Friday, April 29, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8280 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Corrupt engineer used to lead astray (6) SEDUCE (Corrupt engineer used = ana. CE(engineer)+USED)
4 Little Edward heartened by the wife he married (8) ESPOUSED (Little Edward=ED, wife=SPOUSE=>Little Edward heartened by the wife = E(SPOUSE)D)
10 Made certain Ted arranged nurse (7) ENSURED (ana. ED(Ted)+NURSE)
11 Plot to aim to a most favourable condition (7) OPTIMAL (Plot to aim = ana. PLOT+AIM)
12 Lawyer is placed on a raised platform to speak (4) DAIS (Lawyer=DA, is=IS => DA+IS)
13 For instance, consider problem experienced before (10) RECOGNISED (For instance=EG, consider=CONSIDER=>For instance, consider problem = ana. EG+CONSIDER)
16 Instrument to attack and defend (6) WEAPON (Direct)
17 Claimed to be relating to art of healing (7) DECIMAL (Claimed to be relating = ana. CLAIMED)
20 One has to get in pier to work as labourer (7) PIONEER (One=ONE, pier=PIER=>One has to get in pier = PI(ONE)ER)
21 Ill-treat one lower in status (6) DEMEAN (Dbl Def)
24 Estate managers can bring fellows down to earth (4,6) LAND AGENTS (Dbl Def)
25 Press forward with earnestness (4) URGE (Dbl Def)
27 A private room to chat (7) PARLOUR 9Direct)
29 Member got between Al and Ted in making an unacceptable assertion (7) ALLEGED (Member=LEG, Al=AL, Ted=ED=>Member got between Al and Ted = AL(LEG)ED)
30 The end of the day — flat time (8) EVENTIDE (flat=EVEN, time=TIDE => EVEN+TIDE)
31 An arts graduate Edward calmed down (6) ABATED (An=A, arts graduate=BA, Edward =ED => A+BA+TED)

1 Decline to make way for a successor (4,4) STEP DOWN (Dbl Def)
2 People put on new diets? That's the end! (11) DESTINATION (People=NATION, new diets=ana. DIETS=DESTI=>People put on new diets = DESTI+NATION)
3 Anxiety over vehicle given to English (4) CARE (vehicle=CAR, English=E=>vehicle given to English = CAR+E)
5 Curtain down, take on a guided tour (4,4) SHOW OVER (Dbl Def)
6 Frequently about half a score of instances (10) OFTENTIMES (about=OF, half a score=TEN, instances=TIMES => OF+TEN TIMES)
7 First of all Uncle gets a projectile to neutralize enemy attacks (3) SAM (??)
8 Deceit of the French, accepting arranged duel, was all wrong (6) DELUDE (of the French=DE, arranged duel=LUDE => DE+LUDE)
9 Editor arranged dad to have an increased amount (5) ADDED (Editor arranged dad = ana. ED+ADD)
14 Reason for angst among the players (5,6) STAGE FRIGHT (Cryptic Def - players meaning actors)
15 In the vicinity of the island (10) ROUNDABOUT (Cryptic Def - traffic signal island)
18 Had recourse to the arbiter having made a mistake (8) REFERRED (arbiter=REF, having made a mistake=ERRED => REF+ERRED)
19 Meant to marry her he did (8) INTENDED (??)
22 Please arrange to slip away silently (6) ELAPSE (Please arrange = ana. PLEASE)
23 The last one broke the camel's back (5) STRAW (Dbl Def - 1. Last straw 2. The straw that broke the camel's back)
26 A wooden iron for golf? (4) CLUB (Direct or Dbl Def??)
28 Feel sorry for what happened (3) RUE (Direct)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8279 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Surprised that a shed is not damaged (10) ASTONISHED (a shed is not damaged = ana. A+SHED+IS+NOT)
6 Title given to African chieftain (4) EMIR/AMIR (Direct)
9 Easy to read the new glib General (7) LEGIBLE (new glib General = ana. GLIB+LEE)
10 With courage I'm on shore in revolt (7) HEROISM (I'm on shore in revolt = ana. IM+SHORE)
12 The man will have nice recollections of Greece (8) HELLENIC (The man will=HE'LL, nice recollections=ana. NICE=ENIC=>The man will have nice recollections = HELL+ENIC)
13 A language that is Greek to me! (5) LATIN (Cryptic Def)
15 Arrange again to receive stolen goods (5) RESET
17 Can't coups overthrow the incumbents? (9) OCCUPANTS (Can't coups overthrow = ana. CANT+COUPS)
19 An exceptional talent, one that's developed early (9) ANTENATAL (An=AN, exceptional talent, one=ana. TALENT+A(one)=TENATAL=>An exceptional talent, one = AN+TENATAL)
21 Wear away slender bar from both directions (5) ERODE (slender bar=ROD, both directions=EE=>slender bar from both directions = E(ROD)E)
23 Small amounts of coins (5) CENTS (Direct)
24 Open one myself, though it is extra work (8) OVERTIME (Open=OVERT, one=I, myself=ME => OVERT+I+ME)
27 Musical work with which Thomas Edison initially got work in theatre (7) OPERATE (Musical work=OPERA, Thomas Edison initially=TE => Musical work with which Thomas Edison = OPERA+TE -- work in theatre as in Operation theatre)
28 The queen Titian represented with a tail! (7) TITANIA (Titian represented =ana. TITIAN, a=A=>Titian represented with a tail = TITANI+A)
29 Top cover the English dislike intensely (4) HATE (Top cover=HAT, the English=E => HAT+E)
30 Plant account for delivering babies? (6,4) STORKS BILL (account=BILL, for delivering babies=STORKS)

