Monday, February 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8228 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 He wrongly assumes he has the right (7) USURPER (Direct)
5 For the listener, it is painful (7) EARACHE (Cryptic Defn. - listener=Ear)
9 Scoundrel obtaining credit notes with a lot of interest (7)
10 Give now! (7) PRESENT (Double Defn.)
11 Denoting of British extraction (5) ANGLO (Direct)
12 Leftists always hold a sober man to be quite a dog! (3,6) RED SETTER (Leftists=RED, sober=TT, man=SEER=>hold a sober man=SE(TT)ER -- very poorly worded)
13 Ruler put ten in pot then dined (9) POTENTATE (put ten in pot=PO(TEN)T, dined=ATE=>put ten in pot then dined = POTENT+ATE)
15 Tom throws vessel violently (5) CASTS (Tom=CAT, vessel=SS=>ana. CAT+SS -- poor clueing again)
16 Settle upon endless selfish trait (5) AGREE (selfish trait=GREED=>endless selfish trait=GREE -- no idea where the A comes from)
18 Under canvass perhaps I go on purpose (9) INTENTION (Under=IN, canvass=TENT, I=I, on=ON=>Under canvass perhaps I go on = IN+TENT+I+ON)
21 I stay true, resolved to find the simple way of life (9) AUSTERITY (I stay true, resolved = ana. I+SAY+TRUE)
24 Incited one to act (5) EGGED (Direct)
25 Made out Billy's lecture programmes for course studies (7) SYLLABI (Made out Billy's = ana. BILLYS+A -- again, no idea where the A comes from)
26 Lecture on clothing of the Christian era (7) ADDRESS (clothing=DRESS, of the Christian era=AD=>on clothing of the Christian era = AD+DRESS)
27 Display of hot feelings leads to dramatic action (7) SCENERY
28 Violent pushes taken on road, hurts somehow! (7) THRUSTS (road=ST, hurts somehow=THRUS=>taken on road, hurts = THRU(ST)S)

1 Al spun around to release the grasp (7) UNCLASP (Al=AL, spun=SPUN, around=C=>Al spun around to release = ana. AL+SPUN+C)
2 Habitually honest person (7) UPRIGHT (Direct)
3 Say it, for example, before church (9) PRONOUNCE (it, for example=PRONOUN, church=CE => PRO+NOUNCE)
4 It's right for sire to get up from his bed (5) RISER (ana. R(right)+SIRE)
5 A shift is advisable (9)
6 Thread one's way through to a high official (5) REEVE (Double Defn.)
7 Designs into form out of nothing (7) CREATES (Direct)
8 Draws out money by force (7) EXTORTS (Direct)
14 In it, say, in dreadful silliness (9) ASININITY (In it, say, in dreadful = ana. IN+IT+SAY+IN)
15 Competitor not in favour of a certain proposal (9) CONTENDER (not in favour of=CON, proposal=TENDER => CON+TENDER)
16 Gathers fools after morning (7) AMASSES (morning=AM, fools=ASSES=>fools after morning = AM+ASSES)
17 Distraught lovers have the key to find the answer (7) RESOLVE (lovers=LOVERS, key=E=>Distraught lovers have the key = ana. LOVERS+E)
19 Arranged for singer to have right to enter (7) INGRESS (singer=SINGER=>Arranged for singer = ana. SINGER+S -- where does the extra S come from?)
20 Bare-bodied persons (7) NUDISTS (Direct)
22 Late by mistake, oriental is full of cheer (5) ELATE (Late=LATE, oriental=E => E+LATE -- Don't ask my how and why)
23 Seat the young to display type of fungi required for baking (5) YEAST (ana. SEAT+Y -- again no explanation shall be provided)

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2594 Solutions

1 Aspiring scout, some years ago — ferocious type confronting copper, British (4,3) WOLF CUB (ferocious type=WOLF, copper=CU, British=B=>ferocious type confronting copper, British = WOLF CU+B)
5 Reportedly fed up with panel (5) BOARD (fed up=BORED=>Reportedly fed up = homonym of BORED = BOARD)
8 One may see one upriver always carrying line (5) ELVER (always=EVER, line=L=>always carrying line = E(L)VER; One may see one upriver = cryptic defn. of Elver, which is an Eel like creature usually found near the source of the river)
9 Loire surprisingly blocked by container ship (3-6) OIL TANKER (Loire surprisingly=OILER, container=TANK=>Loire surprisingly blocked by container = OIL (TANK)ER)
11 Left us keeled over and adrift on the Red Sea (4,5) PORT SUDAN (Left=PORT(as on ship), us keeled over=reverse of US=SU, and adrift=ana. AND=DAN=>Left us keeled over and adrift = PORt SU+DAN)
12 Authoritarian writer of novels, abridged (5) STERN (writer of novels=STERNE(English novelist)=>writer of novels, abridged = STERNE-E)
13 Photograph mate in front of superb cinema (7,6) PICTURE PALACE (Photograph=PICTURE, mate=PAL, superb=ACE=>Photograph mate in front of superb = PICTURE PAL+ACE)
16 Like a spy's role in a couple of tight spots? (4-3-6) HOLE-AND-CORNER (Cryptic defn.)
17 Magnificent old gold coin (5) NOBLE (Double Defn. - 1. Magnificent 2. old gold coin)
19 One married woman's no right to give cheek (9) IMPUDENCE (One=I, married=M, woman=PRUDENCE=>woman's no right=PRUDENCE-R=PUDENCE=>One married woman's no right = I+M+PUDENCE)
22 Making a mistake wearing the German pistol (9) DERRINGER (Making a mistake=ERRING, the German=DER=>Making a mistake wearing the German = D(ERRING)ER)
23 Shrub — gardener's first rambling rose (5) GORSE (gardener's first=G, rambling rose=ana. ROSE=ORSE=>gardener's first rambling rose = G+ORSE)
24 Information about a style of literature (5) GENRE (Information=GEN, about=RE => GEN+RE)
25 Roman statesman is led up, struggling (7) LEPIDUS (is led up, struggling = ana. IS+LED+UP)

1 Wife to lend a hand with puppy (5) WHELP (Wife=W, to lend a hand=HELP => W+HELP)
2 Gem found in organ by old friend (5,4) LIVER OPAL (organ=LIVER, old=O, friend=PAL=>organ by old friend = LIVER O+PAL)
3 Penny leaving Mediterranean island with American chap? (5) CYRUS (Penny=P, Mediterranean island=CYPRUS=>Penny leaving Mediterranean island = CYPRUS-P)
4 Horrific descent? Sport must involve bit of danger (13) BLOODCURDLING (descent=BLOOD, Sport=CURLING, bit of danger=D=>Sport must involve bit of danger=CUR(D)LING => BLOOD+CURDLING)
5 Ship's officer makes racket catching duck, one in Aussie river (9) BOATSWAIN (racket=BAT, duck=O, one=I, Aussie river=SWAN=>racket catching duck, one in Aussie river = B(O)AT+SWA(I)N)
6 An animal's taken over joint (5) ANKLE (An=AN, animal=ELK=>animal's taken over=reverse of ELK=KLE => AN+KLE)
7 Madden, getting one dreadfully enraged (7) DERANGE (dreadfully enraged = ana. ENRAGED)
10 NCO in car park cut colonel off (5,8) LANCE CORPORAL (cut=LANCE, colonel=CORPORAL)
14 Truce, widespread over in Cuba, still? (9) CEASEFIRE (widespread=RIFE=>widespread over=FIRE, Cuba=C, still=EASE=>widespread over in Cuba, still=C+EASE+FIRE)
15 Novel plant (6,3) A_R_N_ R_D
16 Put up with scoundrel, shamefaced (7) HANGDOG (Put up=HANG, scoundrel=DOG=>Put up with scoundrel = HANG+DOG)
18 Rail against powerful businessman (5) BARON (Rail=BAR, against=ON => BAR+ON)
20 Discover, after search, dog I'd raised (3,2) DIG UP
21 Fair, steeplechaser's opening odds (5) EVENS (Fair=EVEN, steeplechaser's opening=S => EVEN+S)

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8226 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Propel theologian into an enclosure (6) PADDLE (theologian=DD, enclosure=PALE=>theologian into an enclosure = PA(DD)LE)
4 Made one feel ill after dope — so attacked (8) ASSAILED (Made one feel ill=AILED, dope=ASS=>Made one feel ill after dope = ASS+AILED)
10 Player putting key in a lock (7) ACTRESS (key=C, a=A, lock=TRESS=>putting key in a lock = A(C)TRESS)
11 Pleasant smell emitted by tandoor cooking (7) ODORANT (tandoor cooking=ana. TANDOOR)
12 Thanks on having right sweet pastry (4) TART (Thanks=TA, right=RT=>Thanks on having right = TA+RT)
13 Revolutionary arch saints in the making (10) ANARCHISTS (arch saints in the making = ana. ARCH+SAINTS)
16 The towering and tapering Alps has iridium finding (6) SPIRAL (tapering Alps has iridium finding = ana. ALPS+IR(iridium))
17 Not right to cite CID for proving directly (7) DEICTIC (Not right to cite CID = ana. CITE+CID)
20 Made Sid prepare jewelled headbands (7) DIADEMS (Made Sid prepare = ana. MADE+SID)
21 Cheer British for putting right men's garment (6) BREECH (Cheer British for putting right = ana. CHEER+B)
24 Don's sanctum provides open space and confined space (6,4) COMMON ROOM
25 A football association side is at a distance (4) AFAR (A=A, football association=FA, side=R => A+FAR)
27 Uses manoeuvres to get me up first (7) EMPLOYS (manoeuvres=PLOYS, me up=EM=>manoeuvres to get me up first = EM+PLOYS)
29 The vehicle I own is bright red (7) CARMINE (vehicle=CAR, I own=MINE => CAR+MINE)
30 Concluding confession and correcting error (8) AMENDING (Confession=AM, Concluding=ENDING => AM+ENDING)
31 Running water is always provided in quarters (6) SEVERN (always=EVER, quarters=SN=>water is always provided in quarters = S(EVER)N)

