slide and ply the oars (4,3) SKID ROW (slid=SLIDE, ply the oars=ROW)
22 Tosses, reportedly, in a state of violent pain (6) THROWS (homonym of THROES)
23 One demanding it can lam viciously (8) CLAIMANT (ana. IT CAN LAM)
26 Make minor changes in a book, say, conforming to high moral standards (8) READJUST (book=READ, conforming to high moral standards=JUST => READ+JUST)
27 Down at heel, but was very angry about head of government (6) RAGGED (was very angry=RAGED, head of government=G=>was very angry about head of government=RAG(G)ED)
28 A prison agitation (4) STIR (Double Defn.)
29 Drink unknown and air fresh in famous city (10) ALEXANDRIA (Drink=ALE, unknown=X, and air fresh=ana. AND+AIR=ANDRIA => ALE+X+ANDRIA)

2 Be a good man or a brute (5) BEAST (Be=BE, a=A, good man=ST => BE+A+ST)
3 Ena, with time, off for a daytime show (7) MATINEE (ana. ENA+TIME)
4 Martial art expert from a town in Japan (5) NINJA (Container => towN IN JApan)
5 One of those preferred by gentleman on screen? (6) BLONDE (Cryptic Defn.)
6 Bird that a duke cried about (5,4) EIDER DUCK (ana. DUKE+CRIED)
7 The way to go it frenziedly violent and destructive (7) BERSERK (Direct)
8 A delicate matter for intense Murphy (3,6) HOT POTATO (intense=HOT, Murphy=POTATO)
14 Small land trial, one to determine allergic reaction (5,4) PATCH TEST (Small land=PATCH, trial=TEST)
15 Kind of bitters that produced strong, universal AA reaction (9) ANGOSTURA (ana. STRONG+U(universal)+AA)
18 Keep out of the way of the queen: he does keep out of the way (7) AVOIDER (Keep out of the way=AVOID, the queen=ER => AVOID+ER)
20 Animal parent, old and impaired (7) DAMAGED (animal parent=DAM, old=AGED=>DAM + AGED)
21 Grass cutter found in a strange chest, slightly yellow inside (6) SCYTHE (ana. CHEST+Y(slightly yellow))
24 Open courts featured in sea trials (5) ATRIA (Container => in seA TRIAls)
25 Skin blemishes caused by a vein bursting (5) NAEVI (ana. A+VEIN)

The Hindu Crossword No. 2587 Solutions

1 Good old boy, hit, is utterly astonished (10) GOBSMACKED (Good=G, old boy=OB, hit=smacked => G+OB+SMACKED)
6 Miss sleep after onset of shingles (4) SKIP (sleep=KIP, onset of shingles=1st letter of shingles=S=>sleep after onset of shingles = S+KIP)
10 To walk at a leisurely place could be second nature abroad (7) SAUNTER (ana. S(second)+NATURE)
11 Duck with orange cooked using this herb (7) OREGANO (ana. O(duck as in cricket)+ORANGE)
12 Behave inappropriately in outpost and feel silly (4,3,2,4) STEP OUT OF LINE (ana. IN OUTPOST FEEL)
14 Fool crossing by very deep chasm (5) ABYSS (Fool=ASS, by=BY=>Fool crossing by = A(BY)SS)
15 Mate hated with awful headgear (6,3) COCKED HAT (Mate=COCK(??..Male would've been more apt. Is there a typo?)+ ana. HATED)
17 Late news — `containers overturned by crowd' (4,5) STOP PRESS (containers=POTS=>containers overturned=STOP, crowd=PRESS)
19 Learning about one valley famous for its wines (5) LOIRE (Learning=LORE, one=I=>Learning about one=LO(I)RE)
21 Germans turned out in pants, perhaps (13) UNDERGARMENTS (ana. GERMANS+TURNED)
24 Rush next to very large English flower (3,4) TEA ROSE (Rush=TEAR, very large=OS(over-sized), English=E => TEAR+OS+E)
25 Legal action by head, foolish person (7) NUTCASE (Legal action=CASE, head=NUT(skull), Legal action by head = NUT+CASE)
26 Travel free on expresses, originally (4) RIDE (free=RID, expressses originally=E => RID+E)
27 Carol, in SE county, working for palace (10) KENSINGTON (Carol=SING(verb), SE county=KENTON(county in dunno which country)=>Carol, in SE county=KEN(SING)TON)

1 Initially grass snake causes short intake of breath (4) GASP (Initially grass=G, snake=ASP => G+ASP)
2 Theoretical sign of a nice day? (4-3) BLUE-SKY (Direct)
3 Head of religious community, old lady seen by Lake (6,8) MOTHER SUPERIOR (old lady=MOTHER, lake=SUPERIOR (Lake Superior))
4 Worry, about to handle ornamental tablet (9) CARTOUCHE (Worry=CARE, to handle=TOUCH=>Worry, about to handle=CAR(TOUCH)E)
5 Eastern club getting hold of old German vessel (1-4) E-BOAT (Eastern=E, club=BAT, old=O=>club getting hold of old=B(OA)AT)
7 After first of kickbacks, vanish mysteriously, like a rogue (7) KNAVISH (first of kickbacks=K, vanish mysteriously=ana. VANISH=NAVISH => K+NAVISH)
8 Suitable fixtures for houses? (10) PROPERTIES (suitable=PROPER, fixtures=TIES => PROPER+TIES)
9 Meat dish, capital after complaint (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON (capital=WELLINGTON, compalint=BEEF)
13 Musical instrument suits Arab playing a bit of Gershwin inside (4,6) BASS GUITAR (ana. SUITS+ARAB+G(a bit of Gershwin))
16 Names sect breaking windows (9) CASEMENTS (ana. NAMES+SECT)
18 Excessively cautious person in card game (3,4) OLD HAND
20 Second Saint crucified (NT) (7) INSTANT (ana. SAINT+NT)
22 Girl from Belgrade, lexicographer (5) ADELE (Container => BelgrADE LExicographer)
23 Put article in study for college official (4) DEAN (article=A, study=DEN=>Put article in study=DE(A)N)