1 Every individual is a friend of the youth leader (4) ALLY (Every individual=ALL, youth leader=Y => ALL+Y)
2 Wild animal brought from Ethiopian province by ship (7) TIGRESS (Ethiopian province=TIGRE, ship=SS=>Ethiopian province by ship = TIGRE+SS)
3 Prize for a noble dissertation (5) NOBEL (ana. NOBLE)
4 Grim situation at the back of the ship (5,4) STERN PORT (Grim=STERN, situation=PORT)
5 The in charge arranged rules of behaviour (5) ETHIC (The in charge arranged = THE+IC(in charge))
7 In a mist, one gets slightly wet (7) MOISTEN (ana. MIST+ONE)
8 Thought back of short skirts caught in the tall grass (10) REMINISCED (short skirts=MINIS, caught=C, tall grass=REED=>short skirts caught in the tall grass = RE(MINIS+C)ED)
11 'e's more ashen looking, getting up — what a setback! (7) RELAPSE (e's=ES, more ashen looking=PALER=>'e's more ashen looking, getting up = reversal of ES+PALER)
14 The most appropriate fabric for a Norfolk boating jacket? (10) BROADCLOTH (Dirct??)
16 State capital, one with a following (7) TUNISIA (captial=TUNIS, one=I, a=A=>capital, one with a following = TUNIS+I+A)
18 Business is picking up for him (9) COLLECTOR (Cryptic Def)
20 Brown chap touching Circle Line? (7) TANGENT (Brown=TAN, chap=GENT => TAN+GENT)
22 The fellow portrayed in oils may be a Turk (7) OSMANLI (The fellow=MAN, oils may be=OSLI=>The fellow portrayed in oils may be = OS(MAN)LI)
24 Not right to veto what is open to view (5) OVERT (ana. R+VETO)
25 Carries the young child on course (5) TOTES (young child=TOT, course=ES(direction))
26 Enjoy in dancing (4) BALL (Dbl Def)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8278 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 The most popular member of the company? (4,9) FIRM FAVOURITE (company=FIRM, puplar member=FAVOURITE)
8 Cunning variety of leg hits (7) SLEIGHT (variety of leg hits = ana. LEG+HITS)
9 Wanted a carton for food — but sent up something similar (3,4) TUB LIKE (but sent up=TUB, similar=LIKE)
11 Makes it suitable if taken straight past lawman (6) ADAPTS (straight past=ana. PAST=APTS, lawman=DA=>taken straight past lawman = A(DA)PTS)
13 Government VIP who has a speaking engagement on Sundays (8) MINISTER (??)
15 Many confined in enclosure beg for money (5) CADGE (Many=D, enclosure=CAGE=>Many confined in enclosure = CA(D)GE)
16 Let loose (7) RELEASE (Direct)
18 A solemn promise given to the President to edge out the French (7) PLEDGEE (President=P, edge=EDGE, the French=LE)
19 Trembling tree as the writer made it out to be (5) ASPEN (as=AS, the writer=PEN => AS+PEN)
21 Make a song about money smelling (8) SCENTING (Make a song=SING, money=CENT=>Make a song about money = S(CENT)ING)
23 Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau is a chirpy little thing (6) CICADA (Contemptible fellow=CAD, American intelligence bureau=CIA=>Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau = CI(CAD)A)
25 An African shirt for a high class and good looking girl (7) D_S_I_I
26 Jet with speed will leave the country (7) MIGRATE (Jet=MIG, speed=RATE=>Jet with speed = MIG+RATE)
28 Lightest of brushes for a daily (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER (Direct)