1 Aim to achieve perfection (8) PRACTISE (Direct)
2 Put off theory following ministry opposed to free will (11) DETERMINISM (Put off=DETER, ministry=MIN??, theory=ISM=>thery following ministry=MIN+ISM => DETER+MIN+ISM)
3 Have right to retain another's property till his debts are cleared (4) LIEN (Direct)
5 Beats using craft about business drive! (8) SCOURGES (craft=SS, business=CO, drive=URGE=>using craft about business drive=S(CO+URGE)S)
6 Pay Cora the dispensing chemist (10) APOTHECARY (Pay Cora the dispensing = ana. PAY+CORA+THE)
7 The French have an arable land under pasture (3) LEA (The French=LE, an=A=>The French have an = LE+A)
8 Hate the final trial of the French (6) DETEST (trial=TEST, of the French=DE=>final trial of the French=TEST follows DE => DE+TEST)
9 Employing the class to chant (5) USING (class=U, to chant=SING => U+SING)
14 Proverbial description of variety discernible in Fife's police (5,2,4) SPICE OF LIFE (discernible in Fife's police = ana. IN+FIFES+POLICE)
15 Harold doth protest at such slipperiness! (4,2,4) HARD TO HOLD (Harold doth protest = ana. HAROLD+DOTH)
18 To restrain, shut him up (8) IMPRISON (Direct)
19 It's considered unlucky when tent on hire collapses (8) THIRTEEN (tent on hire collapses = ana. TENT+HIRE)
22 A plan made up to chase on motorway (6) SCHEMA (made up to chase on motorway = ana. CHASE+M(motorway))
23 Church on hill is a source of guidance (5) TORCH (church=CH, hill=TOR => Church on hill = TOR+CH)
26 Not bound by rules (4) FREE (Direct)
28 Reduced to a mixed state (3) PIE (Direct)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8225 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Chewing over 'Spitting Image' (10) REFLECTION (Double Defn.)
6 No point endlessly relating to bees (4) APIA (relating to bees=APIAN=>endlessly relating to bees = APIAN-N -- where is the direct clue??)
9 Obsolete remedy results in cover up (7) OBSCURE (Obsolete=OBS, remedy=CURE => OBS+CURE)
10 A level class in which competitors hope to be (3,4) TOP FORM (A level=TOP, class=FORM)
12 Examines closely at an official function (8) INSPECTS (Direct)
13 Ivan's labour camps (5) GULAG (Direct)
15 Edward has to back in when observed (5) NOTED (Edward=NED, to back=OT=>Edward has to back in = N(OT)ED)
17 Bill demanded to be publicly acknowledged (9) ACCLAIMED (Bill=AC, demanded=CLAIMED => AC+CLAIMED)
19 Impart knowledge to make aware (9) ENLIGHTEN (Double Defn.)
21 There is nothing on the girl to catch (5) LASSO (nothing=O, girl=LASS=>There is nothing on the girl = LASS+O)
23 Flashy headgear at air display (5) TIARA (at air display=ana. AT+AIR)
24 Bungs in the barrels (8) STOPGAPS (Direct)
27 Girl joins the others on top of the world (7) EVEREST (Girl=EVE, the others=REST=>Girl joins the others = EVE+REST)
28 First male worker is intransigent (7) ADAMANT (First male=ADAM, worker=ANT=>First male worker = ADAM+ANT)
29 Like to enter ship with band over shoulder (4) SASH (Like=AS, ship=SH??=>Like to enter ship = S(AS)H)
30 An American's floor of the brain? (5,5) UPPER STORY (Cryptic Double Defn.)

1 Trio stirred up a ruckus (4) RIOT (Trio stirred = ana. TRIO)
2 Stocking material most likely to get a catch in it (7) FISHNET (Double Defn. -- catch=catch of fish)
3 Note made with clever remark to furnish with everything needed (5) EQUIP (Note=E, clever remark=QUIP=>Note made with clever remark = E+QUIP)
4 Vigorous excavation worker (9) TRENCHANT (excavation=TRENCH, worker=ANT => TRENCH+ANT)
5 Swears to have a shot anew (5) OATHS (a shot anew = ana. A+SHOT)
7 A clue for this is a difficult matter (7) PROBLEM (Double Defn.)
8 Strengthen old fellow for final battle (10) ARMAGEDDON (Strengthen=ARM, old=AGED, fellow=DON => ARM+AGED+DON)
11 Roll of twisted tobacco (7) PIGTAIL (Direct)
14 Application for temporary accommodation occupying popular head (10) INTENTNESS (temporary accommodation=TENT, popular=IN, head=NESS=>temporary accommodation occupying popular head = IN(TENT)NESS)
16 Shame crowd finally agreed to differ (7) DEGRADE (crowd finally=D, agreed=AGREED=>crowd finally agreed to differ = ana. D+AGREED)
18 Attack with a big shot's help, it sounds (9) CANNONADE (big shot=CANNON, help=AID=>help it sounds=homonym of AID=ADE => CANNON+ADE)
20 The frontrunners (7) LEADERS (Direct)
22 Singer given concession hurried round (7) SOPRANO (concession=SOP, hurried=RAN, round=O => SOP+RAN+O -- Soln. thanks to Ganesh)
24 Arrange to begin one's own business (3,2) SET UP (Double Defn.)
25 Police informer on fellow worker (5) GRASS (Direct -- Soln. thanks to Ganesh)
26 Continue to wait in order to participate (4) STAY (Direct)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8223 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Teach how old continental currency heartened the Early English (7) EDUCATE (old continental currency=DUCAT, Early English=EE=>old continental currency heartened the Early English = E(DUCAT)E)
5 Hard to escape in this situation (7) IMPASSE (Direct)
10 A nursing nun (6) SISTER (Direct)
11 Defenceless rams tumbling in met their death (8) DISARMED (rams tumbling=ana. RAMS=SARM, met their death=DIED=>rams tumbling in met their death=SARM in DIED = DI(SARM)ED)
12 Female divinity at one time seen in article repeatedly (6) ATHENA (at one time=THEN, article=A=>article repeatedly=AA=>at one time seen in article repeatedly = A(THEN)A)
13 Last to include many a woman, it's realised (8) ENCASHED (Last=END, many=C, a=A, woman=SHE=>Last to include many a woman=EN(C+A+SHE)D)
14 Listen otherwise there is nothing to hear (6) SILENT (Listen otherwise = ana. LISTEN)
15 Provided it was used as a nest by the hen (4,2) LAID ON
18 Dedicated man arranging outside broadcast at the last minute (6) OBLATE (outside broadcast=OB, the last minute=LATE=>arranging outside broadcast at the last minute = OB+LATE)
20 Shy about gag made to have long rough and loose hair (6) SHAGGY (Shy about gag made = ana. SHY+GAG)
23 Mend a dud adaptor, though that's extra (8) ADDENDUM (Mend a dud adaptor = ana. MEND+A+DUD)
25 How the prisoner wrote (6) PENNED (Cryptic defn. -- A prison is housed in a pen)
26 Check balance before the fall (8) RESTRAIN (balance=REST, fall=RAIN=>balance before the fall = REST+RAIN)
27 To charge air, there's art involved at each point (6) AERATE (art involved=ana. ART, each point=EE=>art involved at each point=E(RAT)E -- no clue where the extra A comes from)
28 Turn to list — that's made to serve some purpose (7) UTILISE (Turn=U, list=LIST, that's=IE=>Turn to list — that's made = ana. U+LIST+IE)
29 Late for now to turn around to praise excessively (7) ADULATE (now=AD, turn=U, late=LATE)

2 Splits with daughter and then wanders around (6) DRIFTS (daughter=D, splits=RIFTS=>Splits with daughter = D+RIFTS)
3 The broken heart I can mend, lady (9) CATHERINA (ana. HEART+I+CAN -- there are 2 ana. inds. here - 'broken' and 'mend')
4 Open gallery at the side (7) TERRACE (irect)
6 Claim made to us of having skill in expressing harmonious melody (7) MUSICAL (Claim made to us = ana. CLIAM+US -- I reserve my comments about the way the clue has been constructed and how the anagram has been indicated)
7 Cares for large areas of land (5) ACRES (Cares for = ana. CARES)
8 Ordered leeks by the ton, but still a bony figure (8) SKELETON (Ordered leeks=ana. LEEKS, ton=TON=>Ordered leeks by the ton = SKELE+TON)
9 This notice determines VAT coding (13) ADVERTISEMENT (determines VAT coding = ana. DETERMINES+VAT)
16 Usually, I learn, contrived to conceal information (2,7) IN GENERAL (I learn, contrived=ana. I+LEARN=IN ERAL, information=GEN=>I learn, contrived to conceal information=IN (GEN)ERAL)
17 Honour one plunged in depression for being submissive (8) OBEDIENT (Honour=OBE(Order of the British Empire), one=I, depression=DENT=>one plunged in depression=DIENT=>one plunged in depression for being submissive = OBE+D(I)ENT)
19 Arouses affection as he finally listens (7) ENDEARS (finally=END, listens=EARS => END+EARS)
21 A dual organised very quietly receives praise (7) APPLUAD (A dual organised very quietly = ana. A+DUAL+PP(very quietly))
22 Small group prepared to include physical training with energy (6) SEPTET (physical training=PT, energy=E, prepared=SET=>prepared to include physical training with energy=SE(PT+E)T)
24 Old lot turn to praise (5) EXTOLD (Old=EX, lot turn=reverse of LOT=TOL => EX+TOL)

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8222 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

The clues have taken a sudden dip from the high quality and entertainment value of last week's grids. Looks like we are back to the compiler of the week before last. Another week of torture? May He save our souls.

1 Confess to having washed before going out (4,5) COME CLEAN (Cryptic defn. => having washed=CLEAN, going out=COME)
6 Make an impression in the Post Office (5) STAMP (Crytic Defn.)
9 Vietnam once served up heavenly food (5) ANNAM (heavenly food=MANNA=>served up heavenly food = reverse of MANNA)
10 Darling, pay attention to musical embellishment (5,4) GRACE NOTE (Darling=GRACE, pay attention to=NOTE)
11 Continued steadfastly by itself against reed destruction (10) PERSEVERED (by itself=PER SE, against=V(short for VERSUS), reed destruction=ana. REED=ERED=>by itself against reed destruction = PER+SE+V+ERED)
12 Right time to regret (4) TRUE (time=T, to regret=RUE => T+RUE)
14 Made to devise a new improved version (7) REVISED (ana. DEVISE+R -- don't even ask me where the R comes from)
15 Locked quarter reset anew by copper (7) TRESSED (quarter=S, reset=RESET=>quarter reset anew=ana. S+RESET=TRESSE, copper=D=>quarter reset anew by copper = TRESSE+D)
17 He is assigned on mail duties (7) POSTMAN (Direct)
19 An examination question that one cannot answer (7) FLOORED (?? -- wrong form of the word, should be FLOORER)
20 Chooses to work on the back path (4) OPTS (work=OP, path=ST=>back path=TS=>work on the back path = OP+TS)
22 Once favoured by women appreciating a good spread! (10) CRINOLINES (Direct)
25 The simpleton is French so finds a supporter (9) ASSISTANT (simpleton=ASS, is=IS, French=TANT?? -- Compiler, I thought TANT was French for AUNT. Would you be so kind as to specify what French object or person you're referring to in the future?)
26 A stupid apprentice gets into a cave (5) CALVE (apprentice=L, cave=CAVE=>apprentice gets into a cave = CA(L)VE)
27 Scores equal at seven (5) EVENS (ana. SEVEN -- the ana. ind. is invisible, as usual)
28 Inherited from forefathers (9) ANCESTRAL (Direct)

1 Mash a dish of potatoes! (5) CHAMP (Double Defn.)
2 Five go for sermon arranged near trees in muddy swamps (9) MANGROVES (ana. V(five)+GA+SERMON -- we need GA instead of GO to get Mangroves)
3 Obstruct a few being unwieldy (10) CUMBERSOME (Obstruct=CUMBER, a few=SOME => CUMBER+SOME)
4 Highbrow with salmonella on the brain (7) EGGHEAD (salmonella=EGG, brain=HEAD=>salmonella on the brain = EGG+HEAD)
5 Most systematic and bovine creatures set at odds (7) NEATEST (bovine creatures=NEAT, set at odds=ana. SET=EST=>bovine creatures set at odds = NEAT+EST)
6 Cook in hot water — like the Irish? (4) STEW
7 It's early for our friendship to develop (5) AMOUR (It's early=AM, our=OUR=>It's early for our = AM+OUR)
8 Falsely claimed money again for having performed services (9) PRETENDED (money=P, again=RE, having performed sevices=TENDED => P+RE+TENDED)
13 Recalls dilemma of 150 electors (10) RECOLLECTS (150=CL, electors=ELECTORS=>dilemma of 150 electors = ana. CL+ELECTORS)
14 Unprincipled professional man cutting discount (9) REPROBATE (professional man=PRO, discount=REBATE=>professional man cutting discount = RE(PRO)BATE)
16 Sterling taken in by foreign killer (9) STRANGLER (Sterling=L, foreign=STRANGER=>Sterling taken in by foreign = STRAN(L)ER)
18 Ran in vain for creation of a blissful state (7) NIRVANA (ana. RAN+VAIN)
19 To be excessively enthusiastic may in fact be outlandish (7) FANATIC (ana. IN+FACT+A -- I haven't the slightest inkling where extra A comes from)
21 Experience discrimination (5) TASTE (Double Defn.)
23 Scam a magic formula (5) SPELL (Double Defn.)
24 In the pass, find venomous snakes of various kinds (4) ASPS (ana. PASS)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2593 Solutions

