Friday, December 31, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8179 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Accept fall but decide to do something dangerous (4,3,6) TAKE THE PLUNGE (Accept=TAKE, fall=PLUNGE)
10 Carrier of military personnel on a novel, posh round trip (9) TROOPSHIP (ana. POSH+O(round)+TRIP)
11 What maybe spilt to give the game away (5) BEANS (Cryptic Defn.)
12 Diplomat accommodated in a maiden voyage (5) ENVOY (Container => maidEN VOYage)
13 Forming a liking for including a number in a session of criticism (7-2) TALKING-TO (Forming a liking for=TAKING TO, a number=L(Roman 50)=>Forming a liking for including a number=TALKING TO)
14 Short stretch of luck for a cricket captain (6) STREAK (ref. to Heath Streak)
16 The measure of a bit of money involved in a transaction (5) SCALE (bit of money=cent=C, )
19 Glib talk for which English lips are adapted (5) SPIEL (ana. E(English)+LIPS)
20 Fit for consumption (6) EDIBLE (Direct)
25 Playfully prod dear ones in retreat in military march (5,4) GOOSE STEP (Playfully prod=GOOSE, dear ones=PETS=>dear ones in retreat=STEP)
26 Camp structure around the east evokes belief (5) TENET (Camp structure=TENT, east=E=>Camp structure around the east=TEN(E)T)
27 Travel permit includes time for a comprehensive view (5) VISTA (Travel permit=VISA, time=T=>VIS(T)A)
28 Band box carried by American state artist (9) ORCHESTRA (American state=Oregon=OR, artist=RA, box=CHEST=>box carried by American state artist=OR(CHEST)RA)
29 Being made extremely happy by rhythm, provided one action is spelt out (13) BEATIFICATION (rhythm=BEAT, provided=IF, one=I, action spelt out=ana. ACTION=CATION => BEAT+IF+ICATION)

2 Plant, source of emollient, may reveal nought: a mystery (4,4) ALOE VERA (ana. REVEAL+O(nought)+A)
3 Hollow, like some threats (5) EMPTY (Direct)
4 Snobs greeting leaders of Honesty and Truth Society (2-4) HI-HATS (greeting=HI, leaders of Honesty and Truth Society=first letters of these words=HATS)
5 Common people disturb a quiet couple (8) POPULACE (ana. A+P(quiet)+COUPLE)
6 Lacking restraint, as would be a horse unprepared for a ride (9) UNBRIDLED (Double Defn.)
7 Country house with a good reach (6) GRANGE (good=G, reach=RANGE => G+RANGE)
8 Which city was, at that time, held by a saint? (6) ATHENS (at that time=THEN, a=A, saint=S=>at that time, held by a saint = A(THEN)S)
9 Racing venue for MacGregor, say (5) _S_O_
15 Fruit carrier: upset it and disrupt plans (5,4) APPLE CART (ref. to the usage -- upset the applecart)
17 Cooked food in a flame to a boil (4,4) MEAT LOAF (ana. A FLAME TO A)
18 Intelligence Officer supported sailor in it from the beginning (2,6) AB INITIO (Intelligence Officer=IO, sailor=AB, in it=INIT)
21 Minor players' runs? (6) EXTRAS (Double Defn.)
22 Plant yielding a victory in time (5) AGAVE (a=A, victory=V, time=AGE=>yielding a victory in time=AG(AV)E)
23 Dishevel the hair (6) TOUSLE (Direct)
24 Medicinal preparation from ripe cacao root (6) IPECAC (Container => rIPE CACao)
26 Right set up to have a meal and play host (5) TREAT (Right=RT=>Right set up=TR, to have a meal=EAT=>Right set up to have a meal = TR+EAT)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8178 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Noisy worker tailing reticent chap (7) CLAMANT (worker=ANT, reticent chap=CLAM=> worker tailing reticent chap=ANT following CLAM=CLAM+ANT)
5 Bright morning in existence (7) BEAMING (morning=AM, existence=BEING, morning in existence=BE(AM)ING)
9 A fall, in the main, is insignificant and has very little effect (1,4,2,3,5) A DROP IN THE OCEAN (A=A, fall=DROP, in the=IN THE, main=OCEAN)
10 Rotten foreign money, including odd ones in coin (6) RANCID (foreign money=RAND, odd ones in coin=odd letters of COIN=CI=>foreign money, including odd ones in coin=RAN(CI)D)
11 Trousers designed for fallen Poles (8) FLANNELS (ana. FALLEN+NS(Poles))
13 On being upset, church admits act with some melodic music (8) NOCTURNE (On bein upset=reverse of ON=NO, church=CE, act=TURN=>church admits act=C(TURN)E => NO+CTURNE)
15 Record of events old Indian coins about student (6) ANNALS (old Indian coins=ANNAS, syudent=L=>old Indian coins about student = ANNA(L)S)
18 Be about to manage one country (6) BRUNEI (Be=BE, manage=RUN=>Be about to manage=B(RUN)E, one=I => BRUNE+I)
19 Treat heat with drug, girl! (8) DAUGHTER (ana. HEAT+DRUG)
22 Huxley's work opposing church? Yes (5,3) ANTIC HAY (opposing=ANTI, church=CH, Yes=AY => ANTI+CH+AY)
24 Such a character has a list (6) ITALIC (Cryptic Defn. => list means tilt)
27 Famous rock of India, now in Britain (8,7) KOHINOOR DIAMOND (Direct)
28 It helps the boat travel past oil spill (7) TOPSAIL (ana. PAST OIL)
29 Teams formed one by one (7) ELEVENS (one=1, one=1 => one by one=11)

1 Silly rag in church produces annoyance (7) CHAGRIN (ana. RAG IN CH(church))
2 Expert in a protective cover (5) APRON (Expert=PRO, a=AN=>Expert in a = A(PRO)N)
3 Lit up, made drunk in abundance (9) AMPLITUDE (ana. LIT UP MADE)
4 Shade of colour can start tarnishing (4) TINT
5 He goes up, outwardly fearless, to observe... (6) BEHOLD (He goes up=EH, fearless=BOLD=>He goes up, outwardly fearless=B(EH)OLD)
6 ... a fruit in a cereal plant (5) ACORN (a=A, cereal plant=CORN => A+CORN)
7 Twisted leg in a net, got awkward (9) INELEGANT (ana. LEG IN A NET)
8 The origin of the first of the books (7) GENESIS (Double Defn.)
12, 17 Unspecified time of 24 hours (3,3) ONE DAY (direct)
14 Trying place, a liner, for romance (9) COURSTSHIP (Trying place=COURT, liner=SHIP => COURT+SHIP)
16 Bargain for it: get one a fresh spell (9) NEGOTIATE (ana. IT GET ONE A)
18 Guant in gamble, gets warm cover (7) BLANKET (Gaunt=LANK, gamble=BET=>Guant in gamble=B(LANK)ET)
20 Goes back, like the top growth of some people (7) RECEDES (top growth=HAIR, as in a receding hairline)
21 That's right in Germany (6) _A_O_L
23 Flowering plant from a conservative girl (5) CANNA (conservative=C, girl=ANNA => C+ANNA)
25 Imprecise-such talk lacks propriety (5) LOOSE (Double Defn.)
26 Had zeal: concealed a tool (4) ADZE (Container => hAD ZEal)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8177 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Defer rate adjustments in unrestricted international commerce (4,5) FREE TRADE (ana. DEFER RATE)
5 Draw forth from a motif etched brightly (5) FETCH (Container => motiF ETCHed)
8 Motorable way, over time, becomes a passage for a horse-drawn vehicle, perhaps (4,4) CART ROAD (Motorable way=CAR ROAD, time=T=>Motorable way, over time=CAR(T)ROAD)
9 Consecrate a Rodin creation (6) ORDAIN (ana. A RODIN)
11 Look with anger at a European river (5) LOIRE (Look=LO, anger=IRE => LO+IRE)
12 Bad breath — for Henry it is so awful (9) HALITOSIS (ana. HAL(Henry IV)+IT+IS+SO)
13 Society in Arab state for submissive subordinates (3,3) YESMEN (Society=S, Arab state=YEMEN=>Society in Arab state=YE(S)MEN)
14 A stalwart is trying to show workmanship here (8) ARTISTRY (Container => stalwART IS TRYing)
16 Supply with water? I deserve to, holding the equipment (8) IRRIGATE (I=I, deserve to=RATE, equipment=RIG=>I deserve to, holding the equipment = IR(RIG)ATE
18 Male American feline in Arab capital (6) MUSCAT (Male=M, American=US, feline=CAT => M+US+CAT)
22 Deficit in an account about compulsory enlistment (9) OVERDRAFT (about=OVER, compulsory enlistment=DRAFT => OVER+DRAFT)
23 Dodge the first girl to accept notice (5) EVADE (first girl=EVE, notice=AD => EV(AD)E)
24 Popular attempt to take in a place where there are papers needing attention (2,4) IN TRAY (Popular=IN, attempt=TRY=>attempt to take in a=TR(A)Y )
25 Sour food ingredient — an almost dramatic new preparation (8) TAMARIND (ana. DRAMTAI(almost DRAMATIC)+N(new))
26 Bird's nest in a high place — unknown in a lake (5) EYRIE (unknown=Y,lake=ERIE=>unknown in a lake=E(Y)RIE)
27 Greek philosopher who was a realist worried about books (9) ARISTOTLE (realist worried=ana. REALIST=ARISTLE, books=OT(old testament)=>realist worried about books=ARIST(OT)LE)