2 I'd learn about part of the British Isles (7) IRELAND (I'd learn about = ana. ID+LEARN)
3 The face of an easy dupe (3) MUG (Dbl Def)
4 Plays around with Bill on the back lane (4) ACTS (Bill=AC, lane=ST=>back lane=TS=>Bill on the back lane = AC+TS)
5 He hopes to make catches in the deep (10) OUTFILEDER (Direct)
6 A timid person in no time can become a teacher (5) RABBI (A timid person=RABBIT=>A timid person in no time = RABBIT - T(time))
7 Let this plant become the Scottish emblem (7) THISTLE (ana. LET+THIS)
8 As unfortunate as Romeo and Juliet in actors' dress that is loose (4,7) STAR CROSSED (actors' dress that is loose = ana. ACTORS+DRESS)
10 Feature at that time town with pottery (11) EARTHENWARE (Feature=EAR, at that time=THEN, town=WARE?? => EAR+THEN+WARE)
12 A subject in English given to them (5) THEME (English=E, them=THEM=>English given to them = THEM+E)
14 One in the class of two masters (10) _R_G_N_I_E
17 The sailor has to account for one of the counting frames (5) ABACI (The sailor=AB, account=AC, one=I => AB+AC+I)
18 A gift that's at the end, given to the media (7) PRESSIE (that's=IE, media=PRESS=>that's at the end, given to the media = PRESSIE)
20 Calm when bill is found in coat (7) PLACARTE (Bill=AC, coat=PLATE=>bill is found in coat = PL(AC)ATE)
22 It isn't common to spread infection (5) TAINT (It isn't = 'T AINT)
24 I'd find my maid among them (4) AMID (ana. MAID)
27 Shown up to sag with garrulous talk (3) GAS (up to sag=reverse of SAG(or so the compiler might want to think))

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8277 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Hold on, I can't move! (7) CONTAIN (on, I can't move = ana. ON+I+CANT)
5 A contest between two Poles and an Arab (7) SARACEN (A=A, contest=RACE, two Poles=SN=>A contest between two Poles = S(A+RACE)N)
10 It's a delight to be in the garden of paradise (6) EDENIC (Direct)
11 Work too hard? Certainly open to question (8) OVERTASK (open=OVERT, to question=ASK => OVERT+ASK)
12 The shortest way in is straight (6) DIRECT (Dbl def)
13 A book about lubricants involving much hard work (8) TOILSOME (A book=TOME, lubricants=OILS=>A book about lubricants = T(OILS)OME)
14 Disturbed a bride to make her one short of par (6) BIRDIE (ana. I+BRIDE)
15 A Semitic takes the French to make land fit for crop production (6) ARABLE (A Semitic=ARAB, the French=LE=>A Semitic takes the French = ARAB+LE)
18 They are the additional passengers (6) RIDERS (Dbl Def)
20 Girl takes article on Thursday to stow away safely (6) SHEATH (Girl=SHE, article=A, Thursday=TH=>Girl takes article on Thursday = SHE+A+TH)
23 Legitimate quarry on the level (4,4) FAIR GAME (Legitimate=FAIR, quarry=GAME)
25 Build new areas for sporting contests (6) ARENAS (build new areas = ana. N(new)+AREAS)
26 It is so ancient it sounds like original sin! (8) PRIMEVAL (sounds like PRIME(original) EVIL(sin))
27 Unimportant details having no value (6) TRIVIA (Direct)
28 Wesley sent in perhaps because of the rain (7) _E_O_S_
29 Locked Ted to make him dress up (7) TRESSED (??)

2 Decree that Noraid be disbanded (6) ORDAIN (Noraid be disbanded = ana. NORAID)
3 Fruit of Argentine origins (9) TANGERINE (ana. ARGENTINE)
4 Provoked action with a stimulant (7) INCITED (Direct)
6 A mother accommodates Eric in Sam's country (7) AMERICA (A=A, mother=MA, Eric=ERIC=>A mother accommodates Eric = A+M(ERIC)A)
7 Vehicles briefly taken for short religious dramas (5) AUTOS (??)
8 Ben seen with 50 different musicians playing together (8) ENSEMBLE (ana. BEN+SEEN+L)
9 Lear story then gave rise to the cruel wind (13) NORTHEASTERLY (ana. LEAR+STORY+THEN)
16 Slender types from wild Caithness (9) ASTHENICS (wild Caithness = ana. CAITHNESS)
17 Rebellious underworld, eager to differ (8) DISAGREE (underword=DIS, eager to differ=ana. EAGER=AGREE => DIS+AGREE)
19 Overfasts? (7) STARVES (Direct)
21 The man pressing a claim as a former player (7) EXACTOR (former=EX, player=ACTOR => EX+ACTOR)
22 Stare in an agitated way at the literary sarcasm (6) SATIRE (ana. STARE+I -- where does the I come from??)
24 A Medieval tale of chivalry and love (5) ROMEO (Direct??)

