Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2613 Solutions

1 Endless series of notes written by one, a Shakespeare character (7) OCTAVIA (series of notes=OCTAVE=>Endless series of notes=OCTAV, one=I, a=A=>Endless series of notes written by one, a = OCTAV+I+A)
5 Unfair arrangement that involves untreated wood (3,4) RAW DEAL (untreated=RAW, deal=WOOD)
9 Terribly irate going round ancient city in ancient country (7) ETRURIA (Terribly irate=ana. IRATE=ETRIA, ancient city=UR=>Terribly irate going round ancient city = ETR(UR)IA)
10 Woman ringing daughter on island state (7) FLORIDA (Woman=FLORIA, daughter=D=>Woman ringing daughter = FLORI(D)A)
11 So tasty, Thai cooking in other words (4,2,2,3) THAT IS TO SAY (So tasty, Thai cooking = ana. SO+TASTY+THAI)
14 Minister's chatter cut short (5) RABBI (chatter=RABBIT=>chatter cut short = RABBI)
15 Mail a lad abroad about a spiritual leader (5,4) DALAI LAMA (Mail a lad abroad = ana. MAIL+A+LAD)
16 Increasing the wealth of church popular in Niger originally (9) ENRICHING (church=CH, in Niger originally=ana. IN+NIGER??=ENRIING=>church popular in Niger originally = ENRI(CH)ING -- 'originally' is not convincing as an ana. ind.)
19 Despicable person with dog (5) HOUND (Dbl Def)
20 New York politician plugging Ireland, say (6,5) EMPIRE STATE (politician=MP, Ireland=EIRE=>politician plugging Ireland=E(MP)IRE, say=STATE)
23 On the subject of a rugby player, very large (7) APROPOS (a=A, rugby player=PROP, very large=OS => A+PROP+OS)
24 Was obsequious to a degree, one visiting editor (7) TOADIED (to=TO, a=A, degree=D, one=I, editor=ED => TO+A+D+I+ED)
25 Pangs of conscience about son getting in again (7) REMORSE (about=RE, son=S, again=MORE=>son getting in again=MOR(S)E => RE+MORSE)
26 More demanding Irish novelist, by right (7) STERNER (Irish novelist=STERNE, right=R=>Irish novelist, by right = STERNE+R)

1 Reversed more than is usual, then changed direction (10) OVERTURNED (more than usual=OVER, changed direction=TURNED => OVER+TURNED)
2 Hackneyed yarn, unembellished? (10) THREADBARE (Hackneyed=BARE, yarn=THREAD)
3 Receiving repair, damaged plant (8,7) VIRGINIA CREEPER (Receiving repair, damaged = ana. RECEIVING+REPAIR)
4 Notice fit little boy getting changed (7) ADAPTED (Notice=AD, fit=APT, little boy=ED => AD+APT+ED)
5 No regrets? (7) REFUSAL (??)
6 Western fancy goods they had in plant (5,10) WOODY NIGHTSHADE (Western=W, fancy goods they had in = ana. GOODY+THEY+HAD+IN)
7 Leave former partner with it (4) EXIT (former partner=EX, it=IT=>former partner with it = EX+IT)
8 Guide boy round centre of Crewe (4) LEAD (boy=LAD, center of CrEwe=E=>boy round centre of Crewe = LEAD)
12 Troublesome lout ain't as welcome (10) SALUTATION (Troublesome lout ain't as = ana. LOUT+AINT+AS)
13 Ted Heath was one reportedly suppressed PM? (10) BANDLEADER (suppressed=BANNED=>reportedly suppressed=homonym of BANNED=BAND, PM=LEADER => BAND+LEADER)
17 Deadlock dad's locked in new semi (7) IMPASSE (dad's=PAS, new semi=ana. SEMI=IMSE=>dad's locked in new semi = IM(PAS)SE)
18 Circles Ayr and gets disoriented (7) GYRATES (Ayr and gets disoriented = ana. AYR+GETS)
21 Pretty fine tune (4) FAIR (fine=F, tune=AIR => F+AIR)
22 Close to old and strange house (4) _R_M ??

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8344 Solutions - by Vinod & Sriram

1 Security device at ATM — electrode designed to capture time (5,8) METAL DETECTOR (ATM — electrode designed=ana. ATM+ELECTRODE, time=T=>ATM — electrode designed to capture time = ana. ATM+ELECTRODE+T
9 The candidate — me, one in trouble (7) NOMINEE (me, one in trouble = ana. ME+ONE+IN)
10 Support the English partner (7) ESPOUSE (English=E, partner=SPOUSE)
11 New or Old, it is part of the book (9) TESTAMENT (Direct)
12 Incomplete surgery is a dramatic thing (5) OPERA (surgery=OPERATION=>Incomplete surgery = OPERA)
13 Old President managed to conceal age somehow (6) REAGAN (managed=RAN, age somehow=ana. AG=EAG=>managed to conceal age somehow = R(EAG)AN)
14 So in a state of unconsciousness as to come flapping (8) COMATOSE (as to come flapping = ana. AS+TO+COME)
17 Furtive, cunning: but they last, anyhow (8) STEALTHY (they last, anyhow = ana. THEY+LAST)
19 Insist upon inclusion of right in something valuable (6) ASSERT (right=R, something valuable=ASSET=>right in something valuable = ASSE(R)T)
23 Catalogues of desires (5) LISTS (Dbl Def)
25 French article definitely known to be subject to variation (9) UNCERTAIN (French article=UN, definitely known=CERTAIN)
26 Lively music Al Gore played with a hint of lilt (7) ALLEGRO (Al Gore played=ana. ALGORE=ALEGRO, hint of Lilt=L=>Al Gore played with a hint of lilt = AL(L)EGRO)
27 More pungent part of Morocco (7) TANGIER (Dbl Def)
28 A flirt's facing difficulty from a regulator of vehicular movement (7,6) TRAFFIC SIGNAL (A flirt's facing difficulty = ana. A+FLIRTS+FACING)

1 "I beheld the wretch — the miserable — whom I had created" (Mary Shelley) (7) MONSTER (Direct)
2 What the new employee has to go through to get the maximum pay for the job (9) TIMESHARE (??)
3 Old actress Turner sheltering brown plant (7) LANTANA (Old actress Turner=LANA, brown=TAN=>Old actress Turner sheltering brown = LAN(TAN)A)
4 The hole that the seer permitted (6) EYELET (seer=EYE(one that sees), permitted=LET)
5 Periodic trial of the politician (8) ELECTION (Direct)
6 Starch from cassava (7) TAPIOCA (Direct)
7 The way to get out in the protection of British sappers (5) ROUTE (out=OUT, British sappers=RE=>out in the protection of British sappers = R(OUT)E)
8 Typical quality of a girl, good oriental (7) AVERAGE (a=A, girl=VERA, good=G, oriental=E)
15 Theatrical manoeuvre? (9) OPERATION (Cryptic Def - ref. to the Operation Theatre)
16 Dismiss Pole, awfully rough, very loud (5,3) SHRUG OFF (Pole=S, awfully rough=ana. ROUGH=HRUGO, very loud=FF)
17 Rescue student in the grip of a fierce animal (7) SALVAGE (student=L, fierce animal=SAVAGE=>student in the grip of a fierce animal = SA(L)VAGE)
18 Food to resolve a snag in American city (7) LASAGNA (resolve a sanag=ana. A+SNAG=ASAGN, American city=LA=>a snag in American city = L(ASAGN)A)
20 The instrument to play ragas in (7) SARANGI (play ragas in = ana. RAGAS+IN)
21 It supports a plant to hasten drilling work here (7) TENDRIL (Container => hasTEN DRILling)
22 The acid for producing vinegar (6) ACETIC (Direct)
24 Penny in the slot to produce a break (5) SPLIT (Penny=P, slot=SLIT=>Penny in the slot = S(P)LIT)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8343 Solutions

1 Unimportant kind of boxer (11) LIGHTWEIGHT (Dbl Def - 1. Unimportant 2. kind of boxer)
9 Restraint on mob rage exploding (7) EMBARGO (mob rage exploding = ana. MOB+RAGE)
10 Work unit dug out a prickly pear (7) OPUNTIA (Work=OP, unit dug out=ana. UNIT=UNTI, a=A)
11 Prince perhaps and a viceroy also in part (5) ROYAL (Container => viceROY ALso)
12 Cripple the poor actor's call? About time (9) HAMSTRING (poor actor's=HAM'S, call=RING, time=T=>poor actor's call? About time = HAM(S)TRING)
13 French coffee and where to get it (4) CAFE (Dbl Def)
15 A feat by editor gets dwarfed (7) STUNTED (A feat=STUNT, editor=ED)
19 Garden of fruit trees or a variety of beet (7) ORCHARD (or=OR, a variety of beet=CHARD)
20 Ruler who developed arts (4) TSAR (developed arts = ana. ARTS)
24 The endless bad wind affected the range of frequencies in transmission (9) BANDWIDTH (ana. BAD+WIND+TH(endless THE) -- poorly placed 'endless' and ana. ind)
25 Synthetic resin to keep oxygen stable within (5) EPOXY (Container => keEP OXYgen)
27 One from Anjou is given an adjustment (7) ANGEVIN (given an adjustment = ana. GIVEN+AN)
28 Processed hide, article accepted by old king (7) LEATHER (article=THE, old king=LEAR=>article accepted by old king = LEA(THE)R)
29 A curate's art used as a cooking ingredient (6,5) TARTAR SAUCE (A curate's art used = ana. A+CURATES+ART)

1 Pressure group in a part of the House (5) LOBBY (Dbl Def)
2 Man in north India with the French mouthwash (6) GARGLE (Man in north India=GARG, the French=LE)
3 Article not featured in wasting a prize (6) TROPHY (Article=A, wasting=ATROPHY=>Article not featured in wasting = ATROPHY-A)
4 The monstrousness of a minor yet to be trained (8) ENORMITY (minor yet to be trained = ana. MINOR+YET)
5 Excessive eating in a surplus situation by a chap (8) GLUTTONY (surplus situation=GLUT, chap=TONY)
6 Being worn out as a state isn't subject to change (9) TATTINESS (state isn't subject to change = ana. STATE+ISNT)
7 Parvenu, poor in the past perhaps (3,4) NEW RICH (poor in the past = recently rich)
8 Slow kind of music from a popular golden time (5) LARGO (Container => popuLAR GOlden)
14 British navy to fight madly for a period of time (9) FORTNIGHT (British navy=RN, to=TO, fight=FIGHT=>British navy to fight madly = ana. RN+TO+FIGHT)
16 Finished with working the teeth? Consider carefully (4,4) CHEW OVER (Finished=OVER, working with the teeth=CHEW)
17 Instrument to develop a grand aim (8) MRIDANGA (develop a grand aim = ana. GRAND+AIM)
18 Cheese processed in rue Grey (7) GRUYERE (processed in rue Grey = ana. RUE+GREY)
21 Upper-class craft, once a terror in the main (1-4) U-BOAT (Upper-class=U, craft=BOAT)
22 Creatures hard to find in a part of the U.K. (6) WHALES (hard=H, part of the U.K.=WALES=>hard to find in a part of the U.K. = W(H)ALES)
23 Kind of feeling already encountered in France (4,2) DEJA VU (Direct -- French for 'Kind of feeling already encountered')
26 Contemptuous expression about a yellow-orange colour (5) OCHRE (Contemptuous expression=OCH, about=RE)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2612 Solutions

1 Demonstrate bit of skill - and how! (4) SHOW (bit of Skill=S, how=HOW)
3 Trainee astronaut, one who often gets high (5,5) SPACE CADET (Dbl Def - 1. Trainee astronaut 2. one who often gets high (a druggy))
9 Tumble on top of rest (11) OVERBALANCE (on=OVER, rest=BALANCE)
11 Mother carrying one girl (3) MIA (Mother=MA, one=I=>Mother carrying one = M(I)A)
12 A Greek goddess paid her to in error (9) APHRODITE (paid her to in error = ana. PAID+HER+TO)
13 Head of security in art gallery gains experience (5) TASTE (Head of security=S, art gallery=TATE=>Head of security in art gallery = TA(S)TE)
14 The place from which one begins a journey trainspotting, possibly (8,5) STARTING POINT (trainspotting, possibly = ana. TRAINSPOTTING)
17 One employed in Fleet Street, running off pursued by crowd? (8,5) PRINTING PRESS (running off=PRINTING, crowd=PRESS)
21 Laborious work, note, filling in crossword diagram (5) GRIND (note=N, crossword diagram=GRID=>note, filling in crossword diagram = GRI(N)D)
23 Resourceful substitute almost checked by foul (9) VERSATILE (??)
24 Champion boxer from Australia (3) ALI (austrALIa)
25 Unhappy chappies make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter (11) MALCONTENTS (make harsh criticisms=SLAM=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection=MALS, subject matter=CONTENT=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter = MAL(CONTENT)S)
26 Henry, with mum in new bar, has potato dish (4,6) HASH BROWNS (Henry=H, mum=SH, new bar=ana. BAR=ABR=>mum in new bar=A(SH)BR, has=OWNS => H+A(SH)BR+OWNS )
27 Film director tucked into bubble-and-squeak (4) LEAN (Container => bubbLE ANd)

1 Work hard on a new catchword (6) SLOGAN (Work hard=SLOG, a=A, new=N)
2 The position lies unsettled, so declare war? (4,11) OPEN HOSTILITIES (The position lies unsettled = ana. THE+POSITION+LIES)
4 Friend reportedly failed to see fortune-teller (7) PALMIST (Friend=PAL, failed to see=MISSED=>reportedly failed to see=homonym of MISSED=MIST)
5 Business interest (7) CONCERN (Dbl Def)
6 Talk about last to leave do (5) CHEAT (Talk=CHAT, last to leavE=E=>Talk about last to leave = CH(E)AT)
7 Household skills demonstrated by servant since cooking course (not ours) (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE (servant=DOMESTIC, since=SINCE, course not ours=COURSE-OURSE=CE=>since cooking course (not ours)=ana. SINCE+CE=SCIENCE)
8 Parody attempt to conceal an undergarment (8) TRAVESTY (attempt=TRY, undergarment=VEST=>attempt to conceal an undergarment = TRA(VEST)Y)
10 Cheerful lad, we hear, followed by social worker (7) BUOYANT (lad=BOY=>lad, we hear=homonym of BOY=BUOY, social worker=ANT)
15 Cement mostly used round about start of century to make a form of concrete (7) PRECAST (Cement=PASTE=>Cement mostly=PAST, about=RE, start of Century=C=>Cement mostly used round about start of century = P(RE+C)AST)
16 In front of husband, rip page out showing inscription (8) EPIGRAPH (husband=H, rip page out=ana. RIP+PAGE=EPIGRAP)
18 Composer's new look (7) NOVELLO (new=novel, look=LO -- Ivor Novello)
19 Lift beam across ring (7) PURLOIN (beam=PURLIN, ring=O=>beam across ring = PURL(O)IN)
20 Daughter, leaving study ahead of boy, makes an excuse (6) REASON (Daughter=D, study=READ=>Daughter, leaving study=READ-D=REA, boy=SON)
22 Discharge leader of battalion after protest march (5) DEMOB (leader of battalion=B, protest march=DEMO)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8339 Solutions