1 College staff caught in imperfect garb (7) FACULTY (caught=C, imperfect=FAULTY=>caught in imperfect = FA(C)ULTY)
2 Insects that grew as a I danced (7) EARWIGS (ana. GREW AS I. The 'a' in the clue looks like a typo)
3 Sporting event involving pairs, with two members moving as one (5,6,4) THREE LEGGED RACE (Direct)
4 Indian places father in pain (6) APACHE (father=PA, pain=ACHE=>father in pain = A(PA)CHE)
5 Military officer is a leading resident around French place (5,10) FIRST LIEUTENANT (leading=FIRST, resident=TENANT, French place=LIEU=>leading resident around French place = FIRST (LIEU)TENANT)
6 Poles in characteristic passage (7) TRANSIT (Poles=NS, characterestic=TRAIT=>Poles in characteristic = TRA(NS)IT)
7 Truthfulness sharpens extremes of tenacity (7) HONESTY (sharpens=HONES, extremes of tenacity=TY=>HONES+TY)
10 Special armour to conceal fear (5) ALARM (Container => SpeciAL ARMour)
15 Fodder gives rise to skin eruptions (5) STRAW (skin eruptions=WARTS=>gives rise to skin eruptions=reverse of WARTS)
16 Soiled one trained to worship (7) IDOLISe (ana. SOILED+I(one))
17 Go back in (2,5) RE ENTER (Direct)
19 Carriage for cleaning woman with appeal: nothing inside (7) CHARIOT (cleaning woman=CHAR,appeal=IT=>appeal: nothing inside=I(O)T => CHAR+IOT)
20 Let a red turn a lever (7) TREADLE (ana. LET A RED)
21 Artist's interpretation of grey layer clouds (6) STRATI (ana. ARTIST)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8176 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Alluring substitution of leader by Conservative becomes noisy (9) CLAMOROUS (Alluring=GLAMOROUS, leader=1st letter of Glamourous=G,Conservative=C=>Replace G with C => CLAMOROUS)
5 Loud Muse, mad, blows a fuse (5) FUMES (ana. F(loud)+MUSE)
8 After a bit of time, French composer is to go on a journey (6) TRAVEL (a bit of time=T, French composer=RAVEL => T+RAVEL)
9 Benchmarks fashioned by Rita and Eric (8) CRITERIA (ana. RITA+ERIC)
11 Innkeeper, new around the south (4) HOST (new=HOT, south=S=>new around the south = HO(S)T)
12 Old storm trooper, British, confesses to murder around river (5,5) BROWN SHIRT (British=BR, confesses=OWNS, murder=HIT,river=R=>murder around river=HI(R)T=>BR+OWNS+HIRT)
14 Transparent material, maybe, for a good girl (5) GLASS (good=G, girl=LASS => GLASS)
15 Part of limb, leg, dislocated on coarse gravel (7) SHINGLE (Part of limb=SHIN,leg, dislocated=ana. LEG=GLE => SHIN+GLE)
16 "Bullfighter" — a drama to be rewritten (7) MATADOR (ana. DRAMA TO)
17 Relating to birth in Africa (5) NATAL (a place in Africa)
19 Fix, with elegance, a source of digital lustre (4,6) NAIL POLISH (Fix=NAIL, elegance=POLISH, digital refers to digit or finger)
20 Peak of achievement of fighter pilot around center of Denmark (4) ACME (fighter pilot=ACE, center of Denmark=M=>fighter pilot around center of Denmark = AC(M)E)
22 Love poem composed by a grim lad (8) MADRIGAL (ana. A GRIM LAD)
23 Vitality of a born cat (snow leopard) (6) BOUNCE (born=B, snow leopard=OUNCE => B+OUNCE)
24 Sound result of a plucked string (5) TWANG (Direct)
25 Famous battleground of W.W.II with a name that is all new (2,7) EL ALAMEIN (ana. A NAME+IE(that is)+ALL)

1 Popular girl has caught a bit of a cold (6) CATCHY (girl=CATHY, a bit of cold=C=>girl has caught a bit of a cold=CAT(C)HY)
2 Forster work that turned Asia against dope (1,7,2,5) A PASSAGE TO INDIA (ana. ASIA AGAINST DOPE)
3 British order youth leader to do as told (4) OBEY (British order=OBE(Order of the British Empire), youth leader=Y => OBE+Y)
4 Bad temper shown by woman when she is teased about RSS (12) SHREWISHNESS (ana. WHEN SHE IS+RSS)
5 Believers in things having magical power get singular, shiftiest treatment (10) FETISHISTS (ana. I(singular)+SHIFTIEST)
6 Permit for a union but not really for a match with excessive freedom (8,7) MARRIAGE LICENCE (Cryptic Defn.)
7 Frighten a celebrity, then left off (7) STARTLE (It appears there's a typo here. Should be 'let off' instead of 'left off'. celebrity=STAR, let off=ana. LET=TLE => STAR+TLE)
10 Official announcement in the papers regarding rent agreement (5,7) PRESS RELEASE (papers=PRESS, regarding=RE, rent agreement=LEASE => PRESS RE+LEASE)
13 Workers call about quiet gymnastic feat (10) HANDSPRING (Workers=HANDS, call=RING, quiet=P=>Workers call about quiet=HANDS(P)RING)
16 Misuse ammunition (ignoring last three) and effect a release from slavery (7) MANUMIT (ana. AMMUNITION-ION)
18 Some deride meaninglessly to lower the dignity (6) DEMEAN (Container=>deriDE MEANnglessly)
21 A bit of music written up by a physician (4) CODA (a=A, physician=DOC=>written up by a physician=reverse of ADOC)

Monday, December 27, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8175 Solutions

1 The difference between exports and imports — is it a banal defect or otherwise? (7,2,5) BALANCE OF TRADE (ana. A BANAL DEFECT OR)
8 Fighter in the outskirts of Alipore is related by descent (6) AGNATE (Fighter=GNAT, outskirts of Alipore=AE => Fighter in the outskirts of Alipore = A(GNAT)E)
9 Daughter, scraping, gets a beating (8) DRUBBING (Daughter=D, scraping=RUBBING => D+RUBBING)
11 Skin eruption — first of boils in fleshy outgrowth on bird's head (9) CARBUNCLE (first of boils=B, fleshy outgrowth on bird's head=CARUNCLE => first of boils in fleshy outgrowth on bird's head = CAR(B)UNCLE)
12 University teacher admits the old senior member of group (5) DOYEN (University teacher=DON, the old=YE (old English for 'the')=>University teacher admits the old = D(OY)EN)
13 Fasteners to put the French in American money (7) BUCKLES (the French=LE, American money=BUCKS=>put the French in American money = BUCK(LE)S)
15 Jumbo tooth, say, one of several found in region of central Italy (7) TUSCANY (Jumbo tooth=TUSK=>TUSC(say is the homonym indicator), one of several=ANY => TUSC+ANY)
17 Slow down? Quite the reverse (5,2) HURRY UP (Direct)
19 He likes to stash things away but finds it more difficult to conceal love (7) HOARDER (more difficult=HARDER, love=O=>more difficult to conceal love = H(O)ARDER)
21 East European with English serf (5) SLAVE (East European=SLAV, English=E => SLAV+E)
23 Something to keep mosquitoes e.g. away and drive back large worker (9) REPELLANT (drive back=REPEL, large=L, worker=ANT => REPEL+L+ANT)
25 One giving life to Tom, Jerry and so on (8) ANIMATOR (Direct)
26 Proceed to make amends (6) REPAIR (Direct)
27 Wilde's work, the perfect mate (2,5,7) AN IDEAL HUSBAND (Direct)