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2601 Solutions

1 100 ring over voucher (6) COUPON (100=C, ring=O, over=UPON => C+O+UPON)
4 Blackleg at pub confronting duke that carries a sword (8) SCABBARD (Blackleg=SCAB, pub=BAR, duke=D=>Blackleg at pub confronting duke = SCAB+BAR+D)
9 Former king of France in crooked deal (6) ALFRED (France=FR, crooked deal=ana. DEAL=ALED=>France in crooked deal = SL(FR)ED)
10 Beneficial to lock stronghold (8) FORTRESS (Beneficial to=FOR, lock=TRESS=>Beneficial to lock = FOR+TRESS
12 Wren seen by parsley and baneberry? (4,11) HERB C_R_S_O_H_R (parsley=HERB)
14 Sad one inside proposes showing pornographic films (4,6) BLUE MOVIES (Sad=BLUE, one=I, proposes=MOVES=>Sad one inside proposes = BLUE MOV(I)ES)
15 Pole rebukes revolutionary (4) SPAR (rebukes=RAPS=>rebukes revolutionary=reversal of RAPS)
17 A container, slightly open (4) AJAR (A=A, container=JAR => A+JAR)
18 Persevere to the end with one solicitor, after criticism (5,2,3) STICK IT OUT (one=I, solicitor=TOUT, criticism=STICK=>one solicitor, after criticism = STICK I+TOUT)
20 What a courier may have brought that a spinner hopes to produce? (7,8) SPECIAL DELIVERY (Dbl cryptic def)
22 Corresponding with an uncle, perhaps (8) RELATIVE (Dbl Def)
24 The Scourge of God held back by Vandal? It tallies (6) ATTILA (Reverse Container => vandAL IT TAllies)
25 Coffee service finally provided — put in large cupboard (8) ESPRESSO (
26 Cheers for model (6) PROSIT (for=PRO, model=SIT => PRO+SIT)

1 Cyclist initially spots collision (5) CRASH (Cyclist initially=C, spots=RASH => C+RASH)
2 Miserable out at fen, run off (11) UNFORTUNATE (out at fen, run off = ana. OUT+AT+FEN+RUN)
3 Get the better of me, giving support to accomplished commander (8) OVERCOME (me=ME, accomplished=OVER, commander=CO=>me, giving support to accomplished commander = OVER+CO+ME)
5 Independent member, more peevish about form? (12) CROSSBENCHER (more peevish=CROSSER, form=BENCH=>more peevish about form = CROSS(BENCH)ER)
6 German chap in outskirts of Benidorm, the far end (6) BOTTOM (German chap=OTTO, outskirts of BenidorM=BM=>German chap in outskirts of Benidorm = B(OTTO)M)
7 Very good air conditioning at top of escalator (3) ACE (air conditioning=AC, top of escalatorE=>air conditioning at top of escalator = AC+E)
8 Treacherously abandon sailor sent over for WWII soldier (6,3) DESERT RAT (Treacherously abandon=DESERT, sailor=TAR=>sailor sent over=RAT)
11 Squaddie is in a Coward play (7,5) PRIVATE LIVES (Sqauddie=PRIVATE, is=LIVES(v.))
13 Thick-skinned creature joining royal in ancient city (5,6) HIPPO REGIUS (Thick-skinned creature=HIPPO, royal=REGIUS)
14 Restaurant could make money by lake (9) BRASSERIE (money=BRASS, lake=ERIE=>money by lake = BRASS+ERIE)
16 Head of government department, one entering large church (8) MINISTER (one=I, large church=MINSTER=>one entering large church = MIN(I)STER)
19 Small, most of brood left within (6) LITTLE (brood=LITTER=>most of brood=LITTE, left=L=>most of brood left within = LITT(L)E)
21 Food supplement, of course, that includes a bit of torula (5) YEAST (of course=YES, a=A, bit of Torula=T=>of course, that includes a bit of torula = YE(A)S+T)
23 Sauce from packet mostly used up (3) L_P