1 Reverse the opinion and support friend about journalist (4-5) BACK PEDAL (support=BACK, friend=PAL, journalist=>friend about journalist=P(ED)AL)
5 In Florida demand a liqueur container (5) FLASK (Florida=FL, demand=ASK)
8 Shed weight to relieve the mind (8) UNBURDEN (Dbl Def)
9 Author who could take a bow? (6) WRITER ??
11 Drum with good French animation (5) BONGO (good French=BON, French animation=GO)
12 How to capture a man on board in passing (2,7) EN PASSANT ??
13 Write music? Not a note (6) NOTATE (not=NOT, a=A, note=TE)
14 Seaside resort in the U.K. said to make one more cheerful (8) BRIGHTON (sounds like BRIGHTEN, meaning 'make cheerful')
16 Remarks made by officer and soldiers way back (8) COMMENTS (officer=COM, soldiers=MEN, way=ST=>way back=TS)
18 Good man with irritation gets spasmodic pain (6) STITCH (Good man=ST, irritation=ITCH)
22 A GI snoops around with deadly weapon (6,3) POISON GAS (A GI snoops around = ana. A+GI+SNOOPS)
23 Daughter's concealed skill in game (5) DARTS (Daughter's=DS, skill=ART=>Daughter's concealed skill = D(ART)S)
24 Identifying badge of Oliver, yellow in part (6) LIVERY (Container => oLIVER Yellow)
25 A dishonourable approach, the limit in tennis (8) BASELINE (dishonourable=BASE, approach=LINE)
26 Under stress, bridge partners break golfer's support (5) TENSE (bridge partners=NS, golfer's support=TEE=>bridge partners break golfer's support = TE(NS)E)
27 Lubricant, good French one in its applicator (6-3) GREASE-GUN (Lubricant=GREASE, good=G, French one=UN)

1 Drink responsible for our smell in the borders of Benin (7) BOURBON (our=OUR, smell=BO(Body Odour), borders of BeninN=>our smell in the borders of Benin = B(OUR+BO)N)
2 Ministers as a whole are different, I can bet (7) CABINET (different, I can bet = ana. I+CAN+BET)
3 What is standard on the links needs a pure sort of reach to be developed (3,3,3,6) PAR FOR THE COURSE (pure sort of reach to be developed = ana. PURE+SORT+OF+APPROACH)
4 Such universities could be so considered (6) DEEMED (Double Def)
5 Being prepared for the future, do fighters sense trouble ... (15) FORESIGHTEDNESS (do fighters sense trouble = ana. DO+FIGHTERS+SENSE)
6 ... in opposition to armed conflict in that confusion? (7) ATHWART (armed conflict=WAR, that confusion=ana. THAT=ATHT=>armed conflict in that confusion = ATH(WAR)T)
7 Protein shown in a beaker at international expo (7) KERATIN (container => beaKER AT INternational)
10 Thin thing on a boat, eastern (5) SPARE (thing on boat=SPAR, eastern=E)
15 Way to mature theatre (5) STAGE (Way=ST, to mature=AGE)
16 One flier assisting another (7) COPILOT (Direct)
17 It carries the post on the forefront (7) MAILVAN (Direct)
19 Giving a new direction to using the lathe (7) TURNING (Dbl Def)
20 Could she be an out-of-date thing? (3-4) HAS BEEN (Could she be an = ana. SHE+BE+AN)
21 What the heir may get, say, after end of case (6) ESTATE (say=STATE, end of casE=E=>say, after end of case = E+STATE)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8338 Solutions

1 Conservative bid by beastly mother for watertight structure in construction (9) COFFERDAM (Conservative=C, bid=OFFER, beastly mother=DAM)
5 The team daughter supported (5) SIDED (team=SIDE, daughter=D)
8 In despair I go urging some strictness (6) RIGOUR (Container despaiR I GO URging)
9 Worker gets direction and time to be earlier (8) ANTEDATE (Worker=ANT, direction=E, time=DATE)
11 Vegetable, half all right (4) OKRA (all right=OK, RA=??)
12 A pop singer's distracted by music makers in church perhaps (5,5) ORGAN PIPES (A pop singer's distracted = ana. A+POP+SINGER)
14 Be leaving illegal bar with a gleam (5) SHEEN (Be=BE, illegal bar=SHEBEEN=>Be leaving illegal bar = SHEBEEN-BE)
15 At home the girl's appeal is to get property... (7) INHERIT (At home=IN, the girl's=HER, appeal=IT (sex appeal))
16 ... in delusive babyhood (7) INFANCY (in=IN, delusive=FANCY)
17 Wild dog making a racket — leave (5) DINGO (a racket=DIN, leave=GO)
19 Insincere support for IPC: servile nonsense (3,7) LIP SERVICE (IPC: servile nonsense = ana. IPC+SERVILE)
20 Landowner, no end, in lion's den (4) LAIR (Landowner=LAIRD=>Landowner, no end = LAIRD-D)
22 Warning about bad lager containing metal (8) ALERTING (bad lager=ana. LAGER=ALERG, metal=TIN=>bad lager containing metal = ALER(TIN)G)
23 The element of a popular match in totality (6) SODIUM (a popular match=ODI(one day international), totality=SUM=>a popular match in totality = S(ODI)UM)
24 Priest's vestment of old, giving record cover for head with one ring out (5) EPHOD (record=EP, cover for head=HOOD, ring=O=>record cover for head with one ring out = EP+HOOD-O)
25 Dome, English variety, is a perfect specimen (9) ARCHETYPE (Dome=ARCH, English=E, variety=TYPE)

1 Copy of a part of a tramcar bonnet (6) CARBON (Container => tramCAR BONnet)
2 Numbers of spoken words — metaphors and so on (7,2,6) FIGURES OF SPEECH (Numbers=FIGURES, of=OF, spoken words=SPEECH)
3 Creatures in the east must be docked (4) EMUS (east=E, MUSt)
4 The Diplomatic Corps in the U.K. got involved with new drama: "Asian Bird" (8,4) MANDARIN DUCK (ana. DC(Diplomatic Corps)+IN+UK+N(new)+DRAMA)
5 Knot made with a meek person's coil of rope (10) S_E_P_H_N_
6 A combination of Jekyll and Hyde? (4,11) DUAL PERSONALITY (Direct)
7 Such eyes as those of a devious group (4-3) DEEP SET (devious=DEEP, group=SET)
10 Mysterious, nasty larva in a part of Romania (12) TRANSYLVANIA (Mysterious, nasty larva in = ana. NASTY+LARVA+IN)
13 In undershirt, concealed in grass, ploughed (the money) back in for profit (10) REINVESTED (in=IN, undershirt=VEST, grass=REED=>In undershirt, concealed in grass = RE(INVEST)ED
16 Sick notes get notoriety (3-4) ILL-FAME (Sick=ILL, notes=FA+ME(Do/Re/Me/Fa/So/La/Ti)
18 Weight of Greek upset Austen girl (6) GRAMME (Greek=GR, Austen girl=EMMA=>upset Austen girl=AMME)
21 Twenty failing to start in the centre (4) CORE (Twenty=SCORE=>Twenty failing to start = SCORE-S)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2611 Solutions

1 Frisk doctor in prison (6) GAMBOL (doctor=MB, prison=GAOL=>doctor in prison = GA(MB)OL)
5 Offshoot of British farm (6) BRANCH (British=B, farm=RANCH => B+RANCH)
8 Fancy icing in tandoori? Restaurant may have it (3,12) AIR CONDITIONING (Fancy icing in tandoori = ana. ICING+IN+TANDOORI)
10 Old servant given cards first (10) HANDMAIDEN (cards=HAND, first=MAIDEN => HAND+MAIDEN)
11 Hairstyle sported by Doctor Faustus, swept back (4) AFRO (Reverse container => DoctOR FAustus, swept back)
13 Loose thing that is worn in bed? (7) NIGHTIE (thing=THING, that is=IE=>Loose thing that is = ana. THING+IE)
15 Driving vehicle through pouring rain is bliss? (7) NIRVANA (vehicle=VAN, pouring rain=ana. RAIN=NIRA=>Driving vehicle through pouring rain = NIR(VAN)A)
16 A complaint is made by each girl left out (7) EARACHE (each=EA, girl=RACHEL=>girl left out=RACHEL-L=>each girl left out = EA+RACHE)
18 Building that's spherical - amphitheatre, originally (7) ROTUNDA (spherical=ROTUND, amphitheatre, originally=A => ROTUND+A)
19 Head of soccer outfit in comedy sketch (4) SKIT (Head of Soccer=S, outfit=KIT => S+KIT)
20 Page written about the Italian forbidding a journey to a shrine (10) PILGRIMAGE (Page=PAGE, Italian=IL, forbidding=GRIM=>Page written about the Italian forbidding = P(IL+GRIM)AGE)
23 Where Plato was taught a lesson? (6,2,7) SCHOOL OF THOUGHT (Cryptic Def)
24 Respect shown by upright character in strange dream (6) ADMIRE (upright character=I, strange dream=ana. DREAM=>ADMRE=>upright character in strange dream = ADM(I)RE)
25 Buds are almost out - that's ridiculous (6) ABSURD (Buds=BUDS, are almost=AR=>Buds are almost out = ana. BUDS+AR)

2 A bishop on an island (5) ARRON (A=A, bishop=RR, an=AN=>A bishop on an = A+RR+AN)
3 Handle carriages , so some say, with credit (10) BROOMSTICK (carriages=smthing which is homonymous with BROOMS, credit=TICK (tick mark))
4 Wrecker did, maliciously breaking instrument (7) LUDDITE (did maliciously=ana. DID=DDI, instrument=LUTE=>did, maliciously breaking instrument = LU(DDI)TE)
5 Bird from intensely cold North (7) BITTERN (intensely cold=BITTER, North=N => BITTER+N)
6 A leader of men, very large man (4) AMOS (A=A, leader of Men=M, very large=OS => A+M+OS)
7 Leader on English newspaper printed during row (9) CHIEFTAIN (English newspaper=FT, row=CHAIN => English newspaper printed during row = CH(FT)AIN -- where does the extra I come from?)
8,9 Saying not applicable to a busman's holiday? (1,6,2,2,4,2,1,4) A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST (Cryptic def)
12 Dreadful August riot, uncalled for (10) GRATUITOUS (Dreadful August riot = ana. AUGUST+RIOT)
14 Awfully daring, he's decorated (9) GARNISHED (Awfully daring, he's = ana. DARING+HES)
17 Perfect example in opening to Exodus (religious book) (7) EPITOME (opening to Exodus=E, religious=PI, book=TOME => E+PI+TOME)
18 Great at new sporting event (7) REGATTA (great at new = ana. GREAT+AT)
21 There's fury when old car fails to start (5) ANGER (old car=RANGER?=>old car fails to start =RANGER-R)
22 Guru's student in Tokyo - girl (4) YOGI (Container => TokYO GIrl)

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2607 Solutions

1 After much delay, book of maps is printed on time (2,4) AT LAST (book of maps=ATLAS, time=T=>book of maps is printed on time = ATLAS+T)
4 Blokes following a copper showing insight (6) ACUMEN (Blokes=MEN, a=A, copper=CU=>Blokes following a copper = A+CU+MEN)
8 Rascal wanting ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property (9) SCALLYWAG (ring=CALL, last piece of jewellerY=Y, stolen property=SWAG=>ring, last piece of jewellery amongst stolen property =S(CALL+Y)WAG)
11 Sensational cover with ancient city featured inside (5) LURID (cover=LID, ancient city=UR=>cover with ancient city featured inside = L(UR)ID)
12 Dog in time-share, rarely barking (8,7) SEALYHAM TERRIER (time-share, rarely barking = ana. TIME-SHARE+RARELY)
13 Singer in musical (Tommy) (4) ALTO (Container => musicAL TOmmy)
15 An inferior alternative in back next to worst (6,4) SECOND BEST (back=SECOND (to second someone is to back someone), worst=BEST (a verb, e.g. to best one's previous record))
18 Plant rolled about by the wind in fall? Very small daughter chases it (10) TUMBLEWEED (fall=TUMBLE, very small=WEE, very small daughter=D => TUMBLE+WEE+D)
19 Stage favourite's returned (4) STEP (favourite's=PET'S=> favourite's returned = rev. of PETS)
21 Article reportedly in favour of the nation's journalism (3,6,6) THE FOURTH ESTATE (Article=THE, in favour of=FOR=>reportedly in favour of=homonym of FOR=FOUR, the=THE, nation=STATE => THE FOUR+THE+STATE)
23 Having knowledge of a conflict ending in peace (5) AWARE (a=A, conflict=WAR, ending in peace=last letter of peacE=E => A+WAR+E)
24 Almost certain to provide yield (9) SURRENDER (certain=SURE=>Almost certain=SUR, to provide=RENDER => SUR+RENDER)
25 Submissions - wrestler's third gives delight (6) PLEASE (Submissions=PLEASE, wrEstler's third=E => PLEAS+E)
26 Girl with drop of table wine (6) CLARET (Girl=CLARE, drop of Table=T=>Girl with drop of table = CLARE+T)