1 Young Teddy cooked in a barbecue endlessly (4,3) BEAR CUB (barbecue endlessly=BARBECUE-E=>cooked in a barbecue endlessly=ana. BARBECU)
2 Recluse brings unity between two sides (5) LONER (unity=ONE, two sides=L & R=>unity between two sides = L(ONE)R)
3 Words that those charged want to hear (3,6) NOT GUILTY (Cryptic Defn.)
4 Something surrendered — it supports lousy offer (7) FORFEIT (ana. IT+OFFER)
5 Violent attack around capital of Bolivia (5) RABID (attack=RAID, capital of Bolivia=B=>attack around capital of Bolivia = RA(B)ID)
6 One working in a milk unit, a daughter amid airy confusion (9) DAIRYMAID (ana. D(daughter)+AMID+AIRY)
7 Representative office of a general, conservative, last of many (6) AGENCY (a=A, general=GEN, conservative=C, last of many=Y => A+GEN+C+Y)
10 Statute book? (4) ACTS (Direct)
14 An avatar not trendy makes a bloomer (9) CARNATION (An avatar=INCARNATION, trendy=IN=>An avatar not trendy=INCARNATION-IN)
16 Allen's SMS is about being little (9) SMALLNESS (ana. ALLENS SMS)
17 Cavalryman in a rush as directed (6) HUSSAR (ana. RUSH AS)
18 Character in a play sheltered by campers on a spree (7) PERSONA (Container => camPERS ON A spree)
19 Old comedian's aspiration (4) HOPE (Old comedian=BOB HOPE)
20 Queen, upset, weary, is no longer working (7) RETIRED (Queen=ER=>Queen, upset=RE, weary=TIRED => RE+TIRED)
22 Antelope on oriental ground (5) ELAND (oriental=E, ground=LAND => E+LAND)
24 The position of a yogi perhaps (5) ASANA (Direct)

The Hindu Crossword No. 2586 Solutions

1 Copy — salesman left one with accountant (7) REPLICA (salesman=REP, left=L, one=I, accountant=CA => REP+L+I+CA)
5 Friend, 7 — look out for his place? (7) COCKPIT (ref. to 7 dn PILOT)
9 Hungarian composer's record heard (5) LISZT (homonym of LIST(record))
10 Entertaining moody Cambridge sportsman (5,4) LIGHT BLUE?? (Entertaining=LIGHT, moody=BLUE => is this the colour of the Cambridge university sports jersey? not sure)
11 Jackal? Civil Service backing one seeking retribution (9) SCAVENGER (Civil Service=CS=>Civil Service backing=SC, one seeking retribution=AVENGER => SC+AVENGER)
12 Brief letters attack revolutionary (5) NOTES (attack=SET ON=>attack revolutionary=reverse of SETON)
13 Seasonal song - its charm's exploited by girl (9,5) CHRISTMAS CAROL (its charm's exploited=ana. ITS CHARMS=CHRISTMAS, girl=CAROL)
17 What one may expect from a trichologist? Yes and no (5,9) SHOCK TREATMENT (??)
19 A losing hazard at home and away (2-3) IN-OFF (ref. to Billiards, at home=IN, away=OFF)
21 Cast a spell on daughter on way in (9) ENTRANCED (daughter=D, on the way in=ENTRANCE=>daughter on way in=ENTRANCE+D)
22 Play Ravel— this, possibly (3,6) THE RIVALS (ana. RAVEL THIS)
23 Garnish made from first-rate oil abroad (5) AIOLI (first-rate=AI, oil abroad=ana. OIL=OLI => AI+OLI)
24 Difference of opinion is conveyed after onset of dispute (7) DISSENT (onset of dispute=DIS, conveyed=SENT => DIS+SENT)
25 Pardon girl ringing home (7) AMNESTY (girl=AMY, home=NEST => girl ringing home=AMY going aorund NEST = AM(NEST)Y)

1 Look forward to savoury preserve (6) RELISH (Double Defn.)
2 Nut is apt to wander over most of Greek island (9) PISTACHIO (is apt to wander=ana. IS APT=PISTA, Greek island=CHIOS=>most of Greek island=CHIO => PISTA+CHIO)
3 Behind bars frequently, I'm last to change, almost, but not quite, too late (2,3,4,2,4) IN THE NICK OF TIME (??)
4 Reptile snapping at gorilla (9) ALLIGATOR (ana. AT GORILLA)
5 U.S. soldier pulled up in vehicle for a smoke (5) CIGAR (U.S. soldier=GI=>U.S. soldier pulled up=IG, vehicle=CAR => U.S. soldier pulled up in vehicle = C(IG)AR)
6 Abundant supply of cognac and mead aunt and I poured out (3,3,4,5) CUT AND COME AGAIN (ana. COGNAC+MEAD+AUNT+I))
7 Guide the Italian aboard vessel (5) PILOT (Italian=IL, vessel=POT=>Italian aboard vessel=P(IL)OT)
8 People in authority holding girl up in Greek region (8) THESSALY (People in authority=THEY, girl=LASS=>girl up=SSAL=>People in authority holding girl up=THE(SSAL)Y)
14 Film a tennis star out East I ace (9) ANASTASIA (a=A,tennis star out East=NASTASE-E=NASTAS,I=I,ace=A => A+NASTAS+I+A)
15 Meet single explorer crossing extremes of Arctic (3,6) RUN ACROSS (single=RUN (as in cricket), explorer=ROSS, extremes of Arctic=AC=>ACROSS)
16 Helped fathead with variety of diets (8) ASSISTED (fathead=ASS, variety of diets=ana. DIETS=ISTED => ASS+ISTED)
18 New toy did strange thing (6) ODDITY (New toy did=ana. TOY DID)
20 Writes nothing at first, then expands (5) OPENS (Writes=PENS, nothing=O=>Writes nothing at first = O+PENS)
21 Former simulation, accurate in all details (5) EXACT (Former=EX, simulation=ACT => EX+ACT)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8174 Solutions

1 It's amusing to have a firm on motorway to California (7) COMICAL (firm=CO, motorway=MI, California=CAL)
5 Divers cold-blooded males (7) FISHMEN (cold-blooded=FISH (cold-blooded animal), males=MEN => FISH+MEN)
9 Gratify one's appetite freely (7) INDULGE (Direct)
10 Withdraw again from the region (7) RETRACT (again=RE, region=TRACT => RE+TRACT)
11 True member of royal domain (5) REALM (True=REAL, member=M => REAL+M)
12 Select place at Ascot which goes with the post (9) ENCLOSURE (??)
13 Police divisions (9) PRECINCTS (Direct)
15 King and Queen with nobles and pawns for a game of skill? (5) CHESS (Direct)
16 Accepted rule by clergymen (5) CANON (Direct)
18 Sent contained in a seal the indispensable of the highest degree (9) ESSENTIAL (ana. SENT+I(a)+SEAL -- Horrible clue IMHO. No proper anagram indicator, and awful surface reading)
21 Bury dictionary which is subject to ban (9) INTERDICT (Bury=INTER, dictionary=DICT)
24 Many bring ruin foolishly, upon themselves (5) INCUR (ana. C (Many)+RUIN)
25 Transport operations by RAF (7) AIRLIFT (Direct)
26 Inconsequential chatter may quietly irritate one (7) PRATTLE (quietly=P, irritate=RATTLE => P+RATTLE)
27 Fast time in pay settlement, in abundance (7) APLENTY (Fast time=LENT, pay settlement=ana. PAY=APY => Fast time in pay settlement=AP(LENT)Y -- settlement as an anagram indicator? Lame)
28 Roughly, the French have a railway distinctly without blemish (7) CLEARLY (Roughly=C, the French=LE, a=A, railway=RLY => C+LE+A+RLY)

1 Expression of encouragement heard to come from a bird (7) CHIRRUP (sounds like Cheer Up)
2 Communication channel Lawrence uses to intercede between parties (7) MEDIATE (Communication channel=MEDIA, Lawrence=TE => MEDIA+TE -- and I thought media was plural. Improper wording)
3 South American doctor gets a first class return in a Panamanian port (9) COLOMBIAN (doctor=MB, first class=AI=>first class return=IA, Panamanian port=COLON => COLO(MB.IA)N)
4 General arranges soldier to be his vassal (5) LEIGE (ana. LEE(General)+GI(soldier) -- worst clue of the lot. The compiler expects us to come up with an anagram of 2 synonyms. Ximenes must turn in his grave)
5 Weather prospects ruined forests around California (9) FORECASTS (forests=FORESTS, California=CA => FORE(CA)STS -- The word ruined is redundant, and has been added solely to complete the sentence. Bad, bad, bad)
6 Excel in the work entrusted (3,2) SET TO (Direct)
7 Am sure about the quarter portion to be meted out for treatment (7) MEASURE (ana. AM SURE+E(quarter))
8 Passes ball through legs of opposing player (7) NETTERS (??)
14 Couple's instinctual reaction in laboratory work? (9) CHEMISTRY (Double Defn.)
15 Frank got fed up with being a competitor (9) CANDIDATE (Frank=CANDID, got fed up=ATE => CANDID+ATE)
16 Mexican girl, mostly elegant and fashionable (7) CHICANA (Chicana is a woman of Mexican descent, elegant and fashionable=CHIC)
17 Brown returns by another river unaffected (7) NATURAL (Brown=TAN=>Brown returns=NAT, river=URAL =>NAT+URAL -- why 'another' river?)
19 To put it in a nicer fashion, he urges one on (7) INCITER (it=IT, nicer fashion=ana. NICER =INCER => it in a nicer fashion = INC(IT)ER)
20 Generous, in a great manner (7) LARGELY (Double Defn. -- but why Generous? Should be Generously instead. Duh)
22 Turbulent Niger exercises a predominating influence (5) REIGN (ana. NIGER)
23 Tip given by commanding officer on the subject (5) TOPIC (ana. TIP+CO (comanding officer) -- Again, I fail to spot an anagram indicator)