1 Notice only change (6) ADJUST (Notice=AD, only=JUST => AD+JUST)
4 Work on, repeatedly dipping into drink (6,2) SOFTEN UP (Double Defn.)
10 The radio broadcast, about 11, exposes Greek goddess? (9) APHRODITE (The radio broadcast=ana. THE+RADIO=AHRODITE, 11=P(why??)=>The radio broadcast, about 11 = A(P)HRODITE)
11 Energy authority (5) POWER (Double Defn.)
12 Brutal mob in situation worsened by attempts to solve it (7,6) VICIOUS CIRCLE (Brutal=VICIOUS, mob=CIRCLE)
15 Tenant wearing dress (7) INHABIT (wearing=IN, dress=HABIT => IN+HABIT)
16 Section of government - it leaked name (7) ENTITLE (Container => governmENT - IT LEaked)
17 Dope in inferior position? (3-4) LOW-DOWN (Double Defn.)
19 Put in quarantine, one thus gets delayed (7) ISOLATE (one=I, thus=SO, delayed=LATE=>one thus gets delayed = I+SO+LATE)
20 Makes a favourable impression on the game colonel following snub (3,3,7) CUT SOME MUSTARD (snub=CUT, the=THE, game colonel=MUSTARD(??))
22 Topic during foot-and- mouth emergency (5) THEME (Container => mouTH EMErgency)
24 Natives - number abandoned on it, alas (9) NATIONALS (abandoned is the ana. ind. => N(number)+ON+IT+ALAS)
25 Rat in waste, rolling about (8) DESERTER(waste=DESERT, about=RE=>rolling about=reverse of RE=ER=>waste, rolling about = DESERT+ER)
26 Drinking spree in makeshift shelter (6) BENDER (Double Defn.)

1 Having started a course (4) AWAY (a=A, course=WAY => A+WAY)
2 Unorthodox Jews have this son, one preaching the Second Coming (8,7) JEHOVAHS WITNESS (Unorthodox Jews have this son = ana. JEWS+HAVE+THIS+SON, 'unorthodox' is the ana. ind.)
3 Put whisky in front of the two swallowing drop of rice soup (6,5) SCOTCH BROTH (whisky=SCOTCH, two=BOTH, drop of Rice=R=>two swallowing drop of rice=B(R)OTH)
5 Manage part of poem written in Old English (7) OVERSEE (part of poem=VERSE, Old English=OE=>part of poem written in Old English = O(VERSE)E)
6 Finest spinner (3) TOP (Double Defn.)
7 Warned cold nasty criminal in police HQ (3,8,4) NEW SCOTLAND YARD (Warned cold nasty criminal = ana. WARNED+COLD+NASTY, criminal is the ana. ind.)
8 Salesman hung up, cut off, but didn't give up (10) PERSEVERED (Salesman=REP=>Salesman hung up=reverse of REP=PER, cut off=SEVERED=>Salesman hung up, cut off = PER+SEVERED)
9 Disappear? That is in doubt, though bishop's missing (3,3) DIE OUT (That is=IE, doubt, though bishop's missing=DOUBT-B(bishop)=DOUT=>That is in doubt, though bishop's missing=IE in DOUT => D(IE) OUT)
13 Opera lover at riot? Unlikely (2,9) IL TROVATORE (lover at riot? Unlikely = ana. LOVER+AT+RIOT, 'unlikely' is the ana. ind.)
14 Found under piece of debris one's put out (10) DISLOCATED (Found=LOCATED, piece of Debris=D, one's=IS=>Found under piece of debris one's = D+IS+LOCATED)
18 One proposed for election in old colliery in the north-east (7) NOMINEE (old=O, colliery=MINE, north-east=NE=>old colliery in the north-east = N(O+MINE)E)
19 This cannot describe units I just repositioned (2,4) IN SITU (units I just repositioned = ana. UNITS+I)
21 Emperor and son taken aboard by sailor (4) TSAR (son=S, sailor=TAR=>son taken aboard by sailor = T(S)AR)
23 Make a mistake with bishop, bringing on end of game (3) ERR (bishop=RR, end of game=last letter of game=E=>with bishop, bringing on end of game = E+RR)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8221 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 + (4,4) PLUS SIGN (Direct)
5 Thus takes a police visual (6) SCOPIC (Thus=SIC, a police=COP)
10 Interpreting this may give you "slot" (3,4) ODD LOTS ("slot" is an anagram of LOTs=>ODD LOTS, don't get the defn. though)
11 Two different vehicles make a taxi service (7) AUTOCAB (Tow different vehicles = AUTO+CAB)
12 Somehow sit one at the usual location (2-4) ON-SITE (Somehow sit-one = ana. SIT+ONE)
13 Relax, as the storm has ceased (4,4) WIND DOWN (Double Defn.)
15 Fish a concluding section (4) CODA (Fish=COD, a=A => COD+A)
16 Not a true beginning of race, perhaps (5,5) FALSE START (Not a true=FALSE, beginning of race=START)
18 Not long on the staff of life? Have some cake! (5,5) SHORT BREAD (Not long=SHORT)
20 Hurried to one queen (4) RANI (hurried=RAN, one=I=>Hurried to one = RAN+I)
23 Familiar relation (3,5) OLD STORY (Cryptic Defn.)
24 Did his method to yogic power (6) SIDDHI (Did his method = ana. DID+HIS)
26 Associated the sort with a colour (7) KINDRED (the sort=KIND, colour=RED=>the sort with a colour = KIND+RED)
27 Bell, pat is fixed the fastener in motor vehicle (3,4) LAP BELT (Bell, pat is fixed = ana. BELL+PAT)
28 Gives up profits (6) YIEDLS (Double Defn.)
29 Sir, Ryder sets up a fire protection system (3,5) DRY RISER (Sir, Ryder sets up = ana. SIR+RYDER)

1 Come, brisk, snoopy, unusual animal from Borneo! (9,6) PROBOSCIS MONKEY (Come, brisk, snoopy, unusual = ana. COME+BRISK+SNOOPY)
2 Not treated with an application (7) UNDOSED (Not treated=not DOSED)
3 Slides and runs away (6) SCOOTS (Direct)
4 The point made by the U.S. army personnel by the way (4) GIST (U.S. army personnel=GI, the way=ST=>U.S. army personnel by the way = GIST)
6 Divide a punctuation mark and make a show (3,1,4) CUT A DASH (Divide=CUT, a=A, punctuation mark=DASH)
7 Caper to show off breasts (7) PECTORA (Caper to show off = ana. CAPER+TO)
8 IBM titan sincere in wheedling to high government official (7,8) CABINET MINISTER (IBM titan sincere in wheedling = ana. IBM+TITAN+SINCERE)
9 He enjoys the company of women (6,3) LADIES MAN (Direct)
14 Just marketing (4,5) FAIR TRADE (Direct)
17 Mentioned about the ancient city having attained full growth (8) STATURED (Mentioned=STATED, ancient city=UR=>Mentioned about the ancient city = STAT(UR)ED)
19 Rabbinic candidate in Erode drafted (7) ORDINEE (in Erode drafted = ana. IN+ERODE)
21 Speak to lawyer coming up to put on clothes (7) ADDRESS (lawyer=DA=>lawyer coming up=AD, to put on clothes=DRESS => AD+DRESS)
22 Those who have undergone major surgery are said to belong to this club (6)
25 Almost certain about learner? Play smoothly! (4) SLUR (Certain=SURE=>Almost certain=SUR, learner=L=>Almost certain about learner = S(L)UR)

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8220 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Avoid trouble on the golf links, perhaps (4,3) BAIL OUT (Direct)
5 They will raise many a laugh (6) COMICS (Direct)
9 Choose an exclusive group of people (5) ELECT (Direct)
10 She and Adrian calculated a Jewish month (4,5) ADAR SHENI (She and Adrian calculated = ana. SHE+ADRIAN)
11 Rituals expressing an attribute of Shiva (7) TRISULA (Rituals expressing = ana. RITUALS)
12 The be-all and end-all of German city church (7) ESSENCE (German city=ESSEN, church=CE => ESSEN+CE)
13 Yarn in Karnataka's capital is extremely loose (5) INKLE (in=IN, Karnataka's capital=K, extremely loose=extreme letters of LoosE=LE=>Karnataka's capital is extremely loose = IN+K+LE)
14 Accept a pig that imbibes liquor (5,4) TAKES WINE (accept=TAKE, a pig=SWINE)
16 Reaper, get nimbly to a growth in the orchard (5,4) GRAPE TREE (Reaper, get nimbly = ana. REAPER+GET)
19 It is set up to hold spectacles (5) ARENA (Direct)
21 Inquisitive about parent dressing (7) PROBING (parent=P, dressing=ROBING => P+ROBING)
23 Donator noticed to be yielding fragrances (7) ODORANT (Donator noticed to be yielding = ana. ODORANT)
24 If you do, you'll have a running nose (5,4) CATCH COLD (Direct)
25 Sound rejection is by the Orient (5) NOISE (rejection=NO, is=IS, Orient=E=>rejection is by the Orient = NO+IS+E)
26 Church official assembles stone around ten (6) SEXTON (assembles stone=ana. STONE=SETON, ten=X=>assembles stone around ten = SE(X)TON)
27 Think highly of some theatre spectators (7) RESPECT (Container => theatRE SPECTators)

