Monday, June 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8312 Solutions

1 Typewriter device causes endless trouble at a refit (9) TABULATOR (endless trouble=TROUBL, at=AT, a=A=>endless trouble at a refit = ana. TROUBL+AT+A)
5 Centre of attraction of backward coppers (5) FOCUS (of backward=rev. of OF=FO, coppers=CUs => FO+CUS)
8 Drink for a fellow with a shadow (8) COCKTAIL (a fellow=COCK, a shadow=TAIL => COCK+TAIL)
9 Sailor and Scot get together to find paving matter (6) TARMAC (Sailor=TAR, Scot=MAC=>Sailor and Scot get together = TAR+MAC)
11 Lounge lizard (5) IDLER (Direct)
12 To hate a mathematical problem, say, is offensive (9) LOATHSOME (To hate=LOATH, a mathematical problem=SUM=>a mathematical problem, say=homonym of SUM=SOME => LOATH+SOME)
13 Plunge the gnu and elf in trouble (6) ENGULF (ana. GNU+ELF)
14 Good manners in the king's house? Yes, oddly (8) COURTESY (king's house=COURT, Yes oddly=ana. YES=ESY => COURT+ESY)
16 Feline feature, good and attractive (8) CATCHING (Feline feature=CAT CHIN, good=G=>CATCHIN+G)
18 Idolise and dream about one (6) ADMIRE (ana. DREAM+I)
22 Add years to the tail, for example (9) APPENDAGE (Add=APPEND, years=AGE => APPEND+AGE)
23 Spokes in the wheel (5) RADII (Direct)
24 Tongue of a Celt (6) GAELIC (Direct)
25 Contract for a fellow, new worker (8) COVENANT (a fellow=COVE, new=N, worker=ANT => COVE+N+ANT)
26 Shoot in the balmy season, drop Pole (5) SPRIG (the blamy season=SPRING, Pole=N=>the balmy season, drop Pole = SPRING-N)
27 Refuse to acknowledge thickness in public estimation (9) REPUDIATE (thickness=DIA, public estimation=REPUTE=>thickness in public estimation = REPU(DIA)TE)

1 In a part of the roof, a turn of the touch (7) TACTILE (part of roof=TILE, a turn=ACT=>In a part of the roof, a turn = T(ACT)ILE)
2 Reverse the record of arrears of work (7) BACKLOG (Reverse=BACK, the record=LOG => BACK+LOG)
3 Unorthodox way of solving a problem — exercising the mind on the side (7,8) LATERAL THINKING (exercising the mind=THINKING, on teh side=LATERAL)
4 Adjust filter, that's child's play (6) TRIFLE (Adjust trifle = ana. TRIFLE)
5 In a daring action, her journalist pal got the bird (9,6) FEATHERED FRIEND (daring action=FEAT, her=HER, journalist=ED, pal=FRIEND => FEAT+HER+ED FRIEND)
6 Make music and soothe (7) COMPOSE (Dbl Def)
7 It goes with allegiance in the minister's oath-taking (7) SECRECY (Direct)
10 Important army officer (5) MAJOR (Dbl Def)
15 The requirement, they say, is to prepare the dough (5) KNEAD (The requirement=NEED=>The requirement, they say = homonym of KNEAD)
16 Fuel processed from sago and lac (4,3) COAL GAS (ana. SAGO+LAC)
17 Greatest energy — derived from a hat? (3,4) TOP GEAR (Cryptic subsidiary ind.)
19 Article in our land describing state of America (7) INDIANA (Article=AN, our land=INDIA=>Article in our land = INDI(AN)A)
20 Letter, a formal one (7) EPISTLE (Direct)
21 British engineers, with a brilliant action, make recovery (6) RECOUP (British engineers=RE, brilliant action=COUP=>British engineers, with a brilliant action = RE+COUP)


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