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8173 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Breathing space? (7) AIRHOLE (Direct)
5 The French domesticated the wild one (7) UNTAMED (The French=UN(disagree with the compiler. UN means number one in French. The French should be LA or LE), domesticated=TAMED => UN+TAMED)
9 A channel used to receive gold coin (5) DUCAT (A=A, channel=DUCT => used is the ana. indicator => ana. A+DUCT)
10 Thought to phone about one point a boy made (9) REASONING (phone=RING, one point=E, a=A, boy=SON => phone about one point a boy = R(E.A.SON)ING)
11 Ted made tent and gained clear profit (6) NETTED
12 Let's rush about; they do (8) HUSTLERS (ana. LETS RUSH)
14 Some people complain dialect's hard to understand here (5) INDIA (Container => complaIN DIAlect's)
15 Stars arising from the East taking chances (9) ASTERISKS (ana. EAST+RISKS(chances))
18 A film Rome edited once standard in France (9) ORIFLAMME (ana. A FILM ROME)
20 Eager to be compatible (5) AGREE (ana. EAGER)
22 Sent round a small amount of money as a deposit (8) SEDIMENT (Sent=SENT, a small amount of money=DIME => Sent round a small amount of money = SE(DIME)NT)
24 Scraped out to destroy (6) ERASED (Direct)
26 Her endless speech in a tiara, for example (9) HEADDRESS (Her endless=HER-R=HE, speech=ADDRESS => HE+ADDRESS)
27 I find Evan to be with natural simplicity (5) NAIVE (ana. I+EVAN)
28 Domestic servants used as messengers (7) BEARERS (Double Defn.)
29 Thing set apart for a particular requirement (7) SPECIAL (Double Defn.)

1 Slowly musically and not in a medley (9) ANDANTINO (ana. AND NOT IN A)
2 Repeated fate of the recidivistic co-respondent? (7) RECITED (??)
3 Alert batsmen have their sights set three (2,3,4) ON THE BALL (looks like there's a typo here. The clue should read 'set there' instead of 'set three')
4 Cure not rightly done to unbleached linen (4) ECRU (ana. CURE)
5 Where to find a Koala in difficulties (2,1,3,4) UP A GUM TREE (Double Defn.)
6 Our abstainer has become an unpleasant interfering old person (5) TROUT (ana. OUR+TT(abstainer=Teetotaller=TT))
7 He bowls over the ladies (7) MAIDENS (Double Defn.)
8 Do away with boastful talk? (5) DEGAS (Cryptic Defn. => boastful talk=GAS)
13 Jingoistic big fight promoters (10) WARMONGERS (Direct)
16 Set the compass back to front (9) REARRANGE (compass=RANGE, back=REAR => back to front suggests that REAR is in the front of RANGE => REAR+RANGE)
17 Veronica will go quickly by the spring (9) SPEEDWELL (will quickly go=SPEED, spring=WELL => SPEEDWELL(a plant of the genus Veronica))
19 State of the fashionable princess (7) INDIANA (fashionable=IN, princess=DIANA => IN+DIANA)
21 Italian opera composer possibly in a San Francisco town? (7) ROSSINI (Double Defn.)
22 Form of address to a refined person (5) SAHEB
23 Dim eastern girl could be a very small person (5) MIDGE (ana. DIM+E(eastern)+G(girl))
25 Puts quarter to some purpose in America (4) USES (quarter=SE, America=US => U(SE)S)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8172 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Many do fiddle with the machine (6) DYNAMO (ana. MANY DO)
4 He's in a disreputable club and with it he can stick (8) ADHESIVE (a=A, distreputable club=DIVE, He's=HES => He's in a disreputable club=HES in ADIVE = AD(HES)IVE
10 Always to be in the right, that's the dream (7) REVERIE (Always=EVER, right=R, that's=IE => Always to be in the right, that's=EVER in RIE = R(EVER)IE)
11 Wiped out Henry quietly — he was defeated (7) WHIPPED (ana. WIPED+H(Henry)+P(quietly))
12 An accepted standard of behaviour in society is a rule (4) NORM (Double Defn.)
13 Simple-minded individuals (10) HERBALISTS (Cryptic defn. => a secondary meaning of Simple is medicinal plant/herb)
16 Gives the impression they're stuck on (6) STAMPS (Direct)
17 In relating to the god of war there is breakdown of martial affairs (7) MARTIAL (I think the compiler intended the word 'marital' instead of 'martial'. Then the answer would have been an anagram of 'marital'. Looks like there's been a typo. If not, a ridiculous clue.)
20 Appendices finish up in the river in Italy (7) ADDENDA (finish up=END, river in Italy=ADDA => finish up in the river in Italy=END in ADDA = ADD(END)A)
21 Set course for the headwaters of the river (6) SOURCE (ana. COURSE)
24 Sailor may hesitate to take allowance, but it's not the norm (10) ABERRATION (Sailor=AB, may hesitate=ER, allowance=RATION => AB+ER+RATION)
25 Information received, thanks to the lawyer (4) DATA (lawyer=DA, thanks=TA)
27 He is a worker, gets on at ten (7) ANTONIO (a worker=ANT, on=ON, ten=IO => ANT+ON+IO)
29 One does not continue giving a plug (7) STOPPER (Double Defn.)
30 Where striker stands for a pay rise? (8) INCREASE (striker=batter or batsman. Now, where does a striker stand? IN CREASE of course)
31 In high spirits when editor admitted to not being on time (6) ELATED (editor=ED, not being on time=LATE => editor admitted to not being on time=E(LATE)D)

1 A state of ignorance (8) DARKNESS
2 Don't give up vulgar way of referring to a dice (5,3,3) NEVER SAY DIE (Cryptic Defn.)
3 Rome possibly is greater in size (4) MORE (ana. ROME)
5 Gloomy indication by the conductor of musical stress (8) DOWNBEAT (Double Defn.)
6 Garden paling puts Spanish uncle in high spirits (10) ETIOLATION (Spanish uncle=TIO(means uncle in spanish), high spirits=ELATION => Spanish uncle in high spirits=TIO in ELATION => E(TIO)LATION)
7 A scion of a family (3) IMP (Direct)
8 He can be a possible heir (6) ELDEST (Direct)
9 A cap for the Basque (5) BERET (Direct)
14 Cover for the flight (5,6) STAIR CARPET (a flight of stairs)
15 One wrapping soft fruit with an air (10) APPEARANCE (One=ACE, soft=P, fruit=PEAR, an=AN => One wrapping soft fruit with an=P.PEAR.AN in ACE = A(PPEARAN)CE)
18 Published books in different forms (8) EDITIONS (Direct)
19 Made good on returning (8) REPAIRED (Direct)
22 A long expedition involving meticulous planning (6) SAFARI (Direct)
23 Slide down on a sledge (5) COAST (Double Defn.)
26 Heard a foul was committed on this bird (4 ) FOWL (FOUL is the homonym of FOWL)
28 It upset many with an involuntary habitual response (3) TIC (It upset=TI, many=C => TI+C)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8171 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Rook accomplished attack (10) OVERCHARGE (accomplished=OVER, attack=CHARGE)
6 Cry given on sighting a whale (4) WAIL (Homonym of whale, though I don't see a satisfactory homonym indicator)
9 Go round a wizard place with a philosopher (7) SPINOZA (Go round=SPIN, wizard place=OZ, a=A => SPIN+OZ+A)
10 Quit post when five acted against one in trouble (7) VACATED (ana. V(five)+ACTED+A(one))
12 I had to suffer a setback with strain and misery (8) DISTRESS (I had=I'd=ID => I had to suffer a setback=DI, strain=STRESS => DI+STRESS)
13 Wax method in producing designs on cloth (5) BATIK (Direct)
15 Exposes nothing on his writings (5) OPENS (nothing=O, writings=PENS => O+PENS)
17 Made claim as per one's known experience (9) EMPIRICAL (ana. CLAIM+PER+I(one's))
19 The belittler of French farm machinery (9) DETRACTOR (of French=DE, farm machinery=TRACTOR => DE+TRACTOR)
21 Art of the French developed to deal in commerce (5) TRADE (ana. ART+DE(the French))
23 The French tax affected those we place in high position (5) EXALT (ana. LE(the French)+TAX)
24 A boisterous frolic starts with an E African salutation (8) JAMBOREE (Jambo means Hello in Swahili)
27 Pat takes a bird as a design model (7) PATTERN (Pat=PAT, a bird=TERN => PAT+TERN)
28 Brought up the information to the latest (7) UPDATED (Direct)
29 Closes up the last points (4) ENDS (Double Defn.)
30 Who cares, for example, about such a question? (10) RHETORICAL (Direct=>Cryptic defn.)