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8273 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Speaking insistently on place of residence? (8) DWELLING (Dbl Def - 1. Speaking insistently 2. place of residence)
5 Shrewdness displayed by 51 about copy transfer (6) POLICY (ana. LI(51)+COPY)
9 Being capricious, Western leader moves to that man thus (7) WHIMSIC (Western leader=W, the man=HIM, thus=SIC => W+HIM+SIC)
10 The production of malt beverages about to take place in B-section (7) BREWING (about=RE, B-section=B WING=>about to take place in B-section = B(RE)WING)
11 Areas kept section-wise for parrots (9) PARAKEETS (ana. AREAS+KEPT)
12 Bury nitre compound (5) INTER (nitre compound = ana. NITRE)
13 In addition to some informal societies (4) ALSO (Container => informAL SOcieties)
14 Squash knocker C. O. despatched (9) CROOKNECK (knocker C. O. despatched = ana. KNOCKER+CO)
17 It is the jurisdiction of the Navy chief (9) ADMIRALTY (Direct)
19 Hunter has no time for official minutes (4) ACTA (??)
23 Pace in bar? (5) TEMPO (Dbl Def)
24 As used to wash out an organ (9) IRRIGATOR (Direct)
25 Long and thin, like Malabar pakkoda (7) RIBBONY (Dbl Def)
26 Medical students deprived of freedom? (7) INTERNS (Dbl Def)
27 Superlatively sound of mind (6) SANEST (Direct)
28 Such a fabric has a blend of two colours (5-3) CROSS-DYE (Direct)

1 Underestimate the release of PoW Dylan (8) DOWNPLAY (ana. POW+DYLAN)
2 They leave the country before a plane is hijacked in the South (7) EMIGRES (before=ERE, plane=MIG, South=S => E(MIG)RE+S
3 It is capital in Zambia (6) LUSAKA (Direct)
4 Are its members relatively explosive? (7,6) NUCLEAR FAMILY (Cryptic Def)
6 Old boy Edward on a wild nite is submissive to authority (8) OBEDIENT (Old boy=OB, Edward=ED, wild nite=ana. NITE=IENT => OB+ED+IENT)
7 Foolish, I had bumped into ten with a nervous disease (7) IDIOTIC (I had=I'd=ID, ten=IO, a nervous disease=TIC => ID+IO+TIC)
8 Rot! Guy can indeed serve a fermented preparation (6) YOGURT (ana. ROT+GUY)
10 Err onto biters that are a stray dog breed (6,7) BOSTON TERRIER (ana. ERR+ONTO+BITERS)
15 Energetic, six eat a sour mixture (8) VIGOROUS (six=VI, eat=GO, sour mixture=ana. SOUR=ROUS => VI+GO+ROUS)
16 Alec and Ross fix up a game (8) LACROSSE (ana. ALEC+ROSS)
18 From which one may pick bargains at a store (7) DUMPBIN (Direct)
20 Provided food to Tom, to begin with (7) CATERED (Tom=CAT)
21 Begins outbursts (6) STARTS (Dbl Def)
22 A Bill for marbles? (6) AGATES (A=A, Bill=GATES => A+GATES)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8272 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 View from a distance of a contestant who is unlikely to win? (4,4) LONG SHOT (View=SHOT, from a distance=LONG)
6 Dust rubbed off the upright in house framing (4) STUD (Dust rubbed off = ana. DUST)
9 Mala's a peculiar greeting (6) SALAAM (Mala's a peculiar = SALAAM)
10 They engage in debate (7) ARGUERS (Direct)
13 Engraving of a gray phlox, perhaps (9) XYLOGRAPH (gray phlox, perhaps = ana. GRAY+PHYLOX)
14 Man who brings about a sea-change in the princess (5) DESAI (sea-change=ESA, princess=DI=>sea-change in the princess = D(ESA)I)
15 River in England douses endlessly (4) OUSE (douses endlessly= dOUSEs-ds)
16 Don, Al and Aditi together produce an extra (10) ADDITIONAL (Don, Al and Aditi together produce = ana. DON+AL+ADITI)
19 Our dour bat could well be a singer of folk songs (10) TROUBADOUR (Our dour bat could well be = ana. OUR+DOUR+BAT)
21 Cast aspersions on some of his lurkings (4) SLUR (Container => hiS LURkings)
24 Deliveries at the junction are open to knowledge (5) OVERT (Deliveries=OVER, junction=T=>Deliveries at the junction = OVER+T)
25 Bird that is alert apparently (9) WIDEAWAKE (Dbl Def)
26 Test AIR conducted for a public performer (7) ARTISTE
27 The first alien approaches that woman. That's the end! (6) TETHER (The first=T, alien=ET, that woman=HER=>The first alien approaches that woman = T+ET+HER)
28 Catch sight of Oriental agent (4) ESPY (Oriental=E, agent=SPY => E+SPY)
29 It's just cooked for you! (4-4)