1 Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town to get help (9) ASSISTANT (gibe=TAUNT=>Heartless gibe=TAUNT-U=TANT, Italian town=ASSISI=>one leaves Italian town=ASSISI-I=ASSIS=>Heartless gibe after one leaves Italian town = ASSIS+TANT)
2 Animal in a shaded avenue, curled up (5) LLAMA (a=A, shaded avenue=MALL=>a shaded avenue, curled up = rev. of A+MALL)
3 Boy in news, extremely lucky in resort (6) S_L_Y_
5 Pass old high road, in a state (8) COLORADO
6 Joy could get me payment from tenant across the border (9) MERRIMENT (me=ME, payment from tenant=RENT, the border=RIM=>payment from tenant across the border=RENT across RIM=R(RIM)ENT=>get me payment from tenant across the border = ME+RRIMENT)
7 The lowest point in Florida (not written about) (5) NADIR (Florida not written about=rev. of FLORIDA NOT=TON ADIROLF=>'in' is the containment indicator => toN ADIRolf)
9 Intentionally ambiguous statements made by sly person ahead of angry speech (6,5) WEASEL WORDS (a sly person=WEASEL, angry speech=WORDS)
10 Party the go-getter spoiled (3-8) GET-TOGETHER (the go-getter spoiled = ana. THE+GO+GETTER)
14 Mild anger over a note (9) TEMPERATE (anger=TEMPER, a=A, note=TE => TEMPER+A+TE)
16 Classified? Start of these military activities on Crete, possibly (3-6) TOP SECRET (Start of These=T, military activities=OPS, Crete possibly=ana. CRETE=ECRET => T+OPS+ECRET)
17 Mistakes made with underwear (8) BLOOMERS (Dbl Def)
20 A grand in addition (2,4) AS WELL (A=A, grand=SWELL => A+SWELL)
21 Hidden danger involving male vagrant (5) TRAMP (Hidden danger=TRAP, male=M=>Hidden danger involving male = TRA(M)P)
22 Run, avoiding large snake (5) ADDER (Run=LADDER, large=L=>Run, avoiding large = LADDER-L)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8315 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Beg but, however, score with gun (8) SCROUNGE (however, score with gun = ana. SCORE+GUN)
5 Expert with spasm is producing vinegar (6) ACETIC (Expert=ACE, spasm=TIC=>Expert with spasm = ACE+TIC)
10 Fancy nickname conceals a scoffer (5) CYNIC (Container => FanCY NICkname)
11 The element to drop in a cascade (9) WATERFALL (Element=WATER, drop=FALL => WATER+FALL)
12 Behaves cruelly towards one, transposing what the doctor does (3-6) ILL TREATS (what the doctor does=TREATS ILL=>transposing what the doctor does=transpose of TREATS ILL = ILL TREATS -- expln. courtesy Parasuram)
13 The pace of casual love (5) TEMPO (casual=TEMP, love=O => TEMP+O)
14 Cut made by old NCC in national highway (5) NOTCH (old NCC=OTC??, national highway=NH=>old NCC in national highway = N(OTC)H)
16 Ringers that could daunt beautiful girls reportedly (8) COWBELLS (daunt=COW, beautiful girls=BELLES=>beautiful girls reportedly=BELLS => COW+BELLS)
18 Plant producing shortened bike, the last word (8) CYCLAMEN (bike=CYCLE=>shortened bike=CYCLE-E, the last word=AMEN => CYCL+AMEN)
20 He introduces performers with the Military Cross, one hears (5) EMCEE (Military Cross=MC=>Military Cross, one hears = homonym of MC)
24 Ram's sign (5) ARIES (Cryptic def)
25 Former partner, stressed about drip that is comprehensive (9) EXTENSIVE (Former partner=EX, stressed=TENSE, drip=IV(Intra-Venous drip)=>Former partner, stressed about drip = EXTENS(IV)E)
27 Australian creature in Kerala: boa of new variety (5,4) KOALA BEAR (Kerala: boa of new variety = ana. KERALA+BOA)
28 Tired, right in the early morning (5) DRAWN (right=R, early morning=DAWN=>right in the early morning = D(R)AWN)
29 A great deal advanced in extremes of penury (6) PLENTY (advanced=LENT, extremes of PenurY=PY=>advanced in extremes of penury = P(LENT)Y)
30 What can be burnt as fuel daily? Black diamonds! (8) CHARCOAL (Daily=CHAR (as in a daily maid), Black diamonds=COAL => CHAR+COAL)

1 Force produced by pressure difference is cut on being switched (7) SUCTION (is cut on being switched = ana. IS+CUT+ON)
2 Lock of hair hanging down — call it a hindrance? (7) RINGLET (call=RING, hindrance=LET=>call it a hindrance = RING+LET)
3 Cruel deception is a source of corruption (5) ULCER (Cruel deception = ana. CRUEL)
4 Valueless trinket turning up in swag, we gather (6) GEWGAW (Reverse container => sWAG WEGather -- 'turning up' suggests reversal, and 'in' is the containment indicator)
6 Support for bridge, for one (4,5) CARD TABLE (Cryptic Def)
7 Hindrance to free action at the heart of flummery later rectified (7) TRAMMEL (heart of fluMMery=MM, later=LATER=>heart of flummery later rectified = ana. MM+LATER)
8 To ring up America about nothing is insensitive (7) CALLOUS (ring up=CALL, America=US, nothing=O=>To ring up America about nothing = CALL(O)US)
9 Sound cue for 'Gesundheit' (7) ATISHOO (They say 'Gesundheit' in Germany, when a person 'atishoos' i.e. sneezes)
15 Initial advantage makes the principal jump (4,5) HEAD START (principal=HEAD, jump=START)
17 Always in the red, but highly respected (7) REVERED (Always=EVER, red=RED=>Always in the red = R(EVER)ED)
18 Eccentric is out of bed: start the engine (5,2) CRANK UP (Eccentric=CRANK, out of bed=UP)
19 Trend of public opinion — about weather conditions? (7) CLIMATE (Dbl Def??)
21 City that was elegant in the past (7) CHICAGO (elegant=CHIC, in the past=AGO => CHIC+AGO)
22 Undying, like Rome (7) ETERNAL (Dbl Def -- the eternal city)
23 Food component that makes a good man superior (6) STARCH (a good man=ST, superior=ARCH => ST+ARCH)
26 The depths of the drain cleared (5) NADIR (drain cleared = ana. DRAIN)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8314 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Secure unions, to light the home fires without risk? (6,7) SAFETY MATCHES (Secure=SAFETY?? (SAFE), unions=MATCHES)
10 Source of the weeper's output (4,5) TEAR GLAND (Direct)
11 Protective garment, an article to cover an expert (5) APRON (article=AN, expert=PRO=>an article to cover an expert = A(PRO)N)
12 It is small in France (5) PETIT (Direct)
13 Painting to improve the scenery (9) LANDSCAPE (Dbl Def)
14 Kind of up and down movement in a corkscrew (6) SPIRAL (Direct)
16 Swell student in craft (5) BLOAT (student=L, craft=BOAT=>student in craft = B(L)OAT)
19 Nose that is poles away (5) SNOUT (poles=SN, away=OUT => SN+OUT)
20 Diversion for an alien in stern environment (6) DETOUR (alien=ET, stern=DOUR=>an alien in stern environment = D(ET)OUR)
25 The Ten Commandments on cue: age-old revision (9) DECALOGUE (cue: age-old revision = ana. CUE+AGE+OLD)
26 Thick part of a garden seen here (5) DENSE (Container => garDEN SEeen)
27 Bizarre change of route (5) OUTRE (change of route = ana. ROUTE)
28 Commemorate with a new oriental bracelet (9) CELEBRATE (new oriental bracelet = ana. E+BRACELET)
29 Needing 'ealthy treatment for taking care of the teeth (6,7) DENTAL HYGIENE (Needing 'ealthy treatment = ana. NEEDING+EALTHY)

2 Where animals cease to be in consumers' interest (8) ABATTOIR (Cryptic Def)
3 Fungal disease that the queen contracted (5) ERGOT (queen=ER, contracted=GOT => ER+GOT)
4 Annual day ends ahead of time (6) YEARLY (day ends=Y, ahead of time=EARLY => Y+EARLY)
5 How Romeo loved Juliet, confused, dearly holding book (8) ARDENTLY (confused dearly holding book=ana. DEARLY holding NT(New Testament) = ARDE(NT)LY)
6 Co-student was a cold girl, chum (9) CLASSMATE (cold=C, girl=LASS, chum=MATE => C+LASS+MATE)
7 Cerumen for the non-technical (6) EARWAX (Direct)
8 A bone in the ear of the rarest ape species (6) STAPES (Container => rareST APE Species)
9 Sign up for the race (5) ENTER (Dbl Def)
15 Yearly magazine drops article reportedly intended as a reversal (9) ANNULMENT (Yearly magazine=ANNUAL=>Yearly magazine drops article=ANNUAL-A=ANNUL, intended=MEANT=>reportedly intended=homonym of MEANT=MENT => ANNUL+MENT)
17 Kind of procedure undertaken in a theatre (8) SURGICAL (Cryptic Def -- operation theatre)
18 A spring attraction in Rome (8) FOUNTAIN (Cryptic Def -- Spring=Fountain)
21 Socialist, having eaten fish, staggered (6) REELED (Socialist=RED, fish=EEL=>Socialist, having eaten fish = R(EEL)ED)
22 A poem about old Greek theatre (5) ODEON (a poem=ODE, about=ON => ODE+ON)
23 Severely criticise student-leader, awful cheat (6) SCATHE (student-leader=S, swful cheat=ana. CHEAT=CATHE => S+CATHE)
24 Slow motion sequence in a second match (6) REPLAY (Dbl Def -- second match = RE-PLAY)
26 Shoppers' paradise — call it the best (5) DUBAI (Direct)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8313 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Meeting hall in church of brownish-yellow colour (7) CHAMBER (church=CH, brownish-yellow colour=AMBER => CH+AMBER)
5 A lesser summit (4,3) HILL TOP (Direct)
9 Soldier to rehearse, say, what the doctor may do (7,8) PRIVATE PRACTICE (Soldier=PRIVATE, rehearse=PRACTICE)
10 Short measure by the French to get protected against disease (6) IMMUNE (Short measure=1 mm=IMM, the French=UNE?? -- a,an in French=UNE, but 'the'?)
11 A wild punch from the fodder processor (8) HAYMAKER (fodder=HAY, processor=MAKER => HAY+MAKER)
13 A plea for directions before agreement (8) ENTREATY (directions=EN, agreement=TREATY=>directions before agreement = EN+TREATY)
15 Bird — in retrospect, it motivates (6) TOMTIT (Reverse containment => retrospecT IT MOT -- Not too comfy with 'retrospect' being used as a reversal indicator as well as part of the container)
18 Girl's formal greeting could be rudely brief to start with (6) CURTSY (briefly rude=CURT)
19 Ingenuity in cooking the right English course (8) RESOURCE (right=R, English=E, course=COURSE=>right English course = ana. R+E+COURSE)
22 Reaction of a peer's son to change (8) RESPONSE (peer's son to change = ana. PEERS+SON)
24 Force cord into hollowed out pearl (6) PROPEL (cord=ROPE, hollowed out PearL=PL=>cord into hollowed out pearl = P(ROPE)L)
27 American-style whirlwind visit by political candidate (7-4,4) WHISTLE-STOP TOUR (Direct)
28 Reportedly slippery fish, lifeless, gave up (7) YIELDED (slippery fish=EEL, lifeless=DEAD=>Reportedly slippery fish, lifless = homonym of EEL+DEAD=YIELDED?? -- I thought YIELD is pronounced YEELD and not EELD)
29 Around which to dance on workers' holiday (7) MAYPOLE (Direct)

1 Sudden change of attitude about cost (7) CAPRICE (about=CA, cost=PRICE => CA+PRICE)
2 Self-evident statement displayed in taxi omnibus etc. (5) AXIOM (Container => tAXI OMnibus)
3 Second-rate, dry and stupid (9) BRAINLESS (Second-rate=B, dry=RAINLESS => B+RAINLESS)
4 Right, payment returned for collection of corals (4) REEF (Right=R, payment=FEE=>payment returned=EEF => R+EEF)
5 Acceptance of painting by Indian aircraft maker caused work stoppage (6) HARTAL (painting=ART, Indian aricraft maker=HAL=>Acceptance of painting by Indian aircraft maker = H(ART)AL)
6 Stand-in doctor rewrote column, omitting name (5) LOCUM (name=N=>column, omitting name=COLUMN-N=COLUM=>rewrote column, omitting name = ana. COLUM)
7 One who deceives by winning a batch of cards, shuffling the rest (9) TRICKSTER (winning a batch of cards=TRICK, shuffling the rest=ana. REST=STER => TRICK+STER)
8 The croupier rotates the wheel, capturing a clown (7) PIERROT (Container => crouPIER ROTates)
12 Corrupt place that the chesty revolutionary fled (3) STY (chesty=CHESTY, revolutionary=CHE Guevara=>chesty revolutionary fled = CHESTY-CHE)
14 Change the design of a mechanical barrier (9) TURNSTILE?? (Change=TURN, design=STILE?? -- design=STYLE is ok, but STILE??)
16 Study of mountains is for the large part the study of the earth's physical features etc. (9) OROGRAPHY (Direct -- contains a substantial part of geOGRAPHY, which is the the study of the earth's physical features etc.)
17 What the lawyers charge (3) FEE (Direct)
18 Its seed provides flavour to transport at a distance (7) CARAWAY (transport=CAR, at a distance=AWAY => CAR+AWAY)
20 Increase the size for general improvement (7) ENLARGE (general improvement = ana. GENERAL)
21 Like the chairman with an objective, move up (6) ASCENT (Like=AS, chairman=C, objective=>Like the chairman with an objective = AS+C+END)
23 Group of eight gets a month these days (5) OCTAD (a month=OCT, these days=AD (Anno Domini) => OCT+AD)
25 Publicity effort by a professional doctor (5) PROMO (professional=PRO, doctor=MO => PRO+MO)
26 Plant part that the biologist emphasised here (4) STEM (Container => biologiST EMphasised)