1 It's somewhat marvellous to eject the mafia don (4) OUST (Container => marvellOUS To, though the mafia don part is absolutely redundant)
2 Dreadful, if I cede large building (7) EDIFICE (ana. IF I CEDE)
3 The cult has no unusual influence to exercise (5) CLOUT (ana. CULT+O(no))
4 Arrangement made at base, meant to humble (9) ABASEMENT (ana. BASE MEANT)
5 Yields to pressure (5) GIVES (Direct)
7 Make a cat sit in an unstable position (7) ASTATIC (Ana. A CAT SIT)
8 An Amazon perhaps, could resist his advances (4,6) LADY KILLER (Double Defn.)
11 Show Tom with his middle unclad (7) CABARET (Tom=CAT, unclad=BARE => Tom with his middle unclad=CA(BARE)T)
14 They don't offend the fairies (4,6) GOOD PEOPLE (Direct)
16 Treats possibly about fifty for shock (7) STARTLE (ana. TREATS+L(fifty))
18 Standard quality of the greatest significance (9) PARAMOUNT (Direct)
20 Carried outside as it was to be drunk to someone's health (7) TOASTED (Carried=TOTED, as=AS => Carried outside as = TO(AS)TED)
22 Pies cat upset are not likely to go bad (7) ASEPTIC (ana. PIES CAT)
24 He is bad luck to be on board ship (5) JONAH (Direct=>ref. to the Bible)
25 A suitable arrangement made on command (5) ORDER (Double defn.)
26 Object of admiration (4) IDOL (Direct)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8170 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Drunk on the dark beer can make one so sad (6,7) BROKEN HEARTED (ana. ON THE DARK BEER, drunk is the anagram indicator)
8 Witty type turning up stern when upset (7) PUNSTER (ana. UP STERN, when upset is the ana. ind.)
9 Silence so pronounced that fall of a nail would be heard (3,4) PIN DROP (fall=DROP, nail=PIN => fall of a nail=PIN DROP)
11 Again correct and improve text prior to publication (2-4) RE-EDIT (again=RE, correct=EDIT)
13 Pity one can strike in it (8) SYMPATHY (ref. to a sympathy strike)
15 Food for Dad's army? (5) PASTA (Dad's=PAS, army=TA(Territorial Army) => PAS+TA)
16 Works hard to produce political catch words (7) SLOGANS (Works hard=SLOGS, AN=??)
18 Guided horse round again (7) STEERED (horse=STEED, again=RE => STEE(RE)D)
19 Stretched tight to be rigid (5) TENSE (Double meaning)
21 One does not forget this size of paper! (8) ELEPHANT (An elephant doesn't forget, and a ref. to elephant paper)
23 Unit of measure is Greek to Emma (6) GRAMME (GR+AMME being the inverse of EMMA. But I see neither an anagram indicator, nor a reversal suggestion)
25 Housing suggestion offered without hesitation (7) TERRACE (I think there's a typo here. I think the intended clue was "Housing suggestion offered with hesitation". Suggestion=TRACE, hesitation=ER => offered with hesitation=TRACE with ER=T(ER)RACE)
26 Tightrope walker (7) ACROBAT (Direct)
28 Go overseas (5,3,5) CROSS THE OCEAN (Direct)

2 They police the forests (7) RANGERS (Direct)
3 Equipment possibly in a container (3) KIT (Double meaning)
4 Lightship without an engineer (4) NORE (without=NO, an engineer=RE => NO+RE, ref. to the Nore Lightship, a sandbank in the Thames (courtesy
5 Hollow election arguments? (5,5) EMPTY WORDS (Direct)
6 An approach to make hastily (3,2) RUN UP (Direct)
7 Lists of mistakes noted in books (7) ERRATAS (Direct)
8 A fraction of the money the actor gets for his role? (4,7) PART PAYMENT (Double meaning, role=PART)
10 Show concern for what one must do with a mortgage (3,8) PAY INTEREST (Double meaning)
12 Statue produced one minute before time (5) IMAGE (one=I, minute=M, time=AGE => I+M+AGE)
14 A devout man grinning despite being of a severe nature (10) ASTRINGENT (a=A, devout man=ST, grinning=RINGENT => A+ST+RINGENT)
17 Needs to change later (5) ALTER (ana. LATER)
18 His operation is to fleece (7) SHEARER (Direct)
20 Amin transported by British Airways around one African state (7) NAMIBIA (ana. AMIN+BA(British Airways)+I(one))
22 Leads the way to the Rest Room! (5) HEADS (Head is a rest room on a ship)
24 Cover with flags (4) PAVE (ref. to paving with flags i.e. flagstones)
27 A legendary bird (3) ROC (Direct)

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8169 Solutions - by Vinod, Ganesh & Rajagopal

1 Deceitful appearance made before a month was out (7) PHANTOM (ana. P(for before??)+A+MONTH)
5 Maybe one who travels by rail — or coach (7) TRAINER (one who travels by rail=one who travels by train=TRAIN-ER)
10 In truth, East needs to compose (6) SOOTHE (in truth=SOOTH, East=E => SOOTH+E)
11 Freedom I'm giving a large number by mutual agreement (8) IMMUNITY (I'm=IM, large number=M, mutual agreement=UNITY => IM+M+UNITY)
12 Go berserk to avenge in Switzerland (6) GENEVA (ana. AVENGE)
13 Renegade to change garment to disguise (8) TURNCOAT (to change=TURN, garment=COAT)
14 Horseshoe found in wooden serving bowl (6) TUREEN(horseshoe=U, wooden serving=TREEN => T(U)REEN)
15 Tempt one to lead astray (6) ENTICE (Double meaning)
18 Not referred to any musical scale — not to the French arrangement (6) ATONAL (
20 Pound Pete's exchange with another pound (6) (ana. PETE'S + L for pound)
23 Party member who went to pot? (8) DORMOUSE (ref. to the character named DORMOUSE from Alice in Wonderland??)
25 Concurred somewhat because of a greed (6) AGREED (A+GREED)
26 Living organism packed with information of a mournful character? (8) PLANGENT (living organism=PLANT, information=GEN => PLAN(GEN)T)
27 Offer rented accommodation (6) TENDER (ana. RENTED)
28 Series of actions by commander during the squeeze (7) PROCESS (commander=OC, squeeze=PRESS => commander during the squeeze= PR(OC)ESS)
29 Commanded to make proper arrangement (7) ORDERED (Double meaning)

2 Nosey owl? (6) HOOTER (hooter is slang for nose)
3 Profit made by receiver who runs in to take the service (3,6) NET RETURN (Cryptic defn. => service as in tennis)
4 Work in the theatre? (7) OPERATE (Cryptic defn. => theatre as in Operation Theatre)
6 Some err badly and show regret (7) REMORSE (ana. SOME ERR)
7 Charged particle in charge of part of Greece (5) IONIC (charged particle=ION, in charge=IC => ION+IC)
8 The right of admission to charm (8) ENTRANCE (Double meaning)
9 In a favourable position for hearing fair? (7,6) SITTING PRETTY (hearing=SITTING, fair=PRETTY)
16 To cut around royal insignia shows a democratic spirit (9) TOLERANCE (To=TO, cut=LANCE, royal insignia=ER => To cut around royal insignia = TO+L(ER)ANCE)
17 A wanderer takes to swagger on road with hesitation (8) STROLLER (road=ST, swagger=ROLL, hesitation=ER => ST+ROLL+ER)
19 Somehow all sure that honours would be gained (7) LAURELS (ana. ALL SURE)
21 Call for silence, then treat bad break (7) SHATTER (Call for silence=SH, treat bad=ana. TREAT=ATTER => SH+ATTER)
22 About to give in and go back (6) RECEDE (About=RE, to give in=CEDE => RE+CEDE)
24 Person in charge has mental illness (5) MANIC (Person=MAN, in charge=IC => MAN+IC)