2 Prophesies put contests, about fifty, under a round (7) ORACLES (contests=RACES, fifty=L, round=O=>put contests, about fifty, under a round = O+RAC(L)ES)
3 Girl on the limits of the farm (6) GRANGE (Girl=G, limits=RANGE=>Girl on the limits = G+RANGE)
4 Clumsy son of Noah presented (3-6) HAM-HANDED (son of Noah=HAM, prsented=HANDED)
5 Impart skills to the old English pirate (5) TEACH (Dbl Def)
7 Crime rate goes haywire, boy! (7) TREASON (rate goes haywire=ana. RATE=TREA, boy=SON=>rate goes haywire, boy = TREA+SON)
8 They produce stimulating drinks that I still desire earnestly (12) DISTILLERS (I still desire earnestly = ana. I+STILL+DESIRE)
11 Wanders about the Princess offering Indian thrones (6) GADDIS (Wanders=GADS, Princess=DI=>Wanders about the Princess = GAD(DI)S)
12 Extra ITO note seen to be exceeding bounds of reason (12) EXTORTIONATE (Extra ITO note seen = ana. EXTRA+ITO+NOTE)
17 Flooded with tuna, I'd end import (9) INUNDATE (tuna, I'd end import = ana. TUNA+ID+END)
18 A British author becomes less intense (6) ABATES (A=A, British author=BATES => A+BATES)
20 Dress worn by not-completely-observable revolutionary (7) OPENTOP (not-completely-observable=OPEN??, revolutionary=TOP
22 Persons who do no work in the bakery? (7) LOAFERS (Dbl Def - 1. Persons who do no work 2. in the bakery)
23 Coming up, observed Edward being very thin from disease (6) WASTED (observed=SAW=>Coming up, observed=WAS, Edward=TED => WAS+TED)
25 Overcome Western position of leadership (5) WREST (Western=W, position of leadership=REST)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8271 Solutions - by Vinod & Parasu

1 Dell cooking hurriedly for nursery character (3,4,4) OLD KING COLE (Dell cooking hurriedly = ana. DELL+COOKING)
9 A great number rent and oozed out maudlin sentimentality (7) DRIPPED (A great number=D, rent=RIPPED => D+RIPPED)
10 Rotisseries around Rhode Island have alcoholic beverages (7) SPIRITS (Rotisseries=SPITS, Rhode Island=RI=>Rotisseries around Rhode Island = SPI(RI)TS)
11 Sage among the parishioners (5) RISHI (Container => paRISHIoners)
12 Lengthens lone setup on departure areas (9) ELONGATES (lone setup=ana. LONE, depature areas=GATES=>lone setup on departure areas = ELON+GATES)
13 Putin processed information fed into a computer (5) INPUT (Putin processed = ana. PUTIN)
15 Ceased to consider that the absence of the daughter is regretted (9) DISMISSED (daughter=D, is=IS, regretted=MISSED => D+IS+MISSED)
18 It is on the road to slow you down (5,4) SPEED TRAP (Direct)
21 Begins a round with writing instruments (5) OPENS (round=O, writing instruments=PENS=>a round with writing instruments = O+PENS)
22 Fancy, I got no gin to be investigating! (5,4) GOING INTO (Fancy, I got no gin = ana. I+GOT+NO+GIN)
24 Entangles Sir and me in trouble (5) MIRES (Sir and me in trouble = ana. SIR+ME)
26 Goes up and down to look at cutting tools (7) SEESAWS (look at=SEE, cutting tools=SAWS => SEE+SAWS)
27 Of low grade, I belong nowhere (7) IGNOBLE (I belong nowhere = ana. I+BELONG)
28 Notes added to a completed letter (11) POSTSCRIPTS (Direct)

