Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8255 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Spot on feature (7) FRECKLE (Direct)
5 End of a freeze no government wants to face (7) DEBACLE
9 So right to have a spoken relationship with sister (7) SORORAL (So=SO, right=R, spoken=ORAL)
10 Overcomes the competition at August (7) MASTERS (what's with 'August'?)
11 A series of woes (5) ILIAD (Cryptic Def)
12 Scandal — one I try to disguise (9) NOTORIETY (ana. ONE+I+TRY+TO)
13 This boy loved the pools (9) NARCISSUS (Cryptic Def)
15 Located building position (5) SITED (Direct)
16 Many a wading bird on the fife coast (5) C_A_L (??)
18 Regards exercise as injurious to one's view of things (3,6) EYE STRAIN (Regards=EYES, exercise=TRAIN => EYES+TRAIN)
21 Does it show the pressure of work at the Met Office? (9) BAROMETER (Cryptic Defn.)
24 Artificial fishing fly can be dear to beginner (5) ALDER?? (ana. DEAR+L(beginnner))
25 Like one seen with a jerk from a considerable distance (7) ASIATIC (Like=AS, one=I, a=A, jerk=TIC=>Like one seen with a jerk = AS+I+A+TIC -- from a considerable distance??)
26 Gold dime not a substitute for disused Portugal gold coin (7) MOIDORE (ana. OR(Gold)+DIME+O(not))
27 Hold spell-bound by the hour in a Lent celebration (7) ENTHRAL (hour=HR, a lent celebration=ana. A+LENT=ENTAL=>hour in a Lent celebration = ENT(HR)AL)
28 Sent Amy around to seek a general pardon (7) AMNESTY (ana. SENT+AMY)

1 Henry to design sofa in new style (7) FASHION (ana. H(Henry)+SOFA+IN)
2 That's the nobleman on road, going off beforehand (7) EARLIER (nobleman=EARL, that's=IE, road=R => EARL+IE+R)
3 Routine procedure for a safe crossing? (4,5) KERB DRILL (Cryptic Def)
4 Somewhat well-endowed lady (5) ELLEN (Container => wELL-ENdowed)
5 Missed tea, perhaps, will take coffee (9) DEMITASSE (ana. MISSED+TEA)
6 A worthless being having lower morals (5) BASER (Dbl Def)
7 Merciful to have mild weather (7) CLEMENT (Dbl Def)
8 Endeavoured to get treatise edited (7) ESSAYED (treatise=ESSAY, edited=ED => ESSAY+ED)
14 Not inclined to give credit (9) SKEPTICAL (Direct)
15 Spoiling, in a tot, is a certain over indulgence (9) SATIATION (ana. IN+ATOT+IS+A)
16 Keep Boys' Brigade in a cage, they may have a brain damaged person (7) CABBAGE (Boys' Brigade=BB, a=A, cage=CAGE=>Boys' Brigade in a cage = C(A+BB)AGE)
17 High-level transport operations (7) AIRLIFT (Cryptic Defn.)
19 A dour disposition strikes us as wearying (7) ARDUOUS (ana. A+DOUR+US)
20 Establishment of growing importance for playful toddlers (7) NURSERY (Direct)
22 Scholar take spirit to dance (5) RUMBA (Scholar=BA, spirit=RUM=>Scholar take spirit = RUM+BA)
23 Mother has wild rebel to tame(5) MATER (ana. R(rebel)+TAME -- This should be 22 Dn.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8254 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Stand up position for a collector of foreign matter (7) DUSTPAN (Stand up position = ana. STAND+UP)
5 Girl eager to provide material (7) NANKEEN (Girl=NAN, eager=KEEN => NAN+KEEN)
9 Loves to unravel a problem (5) SOLVE (ana. LOVES)
10 Work of masters auctioned off (9) EDUCATION (auctioned off = ana. AUCTIONED)
11 Henry takes back gunner with a fool to pester (6) HARASS (Henry=H, gunner=RA=>takes abck a gunner=AR, fool=ASS=>Henry takes back gunner with a fool = H+AR+ASS)
12 Original prints, that's what it is (8) PRISTINE (ana. PRINTS+IE(that's))
14 She has a habit to board stupidly (5) R_O_A
15 Once a wall's built it's taken into account (9) ALLOWANCE (Once a wall's built = ana. ONCE+A+WALL)
18 For example, a queen contracting debts would be notorious (9) EGREGIOUS (For example=EG, a queen=REG, debts=IOUS=>For example, a queen contracting debts = EG+REG+IOUS)
20 Do not give lip to me to instigate (5) IMPEL (ana. LIP+ME)
22 Here's hoping common drug is treated with gravity (8) ASPIRING (common drug=ASPIRIN, gravity=G => ASPIRIN+G)
24 Stretch one's resources to acquire a small suite (6) STRAIN (small=S, suite=TRAIN => S+TRAIN)
26 Say it's a team from America (9) STATESIDE (Say=STATE, team=SIDE=>Say it's a team=STATE+SIDE)
27 Middle Eastern terrorist group in France who are heartless (5) IRAQI (terrorist group=IRA, in France who=QUI=>in France who are heartless=QUI-U=QI => IRA+QI)
28 Old meter fluctuates highest in degree (7) EXTREME (Old=EX, meter fluctuates=ana. METER=TREME => EX+TREME)
29 Practice the art of preserving health (7) HYGIENE (Direct)

1 Bring accusations after the underworld boss is let off (9) DISCHARGE (accusations=CHARGE, underworld boss=DIS=>Bring accusations after the underworld boss = DIS+CHARGE)
2 Learn layout in so famous an Italian City (7) SALERNO (ana. LEARN+SO)
3 A bunch of reporters keen to enlist help? (5,4) PRESS GANG (A bunch=GANG of reporters=PRESS)
4 Require Ned to be around the English (4) NEED (NED to be around E => NE(E)D)
5 Political policy, to be set in mural position? (10) NEUTRALISM (set in mural position = ana. SET+IN+MURAL)
6 Closes the short distance (5) NEARS (Double Defn.)
7 Number of identical articles issued at one time (7) EDITION (Cryptic Defn.)
8 Occasion occurring for a particular purpose only (5) NONCE (Direct)
13 Dressing many a one is difficult (10) MAYONNAISE (many a one is difficult = ana. MANY+A+ONE+IS)
16 In wing this unfit beginner heard blowing at the end of game (9) WHISTLING (wing=WING, this unfit=ana. THIS=HIST, beginner=L=>In wing this unfit beginner = W(HIST+L)ING)
17 Inelegant variety of wild rose (9) EGLANTINE (Inelegant variety = ana. INELEGANT)
19 Surgically replace a severd limb (7) REPLANT (??)
21 The French female caught in the head's embrace is calm (7) PLACATE (The French female=LA, caught=C, head=PATE=>The French female caught in the head = P(LA+C)ATE)
22 Sale one finds in the supermarket passageway (5) AISLE (ana. SALE+I)
23 Veer the Easterner towards a high official (5) REEVE (ana. VEER+E(Easterner))
25 Gamble Henry takes on her (4) BETH (Gamble=BET, Henry=H => BET+H)

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8252 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Sort of play gripping Mum or Dad, so it seems (10) APPARENTLY (Sort of play=ana. PLAY=APLY, Mum or Dad=PARENT=>Sort of play gripping Mum or Dad = AP(PARENT)LY)
6 Southern outfit made available for a short play (4) SKIT (Southern=S, outfit=KIT => S+KIT)
9 Guilty look, so treat the murderous mongrel as guilty (7) HANGDOG (mongrel=DOG=>treat the murderous mongrel as guilty=HANG the DOG = HANG+DOG)
10 Do head off (7) EXECUTE (Cryptic defn.)
12 Made cue to actor to dress as warrior (8) ACCOUTRE (ana. CUE+ACTOR)
13 Solidly built to be permanent (5) PUKKA (Double Def.)
15 Places odds on equal basis (5) EVENS (Double Def.)
17 Great gathering — a service intended we hear (9) AMASSMENT (a=A, gathering=MASS, intended=MEANT=>intended we hear=MENT => A+MASS+MENT)
19 Carried away by success to become a conceit (9) SWELLHEAD (Direct)
21 A composition on stage (5) DRAMA (Direct)
23 Had gold ordered for her (5) RHODA (Had=HAD, gold=OR=>Had gold ordered = ana. HAD+OR)
24 Too awfully pale, that's clear (8) OVERLEAP (Too=OVER, awfully pale=ana. PALE=LEAP => OVER+LEAP)
27 The old man has to economise (7) HUSBAND (Double Def.)
28 A horse, we hear, seen in a crystal ball — it's looking skinny (7) SCRAGGY (??)
29 Get through an exam without honours (4) PASS (Double Def.)
30 Actor showing the way to others (7,3) LEADING MAN (Double Def.)