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8312 Solutions

1 Typewriter device causes endless trouble at a refit (9) TABULATOR (endless trouble=TROUBL, at=AT, a=A=>endless trouble at a refit = ana. TROUBL+AT+A)
5 Centre of attraction of backward coppers (5) FOCUS (of backward=rev. of OF=FO, coppers=CUs => FO+CUS)
8 Drink for a fellow with a shadow (8) COCKTAIL (a fellow=COCK, a shadow=TAIL => COCK+TAIL)
9 Sailor and Scot get together to find paving matter (6) TARMAC (Sailor=TAR, Scot=MAC=>Sailor and Scot get together = TAR+MAC)
11 Lounge lizard (5) IDLER (Direct)
12 To hate a mathematical problem, say, is offensive (9) LOATHSOME (To hate=LOATH, a mathematical problem=SUM=>a mathematical problem, say=homonym of SUM=SOME => LOATH+SOME)
13 Plunge the gnu and elf in trouble (6) ENGULF (ana. GNU+ELF)
14 Good manners in the king's house? Yes, oddly (8) COURTESY (king's house=COURT, Yes oddly=ana. YES=ESY => COURT+ESY)
16 Feline feature, good and attractive (8) CATCHING (Feline feature=CAT CHIN, good=G=>CATCHIN+G)
18 Idolise and dream about one (6) ADMIRE (ana. DREAM+I)
22 Add years to the tail, for example (9) APPENDAGE (Add=APPEND, years=AGE => APPEND+AGE)
23 Spokes in the wheel (5) RADII (Direct)
24 Tongue of a Celt (6) GAELIC (Direct)
25 Contract for a fellow, new worker (8) COVENANT (a fellow=COVE, new=N, worker=ANT => COVE+N+ANT)
26 Shoot in the balmy season, drop Pole (5) SPRIG (the blamy season=SPRING, Pole=N=>the balmy season, drop Pole = SPRING-N)
27 Refuse to acknowledge thickness in public estimation (9) REPUDIATE (thickness=DIA, public estimation=REPUTE=>thickness in public estimation = REPU(DIA)TE)

1 In a part of the roof, a turn of the touch (7) TACTILE (part of roof=TILE, a turn=ACT=>In a part of the roof, a turn = T(ACT)ILE)
2 Reverse the record of arrears of work (7) BACKLOG (Reverse=BACK, the record=LOG => BACK+LOG)
3 Unorthodox way of solving a problem — exercising the mind on the side (7,8) LATERAL THINKING (exercising the mind=THINKING, on teh side=LATERAL)
4 Adjust filter, that's child's play (6) TRIFLE (Adjust trifle = ana. TRIFLE)
5 In a daring action, her journalist pal got the bird (9,6) FEATHERED FRIEND (daring action=FEAT, her=HER, journalist=ED, pal=FRIEND => FEAT+HER+ED FRIEND)
6 Make music and soothe (7) COMPOSE (Dbl Def)
7 It goes with allegiance in the minister's oath-taking (7) SECRECY (Direct)
10 Important army officer (5) MAJOR (Dbl Def)
15 The requirement, they say, is to prepare the dough (5) KNEAD (The requirement=NEED=>The requirement, they say = homonym of KNEAD)
16 Fuel processed from sago and lac (4,3) COAL GAS (ana. SAGO+LAC)
17 Greatest energy — derived from a hat? (3,4) TOP GEAR (Cryptic subsidiary ind.)
19 Article in our land describing state of America (7) INDIANA (Article=AN, our land=INDIA=>Article in our land = INDI(AN)A)
20 Letter, a formal one (7) EPISTLE (Direct)
21 British engineers, with a brilliant action, make recovery (6) RECOUP (British engineers=RE, brilliant action=COUP=>British engineers, with a brilliant action = RE+COUP)

The Hindu Crossword 2606 Solutions

1 Frequent public house (11) COMMONPLACE (public=COMMON, house=PLACE => COMMON+PLACE)
7 Spring from rafter? Not quite (3) SPA (rafter=SPAR=>rafter? Not quite = SPAR-R)
9 For example, it may be served with piece of gammon (3) EGG (For example=EG, piece of gammon=G)
10 One bringing an action in court about flat in country (11) COMPLAINANT (court=CT,flat=PLAIN, country=OMAN=>flat in country=OMPLAINAN=>court about flat in country = C(OMPLAINAN)T)
11 Of incalculable value, diamonds left in cupboard (9) PRICELESS (diamonds=ICE, left=L, cupboard=PRESS=>diamonds left in cupboard = PR(ICE+L)ESS)
12 Greek character identified from epithet? Aristotle (5) THETA (Container => epiTHET Aristotle)
13 Sob, drunk, by counter, and disparage one's own products (3,8,4) CRY STINKING FISH (Sob=CRY, drunk=STINKING, counter=FISH??)
16 Bird deafening a pilot, when flying (3-6,6) FAN-TAILED PIGEON (deafening a pilot, when flying = ana. DEAFENING+A+PILOT)
17 Difficult and problematic drunk (5) TIGHT (Dbl Def)
19 Cartoon cat — terribly sly match, by the sound of it (9) SLYVESTER (terribly sly=SYL, match=VESTER??)
21 Comfort found by Saracen? Sure, in the wars (11) REASSURANCE (Saracen? Sure, in the wars = ana. SARACEN+SURE)
22 Bird, domesticated one with head chopped off (3) OWL (domesticated one=FOWL=>domesticated one with head chopped off = FOWL-F)
23 Pompous person in gas station (3) ASS (Container => gAS Station)
24 Be aware of Dutch painter going round steamship for no reason (11) SENSELESSLY (Be aware of=SENSE, Dutch painter=LELY, steamship=SS=>Dutch painter going round steamship=LE(SS)LY => SENSE+LESSLY)

1 Contemptible fellow importing Ecstasy (5) CREEP (??)
2 One may help one get a better image (10,5) MAGNIFYING GLASS (Cryptic Def)
3 Its members should know the score (9) ORCHESTRA (Cryptic Def)
4 The plant associated with Blakeney? (9) P_M_E_N_L
5 Book, in the end reduced (5) ATLAS (in the end=AT LAST=>in the end reduced = AT LAST-T)
6 Novelist could make fortune penning one after end of course (5) ELIOT (fortune=LOT, one=I=>fortune penning one=LOT enclosing I(pen as in enclosure)=L(I)OT, end of coursE=E => E+LIOT)
7 Instructions produced since trio recast (5,10) STAGE DIRECTIONS (produced=STAGED, since trio recast=ana. SINCE+TRIO=IRECTIONS => STAGED+IRECTIONS)
8 Almost lost governor in Russian city (9) ASTRAKHAN (lost=ASTRAY=>Almost lost=ASTRA, governer=KHAN => ASTRA+KHAN)
13 Face irate criminal in self-service restaurant (9) CAFETERIA (Face irate criminal = ana. FACE+IRATE)
14 No decline, possibly, in sloth (9) INDOLENCE (No decline, possibly = ana. NO+DECLINE)
15 Piece written about one standing over grave, having lost son (legendary character) (9)
18 Jobs — first of tinkers seeks information (5) TASKS (first of Tinkers=T, seeks information=ASKS => T+ASKS)
19 Father given new alarm (5) SIREN (Father=SIRE, new=N=>Father given new = SIRE+N)
20 Runs over friend in motoring event (5) RALLY (Runs=R(from cricket), friend=ALLY=>Runs over friend = R+ALLY)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8311 Solutions

1 Mark the ballot paper, express oneself clearly (3,6) GET ACROSS (Mark a ballot paper = GET A CROSS)
5 Went out with a companion consumed by hollow dread (5) DATED (consumed=ATE, hollow DreaD=DD => D(ATE)D -- no containment indicator)
8 Belonging to a time before the conflict (3-3) PRE-WAR (Direct)
9 Escape with a bit inside from a trivial inconvenience (8) FLEABITE (Escape=FLEE, a=A, bit=BIT=>Escape with a bit inside = FLE(A+BIT)E)
11 Tsar involved in a connivance (4) STAR (Tsar involved = ana. TSAR)
12 Feats of flying — aces abort one, however (10) AEROBATICS (aces abort one, however = ana. ACES+ABORT+I(one))
14 "... miles to go before _____" (Robert Frost) (5) SLEEP (Direct)
15 Spoon, one to cause an agitation (7) STIRRER (Dbl Def)
16 Realise! A Catholic greeting the first lady! (7) ACHIEVE (A=A, Catholic=C, greeting=HI, the first lady=-EVE=>A Catholic greeting the first lady = A+C+HI+EVE)
17 Survive around the east, nothing less (5) LEAST (survive=LAST, east=E=>Survive around the east = L(E)AST)
19 Dish that gets thrown in slapstick comedy (7,3) CUSTARD PIE (Direct)
20 A simple plant in the botanical garden (4) ALGA (Container => botanicAL GArden)
22 One gambling and aiding crime (8) ABETTING (One=A, gambling=BETTING => A+BETTING)
23 Draw attention to a brief publicity effort (6) ADVERT (publicity effort=ADVERTISEMENT=>brief publicity effort=ADVERT)
24 Selfish person, one who undertakes to ditch pro (5) MISER (one who undertakes=PROMISER=>one who undertakes to ditch pro = PROMISER-PRO)
25 Running away, for a secret match perhaps (9) ELOPMENT (Cryptic Def)
1 Popular drink, new, provides enzyme (6) GTPASE
2 Superior person with a feline feature (3,4,8) THe CATS WHISKERS
3 Talk about headgear (4) CHAT (about=C, headgear=HAT => C+HAT)
4 The French, if you please, visit US Post Office, all renovated (3,4,5) SIL VOUS PLAIT (visit US Post Office, all renovated = ana. VISIT+US+PO+ALL)
5 Striking kind of work done by the Bard (10) DRAMATICAL (Dbl Def)
6 Explosive initially found in Tamil Nadu territory (15) TRINITROTOLUENE (initially found in Tamil Nadu territory=initials of Tamil Nadu Territory = TNT)
7 Shelves for the one putting on clothes (7) DRESSER (Dbl Def)
10 Splendid appearance could lend presence with a difference (12) RESPELENDENCE (lend presence with a difference = ana. LEND+PRESENCE)
13 Patron of a chap, English agent (10) BENEFACTOR (a chap=BEN, English=E, agent=FACTOR => BEN+E+FACTOR)
16 A conservative demand for approval (7) ACCLAIM (A=A, conservative=C, demand=CLAIM => A+C+CLAIIM)
18 Kind of tense about note and too old for it (4,2) PAST IT (Kind of tense=PAST ( past tense), note=TI=>Kind of tense about note = PAS(T I)T)
21 Sharpness shown by the knowledgeable (4) EDGE (Container)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8307 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Walked softly, one said furthermore (6) PADDED (softly=P, one said furthermore=ADDED => P+ADDED)
4 Making a murderous attempt in the back? (8) STABBING (Cryptic Def)
10 Plugged the faulty appliance in, having said one wouldn't? (7) REFUSED (Plugged the faulty appliance in = RE-FUSED)
11 Cast a spell — can then transform (7) ENCHANT (can then transform = ana. CAN+THEN)
12 Eros rose up to find a tender spot (4) SORE (Eros rose up = rev. of EROS)
13 Land use affected a tree least (4,6) REAL ESTATE (affected a tree least = ana. A+TREE+LEAST)
16 Offer service for a price (6) TENDER (Dbl Def)
17 Fired with the dieting craze (7) IGNITED (dieting craze = ana. DIETING)
20 The underworld forwarded their opinion to differ (7) DISSENT (The underworld=DIS, forwarded=SENT => DIS+SENT)
21 Daughter left possibly on Sunday to get earthenware from Holland (6) DELFTS (Daughter=D, left possibly=ana. LEFT=ELFT, Sunday=S=>Daughter left possibly on Sunday = D(ELFT)S)
24 Diane allowed French aunt to be an arts devotee (10) DILETTANTE (Diane=DI, allowed=LET, French aunt=TANTE => DI+LET+TANTE)
25 In addition to Eastern part of a church (4) APSE
27 Cold and unemotional person (7) ICEBERG (Dbl Def)
29 Relieved by the bosses? (7) S_ _ _DED
30 Note from a government department? (8) TREASURY (Dbl Def)
31 Removed deer as destructive (6) ERASED (deer as destructive = ana. DEER+AS)

1 He has a host of location for airborne soldiers (8) PARASITE (location=SITE, airborne soldiers=PARA)
2 Feel trained to be submissive (11) DEFERENTIAL (ana. FEEL+TRAINED)
3 Simple to find in this clue, as you can see (4) EASY (Container => cluE AS You)
5 They have nothing to record in this subject (8) THEOLOGY (they=THEY, nothing=O, to record=LOG=>They have nothing to record = THE(O+LOG)Y)
6 Recidivist to support idlers possibly (10) BACKSLIDER (support=BACK, idlers possibly=ana. IDLERS=SLIDER => BACK+SLIDER)
7 He may have joined, first of all, Irish Republican Army (3) IRA (first of all, Irish Republican Army = IRA)
8 Flicker like a candle along the edge of the roof (6) GUTTER (Dbl Def)
9 He is most reluctant to work (5) IDLER (Direct)
14 Gardening expert is a card (3,2,6) ACE OF SPADES (Dbl Def)
15 Black jewellery makers who are international socialites (3-7) JET-SETTERS (Black=JET, jewellery makers=SETTERS)
18 Risk damaging the green and rough in it (8) ENDANGER (green and rough in it = ana. GREEN+AND)
19 Went up as many finished (8) ASCENDED (as=AS, many=C, finished=ENDED => AS+C+ENDED)
22 One who cannot keep off the grass (6) ADDICT (grass=marijuana)
23 Timber on road, may be a hiding place for drug (5) STASH (Timber=ASH, road=ST=>Timber on road = ST+ASH)
26 An inconvenient adherent like a knot in thread (4) _ _ _ R
28 A brood of pheasants (3) EYE??