1 Chap began rites tortuously: what is needed is respite (9,5) BREATHING SPACE (Chap began rites tortuously = ana. CHAP+BEGAN+RITES)
2 Area of frozen water for skaters (3,4) ICE RINK (Direct)
3 Old boy spot on about dead project (7) OBTRUDE (Old boy=OB)
4 Does he ever have a cuppa to the brim? (3,6) TEA TASTER (Cryptic Defn.)
5 She has a fifty in temporary keeping (5) CLARE (fifty=L, temporary keeping=CARE=>in temporary keeping = C(L)ARE)
6 Treats badly (7) MISUSES (Direct)
7 Enchain loosely to a capital city in India (7) CHENNAI (Enchain loosely = ana. ENCHAIN)
8 It comes to the rescue of those with a burning problem (4,10) FIRE DEPARTMENT (Cryptic Defn.)
15 Hold the directive to maintain propriety (4,5) KEEP ORDER (Hold=Keep, the directive=ORDER)
17 A job to the French champion (7) APOSTLE (A=A, job=POST, the French=LE)
18 Pete hit out: there emerges an abusive word (7) EPITHET (Pet hit out = ana. PETE+HIT)
19 Is in great quantities (7) AMOUNTS (Direct)
20 The girl is up on the borders of Vellore, but still not direct in answers (7) EVASIVE (Girl=EVA, is up=SI, borders of Vellore=VE=>The girl is up on the borders of Vellore = EVA+SI+VE)
22 Mature, but heard to indicate pain (5) GROWN (pain-GROAN=>heard the homonym indicator=>sounds like GROWN)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8219 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Sort of writers touched by hints (4,4) FELT TIPS (touched=FELT, hints=TIPS)
5 It has to be kept untold (6) SECRET (Direct)
9 Amble leisurely in Rhode Island's earthen bank (7) REMBLAI (Amble leisurely=ana. AMBLE=EMBLA, Rhode Island=RI=>Amble leisurely in Rhode Island = R(EMBLA)I)
10 The bulk is for a kind of physics (7) QUANTUM (Double Defn.)
11 Australian port with almost unrestricted cover (9) FREMANTLE (unrestricted=FREE=>almost unrestricted=FRE,cover=MANTLE=>almost unrestricted cover = FRE+MANTLE)
12 Permission to depart (5) LEAVE (Direct)
13 Musical instrument with top portion broken is still a musical instrument (4) LUTE (Musical instrument=FLUTE=>Musical instrument with top portion broken=FLUTE-F)
14 Tara prone to change, as matters are (3,2,4) PRO RE NATA (Tara prone to change = ana. TARA+PRONE)
17 Question that will get fine answer (3,3,3) HOW ARE YOU (Cryptic Defn - FINE is the answer to How are you?)
19 City in which the pace is not so slow (4) OSLO (Container => sO SLOw -- I don't understand which part of the clue is the container indicator)
23 Sibal crushed a herb (5) BASIL (Sibal crushed = ana. SIBAL)
24 Rerun fact to unfold the skill to read magical signs (9) RUNECRAFT (Rerun fact to unfold = ana. RERUN+FACT)
25 Pirate ship (7) CORSAIR (Direct)
26 Ranges apparitions (7) SPECTRA (Double Defn.)
27 Horse going round the top of wasteland is agitated (6) STEWED (Horse=STEED, top of wasteland=1st letter of wasteland=W=>Horse going round the top of wasteland = STE(W)ED)
28 Seized cents had scattered (8) SNATCHED (cents had scattered = ana. CENTS+HAD)

1 Measures by which food is pitched into the mouth? (8) FORKFULS (Cryptic defn. - pitched as in pitch fork)
2 A doctor in a period of fasting is bright (7) LAMBENT (A=A, doctor=MB, period of fasting=LENT=>A doctor in a period of fasting = L(A+MB)ENT)
3 Frigate of model Rajasthan city (6) TALWAR (model=T, Rajasthan city=ALWAR)
4 Mistake of certain types (8,5) PRINTER'S ERROR (Cryptic defn. - types=prints -- excellent clue)
6 Making possible for the sailor to be near the fish after a measure (8) ENABLING (sailor=AB, fish=LING, measure=EN=>sailor to be near the fish after a measure = EN+AB+LING)
7 Draw back on the field (7) RETRACT (on=RE, field=TRACT=>on the field = RE+TRACT)
8 Mean to be among the strongest emperors (6) T_M_E_
10 Quinn, Gore goes round: there are strange happenings (5,6-2) QUEER GOINGS-ON (Quinn, Gore goes round = ana. QUINN+GORE+GOES)
15 Dance and mega circus at a sporting activity (4,4) BALL GAME (Dance=BALL, mega circus=ana. MEGA=GAME -- interesting use of 'circus' as an ana. ind.)
16 Left, it is alleged, for this Egyptian city (4,4) PORT SAID (Left=PORT(as on a ship), it is alleged=SAID)
18 Watch old boy dish up (7) OBSERVE (old boy=OB, dish up=SERVE => OB+SERVE)
20 Has hint about repetitive word in mantra (7) SHANTIH (Has hint about = ana. HAS+HINT)
21 Counter used by some Colaba customers (6) ABACUS (Container => ColABA CUStomers)
22 Approve the account for church payment (6) ACCEPT (account=AC, church=CE, payment=PT=>account for church payment = AC+CE+PT)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8218 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Idle spec about being overshadowed (8) ECLIPSED (Idle spec about = ana. IDLE+SPEC)
6 Said to irritate a Frenchman (4) _A_L
9 Substitute a copy (4,2) BACK UP (Double Defn.)
10 Where small weapons are placed (7) ARMRACK (Direct)
13 Heed Pluto for having provided additional assistance (6,3) HELPED OUT (Heed Pluto for=ana. HEED+PLUTO)
14 They are written out by pupils as punishment (5) LINES (Direct)
15 The French region gives money (4) PAYS (Double Defn.)
16 Honest, served without ice (8-2) STRAIGHT UP (Double Defn.)
19 U.S. State can foil IRA rockets (10) CALIFORNIA (can foil IRA rockets = ana. CAN+FOIL+IRA -- Great surface reading and excellent use of 'rocket's as an ana. ind.)
21 Baudelaire's hideaway (4) LAIR (Container => BaudeLAIRe)
24 A girl going round a U.S. city (5) MIAMI (A girl=MIMI, a=A=>A girl going round a=MI(A)MI)
25 Like-minded Mac, I posit, ran away (9) SIMPATICO (Mac, I posit, ran away = ana. MAC+I+POSIT)
26 The kind of record that is not surpassed for a while (3-4) ALL-TIME (Direct)
27 Raina's lot of foreign money (6) NAIRAS (Raina's lot = ana. RAINAS)
28 Still one mysterious creature (4) YETI (Still=YET, one=I => YET+I)
29 An artist has a draft passed around for a version of sitar (8) TARAFDAR (An artist=RA, a=A, draft=DRAFT=>An artist has a draft passed around=ana. RA+A+DRAFT)

2 Daily the French gets unknown heroin (7) CHARLEY (Daily=CHAR, the French=LE, unknown=Y => CHAR+LE+Y)
3 Kind of computer printing system (6) INKJET (Direct)
4 Drink after drink given to the adherent (9) SUPPORTER (Drink=SUP, Drink=PORTER=>Drink after drink=SUP+PORTER)
5 Drawing an animal (5) DRAFT (Double Defn.)
7 Opposed to a profit, by the way (7) AGAINST (a=A, profie=GAIN, the way=ST=>a profit, by the way = A+GAIN+ST)
8 Not that only this pool is of the first water (4,8) LAKE SUPERIOR
11 Indian gardener, no good, back to show evil disposition (6) MALIGN (Indian gardener=MALI, no=N, good=G=>no good, back=GN=>Indian gardener, no good, back=MALI+GN)
12 All members of this work in the same craft (5,7) SHIPS COMPANY (Cryptic defn. => craft means ship)
17 Naomi airs views of a peninsula (4,5) ASIA MINOR (Naomi airs views = ana. NAOMI+AIRS)
18 Fair turn-out by the princess tribe (6) AFRIDI (Fair turn-out=ana. FAIR=AFRI, princess=DI=>Fair turn-out by the princess = AFRI+DI)
20 Performing flea allowed the handbill (7) LEAFLET (Performing flea=ana. FLEA=LEAF, allowed=LEt => LEAF+LET)
22 "Open sesame" brought wealth to him (3,4) ALI BABA (Direct)
23 Superstar iffy about hidden schedule of charges (6) TARIFF (Container => SupersTAR IFFy)
25 In a way very small, but altogether delightful (5) SWEET (way=ST, very small=WEE=>In a way very small=WEE in ST = S(WEE)T)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8217 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Except one boy providing the protective device for a door (7,4) BARRING IRON (Except=BARRING, one=I, boy=RON => BARRING I+RON)
9 A song about computer-aided design for a quiet region (7) ARCADIA (A song=ARIA, computer-aided design=CAD=>A song about computer-aided design = AR(CAD)IA)
10 Ah, Fagin pickpockets some money (7) AGFHANI (ana. AH+FAGIN -- 'pickpockets' not a convincing anagram indicator)
11 Nine charge at the Greek king (5) IXION (Nine=IX, charge=ION => IX+ION)
12 Parcel is back; give an address that is detailed (9) ELABORATE (Parcel=BALE=>Parcel is back=ELAB, give an address=ORATE => ELAB+ORATE)
13 They are opposed to 'yups' (5) NOPES (Direct)
15 Lady veers round to pick up autumn's sweepings (3,6) DRY LEAVES (Lady veers round = ana. LADY+VEERS)
18 Banished hatred around the girl adopting a form of Buddhism (9) THERAVADA (Banished hatred=ana. HATRED=THERDA, girl=AVA=>Banished hatred around the girl = THER(AVA)DA)
21 Fibre from South Indian tree (5) SISAL (South Indian=SI, tree=SAL => SI+SAL)
22 Woman in service is inquisitive about the Hardy character (9) PRIESTESS (is inquistive=PRIES, Hardy character=TESS (from Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'urbervilles))
24 Do get, by any means, what is at the edge of a garment (5) GODET (Do get, by any means = ana. DO+GET)
26 Auditor's relation? (7) ACCOUNT (Double Defn. -- good clue)
27 Look briefly around; mischievous boy's leg is broken (7) GLIMPSE (mischievous boy's=IMP'S, leg=LEG=>mischievous boy's leg is broken = ana. IMPS+LEG -- Don't approve of clues that involve an anagram of synonym(s))
28 Much comes after standard the royal set for what cruising motorists look for (7,4) PARKING LOTS (Much=LOTS, standard=PAR, royal=KING=>Much comes after standard the royal=PAR+KING LOTS -- Too many words in the clue, and unimpressive surface reading)

1 Support the girl climbing up core tree (6,3) BRAZIL NUT (Support=BRA, girl=LIZ=>girl climbing up=ZIL, core=NUT=>Support the girl climbing up core = BRA+ZIL NUT)
2 Italian painter Sebastian, for one (5) RICCI (??)
3 As I do, nine turn up in this country (9) INDONESIA (As I do, nine turn up = ana. AS+I+DO+NINE)
4 Make an approach to Oriental boy with a pointed beard (7) GOATEED (Make an approach to=GO AT, Oriental=E, boy=ED -- where does the other E come from??)
5 South American shrub, not any Thar growth (7) RHATANY (not any Thar growth = ana. ANY+THAR -- I assume 'not' is the anagram indicator, 'growth' is redundant)
6 River in which Ron splashes about, for example (5) NEGRO (Ron splashes about, for example = ana. RON+EG)
7 After two artists, Siva squashed the unique person (4,4) RARA AVIS (artist=RA=>two artists=RARA, Siva squashed=ana. SIVA=AVIS)
8 Cheat to cause irritation (4) RIDE (Double Defn.)
14 Administrative district where you find the supreme commander lurking (8) PRECINCT (supreme commander=Commander-in-Chief=CINC)
16 Not hard to enter a group leader who is casual in style (9) EASYGOING (Not hard=EASY, to enter=GO IN, group leader=1st letter of group=G => EASY+GO+IN+G)
17 Speaks rapidly and bespatters (9) SPLUTTERS (Double Defn.)
19 One improved the confederate (7) ABETTER (One=A, improved=BETTER => A+BETTER -- very nice clue)
20 Fool, for example, our international carrier with a weapon (7) ASSEGAI (Fool=ASS, for eg=EG, our international carrier=Air India=AI)
22 Stupid person plays a different part (4) PRAT (different part = ana. PART)
23 Get lumber (5) STUMP (Direct??)
25 A compulsive drinker, I would go up, accepting a weak sop (5) DIPSO (I would=I'd=ID=>I would go up=reverse of ID=DI, weak sop=ana. SOP=PSO=>I would go up, accepting a weak sop = DI+PSO)