1 Writing a note, a guy can be given pain (4) ACHE (a=A, note=C, a guy=HE => A+C+HE)
2 Part of Espana cheering this theatrically (7) PANACHE (Container => EsPANA CHEering)
3 Got on horse to go round the Wild West show (5) RODEO (Got on horse=RODE, round=O => RODE+O)
4 Frightful mate for a dark horse? (9) NIGHTMARE (mate for a horse=MARE, dark=NIGHT)
5 Lie around for instance, under a feudal tenure (5) LIEGE (LIE + ana. E.G.)
7 Joint near which indecent remarks are made (7) KNUCKLE (Cryptic Defn.)
8 Armageddon as part of recent history (3,4,3) THE LAST DAY (Double Defn.)
11 Divorcee did modelling in the nude (7) EXPOSED (Divorcee=EX, did modelling=POSED => EX+POSED)
14 Spice shorn out in dictator's office (10) CENSORSHIP (Spice shorn out = ana. SPICE+SHORN)
16 Despot's concubine (7) SULTANA (Direct)
18 Gave a talking to, as they are at present lined up (9) ADDRESSED (??)
20 They hold the doctrine of their own importance (7) EGOISTS (Direct)
22 A mixture from Malaga served with meal starter (7) AMALGAM (ana. MALAGA+M(meal starter=1st letter of Meal))
24 A film produced considerable time ago (5) OLDIE (Direct)
25 She look to learning traditional course (5) LOREN/LORAN (look=LO, traditional course=??)
26 Get him soundly to praise the Lord (4) HYMN (soundly suggests a homonym of HIM)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2598 Solutions

1 Farming implement found in park lake (6) PLOUGH (park=P, lake=LOUGH => P+LOUGH)
4 A drunken bender around eastern city up North (8) ABERDEEN (A=A, drunken bender=ana. BENDER=BERDEN, eastern=E=>A drunken bender around eastern = A+BERDE(E)N)
10 Mineral one added to drop of Scotch in tumbler, perhaps (9) ISINGLASS (one=I, drop of Scotch=S, in=IN, tumbler=GLASS => I+S_IN+GLASS)
11 Dowdy woman, female with strange past (5) FRUMP (female=F, RUMP=??)
12 Poet reportedly in a thin woollen vest (7) SPENCER (Dbl Defn.?)
14 Supervise throughout diocese (7) OVERSEE (throughout=OVER, diocese=SEE??)
16 March show (11) DEMOSNTRATE (Dbl Def)
17 French flag I unfurled in tense ending to episode (11) CLIFFHANGER (French flag I unfurled=ana. FRENCH+FLAG+I)
20 Clinical trial drug giving home unpleasant smell (7) PLACEBO (home=PLACE, unpleasant smell=BO(Body Odour) => PLACE+BO)
21 Seaman found with crack gets pardon (7) ABSOLVE (Seaman=AB, crack=SOLVE => AB+SOLVE)
22 Accompanied artist in African capital (5) ACCRA (Accompanied=ACC, artist=RA => ACC+RA)
24 To win only? Precisely (2,3,4) ON THE NOSE (Dbl Def)
26 Inn, shortly to be renovated, accommodating earl (8) HOSTELRY (shortly to be renovated=ana. SHORTLY=HOSTLRY, earl=E=>shortly to be renovated, accommodating earl = HOST(E)LRY)
27 Taking the most optimistic view of a famous footballer? About time (2,4) AT BEST (a=A, famous footballer=BEST, time=T=>a famous footballer? About time = A(T) BEST)

1 Religious leader interferes over opening of temple (6) PRIEST (interferes=PRIES, opening of temple=1st letter of Temple=R => PRIES+T)
2 Passing remarks in cab, editor gets upset about it (6,5) OBITER DICTA (cab, editor gets upset= ana. CAB+EDITOR=OBER DICTA, it=IT=>cab, editor gets upset about it = OB(IT)ER DICTA)
3 Live performance in musical curtailed (3) GIG (musical=GIGUE=>musical curtailed = GIGUE-UE)
5 Social event in Lincs port causes international incident (6,3,5) BOSTON TEA PARTY (??)
6 Generals fire mostly crookedly in shooting galleries (5,6) RIFLE RANGES (Generals fire mostly=GENERALS FIRE-E=>Generals fire mostly crookedly = ana. GENERALS+FIR)
7 Bird employed by Science Museum (3) EMU (Container => SciencE MUsuem)
8 Short sleep taken by the French in European city (6) NAPLES (Short sleep=NAP, the French=LES => NAP+LES)
9 Bridesmaid on form at broadcast, on in sixty minutes (6,2,6) MATRON OF HONOUR (on form at broadcast=ana. ON+FORM+AT=MATRON OF, on=ON, sixty minutes=HOUR=>on in sixty minutes=H(ON)OUR)
13 Sympathise in clubs with old friend entertaining skinflint (11) COMMISERATE (clubs=C, old=O, friend=MATE, skinflint=MISER=>old friend entertaining skinflint = C+O+M(MISER)ATE)
15 The Queen in Israel, new one in country (6,5) SIERRA LEONe (The Queen=ER, Israel new=ana. ISLRAEL=SIRALE=>The Queen in Israel, new=ER in SIRALE=SI(ER)RALE, one=ONE => SIERRA LEONE)
18 Hack holding page with prominent story (6) SPLASH (Hack=SLASH, page=P=>Hack holding page = S(P)LASH)
19 Change sides in error (6) DEFECT (Dbl Def)
23 Cut price of lettuce (3) COS (Dbl Def)
25 Have a meal in Neath (3) EAT (Container => nEATh)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8248 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Not that such people have darkened vision (4-4) GRAY-EYED (Direct)
5 As done to clean one's hands without using water (6) DRYRUB (Direct)
10 Ah! Stupa can be rebuilt if it is necessary (2,1,4) AT A PUSH (ana. AH+STUPA)
11 Agra zone endlessly produces material (7) ORGANZA (ana. AGRA+ZONE-E)
12 Renew state appointment (6) UPDATE (State=UP, appointment=DATE => UP+DATE)
13 An opponent has no play in this (4,4) FREE KICK (Direct)
15 She comes back and forth (4) ANNA (back and forth suggests a palindrome)
16 Not as actors portray the Mafia (4,6) _O_A _ _ _T_A (thought it could be an anagram of NOT+AS+ACTORS, but this has 11 letters)
18 As given to a digital photo for enhanced appeal (4,6) EDGE EFFECT (Direct)
20 Table in Borde's kitchen (4) DESK (Container => BorDES Kitchen)
23 Win easily and leave the scene (4,4) WALK AWAY (Double Defn.)
24 Father's bird is not capable of doing the thing (4,2) PAST IT (Father's=PA'S, bird=TIT)
26 In the street no cook is ready for delivery (2,5) IN STOCK (In=IN, street=ST, no=O, cook=CK => IN ST+O+CK)
27 The tale about a jock (7) ATHLETE (ana. THE+TALE)
28 The girl backs the Communist dodge (6) EVADER (The girl=EVA, Communist=RED=>backs the Communist=DER => EVA+DER)
29 Wonderful features of cricket fielders (4,4) FINE LEGS (Wonderful=FINE, features=LEGS)

1 Wah, Ted, regal unit produces a kind of sugar (10,5) GRANULATED WHITE (ana. WAH+TED+REGAL+UNIT)
2 Move out of a restriction a great many put in operation (7) ABANDON (a=A, restriction=BAN, a great many=D, put in operation=ON => A+BAN+DO+N)
3 Ownership that's fair and just (6) EQUITY (Direct)
4 Call to mind some of the Cho plays (4) ECHO (Container => thE CHO)
6 Where the rascals hold sway (8) R_G_E_ _ _
7 Act without restraint as iron falls in a groove (3,4) RUN RIOT (iron falls=ana. IRON=NRIO, groove=RUT=>RU(N RIO)T)
8 Back steelmarker exposing those who engage in illegal trade (5-10) BLACK-MARKETEERS (ana. BACK+STEELMARKER)
9 No fisherman will be rich with this (4,5) POOR CATCH (Direct)
14 They offer storage space above one's head (4,5) ROOF RACKS (Direct)
17 Not to mention the hindrance the boy imposed on an individual (3,5) LET ALONE (hindrance=LET, the boy=AL, individual=ONE => LET AL+ONE)
19 The girl acquires an Indian name — altogether a foreign name (7) GALUSHA (girl=GAL, Indian name=USHA => GAL+USHA)
21 Once meter ran beyond a norm (7) EXTREME (Once=EX, meter ran=ana. METER=TREME => EX+TREME)
22 Mothers run to iron (6) MASHIE (Mothers=MAS, run=HIE => MAS+HIE)
25 Military Intelligence admits the boy as a gardener (4) MALI (Military Intelligence=MI, boy=AL=>Military Intelligence admits the boy = M(AL)I)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8247 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 False friend, literally speaking (4,3) FAUX AMI (Direct)
5 Senior, in short, leaves Punjab city with nectar (6) AMRITA (Senior, in short=SR, Punjab city=AMRITSAR=>Senior, in short, leaves Punjab city = AMRITSAR-SR)
9 Boorish company? (5) YAHOO (Double Defn.)
10 Tailor? One to annoy a valet, apparently (9) NEEDLEMAN (to annoy=NEEDLE, valet=MAN => NEEDLE+MAN)
11 Mantra, among a number, to orient a candidate (7) NOMINEE (Mantra=OM, number=NINE, orient=E=>Mantra, among a number, to orient = N(OM)INE+E)
12 Involve a doctor in Loire refurbishment (7) EMBROIL (doctor=MB, Loire=LOIRE=>
13 Good, in France the Americans provide something free (5) BONUS (Good, in France=BON(the French word for 'Good'), Americans=US => BON+US)
14 Complaint from a sly Parsi (9) PARALYSIS (ana. A+SLY+PARSI => &Lit clue -- Complaint is the ana. ind. as well as the direct meaning)
16 Cashier to pour forth (9) DISCHARGE (Double Defn.)
19 A deserted place of refreshment? (5) OASIS (Cryptic defn.)
21 Clothing size Lord Ted altered (7) TODDLER (Lord Ted altered = ana. LORD+TED)
23 O, certainly talk about the substance that stimulates the sense of smell (7) ODORANT (O=O, certainly=DO, talk about=RANT => O+DO+RANT)
24 A number of spectators circle the jewel (5,4) A_A_E RING
25 "... is no Frigate like a Book" (Emily Dickinson) (5) THERE (Direct)
26 Edicts laid down in taluka sessions (6) UKASES (Container => talUKA SESsions)
27 Exactly! The Spanish head of state releases coins (7) NICKLES (Exactly=NICK, The Spanish=EL, head of state=S => NICK+EL+S)