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2605 Solutions

1 More than one aquatic bird plunges suddenly under water (5) DUCKS (Dbl Def - 1.More than one aquatic bird 2.plunges suddenly under water)
4 Artist is overcome by shock valuation (9) APPRAISAL (??)
9 Fancy cups set out (7) SUSPECT (cups set out = ana. CUPS+SET)
10 Old soldier cracking code in desert (7) REDCOAT (cracking code=ana. CODE=EDCO, desert=RAT=>cracking code in desert = R(EDCO)AT)
11 One who goes on country walks and runs with thriller writer (7) RAMBLER (runs=R, thriller writer=AMBLER (Brit. writer) => R+AMBLER)
12 Berthing fee, low at end of summer time (7) MOORAGE (low=MOO, end of summeR=R, time=AGE=>low at end of summer time = MOO+R+AGE)
13 What's been cooked with a crab is piece of albacore from part of the Atlantic (9,3) CARIBBEAN SEA (been cooked with a crab is=ana. BEEN+A+CRAB+IS=CARIBBEAN SE, piece of Albacore=A=>What's been cooked with a crab is piece of albacore = CARIBBEAN SE+A)
17 Mother (with no partner) and grannie slept fitfully? (6,6) SINGLE PARENT (grannie slept fitfully = ana. GRANNIE+SLEPT)
20 See leader in Brussels to encourage to produce sprouts (7) BURGEON (leader in Brussels=B, encourage=URGE ON=>See leader in Brussels to encourage = B+URGE+ON)
21 Pawnbroker given article that's soiled (7) UNCLEAN (Pawnbroker=UNCLE, article=AN=>Pawnbroker given article = UNCLE+AN)
23 Layman, a friend visiting ancient city (7) AMATEUR (a=A, friend=MATE, ancient city=UR=>a friend visiting ancient city = A+MATE+UR)
24 Instrument in a car, damaged by first of owners (7) OCARINA (in a car, damaged=ana. IN+A+CAR=CARINA, first of Owners=O=>in a car, damaged by first of owners = O+CARINA)
25 Groom. Unhappy about food, left (6,3) STABLE LAD (Unhappy=SAD, food=TABLE, left=L=>Unhappy about food, left = S(TABLE+L)AD)
26 Stinking fish, initially brought by high tide (5) FETID (fish initially=F, high tide=ana. TIDE=ETID=>fish, initially brought by high tide = F+ETID)

1 Rags scattered with bones outside? It's a scandal (8) DISGRACE (Rags scattered=ana. SGRA, bones=DICE=>Rags scattered with bones outside = DI(SGRA)CE)
2 Charge girl for aromatic plant (8) COSTMARY (Charge=COST, girl=MARY => COST+MARY)
3 Excellent southern source of oil, maybe (5) SWELL (southern=S, source of oil=WELL => S+WELL)
4 Chief law officer prepared treaty? No, army commander (8,7) ATTORNEY GENERAL (prepared treaty? No = ana. TREATY+NO=ATTORNEY, army commander=GENERAL)
5 Ridiculous amount? Top-drawer motel, perhaps (11,4) PORTMANTEAU WORD (Ridiculous amount? Top-drawer = ana. AMOUNT+TOP+DRAWER, 'motel perhaps' - motel is an example of a portmanteau word from motor+hotel)
6 A DA is shown round state capital, then plant (9) ANDROMEDA (A=A, DA=DA, state=ND(North Dakota, New Delhi??), capital=ROME=>A DA is shown round state capital = A(ND+ROME)DA)
7 Work hard on an advertising jingle (6) SLOGAN (Work hard=SLOG, an=AN=>Work hard on an = SLOG+AN)
8 Stagger up, gripping abstemious character (6) LETTER (Stagger=REEL=>Stagger up=REEL, abstemious=TT=>Stagger up, gripping abstemious = LE(TT)ER)
14 Newlywed, properly in prison (9) BRIDEWELL (Newlywed=BRIDE, properly=WELL => BRIDE+WELL)
15 Saint Arnold, for example (8) BENEDICT (Dbl Def)
16 Conventional flag ... (8) STANDARD (Dbl Def)
18 ... confusing to a sub, or subs ... (1-5) U-BOATS (confusing to a sub = ana. TO+A+SUB)
19 ... Royal Marines notice over area, following a fleet (6) ARMADA (Royal Marines=RM, notice=AD, area=A, a=A=>Royal Marines notice over area, following a = A+RM+AD+A)
22 Tease husband in greasy spoon (5) CHAFF (husband=H, greasy spoon=CAFF??=>husband in greasy spoon = C(H)AFF)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8303 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Ban priest who is breaking an ornamental clip (9) BREASTPIN (Ban priest who is breaking = ana. BAN+PRIEST)
6 Understood Tacitus without you and me (5) TACIT (TacitUS - US (you and me))
9 Plans aside for a change (5) IDEAS (Plan aside = ana. ASIDE)
10 Weariness put out due to lassi taken on time (9) LASSITUDE (put out due=ana. DUE=UDE, lassi=LASSI, time=T => LASSI+T+UDE)
11 Unnatural having been brought from a long way away (3-7) FAR REACHED
12 The French ship appears to be inferior (4) LESS (The French=LE, ship=SS => LE+SS)
14 An example is for quarter back to be under protection of sponsors (7) AEGISES
15 Tire out an abstainer to make him look more shabby (7) TATTIER (Tire out=ana. TIRE=TIER, an abstainer=a teetotaller=A+TT=>Tire out an abstainer = T(A+TT)IER)
17 Do teach straight off, the source of electrons in valves and tubes (7) CATHODE (Do teach straight off = ana. DO+TEACH)
19 Not so heavy as a box of matches? It's probably heavier (7) LIGHTER (Dbl Def - 1. Not so heavy 2. heavier than a box of matchess - cryptic def)
20 Put out a net stake for poker game (4) ANTE (Put out a net = ana. A+NET)
22 Urge a senior teacher to continue the good work (5,5) PRESS AHEAD (Urge=PRESS, a=A, senior teacher=HEAD=>Urge a senior teacher = PRESS A+HEAD)
25 Promises of party with show band (9) MANIFESTO (show=MANIFEST, band=O => MANIFEST+O)
26 I'm at an age to portray an exact copy of an area (5) IMAGE (I'm=IM, age=AGE=>I'm at an age = IM+AGE)
27 Company used red colour embellishments for their room (5) DECOR (ana. CO+RED)
28 They maliciously set fire to properties (9) ARSONISTS (Direct)

1 Work for a barrister economical with words (5) BRIEF (Dbl Def - 1. Work for a barrister 2. economical with words)
2 Look intelligent despite a small bloomer (3,6) EYE BRIGHT (Look=EYE, intelligent=BRIGHT)
3 Suspect retirement pay will lead to temporary lay off (10) SUSPENSION (Dbl Def)
4 Al has space to accommodate large public buildings (7) PALACES (Al has space to accommodate = ana. AL+SPACE)
5 Beginning to develop in nest — can be possible? (7) NASCENT (nest — can be possible = ana. NEST+CAN)
6 Neat haircut (4) TRIM (Dbl Def)
7 Conservative gets ill mannered and vulgar (5) CRUDE (Conservative=C, ill-mannered=RUDE => C+RUDE)
8 New rate more certain to be official (9) TREASURER (new rate=ana. RATE=TREA, more certain=SURER => TREA+SURER)
13 Not against development of non-progressive state (10) STAGNATION (Not against development = ana. NOT+AGAINST)
14 Revised medical account welcomed with enthusiasm (9) ACCLAIMED (Revised medical account = ana. MEDICAL+AC)
16 Generally where practising Catholics reaffirm their faith (2,3,4) IN THE MASS (Cryptic Def)
18 Possibly a continent comprising mid-west region (7) EURASIA (Direct)
19 Girls take no direction to catch wild horses with long ropes (7) LASSOES (Girls=LASSES, no=O=>Girls take no = LASS(O)ES)
21 Keynote to good health? (5) TONIC (Dbl Def)
23 Clothe with suitable material (5) DRESS (Dbl Def)
24 Some may have to keep a deaf Arab at a distance (4) AFAR (Container => deAF ARab)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8302 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 One in which a cricketer may score highly (4,4) EASY OVER (Cryptic Def)
5 American investigators contained crazy return of the first man (6) ADAMIC (American investigators=CIA, crazy=MAD=>American investigators contained crazy=CI(MAD)A=>American investigators contained crazy return=reverse of CIMADA)
10 Famous? Take half of them in the medical department (7) EMINENT (half of thEM=EM, in=IN, the medical department=ENT => EM+IN+ENT)
11 Something kept back about the tennis stroke (7) RESERVE (about=RE, the tennis stroke=SERVE => RE+SERVE)
12 However complete, no right round (6) THOUGH (complete=THOROUGH, right=R, round=O=>complete, no right round = THOROUGH-RO)
13 Squeeze in to put something in order, we hear (8) STRAITEN (put something in order=STRAIGHTEN=>put something in order, we hear = homonym of STRAIGHTEN)
15 A tiny amount to go back into our airlines (4) IOTA (to go back=OT, our airlines=IA=>to go back into our airlines = I(OT)A)
16 Soap, shampoo and other articles used in body care (10) TOILETRIES (Direct)
18 Describing the state of one suffering direst sins, perhaps (2,8) IN DISTRESS (direst sins, perhaps = ana. DIREST+SINS)
20 Put in place an old English historian? (4) STOW (Dbl Def)
23 Cars they pass off to sailors (8) YACHTERS (Cars they pass off = ana. CARS+THEY)
24 Tie Pai ordered is capital (6) TAIPEI (Tie Pai ordered = ana. TIE+PAI)
26 One of our countrymen on a U.S. State (7) INDIANA (our countrymen=INDIAN, a=A=>One of our countrymen on a = INDIAN+A)
27 Dismiss from consideration obstinate person losing his head in utter defeat (4,3) RULE OUT (obstinate person=MULE=>obstinate person losing his head=ULE, utter defeat=ROUT=>obstinate person losing his head in utter defeat = R(ULE)OUT)
28 Poet stays one year in the roll (6) LYRIST (one year=YR, roll=LIST=>one year in the roll = L(YR)IST)
29 He graded quaint kind of painting (4-4) HARD-EDGE (He graded quaint = ana. HE+GRADED)

1 One must have had the power to pay it (11,4) ELECTRICITY BILL (Cryptic Def=>'power' as in electric power -- Fantastic clue)
2 Go quietly away with the inner dress removed? (4,3) SLIP OUT (inner dress=SLIP, removed=OUT)
3 Precipitously nervous? (2,4) ON EDGE (Dbl Def)
4 Meal for which the poet is late in starting (4) EATS (poet=KEATS=>poet is late in starting = KEATS-K)
6 Talks at length about Ted's scan (8) DESCANTS (about Ted's scan = ana. TEDS+SCAN)
7 Language in which Ram is up with a hit-out (7) MARATHI (Ram is up=MAR, a hit-out=ana. A+HIT=ATHI=>Ram is up with a hit-out = MAR+ATHI)
8 Hails castle anew — refurbished without any dirt or marks (5,2,1,7) CLEAN AS A WHISTLE (Hails castle anew — refurbished = ana. HAILS+CASTLE+ANEW)
9 To ruin a butler is unfair (9) BRUTALISE (a butler is unfair = ana. A+BUTLER+IS)
14 Yell about our cultured dairy product, if acidic (4,5) SOUR CREAM (Yell=SCREAM, our=OUR=>Yell about our = S(OUR)CREAM)
17 Butts are deposited into these (8) ASHTRAYS (Cryptic Def)
19 One who resolves to put the agents among the animals (7) DECIDER (agents=CID, animals=DEER=>put the agents among the animals = DE(CID)ER)
21 Not the way to the underworld? (3,4) TOP ROAD (Cryptic Def)
22 Dragged but grimly held around a bend (6) HAULED (grimly held=ana. HELD=HLED, a=A, bend=U=>grimly held around a bend = H(AU)LED)
25 Field of study of a realtor (4) AREA (Container => A REAltor)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8301 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Dearly loved one puts out an exclamation from a West Bengal town (7) DARLING (exclamation=JEE, a West Bengal town=DARJEELING=>puts out an exclamation from a West Bengal town = DARJEELING-JEE)
5 Aboard ship a sailor is in the course of greeting masters (6) SAHIBS (ship=SS, a sailor=AB, greeting=HI=>Aboard ship a sailor is in the course of greeting = S(A(HI)B)S)
9 Secure framework? (5) TRUSS (Dbl Def)
10 Which one has to sign oneself (9) AUTOGRAPH (Direct)
11 Head in Germany thought creatively (7) NOODLED (Head=NOODLE, Germany=D => NOODLE+D)
12 Mail P.R.O. posted to an Italian personage (7) PALMIRO (Mail P.R.O. posted = ana. MAIL+PRO)
13 Young women lose their heads over fools (5) ASSES (Young women=LASSES=>Young women lose their heads = LASSES-S)
14 Looks not left to parade order (4,5) EYES RIGHT (Looks=EYES, not left=RIGHT)
16 Lips extol excitedly those that try to predict an electoral outcome (4,5) EXIT POLLS (Lips extol excitedly=ana. LIPS+EXTOL)
19 Medic throws out a proclamation (5) EDICT (Container => mEDIC Throws)
21 PAC return to sort out those holding hostages (7) CAPTORS (PAC return=CAP, sort out=ana. SORT=TORS => CAP+TORS)
23 Tom comes back with lite version that is producing a sensation (7) TACTILE (Tom=CAT=>Tom comes back=TAC, lite version=TILE=>Tom comes back with lite version = TAC+TILE)
24 Funds of former examiner, we hear (9) EXCHEQUER (former=EX, examiner=CHECKER=>former examiner, we hear = homonym of EX+CHECKER)
25 All but bring in company to the Greek lawgiver (5) DRACO (bring=DRAW=>all but bring=DRAW-W=DRA, company=CO => GRA+CO)
26 Has not changed a given name (6) ASHTON (Has not changed = ana. HAS+NOT)
27 Tires running inside the ship to find relatives (7) SISTERS (Tires running=ana. TIRES=ISTER, ship=SS=>Tires running inside the ship = S(ISTER)S)

1 They promote union between man and woman (6,8) DATING AGENCIES (Direct)
2 Loud and rough, the Karnataka man gave company to you and me (7) RAUCOUS (the Karnataka man=RAU, company=CO, you and me=US => RAU+CO+US)
3 Treats rudely the fashionable sultans without an arrangement (7) INSULTS (fashionable=IN, sultANs wihout AN arrangement=SULTS => IN+SULTS)
4 Room where the watchman sits? Not exactly! (5,4) GUARD CELL (Cryptic)
5 The way it's organised: a quarter to put up (5) SETUP (a quarter=SE, put up=reverse of PUT=TUP => SE+TUP)
6 Bargainer Hal and Greg tackled (7) HAGGLER (Hal and Greg tackled = ana. HAL+GREG)
7 Relation about each going in to fetch (7) BEARING (each=EA, to fetch=BRING=>each going in to fetch=EA in BRING = B(EA)RING)
8 Cast away — but is it any use to the canines? (5,2,3,4) THROW TO THE DOGS (Cryptic subsidiary indication)
15 Yes, master, offer payment by instalments (4,5) EASY TERMS (Yes, master, offer = ana. YES+MASTER)
17 Mischievous boy plays a role that influences strongly (7) IMPACTS (Mischievous boy=IMP, plays a role=ACTS => IMP+ACTS)
18 Conceive of a planned undertaking (7) PROJECT (Dbl Def)
19 Foreign monetary units C.Os. used recklessly (7) ESCUDOS (C.Os. used recklessly = ana. COS+USED)
20 I am at one gallery to copy (7) IMITATE (I am=IM, one=I, gallery=TATE => I am at one gallery=IM+I+TATE)
22 Reject the special container (5) SPURN (special=SP, container=URN => SP+URN)