The Hindu Crossword No. 2585 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Several in Maine like this as a starter? (4) SOME (Maine=ME, like this=SO => like this as a starter suggests that SO comes before ME => SO+ME)
3 Patter from porter on board with cast (5,5) SALES PITCH (Defn.=Patter, porter=ALE, on board=on ship=SS => ALE on SS=SALES, cast=PITCH...explanation thanks to Chaturvasi)
10 Social worker, male, put in a single room initially (7) ALMONER (male=M, a=A, single=LONE, room initially=R => male, put in a single room initially=M in ALONER=AL(M)ONER)
11 Odd coin in vase depicting heraldic beast (7) UNICORN (ana. COIN+vase=URN)
12 Game birds (5,3,6) DUCKS AND DRAKES (Double meaning)
14 A socially acceptable street before, without luxury (7) AUSTERE (A=A, socially acceptable=U, street=ST, before=ERE => A+U+ST+ERE)
16 Atomic pile concerning one on the boards? (7) REACTOR (concerning=RE, one on the boards=ACTOR => RE+ACTOR)
17 Vagabond, exhausted, in front of shed (7) OUTCAST (exhausted=OUT, shed=CAST(v.) => OUT+CAST)
19 One helps to control banking loan I arranged round middle of term (7) AILERON (ana. LOAN I+ER(middle of tERm))
20 Difficult issue in France, one that causes embarrassment (6,8) ENFANT TERRIBLE (Double meaning => issue as in child)
23 Feeling expressed by English poet (7) EMOTION (English=E, poet=MOTION(Andrew Motion) => E+MOTION)
24 A name is given wrongly — the cause? (7) AMNESIA (ana. A NAME IS)
25 Letter openers, presumably? (10) ADDRESSEES (Cryptic defn.)
26 Not quite nimble enough to escape? (4) FLEE (nimble=FLEET, not quite nimble=FLEET-T)

1 Flower in picture, a monster (10) SNAPDRAGON (picture=SNAP, a monster=DRAGON => SNAP+DRAGON)
2 Italian girl caught parrot (5) MIMIC (Italian girl=MIMI, caught=C => MIMI+C)
4 Set out with a compass crossing river (7) ARRANGE (a=A, river=R, compass=RANGE => A+R+RANGE)
5 English copper on winding road in South American country (7) ECUADOR (English=E, copper=CU, winding road=ana. ROAD=ADOR => E+CU+ADOR)
6 Dancer in Marbella somehow grabbed by unlikely pair (5,9) PRIMA BALLERINA (ana. IN MARBELLA + PAIR)
7 Steer and tow a broken-down sports car?(3-6) TWO-SEATER (ana. STEER + TOW)
8 Manual worker given cards (4) HAND (Double meaning)
9 Temptation? Ease off gradually (3,4,2,1,4) ONE STEP AT A TIME (ana. TEMPTATION EASE)
13 Influential woman — big cheese — head of Equity (6,4) GRANDE DAME (big=GRAND, cheese=EDAM, head of Equity=E => GRAND+EDAM+E)
15 Perched in small forest in tropical tree (9) SATINWOOD (Perched=SAT, in=IN, small forest=WOOD)
18 Short examination involving poorly aunt reveals an infectious disease (7) TETANUS (Examination=TEST=> short examination=TEST-T=TES, poorly aunt=ana. AUNT=TANU => TE(TANU)S)
19 Demo disc in superb gallery (7) ACETATE (superb=ACE, gallery=TATE => ACE+TATE)
21 Centre of operations on line from Swiss city (5) BASEL (Centre of operations=BASE, line=L => BASE+L)
22 Goddess? Some mother, anyway (4) HERA (Container => motHER Anyway)

Friday, December 17, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8167 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Killer is in a ship — a ship — with our sailors (8) ASSASSIN (a=A, ship=SS, a=A, ship=SS, our sailors=IN => A+SS+A+SS+IN)
5 Side by side a committee (6) ABOARD (a=A, committee=BOARD)
10 Fretful to be served edible fungus (7) TRUFFLE (ana. FRETFUL)
11 Free to enter into another tenancy contract? (7) RELEASE (another=RE, tenancy contract=LEASE => RE+LEASE)
12 This box is a television-set (6) GOGGLE (Direct => goggle box)
13 Stress makes hip seams to come apart (8) EMPHASIS (ana. HIP SEAMS)
15 Imitate unknown summit (4) APEX (Imitate=APE, unknown=X => APE+X)
16 One whose job is to keep animals safe from poachers (4,6) GAMe WARDEN (Direct)
18 Deceived, Robin batted an eyelid (10) HOODWINKED (Robin=HOOD as in Robin Hood, batted an eyelid=WINKED => HOOD+WINKED)
20 Eye the goddess? (4) IRIS (Double meaning)
23 Legal right enables us to cut fur freely (8) USUFRUCT (ana. US+CUT+FUR)
24 Am back to fool with Rani at the boat basin (6) MARINA (Am back=MA, fool with Rani=ana. RANI=RINA => MA+RINA)
26 Somehow retire around top of medieval galley (7) TRIREME (ana. RETIRE+M (top of medieval0)
27 Shop in India's capital for rifle (7) MARTINI (Shop=MART, in=IN, India's capital=I => MART+IN+I)
28 Check again about the cricket match (2-4) RE-TEST (about=RE, cricket match=TEST)
29 Ranged no order for male hormone (8) ANDROGEN (ana. RANGED NO)

1 Hero-worshipper who looks for some signs (9,6) AUTOGRAPH HUNTER (Double meaning)
2 Convey secretly, with no heed to duties (7) SMUGGLE (Direct => duties as in customs)
3 Regularly in tricky surroundings, but gently (6) SOFTLY (Regularly=OFT, tricky=SLY => Regularly in tricky surroundings = S(OFT)LY)
4 Article among site materials (4) ITEM (Container => sITE Materials)
6 Protective structure in ship takes a lot, chief (8) BULKHEAD (a lot=BULK, chief=HEAD)
7 Collected me as Das by mistake (7) AMASSED (ana. ME AS DAS)
8 A place where cuts in the services are taken care of speedily (8-7) DRESSING STATION (Direct => cuts as in injuries, servies as in defence services)
9 One who proclaims an elephant, for example (9) TRUMPTER (Double meaning)
14 Geese not to be shaken off? (9) BARNACLES (Double meaning => One meaning is Barnacle geese, and the other meaning is things that cannot be shaken off i.e. parasites)
17 They throng, keener aboard ship (8) SWARMERS (keener=WARMER, ship=SS => keener aboard ship=S(WARMER)S)
19 Wielding clout is the eye doctor (7) OCULIST (ana. CLOUT IS)
21 Dropping behind, late in coming, are fencing materials (7) RAILING (late in coming=TRAILING, Dropping behind=TRAILIN-T=RAILING)
22 Engineer in trade show is more equitable (6) FAIRER (Engineer=RE, trade show=FAIR => Engineer in trade show=FAI(RE)R)
25 One embracing yours truly has the last word (4) AMEN (One=AN, yours truly=ME => One embracing yours truly=A(ME)N)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8166 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 A Scotsman, a sailor and an engineer: It's like a Hitchcock film! (7) MACABRE (A Scotsman=MAC, a sailor=AB, an engineer=RE => MAC+AB+RE)
5 Maintain one's presence in a short moment (6) INSIST (one's = IS, moment=INSTANT => short moment=INST => one's presence in a short moment = INS(IS)T)
9 Problems caused by horse aboard ship (5) SNAGS (horse=NAG, ship=SS => horse aboard ship= S(NAG)S)
10 This may put one in bed in a ward (3-6) ILL-HEALTH (Direct)
11 Bad in a manner of speaking (3,4) NOT GOOD (Direct)
12 Having a quality that a thief would like? (7) TAKABLE (Direct)
13 Gets a listener with partners (5) EARNS (listener=EAR, partners=NS as in Bridge partners)
14 I heard request for an attractive quality to the viewer (3,6) EYE APPEAL (I heard=EYE, heard being the homonym indictor, and request=APPEAL)
16 All I found in: no-longer-fashionable straw mattress (9) PALLIASSE (All I= ALLI, no-longer-fashionable=PASSE => P(ALLI)ASSE)
19 Is on the way to see the state of course (5) GOING (Double meaning)
21 Thrown out from the plane, perhaps (7) EJECTED (Direct)
23 Intend to convey the French is the most inferior in quality (7) MEANEST (Intend to convey=MEAN, French is=EST(is in French) => MEAN+EST)
24 What is the accomplishment? Capital punishment! (9) EXECUTION (Double meaning)
25 Town in Karnataka for all to see at first (5) UDUPI (for all to see=U(as in a movie rating), at first indicates that U is the 1st letter of the word, and the rest of it has to be guessed based on this info :-)??)
26 What a fire accident may leave in heaps (6) ASHERY (Direct)
27 Cake eaten during Christmas time (4,3) YULE LOG (Direct)