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8216 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Agitating demonstrably about the position of one's humeri (2,2,4) UP IN ARMS (humeri=ARMS)
5 They wash dirty linen in public in India (6) DHOBIS (Direct)
9 Individual control of sitcoms broadcast outside India (8) STOICISM (sitcoms broadcast=ana. SITCOMS=STOICSM, India=I=>sitcoms broadcast outside India = STOIC(I)SM)
10 Supply with weapons well in advance (6) PREARM (Direct)
12 Moved quickly from the French restroom, we hear (4) FLED
13 Akbar (5,5) GREAT MOGUL
15 Industrial protest in Goa somehow involves that woman (6) GHERAO (Goa somehow=GAO, woman=HER=>Goa somehow involves that woman = G(HER)AO)
17 Despatched perfume, we're told (5) SCENT (Despatched=SENT=>we're told is the homonym indicator)
20 A point on Mali destroying a means of communication (1-4) EMAIL (A point=E, Mali destroying=ana. MALI=MAIL)
21 Water course is insignificant to a head of horticulturists (6) NULLAH (insignificant=NULL, a=A, head of horticulturists=1st letter of horticulturists=H=>NULL+A+H)
24 A wish Linda makes for garment from Kashmir, perhaps (5,5) INDIA SHAWL (A wish Linda makes=ana. A+WISH+LINDA)
27 Dance channel? (4) MONO (??)
29 Tarry to see author starting rather late (6) LOITER (see=LO, author=WRITER=>author starting rather late=WRITER-WR=ITER => LO+ITER)
30 Hydrogen gas? Saucy girl back to the bends (8) HAIRPINS (Hydrogen=H, gas=AIR, Saucy girl=SNIP=>Saucy girl back=PINS=>Hydrogen gas? Saucy girl back = H+AIR+PINS)
31 Watch allocated to the lines (6) SENTRY (Direct)
32 Cover that is close to the head (8) SKULLCAP (Direct)

1 World body's container is not protected (6) UNSAFE (World body=UN, container=SAFE => UN+SAFE)
2 One for the evening job (6) IRONER (Cryptic Defn. -- evening job is a job that requires one to even or to press)
3 Chief to bend back (4) ARCH (Double Defn. - 1. Chief (adj.) 2. bend back)
4 Mean person is fallen in the French ocean (5) MISER (is=IS, the French ocean=MER=>is fallen in the French ocean = M(IS)ER)
6 The palaces behind are in the control of the headmaster (5) HAREM (are=ARE, headmaster=HM=>are in the control of the headmaster = H(ARE)M)
7 Disputes about royal ornaments (8) BRANGLES (royal=R, ornaments=BANGLES=>about royal ornaments = B(R)ANGLES)
8 Pretend Salem UTI letters are distributed (8) SIMULATE (Salem UTI letters are distributed = ana. SALEM+UTI)
11 Plant old Indian clerk and learner together (6) BABOOL (old Indian clerk=BABOO, learner=L=>old Indian clerk and learner together = BABOO+L)
14 Pulse of the boy going up, gaining height (4) DHAL (boy=LAD=>boy going up=DAL, height=H=>boy going up, gaining height = D(H)AL)
16 Hut for travellers managed by actor-politician (6) RANCHO (??)
17 Friends make up a breach (4) SLAP (Friends=PALS=>Friends make up = reverse of PALS)
18 P.C. relies on replay of Shakespeare's drama (8) PERICLES (P.C. relies on replay = ana. PC+REPLIES)
19 A handing over to Mahatma's follower (8) GANDHIAN (A handing over=ana. A+HANDING)
22 Cyclic course in the heavens (6) ZODIAC (Direct)
23 Chatty talk (6) GOSSIP (Direct)
25 Rich man makes a mere transfer (5) AMEER (a mere transfer = ana. A+MEER)
26 Get the better of Western writer (5) WHACK (Western=W, writer=HACK=>Western writer = W+HACK)
28 Alternatively, the boy is using speech (4) ORAL (Alternatively=OR, the boy=AL=>Alternatively, the boy = OR+AL)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2592 Solutions

1 Dish, lightly cooked portion (7) RAREBIT (lightly cooked=RARE, portion=BIT => RARE+BIT)
5 One likely to have a nap? (7) TIPSTER (??)
9 Horseman, leader of cavalry, with very big rifle (7) COSSACK (leader of cavalry=C, very big=OS, big rifle=SACK)
10 Row back to vessel to attend a service (7) WORSHIP (Row back=Reverse of ROW=WOR, vessel=SHIP=>Row back to vessel = WOR+SHIP))
11 Carol having drop of lime in drink (5) SLING (Carol=SING(v.), drop of lime=L=>Carol having drop of lime = S(L)ING)
12 Set aside popular book (2,7) IN RESERVE (Direct)
13 Crowd with sports league meeting with journalists (5,10) PRESS CONFERENCE (Crowd=PRESS, sports league=CONFERENCE)
15 Tense meeting patrolman on street, one one's not met before (7,8) PERFECT STRANGER (Tense=PERFECT(as in Present Perfect, Past Perfect etc.), patrolman=RANGER, street=ST=>patrolman on street=ST+RANGER)
19 Deploy laser beam, almost following lead of "Cubby Broccoli"? (9) CALABRESE (laser beam almost=LASER+BEA=>Deploy laser beam, almost=ana. LASER+BEA=ALABRESE, lead of Cubby=C=>Deploy laser beam, almost following lead of "Cubby=C+ALABRESE)
21 News involving learner driver and the public (5) WORLD (News=WORD, learner driver=L=>News involving learner driver = WOR(L)D)
22 Study large hospital in Welsh town (7) DENBIGH (Study=DEN, large=BIG, hospital=H => DEN+BIG+H)
24 Girl, one leaving drunken sailor at New York, on the way back (7) ROSALYN (one leaving drunken sailor=ana. SAILOR-I=>ROSAL, New York=NY=>New York, on the way back=YN=> one leaving drunken sailor at New York, on the way back = ROSAL+YN)
25 One who entertains those at sea on steamship (7) HOSTESS (those at sea=ana. THOSE=HOSTE, steamship=SS=>those at sea on steamship = HOSTE+SS)

1 Goes mad, discarding clubs, and accumulates points (5,2) RACKS UP (Goes mad=CRACKS UP=>Goes mad, discarding clubs= CRACKS UP-C(Clubs as in cards))
2 Sappers deliberately hurt causing temporary delay (7) RESPITE (Sappers=RE, deliberately hurt=SPITE => RE+SPITE)
3 Sweetheart gets upset about ending in feature film (4,5) BEAU GESTE (Sweetheart=BEAU, gets upset=ana. GETS=GSTE, ending in feature=last letter of feature=E=>gets upset about ending in feature=G(E)STE)
4 Accept defeat stoically as a boxer might? (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN (Cryptic Defn.)
5 Powerful tractor? One's extremely dependable when needed (5,2,8) TOWER OF STREGTH (Tractor=TOWER(something that tows), Powerful=Of STRENGTH)
6 Community's endless capital (5) PARIS (Community=PARISH=>Community's endless = PARISH-H)
7 Article supports working there in Iran (7) TEHERAN (working there=ana. TEHER, article=AN=>Article supports working there = TEHER+AN)
8 Full? Salesman allowed inside at the end (7) REPLETE (Salesman=REP, allowed inside=LET, the end=last letter of the=E => REP+LET+E)
14 Street repairs, radical round roundabout by factory? (9) ROADWORKS (radical=RAD, roundabout=O=>radical round roundabout=R(O)AD, factory=WORKS=>radical round roundabout by factory = ROAD+WORKS)
15 Horseman in cap Dior designed (7) PICADOR (cap Dior designed = ana. CAP+DIOR)
16 Decisions in game, good for East in more than one series (7) RULINGS
17 Rubbish boy initially put in lockup, perhaps (7) GARBAGE (boy initially=B, lockup=GARAGE =>boy initially put in lockup = GAR(B)AGE)
18 Compensation concerning clothing (7) REDRESS (Concerning=RE, clothing=DRESS => RE+DRESS)
20 Excellent fish (5) BRILL (Double Defn. - 1. Brill is short for Brilliant 2. It's also a kind of fish)

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8214 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 The stormy sweat produced by an immersion heater perhaps (3,5,6) HOT WATER SYSTEM (The stormy sweat produced = ana. THE+STORMY+SWEAT)
9 A kind of grey coat (8) CATEGORY (ana. GREY+COAT -- looks like the compiler is trying to use the word 'kind' as the defn., as well as the anagram indicator. Dear compiler, please get your basics right. This is unfair clueing)
10 Made eastern dropsy (5) EDEMA (ana. MADE+E -- Identical ploy here)
12 Members at grassroots levels (4) TREE (??)
13 He has continuous pains (5) ACHES (??)
14 Knotty problem for navigators (4) REEF (Direct)
17 Writer will try first (8) ESSAYIST (try=ESSAY, first=IST)
18 The French unwilling to curse (6) LOATHE (The French=LE, where did OATH come from??)
20 Edible seed of leguminous plant (6) LENTIL (Direct)
21 Insular type confesses to calumny (8) ISLANDER (confesses to calumny= I SLANDER)
25 Abruptly stopped movement of the stupid person (4) JERK (Double Defn.)
26 Regal look of intensity (5) GLARE (ana. REGAL -- try spotting the ana. ind. and please do let me know if you find it)
27 Small piece of land is let into water here (4) ISLE (Container => IS LEt -- Don't ask me why there are so many redundant words in the clue. Where actually needed, words are absent, and vice-versa)
30 Stop providing comfort in the civil service (5) CEASE (comfort=EASE, civil=C??)
31 Abundant giving one has developed (8) GENEROUS (Direct??)
32 Unimportance felt by astronauts (14) WEIGHTLESSNESS (Direct)

2 Journeys that widens the mind (7) TRAVELS (Direct -- The clue itself is gramatically wrong)
3 Cut down and dismissed as superfluous (4) AXED (Double Defn.)
4 Despiriting work for the clergy (8) EXCORCISM (direct)
5 Pens with the French form of appearance (6) STYLES (Pens=STYS (Now, that's not the correct plural form), the French=LE=>Pens with the French = STY(LE)S)
6 We have second thoughts and throw it all up (4) SPEW (ana. WE+S(second)+P(no idea where it comes from))
7 First principle of an electric heater (7) ELEMENT (Double Defn.)
8 Lacking enthusiasm he'd surrounded Alfred with affection (4,7) HALF HEARTED (He'd=HED, Alfred=ALF, affection=HEART=>he'd surrounded Alfred with affection = H(ALF HEART)ED)
11 Sailor on the point of becoming a chimney sweeper (11) STEEPLEJACK (Sailor=JACK, point=STEEPLE??)
15 Mountain top dwelling place (5) EYRIE (Direct)
16 Assent mother gives the migrant (5) NOMAD (Assent=NOD, mother=MA=>Assent mother gives = ana. NOD+MA -- As I've remarked earlier, an anagram of synonyms is extremely inelegant)
19 To cut off gives alien an eye-opener (8) ESTRANGE (alien=STRANGE, eye-opener=E=>E + STRANGE)
21 Ran back to describe in detail (7) NARRATE (Ran back=NAR, someone please explain where RATE come from)
23 Controversy of argument (7) DISPUTE (Direct)
24 Cut — although negligible(6) SLIGHT (Double Defn.)
28 Detached piece of a glacier (4) BERG (Direct)
29 He rose to become the god of love (4) EROS (rose to become=ana. ROSE)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8213 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Profoundly moving part of the earth's surface (4,3) DEEP SEA (Direct - Profound=DEEP, moving part of the earth's surface=SEA)
5 Prospective purchasers of about 51 dollar pieces? (7) CLIENTS (51=LI, dollar pieces=CENTS=>about 51 dollar pieces = ana. LI+CENTS)
9 Distress with bodily or mental suffering (7) AFFLICT (Direct)
10 Dearth in the tourist town centre (7) PAUCITY (tourist town=PAU, centre=CITY??)
11 Travellers' retreat (3) INN (Direct)
12 Mental weariness you get from 9 p.m. onwards (5) ENNUI (you=U, 9=NINE => ana. U+NINE -- don't ask me where the ana. ind. is, or what 'p.m. onwards' contributes to the clue, it's just another mediocre clue from a third-rate compiler)
13 That nice girl in the family (5) NIECE (Is it a direct clue, or is it ana. of NICE+E(no idea where the E would come from) -- looks like just another dud from the clue-maker's ammo)
14 Cross-examines harassing cooking devices (6) GRILLS (Double Defn.)
15 Devices for analyzing signals (8) DECODERS (Direct)
18 Juicy bits of malicious gossip (8) SCANDALS (Direct)
20 Stick to be firm in the opinion he read (6) ADHERE (ana. HE+READ -- the ana. ind. is missing, as usual)
24 Hold forth from platform (5) ORATE (Direct)
26 Ruses to become addicts (5) USERS (Ruses to become = ana. RUSES)
27 Female deer which does endear to us here (3) DOE (Container => DOEs)
28 Presumptuous towards the front (7) FORWARD (Double Defn.)
29 Dispose of to cause betrayal (4-3) SELL-OUT (Double Defn.)
30 You'll find me put off about this grecian goddess (7) DEMETER (me=ME, put off=DETER=>me put off about = DE(ME)TER)
31 Rest back in fear from the deceitful person (7) SHYSTER (in fear=SHY, Rest back=ana. REST=STER)