1 Banged tidy self into VTOL precursor (6,8) FLYING BEDSTEAD (ana. BANGED+TIDY+SELF => is 'into' ana angram indicator??)
2 It is becoming for a beast to be so (7) UNHUMAN (Direct)
3 Plentiful, the sailor doesn't begin an oath (7) ABOUNDS (sailor=AB, an outh=ZOUNDS=>
4 Hotelman dishes out keener nip (9) INNKEEPER (ana. KEENER+NIP)
5 Give extreme unction to some Indian elements (5) ANELE (Container => IndiAN ELEments)
6 Dance around a science room to attach a tag again (7) RELABEL (Dance=REEL, science room=LAB=>Dance around a science room = RE(LAB)EL)
7 Boy upon boy goes to the South to fetch drums (7) TOMTOMS (Boy=TOM, boy=TOM, South=S => TOM+TOM+S)
8 Tess, his gentler handling gets the dogs (7,7) ENGLISH SETTERS (ana. TESS+HIS+GENTER)
15 Edgar and Nero together fix the musical instrument (4-5) REED ORGAN (ana. EDGAR+NERO)
17 Bengali is up to dismiss the inept soldier (3,4) SAD SACK (Bengali=DAS=>Bengali is up=SAD, dismiss=SACK)
18 That woman's embracing a record with the English assistants (7) HELPERS (That woman's=HERS, a record=LP, English=E=>That woman's embracing a record with the English = HE(LP+E)RS)
19 O fellow, the complaint pertains to the teeth (7) ODONTIC (O=O, fellow=DON, complaint=TIC => O+DON+TIC)
20 Kind of figure is the young boy in incident (7) SCALENE (young boy=AL, incident=SCENE=>young boy in incident = SC(AL)ENE)
22 Indian money about to help attacks (5) RAIDS (Indian money=RS, to help=AID=>Indian money about to help = R(AID)S)

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8246 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Low in spirit, hurl to the ground (4-4) CAST-DOWN (Double Defn.)
5 Added masala in the kitchen (6) SPICED (Direct)
9 Makes a request to carry fruit around 1 (7) APPLIES (fruit=APPLES, 1=I=>to carry fruit around 1 = APPL(I)ES)
10 Afterwards a student might move sideways (7) LATERAL (Afterwards=LATER, a=A, student=L => LATER+A+L)
11 Serve sepoy such Chinese-style American dishes (4,5) CHOP SUEYS (Serve sepoy such = ana. SEPOY+SUCH)
12 Patil trounced out with the lance in hand (5) ATILT (Container => pATIL Trounced)
13 Colonial insects (4) ANTS (Cryptic Defn. -- ants move in colonies)
14 Use broken cane for a dwelling (9) HABITANCE (Use=HABIT, broken CANE=ANCE => HABIT+ANCE)
17 Len, let Tim meet the ordinary persons (6,3) LITTLE MEN (Len, let Tim meet = ana. LEN+TIM+MEET)
19 Cain's brother (4) ABEL (Direct)
23 Guess it's tape (5) INKLE (Double Defn.)
24 Chess or carom, for instance (5,4) BOARD GAME (Direct)
25 Such a maid lives at the place of employment (5-2) SLEEP-IN (Direct)
26 Fish out our broadcasters sinking in the mud (7) LAIRING (Fish=LING, our broadcasters=AIR=>Fish out our broadcasters = L(AIR)ING)
27 Not lemons, but some other fruit (6) MELONS (ana. LEMONS)
28 Private coteries disbanded (8) ESOTERIC (ana. COTERIES)

1 Cleaner gets fuel that is dark (8) CHARCOAL (Cleaner=CHAR, fuel=COAL => CHAR+COAL)
2 Second to drink wine (7) SUPPORT (to drink=SUP, wine=PORT => SUP+PORT)
3 Most lifeless of Khadri establishments (6) DRIEST (Container => KhaDRI ESTablishments)
4 Arab twins peep into trash can (10,3) WASTEPAPER BINS (ana. ARAB+TWINS+PEEP -- is 'into' ana anagram indicator??)
6 Kills gently (4,4) PUTS AWAY (Direct)
7 Person with heart disease among hundred radicals agitating outside Lok Sabha (7) CARDIAC (hundred=C, radicals agitating=ana RADICALS=ARDIACLS=>radicals agitating outside Lok Sabha=ARDIACLS-LS=ARDIAC => C+ARDIAC)
8 Cut out the proof-reader's instruction (6) DELETE (Double Defn.)
10 Rebel Sima less prone to put together the novel (3,10) LES MISERABLES (ana. REBEL+SIMA+LESS)
15 As was dipped in 18dn before writing (5,3) STEEL PEN (Direct)
16 Having a dislike, shows unusual ill-grace (8) ALLERGIC (ana. ILL-GRACE)
18 Fount of calligraphy in olden days, perhaps (3-4) INK-WELL (Fount=WELL => INK-WELL)
20 Brother goes around riotous Zaire for charcoal pan (7) BRAZIER (Brother=BR, riotous Zaire=ana. ZAIRE=AZIER => BR+AZIER)
21 Having the ability to move with ease among Bengalis, Somalis, etc. (6) LISSOM (Container => BengaLIS SOMalis)
22 Notice break going off course (6) ADRIFT (Notice=AD, break=RIFT => AD+RIFT)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2597 Solutions

1 Tree found by common — not yew, by the sound of it (6) POPLAR (common=POPULAR, yew, by the sound of it=U(homonym of yew)=>common — not yew, by the sound of it = POPULAR-U)
4 Quickly cut thick slice of meat (4-4) CHOP-CHOP (cut=CHOP, thick slice of meat=CHOP)
10 Clan leader one English newspaper featured in series (9) CHIEFTAIN (one=I, English=E, newspaper=FT(Financial Times), series=CHAIN=>one English newspaper featured in series = CH(I+E+FT)AIN)
11 Regular returned holding right cheek (5) NERVE (Regular=EVEN=>Regular returned =NEVE, right=R=>Regular returned holding right = NE(R)VE)
12 Go-getter abroad, eastern salesman wearing this French material (9,5) GEORGETTE CREPE (ana. GO-GETTER + E+REP+CE)
14 Evident in extra time (5) OVERT (extra=OVER, time=T => OVER+T)
15 Efficient secret agent (9) OPERATIVE (Double Defn.)
17 Copper lacking moral principles joined with Capone? (4,5) BASE METAL (lacking more
19 Most important one caught, a subject of conversation (5) TOPIC (Most important=TOP, one=I, caught=C => TOP+I+C)
20 Mean map used by alien from Venus, perhaps (8,6) INFERIOR PLANET (Mean=INFERIOR, map=PLAN, alien=ET=>Mean map used by alien = INFERIOR PLAN+ET)
23 Level before start of this competition (5) EVENT (Level=EVEN, start of this=1st letter of This=T => EVEN+T)
24 People in general seen round shady place in New York street (3,6) THE _O_E_Y
25 Humble dramatist's young children (5,3) SMALL FRY (Humble=SMALL, dramatist=FRY)
26 Church worker attacked holding cross (6) SEXTON (attacked=SET ON, cross=X=>attacked holding cross = SE(X)TON)

1 Page on execution finds agreement (4) PACT (Page=P, execution=ACT => P+ACT)
2 Totally absurd charge brought by minor (9) PRICELESS (charge=PRICE, minor=LESS => PRICE+LESS)
3 A bike race round trees, originally (2,5) AT FIRST (A=A, bike race=TT, trees=FIRS => AT(FIRS)T)
5 Her pupil's tenth sloppy game (4,3,7) HUNT THE SLIPPER (ana. HER+PUPILS+TENTH)
6 Look for expert with a universal remedy (7) PANACEA (Look=PAN, expert=ACE, a=A => PAN+ACE+A)
7 Army store, or so it's said (5) HORDE (store=HOARD=>store, or so it's said = homonym of HOARD)
8 Leader of party? Mention first choice (10) PREFERENCE (Leader of party=1st letter of party=P, Mention=REFERENCE => P+REFERENCE)
9 Who, to boot, cared for sick? (8,6) BAREFOOT DOCTOR (ana. TO+BOOT+CARED+FOR)
13 Shoot tough old birds? They help one to live (10) POTBOILERS (??)
16 Carry out appliance (9) IMPLEMENT (Double Defn.)
18 Altar? I'm nervous of marriage (7) MARITAL (Altar? I'm nervous = ana. ALTAR+IM)
19 Run out stopping kid getting flower (3,4) TEA ROSE (Run out=RO, kid=TEASE=>Run out stopping kid = TEA (RO)SE)
21 Girl's name, favourite, read out (5) FREDA (favourite=F, read out=ana. READ=REDA => F+REDA)
22 Colour of yard in prison (4) CYAN (yard=Y, prison=CAN=>yard in prison = C(Y)AN)

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8244 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Insulting language while reading out from a roster? (4-7) NAME-CALLING
9 Without compunction, not out to sing the openings of anthem (7) INHUMAN (not out=IN, to sing=HUM, openings of ANthem=AN => IN+HUM+AN)
10 Nom-de-plume (3-4) PEN-NAME (Direct)
11 Henry has hesitation but is more healthy (5) HALER (Henry=HAL, hesitation=ER => HAL+ER)
12 U-turn Gert executed on spotting a weapon on a platform (6-3) TURRET-GUN (U-turn Gert executed = ana. U_TURN+GERT)
13 Sanctuary granted within to a sister (6) OASIS (Container => tO A SISter)
15 They serve time together (9) CELLMATES (Direct)
18 Kind of card that is freely answerable (5-4) REPLY-CARD (Direct)
21 Give weight to the boy with differences in pitch (5) TONAL (weight=TON, boy=AL => TON+AL)
22 Continued somehow without being observed (9) UNNOTICED (Continued somehow = ana. CONTINUED)
24 Dances for diamonds (5) ROCKS (Double Defn.)
26 . _ (3-4) DOT DASH (Direct)
27 Zoo rich enough to supply pork sausage (7) CHORIZO (Zoo rich enough to supply = ana. ZOO+RICH)
28 Displays noticeably in the pool? (8,3) SPLASHES OUT (Cryptic Defn.)