1 Hesitant, timid presenter is misunderstood (14) MISINTERPRETED (ana. TIMID PRESENTER)
2 Deed granted to a map-maker? (7) CHARTER (Double meaning)
3 Confers when bows set crookedly (7) BESTOWS (ana. BOWS SET)
4 Miscreants resolved shiftily that I be included (9) EVILDOERS (ana. RESOLVED + I)
5 Narrows our sailors allowed (5) ISLET (our sailors=IS??, allowed=LET)
6 Say boldly that Pa pukes all over the place (5,2) SPEAK UP (ana. PA PUKES)
7 What you would like the clue to be? (7) SOLUBLE (Direct)
8 When it occurs perhaps the whole sky becomes bright (5,9) SHEET LIGHTNING (direct)
15 Envy me, one winning betting proposition is there! (4,5) EVEN MONEY (ana. ENVY ME ONE)
17 Ambassadors spread glee, Sir (7) LEIGERS (ana. GLEE SIR)
18 Enter uninvited (7) INTRUDE (Direct)
19 Trembling, guard goes to the boy step by step (7) GRADUAL (ana. GUARD + the boy=AL as in the name of a boy)
20 Not uniform in saline quality (7) INEQUAL (Container => salINE QUALity)
22 Where any amount of milching may be done (5) DAIRY (Direct)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8165 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Earl I'd up for a kind of anaesthetic (8) EPIDURAL (ana. EARL ID UP)
5 Mark that is a disgrace (6) STIGMA (Direct)
9 In favour of South Arcot in-charge, though dull and ordinary (7) PROSAIC (Infavour of=PRO, South Arcot=SA, in-charge=IC=>PRO+SA+IC)
10 A network computer, in fine, produces money (7) FINANCE (a network computer=ANC, fine=FINE => FIN(ANC)E)
11 Gas: Roger's proved to be the offender (9) AGGRESSOR (ana. GAS ROGERS)
12 Gizmo hurled out an old coin (5) MOHUR (Container => GizMO HURled)
13 Early morning, bachelor puts down a verse foot (4) IAMB (Early morning=1 AM=IAM, bachelor=B=>IAM+B)
14 A form of Siva a harridan spelt out (9) ARDHANARI (ana. A HARRIDAN)
17 Not that this city has too many prohibitory orders (9) BANGALORE (too many=GALORE, prohibitory order=BAN=>BAN+GALORE)
19 Pygmy in Namakkal (4) AKKA (container => NamAKKAl)
23 Muse: it takes long time for the openers of the office (5) ERATO (long time=ERA, openers of the office=TO => ERA+TO)
24 Thinking alike: there are no two opinions about it! (2,3,4) OF ONE MIND (Direct)
25 Smell of high game (7) FUMETTE (Direct)
26 Cool to have this beverage in the afternoon (4,3) ICED TEA (Direct)
27 Understand there is a meeting of the French and an Italian leader (6) DEDUCE (of the French=DE, Italian leader=DUCE => DE+DUCE)
28 As danger develops, half of them go back to the police officer (8) GENDARME (ana. DANGER+EM (half of THEM=EM))

1 Positive about impact he created (8) EMPHATIC (ana. IMPACT HE)
2 Preparation that is too hard to chew? (4,3) IRON GUM (Direct)
3 Practices of rishi in America (6) USAGES (rishi=SAGE, America=Us => sage in America = U(SAGE)S)
4 Property in which descendants of a family live (9,4) ANCESTRAL HOME (Direct)
6 Building from which people view all round (8) TENEMENT (people=MEN, view=TENET => people view all round= TENE(MEN)T)
7 Grass the writer, for one (7) GUNTHER (oblique reference to author Gunther Grass)
8 Being tired, decidedly wary about running water (6) AWEARY (ana. WARY + EA for runing water)
10 More warning to chief: "Return mobile" (7,6) FURTHER NOTICE (ana. TO CHIEF RETURN, mobile being the anagram indicator)
15 New Goan writer is an unbeliever (8) AGNOSTIC (ana. GOAN + writer=STIC)
16 Difficult to wear out military weaponry (8) HARDWARE (Difficult=HARD, wear out=ana. WEAR=WARE)
18 Frightened the distraught Malar with the journalist (7) ALARMED (ana. MALAR + ED for journalist)
20 Rent kit out to one who makes garments (7) KNITTER (ana. RENT KIT)
21 Tree did this: turned over the pages (6) LEAFED (Double meaning)
22 Champion is fed up with the conclusion (6) DEFEND (fed up=DEF, conclusion=END=>DEF+END)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8164 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Think! Mother is inside with a perfume-holder! (8) POMANDER (Think=PONDER, Mother=MA=>Mother is inside Think=>PO(MA)NDER)
6 Assist the man with a record (4) HELP (the man=HE, a record=LP)
9 Heavenly twins (6) GEMINI (Direct)
10 Building I rent out, for example, to a number (7) INTEGER (Building is the ana. indicator. for example=E.G.=>ana. I RENT E.G.)
13 One may expect a very sharp report from this weapon (6-3) NEEDLE-GUN (Direct)
14 Censor 50 involved in high-pitched sound (5) BLEEP (50=L, high-pitched sound=BEEP=>B(L)EEP)
15 Section of church collapses partially (4) APSE (Container=>collAPSEs)
16 How a letter left the post office in a huff? (7,3) STAMPED OUT (Double meaning)
19 With this, the sentence will no doubt take effect (2,8) NO REPRIEVE (Direct=>sentence as in a court judgment)
21 Small figures? (4) STAT (Direct=>short for Statistics)
24 South Indian percussion instrument in vital replay (5) TAVIL (ana. VITAL)
25 Active and nice egret spotted (9) ENERGETIC (ana. NICE EGRET)
26 Senior disperses southern birds (7) ORNISES (ana. SENIOR+S for southern)
27 Begone with an actress and a knight in the Union Territory (6) AVAUNT (actress=AVA(Gardner), knight=N,Union Terrrtory=UT=>knight in the Union Territory=UNT => AVA+UNT)
28 Pre-eminent person in the theatrical world (4) STAR (Direct)
29 It is good fortune if she smiles at you (4,4) LADY LUCK (Direct)

2 They start an innings (7) OPENERS (Direct)
3 Eagerly the actress comes up on the borders of Lake City (6) AVIDLY (actress=DIVA=>actress comes up=AVID, borders of Lake City=LY=>AVID+LY)
4 Dig it, gaze wildly at the mule-like animal (9) DZIGGETAI (ana. DIG IT GAZE)
5 Royal authority talked about precipitation (5) REIGN (precipitation=RAIN, talked about is the homonym indicator=>hence REIGN)
7 Ancient painter sees crazy ogler going round the Election Commission (2,5) EL GRECO (ana. OGLER + EC for Election Commission)
8 Itinerants' tip: "Art pieces are vandalized" (12) PERIPATETICS (ana. TIP+ART+PIECES)
11 Battle out for a writing pad (6) TABLET (ana. BATTLE)
12 New physical appearances in motor races (12) INCARNATIONS (in=IN, motor=CAR, races=NATIONS)
17 Bollywood, for one (9) MOVIELAND (Direct)
18 Periods of enchantment (6) SPELLS (Double meaning)
20 A bird gets a negative in Italy (7) RAVENNA (A bird=RAVEN, a negative=NA)
22 Enormous in tacit arrangement (7) TITANIC (ana. IN TACIT)
23 Sore at the tip of one's finger (6) AGNAIL (Direct)
25 It gives support to an artist's work (5) EASEL (Direct)

Monday, December 13, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8163 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Not that the Indian Railways employs all its staff thus (11) PERMANENTLY
9 Home for the Oriental fugitive (7) REFUGEE (Home=REFUGE, Oriental=E)
10 West African cokes scattered by eccentric persons (7) WACKOES (West African=WA, cokes scattered=CKOES)
11 Bundle Nike's has unravelled (5) SKEIN (ana. Nike's)
12 That can no longer be quoted as easily roused? (9) EXCITABLE (no longer=EX, that can be quoted=quotable=CITABLE)
13 Stun kuberas presenting a Malay title (5) TUNKU (Container=>sTUN KUberas)
15 Questionable document? (4-5) TEST PAPER (Direct)
18 As used when you need a serving in pinches (4,5) SALT SPOON (Direct)
21 Figures of perfection? (5) NINES (Direct=> as in the usage "prepared to the nines")
22 Delivers — as the raingod does? (5,4) SENDS DOWN (Double meaning)
24 Time to be near the tip of truth (5) NIGHT (near=NIGH, tip of truth=T)
26 Goodbye to frankfurter! (7) CHEERIO (Double meaning)
27 Nothing rare to us a la U.S. practices (2,5) AS USUAL (ana. us a la U.S.)
28 Not having enough staff to have something taken down quickly? (5-6) SHORT HANDED (Double meaning)