1 Attractive triumph in tranvestite clothing (7) DRAWING (triumph=WIN, tranvestite clothing=DRAG=>triumph in tranvestite clothing = D(RAW)ING)
2 Man of standing in Arab country (7) EFFENDI (Direct - Thanks to Ganesh. See comment)
3 Nastily sniffed at the start of lumbago (9) SNIVELLED (??)
4 Come to a very sober conclusion (6) ATTEND (a=A, very sober=TT(teetotaller), conclusion=END => A+TT+END)
5 Overturns for example (8) CAPSIZES (Direct)
6 Put ashes in a container (5) INURN (in=IN, a container=URN => IN+URN)
7 I've neat ways for artlessness (7) NAIVETE (ana. IVE+NEAT)
8 Timidity from bashfulness (7) SHYNESS (Direct/Double Defn.)
16 No return to underworld drama as everyone can see (2,7) ON DISPLAY (No return=ON, underworld=DIS??, drama=PLAY)
17 The fish to struggle with an awkward motion (8) FLOUNDER (Double Defn.)
18 Devided and poked fun (7) SCOFFED (Double Defn.)
19 Transposition of letters often found here (7) ANAGRAM (Direct)
21 Nearest to the extreme limit (7) ENDMOST (Direct)
22 He has the right to choose (7) ELECTOR (Direct)
23 Banquets to celebrate something special (6) FEASTS (Direct)
25 Former deed to demand money (5) EXACT (Former=EX, deed=ACT => EX+ACT)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8212 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Never does a dunce find the school periods so simple (4,5) EASY TERMS (Direct)
6 Part of thing each door needs (5) HINGE (Container => tHING Each)
9 Combination of elements (7) AMALGAM (Direct)
10 Raised without a decent pedigree (3,4) LOW BRED (Direct)
11 Go-between negotiators (6) AGENTS (Direct)
12 Eastern verse becomes oppressive (6) SEVERE (ana. E(Eastern)+VERSE)
15 Points to my negotiator being a spy (5,5) ENEMY AGENT (Points=ENE, my=MY,negotiator=AGENT=>Points to my negotiator = ENE+MY AGENT)
16 Hearsay gossip (4) NEWS (Direct)
18 Essential foundation (4) BASE (Double Defn.)
19 Deviation of lateral bend (10) DEFLECTION (Direct)
23 Vegetables for use in bowls (6) GREENS (Direct)
25 Completed movement in series (6) STROKE (Direct)
28 Shedding granite to pieces (7) TEARING (ana. GRANITE)
29 Provisions prepared for use (7) VICTUAL (Direct)
30 Side step by trickery (5) DODGE (Direct)
31 Put things right after a bath (9) REDRESSED (Double Defn.)

1 Originate from tea name (7) EMANATE (ana. TEA+NAME -- where's the ana. ind.?)
2 Battered and out of form (9) SHAPELESS (Double Defn.)
3 Closely put together (7) TIGHTLY (Direct)
4 Beat down quietly on the inclined plane (4) RAMP (Beat down=RAM, qietly=P => RAM+P)
5 Understanding fish (4) SOLE (??)
6 Hesitate to cry out for a glaring error (6) HOWLER (Hesitate=ER, to cry out=HOWL => HOWL+ER)
7 Coolness in danger (5) NERVE (Direct)
8 Undivided whole (7) ENDLESS (Direct??)
13 White bird stuck in tangled tree (5) EGRET (ana. G+TREE -- where does the G come from?)
14 Corner of the bend (5) ANGLE (Direct)
17 Postscripts for concluding programmes (9) EPILOGUES (Direct)
18 Blindly intolerant I got into bed (7) BIGOTED (ana. I+GOT+BED)
20 Cut the ice left in the dead skin at the base of the fingernail (7) CUTICLE (ana. CUT+ICE+L(left) -- again, I don't see a satusfactory ana. ind.)
21 Provoked the sempstress? (7) NEEDLED (sempstress=tailor)
22 Request the pleasure of someone's company (6) INVITE (Direct)
24 The Spanish and English type of African deer (5) ELAND (The Spanish=EL, and=AND => EL+AND)
26 A rag back of a seaweed (4) AGAR (A=A, rag back=GAR => A+GAR)
27 We seem to aid the greedy somehow (4) AVID (We seem=V, aid=AID => ana. V+AID -- the ana. ind. i.e. 'somehow' is located at the end of the clue. How much lamer can it get??)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8211 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

CAVEAT - Once again, a grid replete with substandard clues

1 Apparently is some set arrangement (2,2,5) SO IT SEEMS (is some set arrangement = ana. IS+SOME+SET)
5 Bear troubles with a toothy smile (4) GRIN (Direct - grin and bear it)
8 Drinking vessel that sometimes overflows (3) CUP (Direct - the cup runneth over)
9 Hotchpotch medley that will rightly go far (7) FARRAGO (far=FAR, rightly=R, go=GO, ??=A => ana. FAR+R+GO+A)
10 Clamour in the diner here (3) DIN (Container => DINer)
11 Favouring extreme views or measures (5) ULTRA (Direct)
12 Fully anxious to look after attentively (9) CAREFULLY (I refuse to tender an explanation)
13 She is a curse with a wail portending death (7) DONAHUE (??)
15 Authorise to arrest Lee (6) ENABLE (arrest=NAB, Lee=LEE => ana. NAB+LEE -- Looks like the compiler is ignorant of the concept of anagram indicators)
17 Take pleasure in being unusually mad with anger (6) ADMIRE (unusually mad=ADM, anger=IRE=>unusually mad with anger = ADMIRE)
18 Most rapid progress ahead of true time (7) FASTEST (??)
21 Jugglers who swindle the members of the panel somehow (9) CONJURORS (swindle=CON, members of the panel=JURORS -- why do we need 'somehow' in the clue?)
22 Turn out the victim inside (5) EVICT (Container => thE VICTim)
24 Easy to crack seed (3) NUT (Direct)
25 Old bait to get sensational headlines in small newspaper (7) TABLOID (Old bait to get=ana. OLD+BAIT)
26 Pair of performers (3) DUO (Direct)
27 Utiliser of a right (4) USER (Direct)
28 Cite extra involvement to set free (9) EXTRICATE (Cite extra involvement = ana. CITE+EXTRA)

1 Be forced to yield and die (7) SUCCUMB (Double Defn.)
2 Mischievous child to return to short punishment (5) IMPOT?? (child=IMP, to return=OT)
3 Made wealthy men, Richard included (8) ENRICHED (Container => mEN RICHard, where does the extra 'ED' come from??)
4 Twinkling eyes of an enthusiastic child (6) STARRY (Direct)
5 Grow to dislike one's boss to the point of total unreason? (2,3,4,4) GO OFF ONE'S HEAD
6 It gives an impression of permanence (9) INDELIBLE (Direct)
7 Protein catalyst of specific biochemical reaction (6) ENZYME (Direct)
9 Lightest of brushes (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER (Direct)
14 Proposes names to appoint in office (9) NOMINATES (ana. NAMES+TO+IN -- Don't ask me why or how)
16 Branch away to grow quickly (8) OFFSHOOT (Direct)
17 Advance in social status (6) ASCEND (Direct)
19 Electronic valve to deter someway (7) TETRODE (to deter someway = ana. TO+DETER)
20 Mobs hesitate to be gloomy and dismal (6) SOMBRE (ana. MOBS+ER(hesitate))
23 Bestow aid in this country (5) INDIA (ana. AID+IN)

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8210 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Prominent part of view (10) FOREGROUND (Direct)
6 Tail-wagging show of affection (4) FAWN (Direct)
9 Swindle you strongly fear somehow (7) DEFRAUD (you=U, strongly=F, fear=DREAD=>you strongly fear somehow = ana. U+F+DREAD -- This is a horrible clue. An anagram of synonyms is pretty lame)
10 He is not highly intellectual or cultured (7) LOWBROW (Direct)
12 Pass away food and clothes free (4,4) HAND OUTS (I have no explanation for this one -- Crappy clue no doubt)
13 Crystal clear and distinct (5) LUCID (Direct)
15 He takes rum to discharge tears (5) RHEUM (ana. HE+RUM)
17 Blow for slow retaliation (3,3,3) TIT FOR TAT (Direct)
19 Structures to hold tool for cutting, taut (3,6) SAW FRAMES (Direct -- whats the 'taut' doing in the clue?)
21 Move along to dance and become brown (5) TANGO (Move along=GO, Brown=TAN => ana. GO+TAN -- this is most awful clue of the lot. The clue defn. i.e. 'dance' is somewhere in the middle of the clue. Again the compiler wants us to think up some vague synonyms and anagrammatize them. And where is the anagram indicator?)
23 State of being most badly evil (5) WORST (Direct -- Is this the best clue the compiler could churn out? Surpise Surprise! It isn't the WORST either. Because even worse clues follow)
24 Storm cooled in a tea cup, maybe (4,4) BREW OVER
27 Special boat to catch fish (7) TRAWLER (Direct -- and I thought this was a cryptic crossword)
28 One bleeds to get things to be eaten (7) EDIBLES (One=I, bleeds=BLEEDS=>One bleeds to get = ana. I+BLEEDS)
29 Tear charge for measure (4) RATE (tear charge = ana. TEAR -- 'charge' as an ana. ind.? shady!)
30 Flagrant mistake (5,5) GROSS ERROR (Direct)