1 Be rough in handling an acquaintance (9) NEIGHBOUR (Be rough in handling = ana. BE+ROUGH+IN)
2 Home of the big learner (5) MAHAL (big=MAHA, learner=L => MAHA+L)
3 Easily frightened about being shot? (6-3) CAMERY-SHY (Cryptic Defn.)
4 One who is not in one's senses (7) LUNATIC (Direct)
5 Endanger a fairy in one short mile (7) IMPERIL (one=I, short mile=ML??, fairy=PERI => IM(PERI)L)
6 Group of friends gets oriental marijuana (5) GANGE (Group of friends=GANG, oriental=E => GANG+E)
7 Prisoner includes anything that became popular (6,2) CAUGHT ON (Prisoner=CON, anything=AUGHT=>Prisoner includes anything = C(AUGHT) ON
8 Eager to express grief verbally (4) KEEN (Double Defn.)
14 Lie on back in a setup that's strange (8) SUPINATE (in a setup that's strange = ana. IN+A+SETUP)
16 What a camper may rent while going on a vacation to save on hotel bills (5-4) MOTOR-HOME (Direct)
17 Underestimate rolls Seth cooked (4,5) SELL SHORT (rolls Seth cooked = ana. ROLLS+SETH)
19 Whiskey, gin or vodka? (7) ALCOHOL (Direct)
20 Takes away some of the French conduits (7) DEDUCTS (of the French=DE, conduits=DUCTS => DE+DUCTS)
22 Language of our dubashis (4) URDU (Container => oUR DUbashis)
23 Troop leader knocks carriages (5) TRAMS (Troop leader=T, knocks=RAMS => T+RAMS)
25 One put in vehicle for nothing. That's capital! (5) CAIRO (One=I, vehicle=CAR, nothing=O=>CA(I)R+O)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8243 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Contrary to expectation, the clues have taken a sudden and welcome leap in quality. Wondering if it's a different compiler for the rest of the week.

1 Bear to relate a different version (8) TOLERATE (to relate a different version = ana. TO+RELATE)
5 Shylock was one (6) USURER (Direct)
9 Liver, for one, may long for material (8) ORGANDIE (Liver, for one=LIVER, long=DIE => ORGAN+DIE)
10 Smell from some of the pleasantest enchantresses (6) STENCH (Container => pleasanteST ENCHantresses)
12 Girl taken by an individual in the past (4) GONE (Girl=G, individual=ONE=>Girl taken by an individual = G+ONE)
13 Pubertal indications in southern centres (3,7) SEX CHANGES (southern=S, centres=EXCHANGES)
15 Can hum to the tune of Chinese dynasty (6) MANCHU (Can hum to the tune = ana. CAN+HUM)
17 Doesn't begin to cross over an animal's back (5) RIDGE (to cross over=BRIDGE=>Doesn't begin to cross over = BRIDGE-G)
20 Hundred in field cultivating betel-nut (5) ARECA (Hundred=C, field=AREA=>Hundred in field = ARE(C)A)
21 State the member is in drink (6) ALLEGE (member=LEG, drink=ALE=>member is in drink = AL(LEG)E)
24 Family member holding back letters for legislative assembly (10) PARLIAMENT (Family member=PARENT, letters=MAIL=>back letters=LIAM=>Family member holding back letters =PARENT holding MAIL = PAR(LIAM)ENT)
27 A great many welcome back an idol (4) DEVA (A great many=D, welcome=AVE=>welcome back=EVA => D+EVA)
29 Shows off five relatives (6) VAUNTS (five=V, relatives=AUNTS => V+AUNTS)
30 Ma charts out the place where gymnasts land (5,3) CRASH MAT (Ma charts = ana. MA+CHARTS)
31 Wrong to return to the Bengali a kind of hut (6) NESTER (return=RET, the Bengali=SEN => reverse of RET+NES -- I don't think 'Wrong' is a good enough reversal indicator)
32 Of the French vagabond getting a wine bottle (8) DECANTER (Of the French=DE, vagabond=CANTER => DE+CANTER)

1 Depression faced by a meteorologist (6) TROUGH (Direct)
2 Member has a conclusion about the inscription (6) LEGEND (Member=LEG, conclusion=END=>Member has a conclusion = LEG+END)
3 Be around a group (4) RING (Direct??)
4 Very short time for Tamils' leader to take food (5) TRICE (Tamils' leader=T, food=RICE => T+RICE)
6 Tricks taken up to embrace the 21st Vedic precept (5) SUTRA
7 Edge near runaway outlaw (8) RENEGADE (Edge near runaway = ana. EDGE+NEAR)
8 Went back over Hera destroying the barn (8) REHASHED (Hera destroying=ana. HERA=REHA, the barn=SHED => REHA+SHED)
11 Account in Hindi you gave a learner is true (6) ACTUAL (Account=AC, Hindi you=TU, a=A, learner=L => AC+TU+A+L)
14 Father in India is a double graduate (4) BABA (Direct)
16 Delights with daily writing (6) CHARMS (Double Defn.)
17 Melodic pattern issues forth from an Agra garden (4) RAGA (Container => agRA GArden)
18 Maven and cop together set up an outdoor cooking device (4,4) CAMP OVEN (Maven and cop together set up = ana. MAVEN+COP)
19 Beastly acts of endearment (4,4) BEAR HUGS (Direct)
22 That woman is met by a man in the ascendant, a rishi in fact (6) HERMIT (That woman=HER, a man=TIM=>a man in the ascendant=MIT => HER+MIT)
23 Maul a ballplayer? (6) BATTER (Double Defn.)
25 Be full of no British fibre (5) ISTLE (Be full of=BRISTLE??=>Be full of no British = BRISTLE-BR)
26 Verne displays impudence (5) NERVE (Verne displays = ana. VERNE)
28 Continent has sources of art silk in abundance (4) ASIA ('sources' suggests the 1st letters of Art, Silk, In, Abundance => A+S+I+A)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8242 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

As expected, there is only one way the clues are headed - southbound

1 Second rate bunch under a stain (4) SPOT
3 Sign of possession (10) APOSTROPHE
10 Dante's hell (7) INFERNO
11 Structure of thin strips of wood crossing to serve as screen (7) LATTICE
12 Invigorating restorative (5) TONIC
13 Thought too highly of being taxed (9) OVERRATED
14 Introductory performances (8) PRELUDES
15 Looked closely at the nobleman (6) LEERED
18 Sap the French quietly to get the fruits (6) APPLES
20 Determined again to be rebuked (8) REPROVED
24 Hugo wrote about a premonition to bet on (9) HUNCHBACK
26 He has an aversion for work (5) IDLER
27 Calls quietly for the edging (7) SHIPLAP
28 A grudging giver (7) NIGGARD
29 Deliberate transposition of initial letters of two or more words (10) SPOONERISM
30 Tract of land growing trees (4) WOOD

1 Raised by adding something to the underside (5,2) SHIFT UP
2 Transgression of a receiver? (7) OFFENCE
4 Advances aid to stimulate support (8) PROPOSES
5 Joins with easily melted alloy (6) SOLDER
6 It turns in either direction (5) ROTOR
7 He can rip and rent to go to press (7) PRINTER
8 Corrected me to reform somehow (7) EMENDED
9 Breakage from turf race (8) FRACTURE
16 Gains by labour (8) EARNINGS
17 Times for holidays (8) WEEKENDS
18 Apes his gradual loss of vowel at the beginning of a word (7) APHESIS
19 Pigeon-sized petrel of southern seas (7) P_N_I_O
21 Natural cooker broiling spectacularly (7) VOLCANO
22 Ride indeed and treated with scorn (7) DERIDED
23 Beggar with nothing to his name (6) PAUPER
25 A face that launched a thousand ships (5) HELEN

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8241 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

I refuse to post explanations today because I'm ashamed to. I'm afraid I'm going to have to continue this practice for the rest of the week, because I'm confident the quality of clues is going to touch new nadirs with each passing day.