1 Request for food rests with hospital attendants (9) ORDERLIES (Request for food=ORDER, rests=LIES => ORDER+LIES)
2 Removes moisture (5) DRIES (Direct)
3 Engraved design in primed tin (9) IMPRINTED (design in primed tin = ana. PRINTED+TIN)
4 Thank heaven for this desirable but unexpected event (7) GODSEND (Direct)
5 Souse so displayed is bony (7) OSSEOUS (Souse so displayed = ana. SOUSE+SO)
6 Eastern ruler is using frugally (5) EKING (Eastern=E, ruler=KING => E+KING)
7 The young girl's state displayed antipathy (8) DISTASTE (girl's=DIANA's=>The young girl's=DIS, state displayed=ana. STATE=TASTE)
8 Flower girl (4) ISIS (Dbl Def - 1. Flower=something that flows=River=a river in Britain 2. an Egyptian goddess)
14 Propositions for buildings? (8) PREMISES (Dbl Def)
16 One who burrows for golf clubs? Not exactly! (4,5) IRON MINER (Cryptic Defn.)
17 Stress aid development for catastrophes (9) DISASTERS (Stress aid development = ana. STRESS+AID)
19 Arranges oneself again in a comfortable position (7) RENESTS??
20 Horses eat Oriental flowers (7) PEONIES (Horses=PONIES, oriental=E=>Horses eat Oriental=P(E)ONIES)
22 Exclamation of surprise at the old style in General Hospital (4) GOSH (old style=OS, General Hospital=GH=>old style in General Hospital = G(OS)H)
23 Hold firmly the grand file (5) GRASP (grand=G, file=RASP)
25 Review bur, apparently (3,2) RUB UP (bur=RUB written UP)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2600 Solutions

1 It may illuminate quarry, minor crossing eastern bridge (11) SEARCHLIGHT (minor=SLIGHT, eastern=E, bridge=ARCH=>minor crossing eastern bridge = S(E+ARCH)LIGHT)
9 Get the better of unfashionable party (5) OUTDO (unfashionable=OUT, party=DO => OUT+DO)
10 Aggressive type, butcher at social gathering (6,3) KILLER BEE (butcher=KILLER, social gathering=BEE)
11 Puts down head causing scene (9) LANDSCAPE (Puts down=LANDS, head=CAPE => LANDS+CAPE)
12 Guy drinks last of wine (5) TEASE (drinks=TEAS, last of winE=E => TEAS+E)
13 Colour of pies cooked with hint of allspice... (5) SEPIA (pies cooked=ana. PIES=SEPI, hint of Allspice=A=>pies cooked with hint of allspice = SEPI+A)
15 ... or additional sage (9) OTHERWISE (additional=OTHER, sage=WISE => OTHER+WISE)
17 Prostitute, not quite sober, by block of flats facing East (9) COURTESAN (sober=SANE=>not quite sober=SAN, block of flats=COURT, East=E=>not quite sober, by block of flats facing East = COURT+E+SAN)
18 Article by newspaper revealing robbery (5) THEFT (Article=THE, newspaper=FT=>Article by newspaper = THE+FT)
19 Regions in Far East (5) AREAS (Container => fAR EASt)
21 Prison etc. must be awful for a police officer (9) INSPECTOR (Prison etc. must be awful = ana. PRISON+ETC)
24 A haul in it plundered from country (9) LITHUANIA (A haul in it plundered = ana. A+HAUL+IN+IT)
25 Play with tot by front of arcade (5) DRAMA (tot=DRAM, front of arcade=A=>tot by front of arcade = DRAM+A)
26 Found toddler holding hands in plant (6-2-3) FORGET ME NOT (Found=FORGE, toddler=TOT, hands=MEN=>toddler holding hands = T(MEN)OT=>toddler holding hands in plant = FORGE+T(MEN)OT)

1 Harm baby (5) SPOIL (Dbl Def)
2 Take notice of one dropping out of lawsuit (3,2) ACT ON (one=I, lawsuit=ACTION=>one dropping out of lawsuit = ACTION-I)
3 Meet about one and social worker will provide a roll (9) CROISSANT (Meet=CROSS, one=I, social worker=ANT=>Meet about one and social worker = CRO(I)SS+ANT)
4 Very smart, typical of a scoundrel with extremely sordid secret (4,1,4,6) LIKE A _O_S _I_N_R
5 Superb worker upset with pay-off (6,9) GOLDEN HANDSHAKE (Superb=GOLDEN, worker=HAND, upset=SHAKE => GOLDEN HAND+SHAKE)
6 Minister to pay for another (5) TREAT (Dbl Def. - 1. Minister to (v.) 2. pay for another)
7 Harsh, a supporter with different views once wicket's lost (8) ABRASIVE (a=A, supporter=BRA, different views once wicket's lost=ana. VIEWS-W(wicket)=SIVE => A+BRA+SIVE)
8 Strong virile chaps bandaged by doctor (8) VEHEMENT (virile chaps=HE MEN, doctor=VET=>virile chaps bandaged by doctor = VE(HEMEN)T)
13 Accordingly, one in telegram is friendly (8) SOCIABLE (Accordingly=SO, one=I, telegram=CABLE=>one in telegram=C(I)ABLE => SO+CIABLE)
14 Girl removed piece of elastic from shoulder decoration (8) PAULETTE (shoulder decoration=EPAULETTE, piece of elastic=E=>removed piece of elastic from shoulder decoration = EPAULETTE-E)
16 Bad lot to barricade European port (9) ROTTERDAM (Bad lot=ROTTER, to barricade=DAM=>Bad lot to barricade = ROTTER+DAM)
20 Mostly boring material (5) STUFF (boring=STUFFY=>mostly boring=STUFFY-Y)
22 Artist brought in can teach (5) TRAIN (Artist=RA, can=TIN=>Artist brought in can = T(RA)IN)
23 Respond with reference to decree (5) REACT (with reference to=RE, decree=ACT => RE+ACT)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8260 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Back after a brief hiatus - a well-deserved, well-meaning and fruitful break