1 Cause to disappear gradually (4) FADE (Direct)
2 Reason for delayed start to increase economic activity (7) REFLATE (Reason for=REF??, delayed=LATE -- bad surface reading)
3 Drag north for the imposing summit (5) GRAND (ana. DRAG+N -- 'imposing' is 'grand'. What's the word 'summit' for?)
4 Something that has been done for years (3,6) OLD CUSTOM (Direct)
5 Invalidates and makes void (5) NULLS (Double Defn.)
7 Fruit to get from Capri (7) APRICOT (to get from Capri = ana. TO+CAPRI -- again, very poor wording, and location of ana. ind.)
8 A refurbished guide for those who want to wine and dine differently (3,7) NEW EDITION (to wine and dine differently = ana. TO+WINE+DINE)
11 Go courting, but jilt the girl (4,3) WALK OUT (Go=WALK, courting=OUT??)
14 New sources clearly tapped not of the sea (5,5) FRESH WATER (New=FRESH, sources clearly tapped=WATER -- horrible horrible horrible)
16 Trail mother regarding wedded bliss (7) MARITAL (ana. TRAIL+MA(mother) - 'regarding' as an ana. ind. - phew, the lesser said the better)
18 Sense a smaller number without flavour (9) TASTELESS (Sense=TASTE, a small number=LESS)
20 Assurance to demand sanction (7) WARRANT (Double Defn.)
22 One who irritates a sewing woman? (7) NEEDLER (Double Defn.)
24 Hesitate to steal to get the insect (5) BORER (Hesitate=ER, steal=BOR?? -- again poor word positioning)
25 Love to live near the evergreen tree (5) OLIVE (Love=O, live=LIVE => O+LIVE)
26 First Russian imprisoned by Bolsheviks's armed forces (4) TSAR (Direct)

Dear compiler, I, on behalf of the worldwide community of cruciverbalists, implore you not to torture us with clues of such appalling quality. It is an insult not only to us, but to the high standards of crypticism set by Ximenes. May his soul RIP.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2592 Solutions

1 Reason Italian's back in action (6) MOTIVE (Italian=IT=>Italian's back=TI, action=MOVE=>Italian's back in action = MO(TI)VE)
4 Wanting to cross, finds a quicker way (5,3) SHORT CUT
9 Hood shown in book with a silly call girl (9) BALACLAVA (book=BA, silly call=LACL, girl=AVA => BA+LACL+AVA)
11 Check utterance made by president (5) CHAIR (Check=CH, utterance=AIR => CH+AIR)
12 Faithful ally worried about nothing (5) LOYAL (ally worried=LYAL, nothing=O=>ally worried about nothing = L(O)YAL)
13 Indicate section of flagship (9) SHOWPIECE (Indicate=SHOW, section=PIECE => SHOW+PIECE)
14 Playing in guest, character introduced song associated with him? (9,4) SIGNATURE TUNE
18 Tree, very small in street, a reddish-brown colour (5,8) SWEET CHESTNUT (very small=WEE, street=ST=>very small in street=S(WEE)T, a reddish-brown colour=CHESTNUT)
20 Fish only served after fruit (5,4) LEMON SOLE (only=SOLE, fruit=LEMON=>only served after fruit = LEMON SOLE)
22 Beer fit for a king knocked back (5) LAGER (fit for a king=REGAL, fit for a king knocked back = reverse of REGAL)
24 Saw maiden meeting German fellow (5) MOTTO (maiden=M, German fellow=OTTO=>maiden meeting German fellow = M+OTTO)
25 Send down countryman at end of case (9) RUSTICATE (countryman=RUSTIC, at=AT, end of case=E => RUSTIC+AT+E)
26 Game fish (8) SARDINES (Direct)
27 Inventor is entertained by English lecturer (6) EDISON (English=E, is=IS, lecturer=DON=>is entertained by English lecturer = E+D(IS)ON)

1 One's in Alabama port to prepare for active service (8) MOBILISE (One's=IS, Alabama port=MOBILE=>One's in Alabama port = MOBIL(IS)E)
2 Score ton with partner (5) TALLY (ton=T, partner=ALLY=>ton with partner = T+ALLY)
3 Sway to and fro, being sick during leave (9) VACILLATE (sick=ILL, leave=VACATE=>sick during leave = VAC(ILL)ATE)
5 Completely topsy-turvy (4,4,5) HEAD OVER HEELS (Direct)
6 Go over, step right up (5) RECAP (step=PACE, right=R=>step right up = reverse of PACE+R)
7 Clean home, in a mess, for fickle person (9) CHAMELEON (Clean home, in a mess = ana. CLEAN+HOME)
8 Seaman hit bull's eye (6) TARGET (Seaman=TAR, hit=GET => TAR+GET)
10 The sound of a sailor going over reportedly rough training ground (7,6) ASSAULT COURSE (a sailor=A SALT=>The sound of a sailor=The sound of A SALT=ASSAULT, rough=COARSE=>reportedly rough=homonym of COARSE=COURSE)
15 Storage tank most agree needs to be demolished (9) GASOMETER (most agree needs to be demolished = ana. MOST+AGREE)
16 Not tarnished? Could become dull in use (9) UNSULLIED (Could become dull in use = ana. DULL+IN+USE)
17 Naval doctor eating piece of tuna fish (8) STURGEON (Naval doctor=SURGEON, piece of tuna=T=>Naval doctor eating piece of tuna = S(T)URGEON)
19 Alluring island castle (6) GLAMIS (Alluring=GLAM, island=IS => GLAM+IS)
21 I grumble about girl (5) NAOMI (I=I, grumble=MOAN=>I grumble about = ana. I+MOAN)
23 Greek fool, informant (5) GRASS (Greek=GR, fool=ASS => GR+ASS)

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8209 Solutions

1 The attitude, resulting from where one is looking (5,2,4) POINT OF VIEW (Direct)
9 Worker with time to reduce deadly sheep disease (7) ANTHRAX (Worker=ANT, time=HR, to reduce=AX => ANT+HR+AX)
10 Disturbance caused when destruction is partial (7) RUCTION (destruction is partial = part of destRUCTION)
11 Worker's monotonous sound (5) DRONE (Double Defn. - 1. Worker=Worker bee 2. monotonous sound)
12 A name to be changed for disease-carrying organism (9) ENTAMOEBA (A name to be changed = ana. A+NAME+TO+BE)
13 Bird house, possibly, of silver, found in church (4) CAGE (silver=AG, church=CE=>silver, found in church = C(AG)E)
15 To wrongly interpret a dream is sad (7) MISREAD (dream is sad = ana. DREAM+IS)
19 Fix everyone, including bishop, in table game (7) PINBALL (Fix=PIN, everyone=ALL, bishop=B=>Fix everyone, including bishop = PIN(B)ALL)
20 Tea time talk (4) CHAT (Tea=CHA, time=T => CHA+T)
24 Strength of purpose shown in daily deed with a suggestion of hesitation (9) CHARACTER (daily=CHAR(as in charwoman), deed=ACT, a suggestion of hesitation=ER => CHAR+ACT+ER)
25 At no time a part of pristine verity (5) NEVER (Container => pristiNE VERity)
27 Producing greater volume, I got into a more prying environment (7) NOISIER (I=I, more prying=NOSIER=>I got into a more prying = NO(I)SIER)
28 An idea, albeit the last of the last (7) THOUGHT (albeit=THOUGH, the last of last=last letter of lasT=T => THOUGH+T)
29 Greene's creation, Abel? (3,5,3) T_G _H_R_ M_N

1 Kinkajou goes to pot! (5) POTTO (ana. TO+POT)
2 Country that old British P.M. found headless and tailless (6) ISRAEL (old British PM=DISRAELI=>old British P.M. found headless and tailless = DISRAELI - DI)
3 They may come after unaccounted money (6) TAXMEN (Direct)
4 Police report serious — emergency help arrives (5,3) FIRST AID (Police report=FIR, serious=STAID => FIR+STAID)
5 Closed to the public but not necessarily photographed (2,6) IN CAMERA (Direct)
6 Mural coat to cover faults (9) WHITEWASH (Double Defn.)
7 A room cut short for a place for horses to be stabled (7) PADDOCK (A room=PAD, cut short=DOCK => PAD+DOCK)
8 It took a marriage to make him relative (2-3) IN_LAW (Direct)
14 Segovia for one (9) GUITARIST (Cryptic Defn.)
16 Scraping like Emery (8) ABRADING (ref. to Emery paper)
17 Could a cult harp about a Greek biographer? (8) PLUTARCH (cult harp about = ana. CULT+HARP)
18 Repeat a bit of what the waiter at eatery said (7) ITERATE (Container => waITER AT Eatery)
21 Small amount of money for perfume (5) SCENT (Small=S, amount of money=CENT => S+CENT)
22 Hole in the ground left by a bomb (6) CRATER (Direct)
23 Notify the trendy class (6) INFORM (trendy=IN, class=FORM => IN+FORM)
26 He is more than just a vegetarian (5) VEGAN (Direct)

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8208 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Running late, timid Ben, he scurried (6,4) BEHIND TIME (timid Ben, he scurried = ana. TIMID+BEN+HE)
7 Flowering shrub, one among the best (4) HEBE (Container => tHE BEst)
9 Law number one backed in court case (6) ACTION (Law=ACT, number one=NOI=>number one backed=ION=>Law number one backed = ACT+ION)
10 The present time of the Hindus (4,4) KALI YUGA (Direct)
11 Dirty woman can translate without a difficulty (8) SLATTERN (translate without a=TRANSLATE-A=TRNSLATE=>translate without a difficulty = ana. TRNSLATE)
12 Change is hard here for an entertainer (6) GEISHA (Container => ChanGE IS HArd)
13 Colourful bird, once part of a royal seat (7) PEACOCK (Direct -> ref. to the Peacock Throne)
16 Immersed in the deepest confusion (7) STEEPED (deepest confusion = ana. DEEPEST)
17 A sparkler of a suit (7) DIAMOND (suit -> as in a pack of cards)
19 Suffered and finished off around the old city (7) ENDURED (finished off=ENDED, old city=UR=>finished off around the old city = END(UR)ED)
22 The way church accepts a new attitude (6) STANCE (The way=ST, church=CE, a=A, new=N=>The way church accepts a new = ST(A+N)CE)
23 Involved in love, Bala suffered more than anything else (5,3) ABOVE ALL (love, Bala suffered = ana. LOVE+BALA)
26 Al's force dissipated in the open air (8) ALFRESCO (Al's force dissipated = ana. ALS+FORCE)
27 Growing old, a German is in a doubly good situation (6) AGEING (a=A, German=EIN??=>German is in a doubly good=EIN in GG=G(EIN)G=>A+GEING)
28 No start for ethical kind of examination (4) ORAL (ethical=MORAL=>No start for ethical = MORAL-M)
29 Going back to childish ways (10) REGRESSION (Direct)