1 Revealing hidden information by means of visions (7-7) FORTUNE-TELLING
9 It's plain he arranged to scale the heights (8) ALPINIST
10 Blend gradually germ with point (5) MERGE
12 A long-recorded society of highups (4) L_P_ / A_P_
13 Narrative children love to hear (5) STORY
14 Music conductor's baton (4) WAND
17 Something to cherish (8) TREASURE
18 A grim gathering at the rear (6) SOLEMN
20 Underground cars (6) METROS
22 Small parrot to keep with Tara (8) PARAKEET
25 Detect the flaw somehow (4) ESPY
26 Cut off, retirement dreams (5) SEVER
27 Very long dress for milady (4) MAXI
30 Deer loves to (eat) away grass (5) ERODE
31 Stipulations for victory is around? (8) PROVISOS
32 Natural expected thing (6,2,6) MATTER OF COURSE

2 Backslide when scales fall from carelessness (7) RELAPSE
3 Device with specific function (4) UNIT
4 They send forth stream of smoke or light (8) EMITTERS
5 It's wrong to obtain money by force (6) EXTORT
6 Unconvincing excuse (4) LAME
7 Hurried to tell with speed (7) NARRATE
8 Detail a hand resolved to present both sides of the coin (4,3,4) HEAD AND TAIL
11 Deemed to be awful when very cross (3-8) ILL-TEMPERED/BAD-TEMPERED
15 A Northerner of course (5) ASCOT
16 He lives in the biggest land mass on earth (5) POLAR
19 Removes to lead away (5,3) TAKES OFF
21 Edible bead-like starch from cassava root (7) TAPIOCA
23 Delight in our name (7) ENAMOUR
24 Supporting assistant (6) HELPER
28 Tendency to be dishonest (4) BENT
29 Unit of weight, in short (4) KILO

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8240 Solutions

A third-rate grid. The clues fall into one or more of the following categories:-
- unfair (with missing anagram indicators)
- poor surface reading
- non-cryptic direct dictionary meanings (and I thought this was a cryptic crossword)
- plain senseless.

Why do we have to endure this? :-((

1 Drew up air as an expression of contempt (7) SNIFFED (Double Defn.)
5 In extraordinary time ran up a prayer tower (7) MINARET (ana. TIME+RAN)
9 Physically powerful performer (7) ATHLETE (Direct)
10 Time when the sun is at the highest point (7) NOONDAY (Direct)
11 Sound of hesitation (3) HMM (Direct)
12 Having great control and austerity (5) STOIC (Direct)
13 General applause for brilliant display (5) ECLAT (Double Defn.)
14 Meal, note, with the man it should satisfy (6) DINNER (note=N, man=DINER=>note, with the man = DIN(N)ER)
15 Forced in true uninvited fashion (8) INTRUDED (ana. IN+TRUE+DD(can someone pls enlighten me where the DD comes from??))
18 They search around for plunder (8) PIONEERS (Direct)
20 Reserved for emergency use (6) SPARED (Direct)
24 A storm somehow based on law (5) LEGAL (Dunno how to explain this, but I get the feeling that the compiler had GALE in mind when he wrote 'storm'. Now where the 'L' comes from, and how GALE and L magically bond to make LEGAL remains a mystery to me. Something tells me it's a mystery to the compiler too)
26 Does not get suntanned in this study? (5) BROWN (??)
27 Act in dumb show for mother shortly (3) MUM (Double Defn. -- pls note the poor clue construction)
28 Lone companies comfort in grief (7) CONSOLE (ana. LONE+COS(companies) -- the compiler is gracious enough to let you use the anagram indicator of your choice)
29 A true inflexible member having prominence (7) FEATURE (ana. A+TRUE+FE -- pls don't ask me to explain this one)
30 Ability to walk on rolling deck (3,4) SEA LEGS (Direct)
31 Clearly not west country domains (7) ESTATES (No idea)

1 Sash led to cut drastically (7) SLASHED (ana. SASH+LED -- what suggests the anagram you and I ask. No one knows)
2 Barbarous and cold-blooded (7) INHUMAN (Direct)
3 Is in the pink, although aware of rising sea (5,4) F_E_S _E_E (??)
4 Malignant supernatural being (6) DAEMON (Direct)
5 Threatening in a horrible manner (8) MENACING (Direct)
6 Ensnare soon in the East (5) NOOSE (ana. SOON+E (East) -- ana. ind. pleaseeeeeeeee)
7 Pierced with many holes (7) RIDDLED (Direct)
8 Made an appointment (7) TRYSTED (Direct)
16 Interminably sorry about the pen of my French aunt (9) REPENTANT (about=RE, pen=PEN, French aunt=TANT => RE+PEN+TANT)
17 Professional car firm takes the measure of difficult questions (8) PROBLEMS (Professional=PRO, rest=??)
18 Locations occupied by royal residences (7) PALACES (Direct)
19 Transparent silky stuff piped from South Africa (7) ORGANZA (pipe=ORGAN, ZA=Zambia?? -- this clue takes the bakery. I confer upon it the honorary title of 'worst clue of the century')
21 Go back to specified date (7) REMOUNT (??)
22 Rainy days naturally put these on outdoor activities (7) DAMPERS (Direct)
23 Mocha, for example (6) COFFEE (Direct)
25 Release from bonds or restraint (5) LOOSE (lol, what a clue!)

Just count the number of Direct clues. Can someone please remind the compiler this is supposed to be a CRYPTIC puzzle!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2596 Solutions

1 Applaud international bagging 50 (4) CLAP (international=CAP, 50=L=>international bagging 50 = C(L)AP)
3 Overcome with anger, police act outrageously arresting pawn (10) APOPLECTIC (ana. ANGER+ACT+P(pawn))
9 Name a lake after Italian family that's famous for healing (9) MEDICINAL (Name=N, a=A, lake=L, Italian family that's famous=MEDICI=>Name a lake after Italian family that's famous = MEDICI+N+A+L)
11 Cat mostly circling mother cats (5) PUMAS (Cat=PUSS=>Cat mostly=PUS, mother=MA=>Cat mostly circling mother = PU(MA)S)
12 Simultaneously, however (2,3,4,4) AT THE SAME TIME (Double Defn.)
14 Polish on river, European one (5) RHONE
16 Deny I featured in awfully rude tape (9) REPUDIATE (I=I, awfully rude tape=ana. RUDE+TAPE=REPUDATE=> featured in awfully rude tape = REPUD(I)ATE)
18 Washington, for example? (9) STATESMAN (Direct)
19 Distinct touch of comedy by English humorist (5) CLEAR (touch of Comedy=C, English humorist=LEAR=>touch of comedy by English humorist = C+LEAR)
20 Real teak barge adrift in large body of water (5,4,4) GREAT BEAR LAKE (Real teak barge adrift = ana. REAL+TEAK+BARGE)
24 Send watch back? (5) REMIT (watch=TIMER=>watch back=reverse of TIMER)
25 Snoopy's confidant in lumber with store (9) WOODSTOCK (lumber=WOOD, store=STOCK=>lumber with store = WOOD+STOCK)
26 Fabric shrink? So far, both ends of tie! (10) WINCEYETTE (shrink=WINCE, So far=YET, ends of TiE=TE => WINCE+YET+TE)
27 River Don? (4) WEAR (Double Defn.)

1 Reach a sort of pass and provide what is expected (4,6) COME ACROSS (Reach=COME, a=A, sort of pass=CROSS => COME A+CROSS)
2 Inspect accounts of car manufacturer close to Detroit (5) AUDIT (car manufacturer=AUDI, close to Detroit=last letter of DetroiT=T)
4 Star-shaped figure in manger? Apt, possibly (9) PENTAGRAM (manger? Apt, possibly = ana. MANGER+APT)
5 Up amongst legumes - lupins, lentils, etc. (5) PULSE (Reverse Container => legumES LUPins)
6 Terribly dire prospects for camaraderie (6,2,5) ESPRIT DE CORPS (Terribly dire prospects = ana. DIRE+PROSPECTS)
7 Sober, Paddy had a meal (9) TEMPERATE (Paddy=TEMPER, meal=ATE=>Paddy had a meal = TEMPER+ATE)
8 Cover action (4) CASE (Double Defn.)
10 Somehow cheered, met me around noon for a drink (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE (ana. CHEERED+MET+ME around N(noon))
13 Excessively sentimental story, ripper written about Yank? (4-6) TEAR JERKER (ripper=TEARER, Yank=JERK=>ripper written about Yank = TEAR (JERK)ER)
15 Society member phoned head of embassy in sultanate (9) ORANGEMAN (phoned=RANG, head of embassy=E, sultanate=OMAN=>phoned head of embassy in sultanate = O(RANG+E)MAN)
17 Write series of questions about chapter on old festival (9) PENTECOST (Write=PEN, series of questions=TEST, chapter=OC=>Write series of questions about chapter = PEN+TE(CO)ST)
21 Used for corporal punishment, it could make one sweat (5) TAWSE (ana. SWEAT)
22 In agreement with a character (2,3) AT ONE (a=A, character=TONE => A+TONE)
23 Boast about rank (4) CROW (Double Defn.)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8239 Solutions

1 Flower from sweet American bunch (9) CANDYTUFT (Direct)
6 You form an assembly for open discussion (5) FORUM (ana. U+FORM)
9 Enraged by scruffy green advertisement shortly (7) ANGERED (scruffy green advertisement shortly = ana. GREEN+AD)
10 Sings with trills (7) WARBLES (Direct)
11 Vicious person difficult to deal with (6) T_R_A_
12 Not so much of a tenant (6) LESSEE (Not so much = LESS)
15 Happening in landed property (4,6) REAL ESTATE
16 One biscuit for the wading bird here (4) IBIS (Container => I(one)+BIS)
18 Lowest part in music (4) BASS (Direct)
19 Garment for a hula dance (10) GRASSSKIRT (Direct)
23 Like long narrow furrows, can be very fashionable (6) GROOVY (Double Defn.)
25 Murderous disease that deprive life (6) KILLER (Crappy clue -- awful grammar)
28 Clear thick syrup (7) TREACLE (Direct)
29 Cause to be no longer in one's memory (7) UNLEARN (Direct)
30 Shares business transactions (5) DEALS (Double Defn.)
31 Overwhelmed, daunted in distress (9) INUNDATED (daunted in distress = ana. DAUNTED+IN)