1 What is recommended for restful retirement — livestock census? (8,5) COUNTING SHEEP (Cryptic Defn. - livestock=SHEEP, census=COUNTING)
10 Of necessity, requires mould (5,4) NEEDS MUST (requires=NEEDS, mould=MUST)
11 Vessel brings honour in river on return trip (5) YACHT (honour=CH, river=TAY=>river on return trip=YAT=>honour in river on return trip = YA(CH)T)
12 Chair's hammer yielded a bit of lead (5) GAVEL (yielded=GAVE, bit of lead=L => GAVE+L)
13 Egyptian queen was free in it, travelling with tempo (9) NEFERTITI (free in it, travelling =ana. FREE+IN+IT=NEFERITI=>free in it, travelling with tempo=NEFERITI with T)
14 Woollen clothes for a skinny chap in the Theosophical Society (6) TWEEDS (skinny chap=WEED, Theosophical Society=TS=>a skinny chap in the Theosophical Society = T(WEED)S)
16 Distinction shown by a Conservative girl (5) CLASS (Conservative=C, girl=LASS => C+LASS)
19 Small market that is fashionable (5) SMART (Small=S, market=MART => S+MART)
20 Such action cannot be voluntary (6) FORCED (Direct)
25 Unshaved growth has necessarily to be a source of pain, absorbing Oxygen (9) MOUSTACHE (necessarily=MUST, to be a source of pain=ACHE, Oxygen=O=>M(O)UST+ACHE)
26 The toast of Moscow (5) VODKA (Direct)
27 Deposits found when the girl got in (5) ASHES (when=AS, the girl=SHE=>when the girl got in = A(SHE)S)
28 Parliamentary Commissioner gets a thousand little flowers in a Middle Eastern state (9) OMBUDSMAN (thousand=M, little flowers=BUDS, Middle Eastern state=OMAN=>O(M+BUDS)MAN)
29 Accommodation on train for trainer not on the qui vive? (8,5) SLEEPING COACH (trainer=COACH, not on the qui vive=not alert=SLEEPING)

2 General description concerning a scene (8) OVERVIEW (concerning=OVER, a scene=VIEW => OVER+VIEW)
3 Part of the mien as also the nose (5) NASAL (Container => mieN AS ALso)
4 Lizard from Antigua, wild, losing front of tail (6) IGUANA (ana. ANTIGUA - T(front of tail))
5 Oversize page at the entrance, female, advanced in years (8) GATEFOLD (entrance=GATE, female=F, advanced in years=OLD => GATE+F+OLD)
6 In poetry she spells out magic words (3,6) HEY PRESTO (poetry she spells out = ana. POETRY+SHE)
7 Clue: ID is changed for geometrician (6) EUCLID (Clue: ID is changed = ana. CLUE+ID)
8 Man on board in the dark, reportedly (6) KNIGHT (homonym of NIGHT=dark)
9 Sober way to give assistance (5) STAID (way=ST, to offer help=AID => ST+AID)
15 Half a cup of coffee (9) DEMITASSE (Direct)
17 British officer with another one gets vegetable (8)
18 Member of college is of purely theoretical interest (8)
21 Kashmiri not available for a protest in India (6) DHARNA (
22 Slanderous attack in manuscript upset listener (5) SMEAR (manuscript=MS=>manuscript upset=SM, listener=EAR => SM+EAR)
23 Measure of a President followed by the Spanish (6) BUSHEL (a President=BUSH, the Spanish=EL=>BUSH+EL)
24 It is part of the garden, a listening device for a bloodsucker (6) BEDBUG (part of the garden=BED, a listening device=BUG => BED+BUG)
26 Electronic device to look at love (5) VIDEO (too look at=VIDE, love=O => VIDE+O)