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8298 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 It is proverbially poor (11) CHURCHMOUSE (Cryptic Def - ref. to the proverb 'as poor as a churchmouse')
9 Strike because the hair is removed? (4-3) LOCK OUT (hair=LOCK, removed=OUT)
10 Encroachments by one on northern thoroughfares (7) INROADS (one=I, northern=N, thoroughfares=ROADS => I+N+ROADS)
11 Player (man) to swim for pleasure (5) BATHE (Player=BAT, man=HE => BAT+HE)
12 One who is next door to you (9) NEIGHBOUR (Direct)
13 Extraordinary persons don't start embarrassing mistakes (5) ONERS (embarassing mistakes=GONERS??=>don't start embarrassing mistakes = GONERS-G)
15 One who communicates with lean girls in a way (9) SIGNALLER (lean girls in a way = ana. LEAN+GIRLS)
18 Alert Cole to reform a kind of college (9) ELECTORAL (Alert Cole to reform = ana. ALERT+COLE)
21 Head for room? (5) ATTIC (Dbl Def)
22 Bends over even as one shares accommodation? (7,2) DOUBLES UP (Dbl Def)
24 Experience of a Pole in the gallery (5) TASTE (a Pole=S, gallery=TATE=>a Pole in the gallery=S in TATE = TA(S)TE)
26 Mistake in the garden? (7) BLOOMER (Dbl def. - 1. Mistake 2. in the garden (cryptic def))
27 Nothing, the French in the boat is rich (7) OPULENT (Nothing=O, the french=LE, boat=PUNT=>the French in the boat=LE in PUNT=PU(LE)NT => O+PULENT)
28 How one goes in submission (2,4,5) ON ONES KNEES (Direct)

1 Jail accountant lax about a follower (9) CALABOOSE (accountant=CA, lax=LOOSE, a follower=follower of A=B=>lax about a follower=L(B)OOSE=> that only gives CALBOOSE. An A is missing. Looks like we have typo here)
2 Peacekeepers' share is complete (5) UNCUT (Peacekeeper=UN, share=CUT => UN+CUT)
3 Group of people having no open mind (6,3) CLOSED SET
4 Pairings out of which an issue may result (7) MATINGS (Dbl Def)
5 Joining in marriage, perhaps (7) UNITING (Direct)
6 The abode of mortals (5) EARTH (Direct)
7 Two align together to make a sleeping-car (5-3) WAGON-LIT (Two align together to make = ana. TWO+ALIGN)
8 Thinker doesn't begin to be a consumer (4) USER (Thinker=MUSER=>Thinker doesn't begin = MUSER-M)
14 One who has the will power, no doubt (8) EXECUTOR (Cryptic Def. - One who has a will power = one who has the power to execute a will)
16 As made quickly and dishonestly to grow rich (1,4,4) A FAST BUCK (Direct)
17 See, Carter somehow revives (9) RECREATES (See, Carter somehow = ana. SEE+CARTER)
19 So I roar about an Argentine town (7) ROSARIO (So I roar about = ana. SO+I+ROAR)
20 Friend goes up: nothing to cuddle (3-4) LAP LOVE (Friend=PAL=>Friend goes up=LAP, nothing=LOVE)
22 Of the French bees — they are inapt workers (4) DUBS (Of the French=DU, bees=B's=BS => DU+BS)
23 Forgotten state (5) LIMBO (Direct)
25 Foreign national to marry in the South-East (5) SWEDE (to marry=WED, South-East=SE=>to marry in the South-East = S(WED)E)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8297 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Phew, finally, after all these days of unspeakable and ineluctable torment, it's a different compiler. An easy grid. Enjoyable nevertheless.

1 Curt gibe about a zoo baby (5,3) TIGER CUB (Curt gibe about = ana. CURT GIBE)
5 Leaps over safes? (6) VAULTS (Dbl Def)
9 Train chaps to be Cinderella's accompaniers to the ball (8) COACHMEN (Dbl Def)
10 Airplane trip involves fifty in a squabble (6) FLIGHT (fifty=L, squabble=FIGHT=>fifty in a squabble= L in FIGHT = F(L)IGHT)
12 One to observe a children's game (1,3) I SPY (One=I, to observe=SPY)
13 A candid set hoisted as runners (10) CANDIDATES (A candid set hoisted = ana. A+CANDID+SET)
15 Quarter to the identical seed (6) SESAME (Quarter=SE, identical=SAME => SE+SAME)
17 Confine a poet? (5) POUND (Dbl Def)
20 About conclusion, at a stretch (2,3) ON END (Dbl Def)
21 Warns hesitantly about Oriental response (6) ANSWER (Warns hesitantly=ana. WARNS=ANSWR, Oriental=E=>Warns hesitantly about Oriental=ANSWR about E = ANSW(E)R)
24 A government that overly shepherds its citizens (5,5) NANNY STATE (Direct)
27 Pole, be lenient endlessly (4) SPAR (be lenient=SPARE=>be lenient endlessly = SPARE-E)
29 Girl brings the learner to Mother (6) THELMA (the=THE, learner=L, Mother=MA=>brings the learner to Mother = THE+L+MA)
30 Desperate final effort in the home stretch, perhaps (4,4) LAST GASP (Direct)
31 Detesting the witch going round a box (6) HATING (witch=HAG, box=TIN=>witch going round a box=HAG around TIN = HA(TIN)G)
32 Direct the view doing the rounds about revolutionary art (8) STRAIGHT (view=SIGHT, revolutionary art=reverse of ART=TRA=>view doing the rounds about revolutionary art=SIGHT around TRA = S(TRA)IGHT)

1 Strategic plan to perform in the grip of a nervous complaint (6) TACTIC (perform=ACT, nervous complaint=TIC=>perform in the grip of a nervous complaint=ACT in TIC = T(ACT)IC)
2 Relative may behave violently in Georgia (6) GRAMPA (behave voilently=RAMP, georgia=GA=>behave violently in Georgia=RAMP in GA = G(RAMP)A)
3 Demon in Agra humbled (4) RAHU (Container => agRA HUmbled)
4 Superior meal cooked up for a body of Muslim scholars (5) ULEMA (Superior=U, meal cooked up=ana. MEAL=LEMA => U+LEMA)
6 Suffered ill-health as one deli dished up wrongly (5) AILED (one=A, deli dished up wrongly=ana. DELI=ILED => A+ILED)
7 Begins to smoke after an easily assimilated drink (6,2) LIGHTS UP (easily assimilated=LIGHT, drink=SUP)
8 Stop to allot a task to a team (3,5) SET ASIDE (task=SET, a=A, team=SIDE => SET A+SIDE)
11 A god's farewells (6) ADIEUS (A=A, god's=DIEUS??)
14 Look after a number, a large number (4) SEED (a number=TEN, a large number=D => TEN+D)
16 Looks forward to a week on a sit-out (6) AWAITS (A=A, week=W, a sit out=ana. A+SIT=AITS => A+W+AITS)
17 Get ready advertising on the record (4) PREP (advertising=PR, record=EP => PR+EP)
18 First-rate (3-5) TOP-NOTCH (Direct)
19 Most miniature settee in order (8) TEENIEST (settee in order = ana. SETTEE+IN)
22 Jumped as the Superintendent of Police called (6) SPRANG (Superintendent of Police=SP, called=RANG)
23 Royal Marines in a mine, the least desirable place (6) ARMPIT (Royal Marines=RM, a=A, mine=PIT=>Royal Marines in a mine = A(RM)PIT)
25 Country where persons who always agree have no shred of shame (5) YEMEN (persons who always agree=YESMEN, shred of Shame=S=>persons who always agree have no shred of shame = YESMEN-S)
26 Stretch a treatise (5) TRACT (Dbl Def)
28 "Fragrant oil" not right! "Flour" is! (4) ATTA (Fragrant oil=ATTAR=>Fragrant oil not right=ATTAR-R)

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2604 Solutions

1 Leader of such a quiet band (4) SASH (Leader of such=S, a=A, quiet=SH => S+A+SH)
3 Garland - girl on set (5,5) DAISY CHAIN (girl=DAISY, set=CHAIN)
10 Seaman's single shellfish (7) ABALONE (Seaman=AB, single=ALONE => AB+ALONE)
11 Language used by last in queue is apt (7) GERMANE (Language=GERMAN, last in queuE=E=>Language used by last in queue = GERMAN+E)
12 Admonish travelling salesman, chap stopping to deliver (9) REPRIMAND (travelling salesman=REP, chap=MAN, to deliver=RID=>chap stopping to deliver = RI(MAN)D=>travelling salesman, chap stopping to deliver = REP+RIMAND)
13 Key from a ring (5) ATOLL (a=A, ring=TOLL => A+TOLL)
14 Close and hot in Greece and Spain? Possibly (12) CHEESEPARING (hot=H, Greece=GREECE, Spain=SPAIN=>hot in Greece and Spain? Possibly = ana. H+GREECE+SPAIN)
18 Morsel, pretty fancy for Mother Carey's chicken (6,6) STORMY PETREL (Morsel, pretty fancy = ana. MORSEL+PRETTY)
21 Dye girl applied to front of head, then back (5) HENNA (girl=ANNE, front of head=H=>girl applied to front of head, then back = rev. of ANNE+H)
22 Fair treatment abroad, without delay (5,4) RIGHT AWAY (Fair treatment=RIGHT, abroad=AWAY)
24 Willingly study? One's extremely lazy (7) READILY (study=READ, One=I, extremely LazY=LY => READ+I+LY))
25 Where one may see fighter pilots in sky, low (3,4) AIR BASE (sky=AIR, low=BASE)
26 After much delay in a stall, got racing (all bar one) (2,4,4) AT LONG LAST (in a stall, got racing=ana. IN+A+STALL+GOT, all bar one suggests removal of I => ana. N+A+LONG+LAST)
27 Aquatic mammal in close (4) SEAL (Dbl Def)

1 Plant fake diamond (8) SHAMROCK (fake=SHAM, diamond=ROCK => SHAM+ROCK)
2 Keen group brought round instruments (5-3) SHARP-SET (group=SET, instruments=HARPS=>group brought round instruments = S(HARPS)ET)
4 Runs after a girl in park (5) A_E_A
5 Good in bread? Yes, processed cheese (4,5) SAGE DERBY (Good=G, Bread=BREAD, Yes=YES=>Good in bread? Yes, processed = ana. G+BREAD+YES)
6 A scolding from one's wife in retirement? (7,7) CURTAIN LECTURE (Direct?)
7 High explosive found in dam at Oldham (6) AMATOL (Container => dAM+AT+OLdham)
8 Goad a pointer (6) NEEDLE (Dbl Def)
9 West Indian, inside Union Station, relaxed with Catch-22? (2-3,9) NO-WIN SITUATION (West Indian=WI, Union Station, relaxed=ana. UNION+STATION=NON SITUATION=>West Indian, inside Union Station, relaxed = NO(WIN) SITUATION)
15 Picture of boy in doorway (9) PORTRAYAL (boy=RAY, doorway=PORTAL=>boy in doorway = PORT(RAY)AL)
16 British law one breaks supplying bottled beer (5,3) BROWN ALE (British=BR, law one breaks=ana. LAW+ONE=OWN ALE => BR+OWN ALE)
17 Create havoc in stage show - he will, shortly (4,4) PLAY HELL (stage show=PLAY, he will shortly=HE'LL=HELL)
19 Himalayan mountain guide's turn of phrase? (6) SHERPA (turn of phrase = ana. PHRASE)
20 Call for English translation of Latin (6) ENTAIL (English=E, translation of Latin=ana. LATIN=NTAIL => E+NTAIL)
23 See head of glamour girl in mirror (5) GLASS (head of Glamour=G, girl=LASS => G+LASS)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8290 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Reserve money, a cerebral principle (11) FUNDAMENTAL (Reserve money=FUND, a=A, cerebral=MENTAL)
9 Bath for the pig? Nonsense (7) HOGWASH (pig=HOG, bath=WASH)
10 Bit of embroidery is more than sufficient in the borders of sweater (7) SAMPLER (more than sufficient=AMPLE, borders of SweateR=SR=>more than sufficient in the borders of sweater = S(AMPLE)R)
11 Boy in charge of sound (5) SONIC (Boy=SON, in charge=IC)
12 Bloomer by a star, female, junior (9) SUNFLOWER (a star=SUN, female=F, junior=LOWER)
13 Stopper in an Irish county (4) CORK (Dbl Def)
15 Unpredictable boy sheltered a pest (7) ERRATIC (boy=ERIC, pest=RAT=>boy sheltered a pest = ER(RAT)IC)
19 He (or she) plans an intrigue (7) SCHEMER (Direct)
20 Festival, Indian style (4) MELA (Direct)
24 Source of warmth at home (9) FIREPLACE (Direct)
25 The incongruity of hard metal with a trace of yttrium (5) IRONY (hard metal=IRON, trace of Yttrium=Y)
27 Time to get back in before the hermit (7) EREMITE (time to get back=rev. of TIME=EMIT,before=ERE=>Time to get back in before = ER(EMIT)E)
28 Encroach upon 22 scattering around parking (7) IMPINGE (22 scattering=ana. GEMINI, parking=P=>22 scattering around parking=ana. GEMINI+P)
29 Miserly, drunk and hit (11) TIGHTFISTED (drunk=TIGHT, hit=FISTED)