1 Division of an episode (7) CHAPTER
2 People from the African city of Lagos (9) NIGERIAN (Direct)
3 Total number of a unit of measure (7) YARDAGE (Crappy clue)
4 Short road in use as they say in this language (4) U_D_
5 Won't rebuild an urban area (4) TOWN (Won't rebuild = ana. WONT)
6 Search out some silk tape (6) FERRET (Double Defn.)
7 Parts in plays (5) ROLES (Direct)
8 Becomes adept at diverting streams (7) MASTERS (diverting streams = ana. STREAMS)
13 Bird that carries in babies (5) STORK (Direct)
14 Put away and hide saint with burnt remains (5) STASH (saint=ST, burnt remains=ASH=>saint with burnt remains = ST+ASH)
17 Highly talented student in class (9) BRILLIANT (Direct - what kind of a clue is this? the clues is worded as if it expects a noun for an answer, but turns out to be adjective - pathetic clueing)
18 Being obstinate I got into bed confused (7) BIGOTED (I got into bed confused = ana. I+GOT+BED)
20 Without surface movement (7) STILLED (Direct)
21 Decorated and raised on dais (7) THRONED (Double Defn.)
22 Turns out the victim inside (6) EVICTS (Container => thE VICTim)
24 Russian lake that develops an ego (5) ONEGA (develops an ego = ana. AN+EGO)
26 Partly lose minimum wages here (4) SEMI (Container => loSE MInimum)
27 Revered spiritual leader (4) GURU (Direct)

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8238 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Proposed to use a horse badly in the street (9) SUGGESTED (??)
5 Reverse to cause downfall (4) UNDO (Double Defn.)
8 Express irony (3) AHA (Direct)
9 Elevate lone Ben somehow (7) ENNOBLE (lone Ben somehow = ana. LONE+BEN)
10 Damage the bad arm (3) MAR (bad arm = ana. ARM)
11 Charged particle in-charge of part of Greece (5) IONIC
12 Don made a charge on development of one strain (9) ROSINANTE (development of one strain = ana. ONE+STRAIN)
13 You rag the lad by degrees (7) GRADUAL (ana. U(You)+RAG+LAD)
15 Foolish person given first aid (6) ASSIST (Foolish person=ASS, first=IST=>Foolish person given first = ASS+IST)
17 Secretion from the listener (3,3) EAR WAX (Direct)
18 Point in orbit of an artificial satellite (7) PERIGEE (Direct)
21 Topping on pizza (9) PEPPERONI (Direct)
22 Figure tossing coins (5) ICONS (tossing coins = ana. COINS)
24 Smooth sticky lubricant (3) OIL
25 Combines after English crop up (7) EMERGES (Combines=MERGES, English=E=>Combines after English = E+MERGES)
26 Be incorrect in her reasoning (3) ERR (Container => hER Reasoning)
27 Is not refined from tins oddly (4) ISNT (tins oddly = ana. TINS)
28 Put on trial the artist broke into a wry grin (9) ARRAIGNED (ana. RA(artist)+A+GRIN+ED -- dunno where E & D come from)

1 Make a song out of butchery (7) SLAYING
2 Cereal found in the wood (5) GRAIN (Double Defn.)
3 Slender curling stems that cling (8) TENDRILS (Direct)
4 Lower in value the seabed (6) DEBASE (ana. SEABED)
5 Be constantly thinking (3,4,6) USE ONES BRAINS (Direct)
6 Insisting on asking as right (9) DEMANDING (Double Defn.)
7 Apprehend an artist turning on others (6) ARREST (Artist=RA=>artist turning=AR, others=REST=>artist turning on others = AR+REST)
9 Incitement for inspiration, maybe (13) ENCOURAGEMENT (Direct)
14 A citadel in ancient Greece (9) ACROPOLIS (Direct)
16 Dog that could be an arch supporter (8) SPRINGER (Double Defn.)
17 Undertaking to occupy me (6) EMPLOY (Direct)
19 Guaranteed to be certain in the end (7) ENSURED (certain=SURE, end=END=>certain in the end = EN(SURE)D)
20 Devotional prayers lasting nine days (6) NOVENA (Direct)
23 Immense expanse (5) OCEAN (Direct)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8237 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Pale boy Mel perhaps can be given a job (10) EMPLOYABLE (Pale boy Mel perhaps = ana. PALE+MEL+BOY)
6 Is not in short (4) ISNT (Direct)
9 Lament I interpret as a complaint (7) AILMENT (Lament I interpret = ana. LAMENT+I)
10 Fun for students — just old clothes market (3,4) RAG FAIR (just=FAIR, old clothes=RAG)
12 Den rounded inwards (8) CONCAVED (Den=CON, rounded=CAVED)
13 Poplar with especially tremulous leaves (5) ASPEN (Direct)
15 Undertake to come into the open (5) ENTER (Double Defn.)
17 Rant one car is enough for a short stay (9) TARRIANCE (ana. RANT+I+CAR+E -- where does this E come from?)
19 A thousand pound held up in a car-park? (9) IMPOUNDED (A=I, 1000=M, pound=POUND, ED=??)
21 Falsetto warble in the Swiss mountains (5) YODEL (Direct??)
23 Manner or sound of walking (5) TREAD (Direct)
24 Cash furnishing store (8) THEATERS (??)
27 Pointed pins that provokes (7) NEEDLES (Double Defn.)
28 Half score workers who hold land (7) TENANTS (Half score=20/2=TEN, workers=ANTS => TEN+ANTS)
29 Comfort to reduce burden (4) EASE (Double Defn.)
30 Courses or just cool drinks? (10) REFRESHERS (Double Defn.)

1 Former amour in a short investigation (4) EXAM (Former=EX, amour=AM => EX+AM)
2 Resign oneself to losing a tooth? (4,3) PULL OUT (Double Defn.)
3 Unsaturated fatty acids (5) OLEIC (Direct)
4 Vacated it in confusion when stimulated (9) ACTIVATED (Vacated it in confusion = ana. VACATED+IN)
5 Attracted or conducted round an ancient city (5) LURED (conducted=LED, ancient city=UR=>conducted round an ancient city = L(UR)ED)
7 Rash pen used to put an edge on (7) SHARPEN (Rash pen used = ana. RASH+PEN)
8 Rapid whirling Italian dance (10) TARANTELLA (Direct)
11 What made the apple fall? It is a serious matter (7) GRAVITY (Double Defn.)
14 Sent to satisfy one's creditors (10) REMITTANCE (Direct -- Can we have some cryptics please? Where's the fun??)
16 Decorative medallion disc (7) ROUNDEL (Direct)
18 Dog the evening sun? (3,6) RED SETTER (Cryptic subsidiary indication)
20 A lady like looker? (7) PEERESS (??)
22 Throw into confusion and put out of order (7) DERANGE (Double Defn.)
24 Have experience of a specific flavour (5) TASTE (Double Defn.)
25 Melodies that ring in a happy heart (5) TUNES (Direct)
26 One sister of the goddess here (4) ISIS (One=I, sister=SIS => I+SIS)

Entertainment value of this grid = ZILCH

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8236 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Without exaggeration, they also taste funny (2,3,3,5) TO SAY THE LEAST (they also taste funny = ana. THEY+ALSO+TASTE)
9 Old hairpiece for a porker, containing twisted wire (7) PERIWIG (a porker=PIG, twisted wire=ana. WIRE=ERIW=>a porker, containing twisted wire = P(ERIW)IG)
10 They bar re-spelling from memory (2,5) BY HEART (They bar re-spelling = ana. THEY+BAR)
11 Quality of time spent in a speech of praise (9) ATTRIBUTE (a=A, speech of praise=TRIBUTE, time=T=>time spent in a speech of praise = A(T)TRIBUTE)
12 Mature insect caught by Poornima got away ... (5) IMAGO (Container => PoornIMA GOt)
13 ... despite the fact that the power of reasoning was cut short (7) THOUGH (power of reasoning=THOUGHT=>power of reasoning was cut short = THOUGHT-T)
14 Headlong rush made pets scurry (8) STAMPEDE (made pets scurry = ana. MADE+PETS)
17 Put at risk like many a species of wildlife (8) ENDANGER (Direct)
19 Climber could descend thus very quietly: real trick (6) RAPPEL (very quietly=PP, real=REAL=>quietly: real trick = ana. PP+REAL)
23 He can heal a dog reaching the Emergency Room (5) CURER (a dog=CUR, Emergency Room=ER=>a dog reaching the Emergency Room = CUR+ER)
25 Give a name to an oriental portent in an engagement (9) DESIGNATE (oriental=E, portent=SIGN, engagement=DATE=>oriental portent in an engagement = D(E+SIGN)ATE
26 It relieves the pain of people, though briefly, before onset of laryngitis (7) MENTHOL (people=MEN, though briefly=TH, onset of laryngitis=1st letter of laryngitis=L => MEN+THO+L)
27 Integral, not constructed externally (2-5) INBUILT (Double Defn.)
28 The Times etc. on the march, getting the sack? (7,8) WALKING PAPERS (Cryptic defn.)