2 Outdo 40 Roman characters, say (5) EXCEL (40 Roman characters=XL, 'say' is the homonym indicator=>XL sounds like EXCEL)
3 Stupid like a Dostoevsky character (7) IDIOTIC (Ref. to Dostoevsky's book The Idiot)
4 Thick component of condensed milk (5) DENSE (Container => conDENSEd -- 'milk' is redundant)
5 For the trendy sort, an option for payment without cash (2,4) IN KIND (trendy=IN, an option for payment without cash=KIND)
6 Provide illumination in the glen somehow (9) ENLIGHTEN (in the glen somehow = ana. IN+THE+GLEN)
7 Crazy new way in lease (7) HAYWIRE (new way=ana. WAY=AYW, lease=HIRE=>new way in lease = H(AYW)IRE)
8 Large portion of Edam, perhaps, for the VIP (3,6) BIG CHEESE (Large=BIG, Edam is a kind of cheese=>portion of Edam, perhaps=CHEESE)
14 Letter writer: sounds like an English shooter (9) EPISTOLER (English=E, shooter=PISTOLER => E+PISTOLER)
15 Corn needs to be treated with a capacitor (9) CONDENSER (Corn needs to be treated=ana. CORN+NEEDS)
18 Substance extracted by a miner alert to opportunities (7) MINERAL (Container =>a MINER ALert)
20 "Integrity without knowledge is weak and — ... " (Samuel Johnson, Rasselas) (7) USELESS (Direct)
21 Chant about a right kind of garment (6) SARONG (Chant=SONG, a=A, right=R=>Chant about a right = S(AR)ONG)
24 Make a speech, blackleg, in Old English! (5) ORATE (blackleg=RAT, Old English=OE=>blackleg, in Old English = O(RAT)E)
25 In music, slowly advanced with love (5) LENTO (advanced=LENT, love=O=>advanced with love = LENT+O)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8207 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Queensberry rules — what one expects in boxing, say (4,4) FAIR PLAY (Direct)
5 A daughter chooses and takes as one's own (6) ADOPTS (A=A, daughter=D, chooses=OPTS => A+D+OPTS)
10 Skin is cut off (5) CUTIS (is cut off=ana. IS+CUT)
11 Handle some timber, dry timber used as tinder (9) TOUCHWOOD (Handle=TOUCH, some timber=WOOD)
12 Fixed firmly in the mind by reading trendy novel (9) INGRAINED (reading trendy novel=ana. READING+IN)
13 Slow speech is crude on the outskirts of Dindigul (5) DRAWL (crude=RAW, outskirts of Dindigul=DL=>crude on the outskirts of Dindigul = DRAWL)
14 The point of a broken thorn (5) NORTH (broken thorn=ana. THORN)
16 Good kind of diet or bad, containing clean bits (8) BALANCED (bad=BAD, clean bits=ana. CLEAN=LANCE=>bad, containing clean bits = BA(LANCE)D)
18 Persistent queen is upset in Father Time's embrace (8) FREQUENT (queen is upset=EQUEN, Father=FR, Time=T=>queen is upset in Father Time's embrace = FR(EQUEN)T)
20 Artist's aid for relaxation and a bit of leisure (5) EASEL (relaxation=EASE, a bit of leisure=L => EASE+L)
24 A lake could be a nesting place for an eagle (5) AERIE (A=A, lake=ERIE => A+ERIE)
25 Reversal in a fashionable account (9) INVERSION (fashionable=IN, account=VERSION => IN+VERSION)
27 Hunter of Moby Dick, say (9) HARPOONER (Cryptic Defn -> Moby Dick is a whale)
28 Magistrate in Venice hides daughter to avoid ... (5) DODGE (Magistrate in Venice=DOGE, daughter=D=>Magistrate in Venice hides daughter = DO(D)GE)
29 ... meteor crumbling far away (6) REMOTE (meteor crumbling = ana. METEOR)
30 Constituent pounds in stone (8) FOURTEEN (1 Stone has 14 pounds)

1 Resistance to movement loses right in falsehood (7) FICTION (Resistance to movement=FRICTION, right=R=>Resistance to movement loses right = FRICTION-R)
2 A number to greet in ecstasy (7) INTEGER (greet in ecstas = ana. GREET+IN)
3 Father accommodates a good man, providing something to eat (5) PASTA (Father=PA, a=A, good man=ST=>Father accommodates a good man = P(A+ST)A)
4 Career in Bollywood (6) ACTING (Direct)
6 Surprisingly, they dared to remove the water (9) DEHYDRATE (Surprisingly they dared = ana. THEY+DARED)
7 Matter of fact professionals upset American spies (7) PROSAIC (professionals=PROS, American spies=CIA=>upset American spies=AIC => PROS+AIC)
8 Encumbered by having a seat put on (7) SADDLED (Double Defn.)
9 Solar timekeeper (7) SUNDIAL (Direct)
15 Hard river craft, a place to stay in (9) HOUSEBOAT (Hard=H, river=OUSE, craft=BOAT => H+OUSE+BOAT)
17 The very old develop a nice tan (7) ANCIENT (develop a nice tan=ana. NICE+TAN)
18 In one's cap, it means achievement (7) FEATHER (Direct)
19 A murder staged with a tympanum (7) EARDRUM (A murder staged = ana. A+MURDER)
21 Con man's forte (7) SWINDLE (Direct)
22 The light that the Pole learnt to repair (7) LANTERN (Pole learnt to repair=ana. N(North Pole)+LEARNT)
23 Exaggerate? A lover does it here (6) OVERDO (Container => lOVER DOes)
26 Navigator's aid found by girl in expensive car (5) RADAR (girl=ADA, expensive car=Rolls Royce=RR=>girl in expensive car=R(ADA)R)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8206 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Identify body odour to bring about beneficial impact from make-believe medicine (7,6) PLACEBO EFFECT (Identify=PLACE, body odour=BO, to bring about=EFFECT => PLACE+BO EFFECT)
10 Timid pose is contrived and taken full advantage of (9) OPTIMISED (Timid pose is contrived = ana. TIMID+POSE)
11 Call on Pak. spies in old Mumbai station (5) VISIT (Pak. spies=ISI, old Mumbai station=VT=>Pak. spies in old Mumbai station = V(ISI)T)
12 Irish cop is a bore in retrospect (5) GARDA (a=A, bore=DRAG=>a bore in retrospect=reverse of A+DRAG)
13 Luxury vehicle minus oil? Energy diverted (9) LIMOUSINE (minus oil Energy diverted = ana. MINUS+OIL+E)
14 Authority for travel, one sought after by aspiring politico (6) TICKET (Double Defn. - 1. Authority for travel 2. one sought after by aspiring politico)
16 Wet ground that is a cause for worry (5) BOGIE (Wet ground=BOG, that is=IE => BOG+IE)
19 Greet flying bird (5) EGRET (Greet flying = ana. GREET)
20 Endure, Teddy! Rise! (4,2) BEAR UP (Teddy=BEAR, Rise=UP)
25 Officer to join a group with fellow worker (9) COLLEAGUE (Officer=COL, a group=LEAGUE=>Officer to join a group = COL+LEAGUE)
26 Young swimmer, a little eel verily (5) ELVER (Container => eEL VERily..'a little' is the container indicator)
27 Send back the watch (5) REMIT (watch=TIMER, back the watch=reverse of TIMER)
28 Misra shops around for pithy maxims (9) APHORISMS (Misra shops around = ana. MISRA+SHOPS)
29 Civil defence official who gets busy when the siren goes (3-4, 6) AIR-RAID WORKER (Direct)

2 Ability to read and write English with clarity perhaps (8) LITERACY (English with clarity perhaps = ana. E+CLARITY)
3 Mark gives pause to the reader (5) COMMA (Cryptic Defn. - Mark means Punctuation Mark)
4 Noisy activity ruined the French (6) BUSTLE (ruined=BUST, the French=LE => BUST+LE)
5 Selene's lover, beautiful man, would deny Moin's dilemma (8) ENDYMION (deny Moin's dilemma = ana. DENY+MOIN)
6 The one fancied to win (9) FAVOURITE (Direct)
7 American agency traps fool with a plant (6) CASSIA (American agency=CIA, fool=ASS=>American agency traps fool = C(ASS)IA)
8 Acquired by corrupt means (6) BOUGHT (Direct - bought as in bribed)
9 Article swallowed by queen — it benumbs (5) ETHER (Article=THE, queen=ER=>Article swallowed by queen = E(THE)R)
15 Whisk, for example, good one for rousing game (9) EGGBEATER (Whisk=BEATER, for eg=EG, good=G => EG+G+BEATER)
17 Big haze drifting around the north in Libyan city (8) BENGHAZI (Big haze drifting around the north = ana. BIG+HAZE+N)
18 Ironsides saver climbed up a fissure here (8) CREVASSE (Reverse Container => IronsidES SAVER Climbed )
21 Fried food's top in taste for a pedant (6) PURIST (Fried food's=PURIS, top in taste=1st letter of taste=T => PURIS+T)
22 Number with which to make a hit (5) SCORE (Double Defn. -> 1. Number (as in musical number) 2. make a hit)
23 Old students distributing UN mail (6) ALUMNI (distributing UN mail = ana. UN+MAIL)
24 Asinine vocal expression (6) HEEHAW (Direct)
26 To lose head in panic is a mistake (5) ERROR (panic=TERROR=>To lose head in panic = TERROR-T)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8205 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Loner is about to accept crafty clues (7) RECLUES (about=RE, crafty clues=CLUSE=>about to accept crafty clues = RE+CLUSE)
5 Emphatic approval for Public Law inspection (7) PLAUDIT (Public Law=PL, inspection=AUDIT => PL+AUDIT)
9 Emotion-packed means of reaching a higher level? (6,9) MOVING STAIRCASE (Cryptic Defn.)
10 Dawn in an old place, golden: auspicious start (6) AURORA (old place=AUR??, golden=OR, auspicious start=A => AUR+OR+A)
11 Tame show has to be revised a bit (8) SOMEWHAT (ana. TAME+SHOW)
13 Bleating about, that is manifest (8) TANGIBLE (Bleating about=ana. BLEATING)
15 Old boy is overdue, he is devoted to the religious life (6) OBLATE (Old boy=OB, overdue=LATE => OB+LATE)
18 People in the household are people with maturity (6) MENAGE (people=MEN, maturity=AGE=>people with maturity = MEN+AGE)
19 Player in a group is a bad man, flirting with Poles (8) BANDSMAN (bad man, flirting with Poles=ana. BAD+MAN+NS(poles))
22 A guide in the sky burdens sailor (8) LOADSTAR (burdens=LOADS, sailor=TAR => LOADS+TAR)
24 A tool to cut up GI's jaw (6) JIGSAW (cut up GI's jaw=ana. GIS+JAW)
27 Susan, the dope, can be misled by something that is easily decided (4,3,4,4) OPEN AND SHUT CASE (ana. SUSAN+THE+DOPE+CAN)
28 Obscuration caused by a blow in one direction (7) ECLIPSE
29 Quiet worker, the girl's a big cat (7) PANTHER (Quiet=P, worker=ANT, the girl=HER => P+ANT+HER)

1 Men rant about what is left (7) REMNANT (Men rant about=ana. MEN+RANT)
2 Fellow with the right disguise (5) COVER (Fellow=COVE, right=R=>Fellow with the right = COVE+R)
3 Discouraging a gunner in distress about victory (9) UNNERVING (ana. GUNNER+IN+V(victory))
4 Relax when in East European capital (4) EASE (when=AS, East=E, European capital=E=>when in East European capital = E(AS)E)
5 Lighthouse — Harpo's design (6) PHAROS (Harpo's design = ana. HARPOS)
6 Give consent to accept a note in time (5) AGREE (note=RE, time=AGE=>note in time = AG(RE)E)
7 Light regulator distorts a dim graph (9) DIAPHRAGM (distorts a dim graph = ana. A+DIM+GRAPH)
8 Scene of operations (7) THEATRE (Direct)
12 Smart but disease-spreading creature (3) FLY (Doube Defn.)
14 Peerless example that is plainer on reconstruction (9) NONPAREIL (plainer on reconstruction = ana. PLAINER+ON)
16 Game for a long drink? (9) BADMINTON (Double Defn.)
17 Lawyers' watering hole (3) BAR (Double Defn.)
18 Sugar may melt so, a novelty (7) MALTOSE (melt so, a novelty = ana. MELT+SO+A)
20 A time for pious resolutions (3,4) NEW YEAR (Direct)
21 Source of light revealed in magic and legerdemain (6) CANDLE (Container => magiC AND LEgerdemain)
23 Keen kind of musical note (5) SHARP (Double Defn.)
25 Maiden in a belt is a big hit (5) SMASH (Maiden=M, a belt=SASH=>Maiden in a belt = S(M)ASH)
26 To inform against another is quiet work (4) SHOP (quiet=SH, work=OP => SH+OP)