1 Boring task at home for Dickensian character (5) FAGIN (Boring task=FAG, at home=IN)
2 On cue, Ann is distracted by a nicety (6) NUANCE (cue, Ann is distracted = ana. CUE+ANN)
3 Astounded by a ghost with change of heart (6) AGHAST (a=A, ghOst with a change of heart=replace O with A=GHAST)
4 Where the Spanish sound off when asleep — around one Danish castle (8) ELSINORE (the Spanish=EL, sound off when asleep=SNORE, one=I=>the Spanish sound off when asleep — around one = EL+S(I)NORE)
5 A South Indian confuses a militant no end (8) TAMILIAN (confuses a militant no end = ana. A+MILITANT-T)
6 Pure as a flower, honourable (4-5) LILY-WHITE (Dbl Def)
7 Branch of science reportedly giving sparkle to ICs (7) PHYSICS (sparkle=FIZZ=>reportedly giving sparkle=homonym of sparkle=PHYS, ICs=ICS)
8 Big number found right in the centre (5) CRORE (right=R, centre=CORE=>right in the centre=C(R)ORE)
14 Tending to be repeated on stream (9) RECURRENT (stream=CURRENT)
16 Dangling the carrot? (8) TEMPTING (Direct)
17 Warning to be prepared for danger — from a socialist (3,5) RED ALERT (Socialist=RED)
18 Mineral, a source of barium (7) BARYTES (Direct)
21 Tender proposal (5) OFFER (Dbl Def)
22 The sign of the twins (6) GEMINI (Direct)
23 Marine creature that is flabby, alien (6) LIMPET (flabby=LIMP, alient=ET)
26 Admitted into a brown edifice (5) OWNED (Container => brOWN EDifice)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8289 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Reducing fat in the bakery (10) SHORTENING (Direct)
7 A group of people in a competition (4) RACE (Dbl Def)
9 Logs left by Brown (6) LUMBER (left=L, brown=UMBER => L+UMBER)
10 Stashing away a billboard (8) HOARDING (Dbl Def)
11 Support for spouse Al abandoned (8) ESPOUSAL (spouse Al abandoned = ana. SPOUSE+AL)
12 Old Primates imitate human (6) APEMEN (imitate=APE, human=MEN => APE+MEN)
13 Desperate note in French-African party (7) FRANTIC (note=TI, French=FR, African party=ANC=>note in French-African party = FR+AN(TI)C))
16 Apply a coat to metal — to aid one's improvement (7) ANODISE (aid one's improvement = ana. AID+ONES)
17 Leader of pianists, I deserved to be copied (7) PIRATED (Leader of pianists=P, I=I, deserved=RATED => P+I+RATED)
19 Attendant on flight poured water into empty sideboard (7) STEWARD (poured water=TEWAR, empty SideboarD=SD=>poured water into empty sideboard = S(TEWAR)D)
22 How to embrace everyone and venerate (6) HALLOW (How=HOW, everyone=ALL=>How to embrace everyone = H(ALL)OW)
23 Ornament that could get fiery in South Africa (8) NECKLACE (??)
26 Hypertension, for instance: I'd cure it somehow with this (8) DIURETIC (I'd cure it somehow = ana. ID+CURE+IT)
27 Weapon included in unfair gunnery practice (3,3) AIR GUN (Container => unfAIR GUNnery)
28 Soon to be incognito (4) ANON
29 Ceasing to work may fatigue people put in to soak (10) RETIREMENT (fatigure=TIRE, people=MEN, soak=RET=>fatigue people put in to soak = RE(TIRE+MEN)T)

2 Time that belongs to us, they say (5) HOURS (that belongs to us=OURS=>that belongs to us, they say = homonym of OURS)
3 Apply polish below and prepare for painting (3,4) RUB DOWN (Apply polish=RUB, below=DOWN)
4 Money, a bad ruse to suppress love (5) EUROS (bad ruse=EURS, love=O=>bad ruse to suppress love = EUR(O)S)
5 Breathe in (6) INHALE (Direct)
6 Indian state gets time to be contrary (2,7) GO AGAINST (Indian state=GOA, gets=GAINS, time=T=>Indian state gets time = GOA+GAINS+T)
7 Person with a revolutionary top? (7) REDHEAD (revolutionary=RED, top=HEAD)
8 He makes admissions, or may hear them (9) CONFESSOR (Dbl Def)
14 A trio in UN, odd cause of collapse (9) RUINATION (A trio in UN, odd = ana. A+TRIO+IN+UN)
15 Cold drink in its solid and liquid forms, containing a drop of daiquiri (4,5) ICED WATER (solid and liquid forms=ICE WATER, drop of daiquiri=D=>solid and liquid forms, containing a drop of daiquiri = ICE(D) WATER)
18 Broadcast in progress about the French controller of lateral balance (7) AILERON (Broadcast=AIR, in progress=ON, the French=LE=>Broadcast in progress about the French = AIR+ON about LE = AI(LE)RON)
20 Gulp down butter and find tungsten (7) WOLFRAM (Gulp=WOLF, butter=RAM => WOLF+RAM)
21 Dam in Tamil Country with a crazy aunt in charge (6) ANICUT (crazy aunt in charge = ana. AUNT+IC(in charge))
24 Seat in a rich airline lounge (5) CHAIR (Container => riCH AIRline)
25 Turn milk into butter (5) CHURN (Direct)

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8280 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Corrupt engineer used to lead astray (6) SEDUCE (Corrupt engineer used = ana. CE(engineer)+USED)
4 Little Edward heartened by the wife he married (8) ESPOUSED (Little Edward=ED, wife=SPOUSE=>Little Edward heartened by the wife = E(SPOUSE)D)
10 Made certain Ted arranged nurse (7) ENSURED (ana. ED(Ted)+NURSE)
11 Plot to aim to a most favourable condition (7) OPTIMAL (Plot to aim = ana. PLOT+AIM)
12 Lawyer is placed on a raised platform to speak (4) DAIS (Lawyer=DA, is=IS => DA+IS)
13 For instance, consider problem experienced before (10) RECOGNISED (For instance=EG, consider=CONSIDER=>For instance, consider problem = ana. EG+CONSIDER)
16 Instrument to attack and defend (6) WEAPON (Direct)
17 Claimed to be relating to art of healing (7) DECIMAL (Claimed to be relating = ana. CLAIMED)
20 One has to get in pier to work as labourer (7) PIONEER (One=ONE, pier=PIER=>One has to get in pier = PI(ONE)ER)
21 Ill-treat one lower in status (6) DEMEAN (Dbl Def)
24 Estate managers can bring fellows down to earth (4,6) LAND AGENTS (Dbl Def)
25 Press forward with earnestness (4) URGE (Dbl Def)
27 A private room to chat (7) PARLOUR 9Direct)
29 Member got between Al and Ted in making an unacceptable assertion (7) ALLEGED (Member=LEG, Al=AL, Ted=ED=>Member got between Al and Ted = AL(LEG)ED)
30 The end of the day — flat time (8) EVENTIDE (flat=EVEN, time=TIDE => EVEN+TIDE)
31 An arts graduate Edward calmed down (6) ABATED (An=A, arts graduate=BA, Edward =ED => A+BA+TED)

1 Decline to make way for a successor (4,4) STEP DOWN (Dbl Def)
2 People put on new diets? That's the end! (11) DESTINATION (People=NATION, new diets=ana. DIETS=DESTI=>People put on new diets = DESTI+NATION)
3 Anxiety over vehicle given to English (4) CARE (vehicle=CAR, English=E=>vehicle given to English = CAR+E)
5 Curtain down, take on a guided tour (4,4) SHOW OVER (Dbl Def)
6 Frequently about half a score of instances (10) OFTENTIMES (about=OF, half a score=TEN, instances=TIMES => OF+TEN TIMES)
7 First of all Uncle gets a projectile to neutralize enemy attacks (3) SAM (??)
8 Deceit of the French, accepting arranged duel, was all wrong (6) DELUDE (of the French=DE, arranged duel=LUDE => DE+LUDE)
9 Editor arranged dad to have an increased amount (5) ADDED (Editor arranged dad = ana. ED+ADD)
14 Reason for angst among the players (5,6) STAGE FRIGHT (Cryptic Def - players meaning actors)
15 In the vicinity of the island (10) ROUNDABOUT (Cryptic Def - traffic signal island)
18 Had recourse to the arbiter having made a mistake (8) REFERRED (arbiter=REF, having made a mistake=ERRED => REF+ERRED)
19 Meant to marry her he did (8) INTENDED (??)
22 Please arrange to slip away silently (6) ELAPSE (Please arrange = ana. PLEASE)
23 The last one broke the camel's back (5) STRAW (Dbl Def - 1. Last straw 2. The straw that broke the camel's back)
26 A wooden iron for golf? (4) CLUB (Direct or Dbl Def??)
28 Feel sorry for what happened (3) RUE (Direct)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8279 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Surprised that a shed is not damaged (10) ASTONISHED (a shed is not damaged = ana. A+SHED+IS+NOT)
6 Title given to African chieftain (4) EMIR/AMIR (Direct)
9 Easy to read the new glib General (7) LEGIBLE (new glib General = ana. GLIB+LEE)
10 With courage I'm on shore in revolt (7) HEROISM (I'm on shore in revolt = ana. IM+SHORE)
12 The man will have nice recollections of Greece (8) HELLENIC (The man will=HE'LL, nice recollections=ana. NICE=ENIC=>The man will have nice recollections = HELL+ENIC)
13 A language that is Greek to me! (5) LATIN (Cryptic Def)
15 Arrange again to receive stolen goods (5) RESET
17 Can't coups overthrow the incumbents? (9) OCCUPANTS (Can't coups overthrow = ana. CANT+COUPS)
19 An exceptional talent, one that's developed early (9) ANTENATAL (An=AN, exceptional talent, one=ana. TALENT+A(one)=TENATAL=>An exceptional talent, one = AN+TENATAL)
21 Wear away slender bar from both directions (5) ERODE (slender bar=ROD, both directions=EE=>slender bar from both directions = E(ROD)E)
23 Small amounts of coins (5) CENTS (Direct)
24 Open one myself, though it is extra work (8) OVERTIME (Open=OVERT, one=I, myself=ME => OVERT+I+ME)
27 Musical work with which Thomas Edison initially got work in theatre (7) OPERATE (Musical work=OPERA, Thomas Edison initially=TE => Musical work with which Thomas Edison = OPERA+TE -- work in theatre as in Operation theatre)
28 The queen Titian represented with a tail! (7) TITANIA (Titian represented =ana. TITIAN, a=A=>Titian represented with a tail = TITANI+A)
29 Top cover the English dislike intensely (4) HATE (Top cover=HAT, the English=E => HAT+E)
30 Plant account for delivering babies? (6,4) STORKS BILL (account=BILL, for delivering babies=STORKS)

1 Every individual is a friend of the youth leader (4) ALLY (Every individual=ALL, youth leader=Y => ALL+Y)
2 Wild animal brought from Ethiopian province by ship (7) TIGRESS (Ethiopian province=TIGRE, ship=SS=>Ethiopian province by ship = TIGRE+SS)
3 Prize for a noble dissertation (5) NOBEL (ana. NOBLE)
4 Grim situation at the back of the ship (5,4) STERN PORT (Grim=STERN, situation=PORT)
5 The in charge arranged rules of behaviour (5) ETHIC (The in charge arranged = THE+IC(in charge))
7 In a mist, one gets slightly wet (7) MOISTEN (ana. MIST+ONE)
8 Thought back of short skirts caught in the tall grass (10) REMINISCED (short skirts=MINIS, caught=C, tall grass=REED=>short skirts caught in the tall grass = RE(MINIS+C)ED)
11 'e's more ashen looking, getting up — what a setback! (7) RELAPSE (e's=ES, more ashen looking=PALER=>'e's more ashen looking, getting up = reversal of ES+PALER)
14 The most appropriate fabric for a Norfolk boating jacket? (10) BROADCLOTH (Dirct??)
16 State capital, one with a following (7) TUNISIA (captial=TUNIS, one=I, a=A=>capital, one with a following = TUNIS+I+A)
18 Business is picking up for him (9) COLLECTOR (Cryptic Def)
20 Brown chap touching Circle Line? (7) TANGENT (Brown=TAN, chap=GENT => TAN+GENT)
22 The fellow portrayed in oils may be a Turk (7) OSMANLI (The fellow=MAN, oils may be=OSLI=>The fellow portrayed in oils may be = OS(MAN)LI)
24 Not right to veto what is open to view (5) OVERT (ana. R+VETO)
25 Carries the young child on course (5) TOTES (young child=TOT, course=ES(direction))
26 Enjoy in dancing (4) BALL (Dbl Def)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8278 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 The most popular member of the company? (4,9) FIRM FAVOURITE (company=FIRM, puplar member=FAVOURITE)
8 Cunning variety of leg hits (7) SLEIGHT (variety of leg hits = ana. LEG+HITS)
9 Wanted a carton for food — but sent up something similar (3,4) TUB LIKE (but sent up=TUB, similar=LIKE)
11 Makes it suitable if taken straight past lawman (6) ADAPTS (straight past=ana. PAST=APTS, lawman=DA=>taken straight past lawman = A(DA)PTS)
13 Government VIP who has a speaking engagement on Sundays (8) MINISTER (??)
15 Many confined in enclosure beg for money (5) CADGE (Many=D, enclosure=CAGE=>Many confined in enclosure = CA(D)GE)
16 Let loose (7) RELEASE (Direct)
18 A solemn promise given to the President to edge out the French (7) PLEDGEE (President=P, edge=EDGE, the French=LE)
19 Trembling tree as the writer made it out to be (5) ASPEN (as=AS, the writer=PEN => AS+PEN)
21 Make a song about money smelling (8) SCENTING (Make a song=SING, money=CENT=>Make a song about money = S(CENT)ING)
23 Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau is a chirpy little thing (6) CICADA (Contemptible fellow=CAD, American intelligence bureau=CIA=>Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau = CI(CAD)A)
25 An African shirt for a high class and good looking girl (7) D_S_I_I
26 Jet with speed will leave the country (7) MIGRATE (Jet=MIG, speed=RATE=>Jet with speed = MIG+RATE)
28 Lightest of brushes for a daily (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER (Direct)

2 I'd learn about part of the British Isles (7) IRELAND (I'd learn about = ana. ID+LEARN)
3 The face of an easy dupe (3) MUG (Dbl Def)
4 Plays around with Bill on the back lane (4) ACTS (Bill=AC, lane=ST=>back lane=TS=>Bill on the back lane = AC+TS)
5 He hopes to make catches in the deep (10) OUTFILEDER (Direct)
6 A timid person in no time can become a teacher (5) RABBI (A timid person=RABBIT=>A timid person in no time = RABBIT - T(time))
7 Let this plant become the Scottish emblem (7) THISTLE (ana. LET+THIS)
8 As unfortunate as Romeo and Juliet in actors' dress that is loose (4,7) STAR CROSSED (actors' dress that is loose = ana. ACTORS+DRESS)
10 Feature at that time town with pottery (11) EARTHENWARE (Feature=EAR, at that time=THEN, town=WARE?? => EAR+THEN+WARE)
12 A subject in English given to them (5) THEME (English=E, them=THEM=>English given to them = THEM+E)
14 One in the class of two masters (10) _R_G_N_I_E
17 The sailor has to account for one of the counting frames (5) ABACI (The sailor=AB, account=AC, one=I => AB+AC+I)
18 A gift that's at the end, given to the media (7) PRESSIE (that's=IE, media=PRESS=>that's at the end, given to the media = PRESSIE)
20 Calm when bill is found in coat (7) PLACARTE (Bill=AC, coat=PLATE=>bill is found in coat = PL(AC)ATE)
22 It isn't common to spread infection (5) TAINT (It isn't = 'T AINT)
24 I'd find my maid among them (4) AMID (ana. MAID)
27 Shown up to sag with garrulous talk (3) GAS (up to sag=reverse of SAG(or so the compiler might want to think))