1 This support for sail is a most apt arrangement (7) TOPMAST (most apt arrangement = ana. MOST+APT)
2 English town where a good man, famous car maker, captured a deserter (9) STRATFORD (a good man=ST, famous car maker=FORD, deserter=RAT=>a good man, famous car maker, captured a deserter = ST(RAT)FORD)
3 Opening the mouth wide in a gesture of boredom (7) YAWNING (Direct)
4 Important person's audible greeting at a further level (4-2) HIGH-UP (greeting=HI=>audible greeting=HIGH(homonym), further level=UP)
5 Text of opera about fickle, brittle love (8) LIBRETTO (fickle, brittle love = ana. BRITTLE+O)
6 The unbeliever's belief (7) ATHEISM (Direct)
7 A place in Mumbai for a police station (5) THANA
8 Freshly hard-coated battery terminal (7) CATHODE (Freshly hard-coated = ana. H+COATED)
15 Lay stress on speed as is found in extremes of endurance (9) EMPHASISE (speed=MPH, as is=ASIS, extremes of EndurancE=EE=>speed as is found in extremes of endurance = E(MPH+ASIS)E
16 Latest food shop admits husband in city (3,5) NEW DELHI (Latest=NEW, food shop=DELI, husband=H=>food shop admits husband=DEL(H)I)
17 Expressions of praise providing income? A novelty (7) ENCOMIA (income? A novelty = ana. INCOME+A)
18 Arctic creature featuring in a seminar whalers conducted (7) NARWHAL (Container => semiNAR WHALers)
20 Symbolic study of mathematics? (7) ALGEBRA (Direct)
21 Character from Hamlet or King Lear set about (7) LAERTES (Lear set about = ana. LEAR+SET)
22 Making a demand qua the ruler (6) ASKING (qua=AS, thr uler=KING => AS+KING)
24 Restore some of the old serene way of life (5) RENEW (Container => seRENE Way)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8235 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Reduction in spending may cause pain to footballer (7) CUTBACK (Double Defn.)
5 Characters with a slant, they give emphasis (7) ITALICS (Direct)
10 Sacred word from a clamant Rastafarian (6) MANTRA (Container => claMANT RAstafarian)
11 He leaves his country for a grand: ingrate, unreliable (8) EMIGRANT (grand=M(1000 in Roman), ingrate=INGRATE=>grand: ingrate, unreliable = ana. M+INGRATE)
12 Go after unionist steeped in money (6) PURSUE (unionist=U, money=PURSE=>unionist steeped in money = PURS(U)E)
13 Entangled men heed second change (8) ENMESHED (men heed second change = ana. MEN+HEED+S(second))
14 Medieval America's Gorgon with snakes for hair (6) MEDUSA (Medieval=MED, America=USA => MED+USA)
15 In the cook book, it is a right piece for disaster (6) RECIPE (right piece for disaster = ana. R+PIECE)
18 Recently, it was even found in Old English (2,4) OF LATE (even=FLAT, Old English=OE=>even found in Old English = O(F LAT)E)
20 Flower part, in a way? So be it (6) STAMEN (a way=ST, so be it=AMEN => ST+AMEN)
23 He talks extravagantly about race norm being violated (8) ROMANCER (race norm being violated = ana. RACE+NORM)
25 Sticky stuff swallowed by old general was the fruit of a pulse plant (6) LEGUME (Sticky stuff=GUM, old general=LEE=>Sticky stuff swallowed by old general = LE(GUM)E)
26 Lifeless bit of tress creates a stalemate (8) DEADLOCK (Lifeless=DEAD, bit of tress=LOCK => DEAD+LOCK)
27 Boisterous player with computer memory meets returning salesman (6) RAMPER (computer memory=RAM, salesman=REP=>returning salesman=PER => RAM+PER)
28 Good man, as he died, was put in a secret place (7) STASHED (Good man=ST, as=AS, he=HE, died=DIED=>'was put in' suggests containment => STASHEDied)
29 Armyman for training in Asian state (7) MYANMAR (Armyman for training = ana. ARMYMAN)

2 Planet pictured by originally unknown artist: big star on the rise (6) URANUS (unknown=U, artist=RA, big star=SUN=>big star on the rise=NUS => URA+NUS)
3 Her son was a wise man on the Sabbath: he suffered (9) BATHSHEBA (Sabbath: he suffered = ana. BATH+SHEBA)
4 Tea and water in France? About time in the castle (7) CHATEAU (Tea=CHA, water in France=EAU, time=T=>Tea and water in France? About time = CHA(T)EAU)
6 He fits out motor vehicles to be more spruce (7) TRIMMER (Double Defn.)
7 Look, teacher is upset by primate (5) LORIS (Look=LO, teacher=R, is=IS => LO+R+IS)
8 Casual worker in continued disregard of authority (8) CONTEMPT (Casual worker=TEMP, continued=CONT=>Casual worker in continued = CON(TEMP)T)
9 Brass hat to deal a blow to widespread stoppage of work (7,6) GENERAL STRIKE (Brass hat=GENERAL, deal a blow=STRIKE)
16 Priest, good Roman Catholic, mingling with laymen (9) CLERGYMAN (good=G, Roman Catholic=RC, laymen=LAYMEN=>good Roman Catholic, mingling with laymen = ana. G+RC+LAYMEN)
17 Plant trees with a fresh start, lot of trees (8) AFFOREST (a=A, fresh start=F, lot of trees=FOREST => A+F+FOREST)
19 Hem in in two directions and bring to an end (7) ENCLOSE (two directions=EN, bring to an end=CLOSE => EN+CLOSE)
21 Hypersensitivity of an accomplice accepting work unit (7) ALLERGY (an accomplice=ALLY, wrok unit=ERG=>an accomplice accepting work unit = ALL(ERG)Y)
22 Can a moa be a shapeless creature? (6) AMOEBA (ana. A+MOA+BE)
24 Mountain formation in South American desert (5) ANDES (Container => AmericAN DESert)

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8232 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 In a dark winter, gin cocktail is one to quench thirst (8,5) DRINKING WATER (dark winter, gin cocktail = ana. DARK+WINTER+GIN)
10 State (abroad) of the weak mule? I wonder! (9) MILWAUKEE (weak mule? I wonder = ana. WEAK+MULE+I)
11 He makes a mark at the polls, possibly (5) VOTER (Direct)
12 Greek character is a symbol of summation (5) SIGMA 9Direct)
13 European highway, but not really meant for three-wheelers (9) AUTOROUTE (Direct)
14 Do a Holmes act (6) DETECT (Direct)
16 Helen's abductor in France (5) PARIS (Double Defn.)
19 Diplomat, a bit of a brazen voyeur (5) ENVOY (Container => brazEN VOYeur)
20 Loud sound from writer Saul (6) BELLOW
25 Vanish, if wrongly apprised about Adam's origin (9) DISAPPEAR (wrongly apprised=ana. APPRISED=DISPPEAR, Adam's origin=A=>wrongly apprised about Adam's origin = DIS(A)PPEAR)
26 African town can bend accountant back (5) ACCRA (bend=ARC, accountant=CA=>bend accountant back = reverse of ARC+CA = AC+CRA)
27 A soft encounter includes this frequently (5) OFTEN (Container => sOFT ENcounter)
28 Native of China cannot see danger (9) CANTONESE (cannot see danger = ana. CANNOT+SEE)
29 Personal assistant, young girl, is a creature of prey (9,4) SECRETARY BIRD (Personal assistant=SECRETARY, yougn girl=BIRD)

2 Demote Lee? Great wrong (8) RELEGATE (Lee? Great wrong = ana. LEE+GREAT)
3 Antelope, a bit young, caught by legendary cook (5) NYALA (bit Young=Y, legendary cook=NALA=>bit young, caught by legendary cook = N(Y)ALA)
4 Stationery item, oddly a soft kind (3,3) INK PAD (oddly a soft kind = ana. A+P+KIND)
5 Big conflict that started on 28th July 1914 (5,3) GREAT WAR (Direct)
6 Drives organised with tea to give publicity (9) ADVERTISE (Drives organised with tea = ana. DRIVES+TEA)
7 Have a meal away from home — not necessarily under the stars (3,3) EAT OUT (Direct)
8 A Frenchman was accustomed to being entertained (6) AMUSED (A=a, Frenchman=M, accustomed=USED => A+M+USED)
9 Porridge got by brandishing Luger (5) GRUEL (brandishing Luger = ana. LUGER)
15 It is the key for getting sustenance from preserved food (3,6) CAN OPENER (Cryptic definition => key=OPENER)
17 Quiet man owing money cold-shouldered by suspension of electricity supply (5,3) POWER CUT (Quiet=P, man owing money=OWER, cold-shouldered=CUT => P+OWER CUT)
18 The end of the air raid, by the sound of it (3,5) ALL CLEAR (Direct)
21 A cloth maker, we were told (6) WEAVER (we were told=homonym of WE WERE)
22 Included in dread hocus-pocus for a specific purpose (2,3) AD HOC (Container => dreAD HOCus)
23 Deadly fly set off repeatedly (6) TSETSE (set off=ana. TSE=>set off repeatedly = TSE+TSE)
24 What Hamlet might have spent (6) KRONER (Direct)
26 A missile that ended a war (1-4) A-BOMB (A=A, missile=BOMB)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8231 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Kind of glass little Frederic found around the East of Germany (7) FROSTED (little Frederic=FRED, East of Germany=OST (means 'East' in German)=>little Frederic found around the East of Germany = FR(OST)ED)
5 Polish the image, cross it and commit yourself (7) RUBICON (Polish=RUB, the image=ICON=>Polish the image = RUB+ICON)
9 Software — to power the surgeon's method? (9,6) OPERATING SYSTEM (Cryptic => surgeon-OPERATION)
10 The girl is a ringer, they say (6) ISABEL (is=IS, a=A, ringer=BELL=>ringer they say=homonym of BELL=BEL => IS+A+BEL)
11 Can TN ignore leaking gas ... (8) NITROGEN (TN ignore leaking = ana. TN+IGNORE)
13 ... till we meet again in Paris? (2,6) AU REVOIR (Direct => means 'till we meet again' in French)
15 What the undergrad works for (6) DEGREE (Direct)
18 Make a demand for inclusion of sibling in international (6) INSIST (sibling=SIS, international=INT=>inclusion of sibling in international = IN(SIS)T)
19 Cupid's victory, a surprise in this tournament (5,3) DAVIS CUP (Cupid's victory, a surprise = ana. CUPIDS+V(victory)+A)
22 Trembling milk maker in modest surroundings (8) SHUDDERY (milk maker=UDDER, modest=SHY=>milk maker in modest surroundings = SH(UDDER)Y)
24 The meaning of one part of foreign trade (6) IMPORT (Double Defn.)
27 In language, it is the... sure thing! (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE (Cryptic Def. - 'The' is a definite article)
28 Deer tracked by university official in English girl's school (7) ROEDEAN (Deer=ROE(a kind of deer), university official=DEAN=>Deer tracked by university official = ROE+DEAN)
29 Dirty pawnbroker, a Pole (7) UNCLEAN (pawnbroker=UNCLE, a=A, Pole=N)