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8277 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Hold on, I can't move! (7) CONTAIN (on, I can't move = ana. ON+I+CANT)
5 A contest between two Poles and an Arab (7) SARACEN (A=A, contest=RACE, two Poles=SN=>A contest between two Poles = S(A+RACE)N)
10 It's a delight to be in the garden of paradise (6) EDENIC (Direct)
11 Work too hard? Certainly open to question (8) OVERTASK (open=OVERT, to question=ASK => OVERT+ASK)
12 The shortest way in is straight (6) DIRECT (Dbl def)
13 A book about lubricants involving much hard work (8) TOILSOME (A book=TOME, lubricants=OILS=>A book about lubricants = T(OILS)OME)
14 Disturbed a bride to make her one short of par (6) BIRDIE (ana. I+BRIDE)
15 A Semitic takes the French to make land fit for crop production (6) ARABLE (A Semitic=ARAB, the French=LE=>A Semitic takes the French = ARAB+LE)
18 They are the additional passengers (6) RIDERS (Dbl Def)
20 Girl takes article on Thursday to stow away safely (6) SHEATH (Girl=SHE, article=A, Thursday=TH=>Girl takes article on Thursday = SHE+A+TH)
23 Legitimate quarry on the level (4,4) FAIR GAME (Legitimate=FAIR, quarry=GAME)
25 Build new areas for sporting contests (6) ARENAS (build new areas = ana. N(new)+AREAS)
26 It is so ancient it sounds like original sin! (8) PRIMEVAL (sounds like PRIME(original) EVIL(sin))
27 Unimportant details having no value (6) TRIVIA (Direct)
28 Wesley sent in perhaps because of the rain (7) _E_O_S_
29 Locked Ted to make him dress up (7) TRESSED (??)

2 Decree that Noraid be disbanded (6) ORDAIN (Noraid be disbanded = ana. NORAID)
3 Fruit of Argentine origins (9) TANGERINE (ana. ARGENTINE)
4 Provoked action with a stimulant (7) INCITED (Direct)
6 A mother accommodates Eric in Sam's country (7) AMERICA (A=A, mother=MA, Eric=ERIC=>A mother accommodates Eric = A+M(ERIC)A)
7 Vehicles briefly taken for short religious dramas (5) AUTOS (??)
8 Ben seen with 50 different musicians playing together (8) ENSEMBLE (ana. BEN+SEEN+L)
9 Lear story then gave rise to the cruel wind (13) NORTHEASTERLY (ana. LEAR+STORY+THEN)
16 Slender types from wild Caithness (9) ASTHENICS (wild Caithness = ana. CAITHNESS)
17 Rebellious underworld, eager to differ (8) DISAGREE (underword=DIS, eager to differ=ana. EAGER=AGREE => DIS+AGREE)
19 Overfasts? (7) STARVES (Direct)
21 The man pressing a claim as a former player (7) EXACTOR (former=EX, player=ACTOR => EX+ACTOR)
22 Stare in an agitated way at the literary sarcasm (6) SATIRE (ana. STARE+I -- where does the I come from??)
24 A Medieval tale of chivalry and love (5) ROMEO (Direct??)

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2601 Solutions

1 100 ring over voucher (6) COUPON (100=C, ring=O, over=UPON => C+O+UPON)
4 Blackleg at pub confronting duke that carries a sword (8) SCABBARD (Blackleg=SCAB, pub=BAR, duke=D=>Blackleg at pub confronting duke = SCAB+BAR+D)
9 Former king of France in crooked deal (6) ALFRED (France=FR, crooked deal=ana. DEAL=ALED=>France in crooked deal = SL(FR)ED)
10 Beneficial to lock stronghold (8) FORTRESS (Beneficial to=FOR, lock=TRESS=>Beneficial to lock = FOR+TRESS
12 Wren seen by parsley and baneberry? (4,11) HERB C_R_S_O_H_R (parsley=HERB)
14 Sad one inside proposes showing pornographic films (4,6) BLUE MOVIES (Sad=BLUE, one=I, proposes=MOVES=>Sad one inside proposes = BLUE MOV(I)ES)
15 Pole rebukes revolutionary (4) SPAR (rebukes=RAPS=>rebukes revolutionary=reversal of RAPS)
17 A container, slightly open (4) AJAR (A=A, container=JAR => A+JAR)
18 Persevere to the end with one solicitor, after criticism (5,2,3) STICK IT OUT (one=I, solicitor=TOUT, criticism=STICK=>one solicitor, after criticism = STICK I+TOUT)
20 What a courier may have brought that a spinner hopes to produce? (7,8) SPECIAL DELIVERY (Dbl cryptic def)
22 Corresponding with an uncle, perhaps (8) RELATIVE (Dbl Def)
24 The Scourge of God held back by Vandal? It tallies (6) ATTILA (Reverse Container => vandAL IT TAllies)
25 Coffee service finally provided — put in large cupboard (8) ESPRESSO (
26 Cheers for model (6) PROSIT (for=PRO, model=SIT => PRO+SIT)

1 Cyclist initially spots collision (5) CRASH (Cyclist initially=C, spots=RASH => C+RASH)
2 Miserable out at fen, run off (11) UNFORTUNATE (out at fen, run off = ana. OUT+AT+FEN+RUN)
3 Get the better of me, giving support to accomplished commander (8) OVERCOME (me=ME, accomplished=OVER, commander=CO=>me, giving support to accomplished commander = OVER+CO+ME)
5 Independent member, more peevish about form? (12) CROSSBENCHER (more peevish=CROSSER, form=BENCH=>more peevish about form = CROSS(BENCH)ER)
6 German chap in outskirts of Benidorm, the far end (6) BOTTOM (German chap=OTTO, outskirts of BenidorM=BM=>German chap in outskirts of Benidorm = B(OTTO)M)
7 Very good air conditioning at top of escalator (3) ACE (air conditioning=AC, top of escalatorE=>air conditioning at top of escalator = AC+E)
8 Treacherously abandon sailor sent over for WWII soldier (6,3) DESERT RAT (Treacherously abandon=DESERT, sailor=TAR=>sailor sent over=RAT)
11 Squaddie is in a Coward play (7,5) PRIVATE LIVES (Sqauddie=PRIVATE, is=LIVES(v.))
13 Thick-skinned creature joining royal in ancient city (5,6) HIPPO REGIUS (Thick-skinned creature=HIPPO, royal=REGIUS)
14 Restaurant could make money by lake (9) BRASSERIE (money=BRASS, lake=ERIE=>money by lake = BRASS+ERIE)
16 Head of government department, one entering large church (8) MINISTER (one=I, large church=MINSTER=>one entering large church = MIN(I)STER)
19 Small, most of brood left within (6) LITTLE (brood=LITTER=>most of brood=LITTE, left=L=>most of brood left within = LITT(L)E)
21 Food supplement, of course, that includes a bit of torula (5) YEAST (of course=YES, a=A, bit of Torula=T=>of course, that includes a bit of torula = YE(A)S+T)
23 Sauce from packet mostly used up (3) L_P

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8273 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Speaking insistently on place of residence? (8) DWELLING (Dbl Def - 1. Speaking insistently 2. place of residence)
5 Shrewdness displayed by 51 about copy transfer (6) POLICY (ana. LI(51)+COPY)
9 Being capricious, Western leader moves to that man thus (7) WHIMSIC (Western leader=W, the man=HIM, thus=SIC => W+HIM+SIC)
10 The production of malt beverages about to take place in B-section (7) BREWING (about=RE, B-section=B WING=>about to take place in B-section = B(RE)WING)
11 Areas kept section-wise for parrots (9) PARAKEETS (ana. AREAS+KEPT)
12 Bury nitre compound (5) INTER (nitre compound = ana. NITRE)
13 In addition to some informal societies (4) ALSO (Container => informAL SOcieties)
14 Squash knocker C. O. despatched (9) CROOKNECK (knocker C. O. despatched = ana. KNOCKER+CO)
17 It is the jurisdiction of the Navy chief (9) ADMIRALTY (Direct)
19 Hunter has no time for official minutes (4) ACTA (??)
23 Pace in bar? (5) TEMPO (Dbl Def)
24 As used to wash out an organ (9) IRRIGATOR (Direct)
25 Long and thin, like Malabar pakkoda (7) RIBBONY (Dbl Def)
26 Medical students deprived of freedom? (7) INTERNS (Dbl Def)
27 Superlatively sound of mind (6) SANEST (Direct)
28 Such a fabric has a blend of two colours (5-3) CROSS-DYE (Direct)

1 Underestimate the release of PoW Dylan (8) DOWNPLAY (ana. POW+DYLAN)
2 They leave the country before a plane is hijacked in the South (7) EMIGRES (before=ERE, plane=MIG, South=S => E(MIG)RE+S
3 It is capital in Zambia (6) LUSAKA (Direct)
4 Are its members relatively explosive? (7,6) NUCLEAR FAMILY (Cryptic Def)
6 Old boy Edward on a wild nite is submissive to authority (8) OBEDIENT (Old boy=OB, Edward=ED, wild nite=ana. NITE=IENT => OB+ED+IENT)
7 Foolish, I had bumped into ten with a nervous disease (7) IDIOTIC (I had=I'd=ID, ten=IO, a nervous disease=TIC => ID+IO+TIC)
8 Rot! Guy can indeed serve a fermented preparation (6) YOGURT (ana. ROT+GUY)
10 Err onto biters that are a stray dog breed (6,7) BOSTON TERRIER (ana. ERR+ONTO+BITERS)
15 Energetic, six eat a sour mixture (8) VIGOROUS (six=VI, eat=GO, sour mixture=ana. SOUR=ROUS => VI+GO+ROUS)
16 Alec and Ross fix up a game (8) LACROSSE (ana. ALEC+ROSS)
18 From which one may pick bargains at a store (7) DUMPBIN (Direct)
20 Provided food to Tom, to begin with (7) CATERED (Tom=CAT)
21 Begins outbursts (6) STARTS (Dbl Def)
22 A Bill for marbles? (6) AGATES (A=A, Bill=GATES => A+GATES)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8272 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 View from a distance of a contestant who is unlikely to win? (4,4) LONG SHOT (View=SHOT, from a distance=LONG)
6 Dust rubbed off the upright in house framing (4) STUD (Dust rubbed off = ana. DUST)
9 Mala's a peculiar greeting (6) SALAAM (Mala's a peculiar = SALAAM)
10 They engage in debate (7) ARGUERS (Direct)
13 Engraving of a gray phlox, perhaps (9) XYLOGRAPH (gray phlox, perhaps = ana. GRAY+PHYLOX)
14 Man who brings about a sea-change in the princess (5) DESAI (sea-change=ESA, princess=DI=>sea-change in the princess = D(ESA)I)
15 River in England douses endlessly (4) OUSE (douses endlessly= dOUSEs-ds)
16 Don, Al and Aditi together produce an extra (10) ADDITIONAL (Don, Al and Aditi together produce = ana. DON+AL+ADITI)
19 Our dour bat could well be a singer of folk songs (10) TROUBADOUR (Our dour bat could well be = ana. OUR+DOUR+BAT)
21 Cast aspersions on some of his lurkings (4) SLUR (Container => hiS LURkings)
24 Deliveries at the junction are open to knowledge (5) OVERT (Deliveries=OVER, junction=T=>Deliveries at the junction = OVER+T)
25 Bird that is alert apparently (9) WIDEAWAKE (Dbl Def)
26 Test AIR conducted for a public performer (7) ARTISTE
27 The first alien approaches that woman. That's the end! (6) TETHER (The first=T, alien=ET, that woman=HER=>The first alien approaches that woman = T+ET+HER)
28 Catch sight of Oriental agent (4) ESPY (Oriental=E, agent=SPY => E+SPY)
29 It's just cooked for you! (4-4)

2 Prophesies put contests, about fifty, under a round (7) ORACLES (contests=RACES, fifty=L, round=O=>put contests, about fifty, under a round = O+RAC(L)ES)
3 Girl on the limits of the farm (6) GRANGE (Girl=G, limits=RANGE=>Girl on the limits = G+RANGE)
4 Clumsy son of Noah presented (3-6) HAM-HANDED (son of Noah=HAM, prsented=HANDED)
5 Impart skills to the old English pirate (5) TEACH (Dbl Def)
7 Crime rate goes haywire, boy! (7) TREASON (rate goes haywire=ana. RATE=TREA, boy=SON=>rate goes haywire, boy = TREA+SON)
8 They produce stimulating drinks that I still desire earnestly (12) DISTILLERS (I still desire earnestly = ana. I+STILL+DESIRE)
11 Wanders about the Princess offering Indian thrones (6) GADDIS (Wanders=GADS, Princess=DI=>Wanders about the Princess = GAD(DI)S)
12 Extra ITO note seen to be exceeding bounds of reason (12) EXTORTIONATE (Extra ITO note seen = ana. EXTRA+ITO+NOTE)
17 Flooded with tuna, I'd end import (9) INUNDATE (tuna, I'd end import = ana. TUNA+ID+END)
18 A British author becomes less intense (6) ABATES (A=A, British author=BATES => A+BATES)
20 Dress worn by not-completely-observable revolutionary (7) OPENTOP (not-completely-observable=OPEN??, revolutionary=TOP
22 Persons who do no work in the bakery? (7) LOAFERS (Dbl Def - 1. Persons who do no work 2. in the bakery)
23 Coming up, observed Edward being very thin from disease (6) WASTED (observed=SAW=>Coming up, observed=WAS, Edward=TED => WAS+TED)
25 Overcome Western position of leadership (5) WREST (Western=W, position of leadership=REST)