1 Plant life around centre of presidency in American state (7) FLORIDA (Plant life = FLORA, centre of presIDency=ID=>Plant life around centre of presidency = FLOR(ID)A)
2 Carmen, for example, part of a cooperative effort (5) OPERA (Container => coOPERAtive)
3 Some dregs to inspire the fortune teller (3,6) TEA LEAVES (Direct)
4 Solid support for speakers (4) DAIS (Cryptic Defn.)
5 Get back in gear somehow (6) REGAIN (in gear somehow = ana. IN+GEAR)
6 Customer for a cow shelter, say (5) BUYER (cow shelter=BYRE=>cow shelter, say = homonym of BYRE)
7 Unqualified Erica got caught slipping (9) CATEGORIC (Erica got caught slipping = ana. ERICA+GOT+C(caught))
8 A candidate, benami perhaps (7) NOMINEE (Double Defn.)
12 Appropriate seizure (3) FIT (Double Defn.)
14 Rearrangement that could worry ministers (9) RESFHUFFLE (Direct)
16 Imagine Connecticut turning mysterious (9) ENIGMATIC (Imagine Connecticut turning = ana. IMAGINE+CT)
17 Authority to influence a decision perhaps (3) SAY (Double Defn.)
18 Member of the team, one privy to exclusive information (7) INSIDER (Double Defn.)
20 A design to lightly hit a bird (7) PATTERN (lighly hit=PAT, a bird=TERN => PAT+TERN)
21 Native of Brittany in a British school (6) BRITON (Double Defn.)
23 Kathak, say, in a mundan ceremony (5) DANCE (Container => munDAN CEremony)
25 At the right moment, unity surrounds copper (2,3) ON CUE (unity=ONE, copper=CU=>unity surrounds copper = ON (CU)E)
26 Demon of a planet (4) RAHU (Direct)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8230 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Speech sound in one syllable as in `coin' (9) DIPHTHONG (Direct)
5 The horseman's stipulation (5) RIDER (Double Defn.)
8 Big characters from New Delhi and Islamabad? (8) CAPITALS (Double Defn.)
9 Steal from a garden with a rugby move, please, to start with (6) SCRUMP (rugby move=SCRUM, please, to start with=1st letter of Please=P => SCRUM+P)
11 Eastern lake could be frightening (5) EERIE (Eastern=E, lake=ERIE => E+ERIE)
12 Natural disasters, could be, not man-made things (4,2,3) ACTS OF GOD (Cryptic Defn.)
13 Move casually, say, accepting deposit (6) SASHAY (say=SAY, deposit=ASH=>say, accepting deposit = S(ASH)AY)
14 An English resort said to bring cheer (8) BRIGHTEN (An English resort=BRIGHTON=>An English resort said=homonym of BRIGHTON meaning cheer)
16 Instruction in good art in a novel way (8) TRAINING (in good art in a novel way = ana. IN+G(good)+ART+IN)
18 Get a boat in shape (6) OBTAIN (a boat in shape = ana. A+BOAT+IN)
22 Meal starter absolves famous publisher (5,4) CLEAR SOUP (absolves=CLEARS, famous publisher=OUP(Oxford University Soup) => CLEARS+OUP)
23 The spirit of The Tempest (5) ARIEL (Direct)
24 The idea that the Italian found reversed in the middle of the day (6) NOTION (Italian=IT=>Italian found reversed=TI, middle of the day=NOON=>Italian found reversed in the middle of the day = NO(TI)ON)
25 Call at funeral for a final delivery of mail (4,4) LAST POST (Double Defn.)
26 Fetter the murderer, hot within (5) CHAIN (murderer=CAIN, hot=H=>murderer, hot within = C(H)AIN)
27 In the marina, cop became comprehensive (9) PANORAMIC (marina, cop became = MARINA+COP)

1 Writer whose expectations were great! (7) DICKENS (Direct)
2 Old Egyptian paper (7) PAPYRUS (Direct)
3 Oddly, northern boatmen are naturally fitted to their role (2,3,6,4) TO THE MANNER BORN (Oddly, northern boatmen = ana. NORTHERN+BOATMEN)
4 It is used to reduce friction and to foil cantankerousness a bit (6) OILCAN (Container => fOIL CANtankerousness)
5 A bit of Britain in Spain, a pillar of Hercules (4,2,9) ROCK OF GIBRALTAR (Direct)
6 Get drug spilt on floor covering (7) DRUGGET (Get drug spilt = ana. GET+DRUG)
7 Inveigled with a cord and racket (5,2) ROPED IN (cord=ROPE, racket=DIN => ROPE+DIN)
10 A test or examination to reveal a large stock (5) STORE (Container => teST OR Examination)
15 A bulb one fixed in stormy noon (5) ONION (one=I, stormy noon=ONON=>one fixed in stormy noon = ON(I)ON)
16 The C-in-C designed a practical method to deal with a task (7) TECHNIC (The C-in-C designed = ana. THE+CINC)
17 Severe mental deficiency in people: it arises in extremes of anorexia (7) AMENTIA (extremes of AnorexiA=AA)
19 Wing-like shape to support old boxer (7) ALIFORM (old boxer=ALI, shape=FORM=>shape to support old boxer = ALI+FORM)
20 Nothing about the ear or about a great African river (7) NILOTIC (Nothing=NIL, about the ear=OTIC => NIL+OTIC)
21 A twist in the foot? (6) SPRAIN (Direct)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8229 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 This brush designed an item of apparel (4,5) BUSH SHIRT (This brush designed = ana. THIS+BRUSH)
5 A summit with the queen at the top (5) C_O_M
8 Sloping beam found reversed in secret farmhouse (6) RAFTER (Reverse container => secRET FARmhouse)
9 Eastern mandate wrongly issued (8) EMANATED (Eastern mandate wrongly = ana. E+MANDATE)
11 Trading group incorporates measure to connect English and American capitals (4) EMTA (English and American capitals=EA, measure=MT(metric ton)=>incorporates measure to connect English and American capitals = E(MT)A
12 Throttle authors, those who produce funny lines (3,7) GAG WRITERS (Throttle=GAG, authors=WRITERS)
14 Put (the deposit perhaps) in its container (5) INURN (in=IN, this container=URN => IN+URN)
15 Let a cat somehow produce milk (7) LACTATE (Let a cat somehow = ana. LET+A+CAT)
16 Study a kind ruler's spouse (7) CONSORT (Study=CON, a kind=SORT => CON+SORT)
17 Legal right for a name (5) TITLE (Double Defn.)
19 Viral infection that is run-of-the-mill and depressing (6,4) COMMON COLD (Direct)
20 Hairstyle that a father originally ordered (4) AFRO (a=A, father originally=F, ordered=RO??)
22 Outrun one's welcome and displease the host (8) OVERSTAY (Double Defn.)
23 From the beginning some made no vocal signs (2,4) DO NOVO (Container => maDE NO VOcal => some is the Container indicator)
24 Cowardly sibling, say, heartless (5) SISSY (sibling=SIS, say heartless=SAY-A=SY => SIS+SY)
25 Atrophied when endlessly medicated, a travesty (9) EMACIATED (endlessly medicated=MEDICATE, a=A=>endlessly medicated, a travesty = ana. MEDICATE+A)

1 Exchange of goods (6) BARTER (Direct)
2 What does `three, four, protection, five, six' suggest? A risk to go it alone (6,2,7) SAFETY IN NUMBERS (protection=SAFETY, three,four,five,six=NUMBERS)
3 Hard fat found in this tissue tastes good (4) SUET (Container => tisSUE Tastes)
4 The answer lies in the future: watch the clock (4,4,4) TIME WILL TELL (Cryptic Defn.)
5 Appropriate cost fiance laid out (10) CONFISCATE (cost fiance laid out = aa. COST+FIANCE)
6 Winner of eight Oscars, this movie could threaten town for spoils (2,3,10) ON THE WATERFRONT (threaten town for spoils = ana. THREATEN+TOWN+FOR)
7 Dressmaker, modern, first leader in elegance (7) MODISTE (modern=MOD, first=IST, leader in elegance=1st letter of Elegance=E => MOD+IST+E)
10 Basis for a sound record — attractive strip (8,4) MAGNETIC TAPE (attractive=MAGNETIC, strip=TAPE)
13 American mood unknown to accept poor soul in fun (10) HUMOUROUSLY (mood=HUMOUR=>American mood=HUMOR(american spelling), unknown=Y, poor soul=ana. SOUL=OUSL=>mood unknown to accept poor soul=HUMOR(OUSL)Y)
16 One-eyed giant (7) CYCLOPS (Direct)
18 Knock out intrepid spirit of the mines (6) KOBOLD (Knock out=KO, intrepid=BOLD => KO+BOLD)
21 Food shop found very wanting in delivery (4) DELI (Container => DELIvery)