1 Pai stares obliquely at freeloaders (9) PARASITES (ana. PAI STARES)
2 Plunder some Bihari fleapits (5) RIFLE (Container=>some BihaRI FLEapits)
3 A goat runs round an old ship (9) ARGONAUTS (ana. A GOAT RUNS)
4 Woman to catch her breath only after its peak is reached (7) EVEREST (Woman=EVE, catch her breath=REST)
5 Strikes what's scattered round the cook (7) THWACKS (what's scattered=ana. WHAT'S=THWAS, cook=CK=>THWA(CK)S)
6 Somewhat chatty about head of tradesmen leaving boat (5) YACHT (head of tradesmen=T, somewhat chatty=ana. CHATTY-T)
7 Hindi film on person of Japanese descent coming up with a hair-grip (5,3) BOBBY PIN (Hindi film=BOBBY, person of Japanese descent=NIP, person of Japanese descent coming up=PIN)
8 Land mass is over half a mile (4) ISLE (is=IS, half a mile=LE)
14 Not now as formerly (2,6) NO LONGER (Direct)
16 U.N. leaps in to reconstitute south India, for instance? (9) PENINSULA (ana. U.N. leaps in)
17 Test elder ordered to be located in a new place (9) RESETTLED (ana. TEST ELDER)
19 Sherry to look up an alternative to single in spectacles (7) OLOROSO (look=LO>look up=OL, an alternative=OR, single in spectacles=>S in OO=OSO. Hence=>OLOROSO)
20 Lie, by some other name (3-4) NON-FACT (Direct)
22 Therefore the cook hit hard (4) SOCK (Therefore=SO, cook=CK)
23 Indian crane brings up flavour to you and me (5) SARUS (flavor=RAS, brings up flavor=>inversion of RAS=SAR, you and me=US)
25 Fruit cup (5) GOURD (Direct)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2584 Solutions

1 Fish round river and channel (6) TRENCH (Fish=TENCH, river=R=>T(R)ENCH)
4 Edible molluscs without equal, netted by seamen? (8) ABALONES (seamen=ABS, without equal=ALONE=>AB(ALONE)S)
9 Plate brought over for creature (6) ANIMAL (Plate=LAMINA, brought over suggests inversion of LAMINA=>ANIMAL)
10 Goes around with permit flanked by extras (8) BYPASSES (permit=PASS, extras=BYES=>BY(PASS)ES)
12 Subordinate may produce a report inside ground (9) SATELLITE (ground=SITE, a=A, report=TELL=>S(ATELL)ITE)
13 Discover the whereabouts of ethnic group after end of concert (5) TRACE (ethnic group=RACE, end of concert=T=>RACE after T)
14 Use influence to remove section of orchestra (4,3,7) PULL THE STRINGS (Double meaning)
18 Monarch, say, in country independent of outside authority (9,5) SOVEREIGN STATE (Monarch=SOVEREIGN, say=STATE)
20 Singer from Crete? No, Rhodes (5) TENOR (Container=>CreTE, NO, Rhodes)
22 Flower people mostly backing country (9) CARNATION (People=RACE=>People mostly=RAC=>people mostly backing=CAR, country=NATION)
24 Pillar of strength, mother during visit (8) MAINSTAY (mother=MA, during=IN, visit=STAY)
25 Relaxed with a drink, drop of Scotch with last of ice (2,4) AT EASE (a=A, drink=TEA, drop of Scotch=S, last of ICE=E)
26 Curse old car by river (8) EXECRATE (river=EXE, old car=CRATE)
27 Kitchen utensil, bigger we hear (6) GRATER (bigger=GREATER, bigger we hear=homonym indicator=>GRATER)

1 Odd patterns in wing of church (8) TRANSEPT (ana. PATTERNS)
2 Mounting material from novelist... (5) ELIOT (material=TOILE, mounting material=>suggests inversion of TOILE=ELIOT)
3 ... one of the Brontes, sort of sweet (9) CHARLOTTE (Double meaning)
5 GI surrounded by beer, mostly drunk in Cagney film (3,5,4) BOYS MEET GIRLS (drunk is the ana. indicator for BEER, MOSTLY=>ana. of BEERMOSTLY around GI)
6 Smallest bottom of those in final (5) LEAST (bottom of those=E, final=LAST=>E in LAST=>L(E)AST)
7 Lost again abroad? That may bring on homesickness (9) NOSTALGIA (ana. LOST AGAIN)
8 Is up before short forbidding nurse (6) SISTER (Is up=SI, forbidding=STERN=>short forbidding=STER)
11 One who sells tents, perhaps (4,8) WINE MERCHANT (Direct=>One of the secondary meanings of Tent is a kind of wine available in Spain)
15 In any sole, freshly cooked with onions (9) LYONNAISE (ana. IN ANY SOLE)
16 Transient moved without delay (9) INSTANTER (ana. TRANSIENT)
17 Check on reportedly expensive animal (8) REINDEER (Check=REIN, expensive=DEAR, reportedly is a homonym indicator=>DEER)
19 Obstruct farmyard enclosure, one fenced by me (6) STYMIE (farmyard enclousre=STY, one fenced by me=I in ME=M(I)E)
21 Vertical pipe in boiler I serviced (5) RISER (Container=> boileR I SERviced)
23 Unsuitable at home, ornate tap (5) INAPT (at home=IN, ornate tap=>ana. TAP=APT)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8162 Solutions

1 One may date its growth (4,4) PALM TREE (Direct=>date as in date-palm)
5 Dad somewhat mad about southern lotuses (6) PADMAS (Dad=PA, mad about=ana. MAD=DMA, southern=S)
9 You may find him quite testing (8) EXAMINER (Direct)
10 Buddhist monk (6) BHIKKU/BHIKSU (Direct)
12 Muscle of the wrestler (4) THEW (Container=>of THE Wrestler)
13 Let it be known publicly (10) ADVERTISED (Direct)
15 I must appear in a London district for a law-suit (6) ACTION (I in ACTON)
17 Recalled aim is to confine air force brigands (5) MAFIA (Recalled aim=MIA, air force=AF=>M(AF)IA)
20 Small seed causes superior to be caught in tangled love (5) OVULE (Superior=U, tangled love=OVLE=>U in OVLE)
21 It is in the hereafter (6) FUTURE (Direct)
24 Fixed the rates again (2-8) RE-ASSESSED (Direct)
27 Dance by graduate students (4) BALL (graduate=BA, students=LL)
29 He always gets suitable clients (6) TAILOR (suitable=suit-able=for whom suits can be made)
30 With this, one doesn't give a chin up (4,4) FACE DOWN (Direct)
31 Sol, boy is coming back with a south Indian delicacy (6) SUNDAL (Sol=SUN, boy=LAD, boy coming back=DAL)
32 Kill the new driver who has something odd about him! (8) STRANGLE (new driver=L, odd=STRANGE=>STRANG(L)E)

1 Quickly dispose of the others in the post office (6) PRESTO (others=REST, post office=PO, others in the post office = REST in PO=>P(REST)O)
2 It guides the eye to the first violinist (6) LEADER (Double meaning=> a row of dots or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number is a LEADER, and so is the first violinst in an orchestra)
3 Sound mathematical course (4) TRIG (double meaning=>TRIG means Sound i.e. in good condition, it's also short of Trigonometry)
4 The journalist among the fellows is to change (5) EMEND (ana. of journalist=ED and fellows=MEN)
6 A woman touches the tip of the serving-dish (5) ASHET (A=A, woman=SHE, the tip=T)
7 Secure enough to build cash-box (4,4) MAKE SAFE (build=MAKE, cash-box=SAFE)
8 Police vehicle causes endless panic about prison (5,3) SQUAD CAR (endless panic=SCARE-E=SCAR, prison=QUAD => S(QUAD)CAR)
11 Plant bridge opponents in crooked environment (6) PEANUT
14 Bill on a land measure (4) ACRE (bill=AC(as in account), on=RE(on, over, about))
16 Swarm in joyous gathering (6) INFEST (in=IN, joyous gathering=FEST)
17 Blackbird in winsomer land (4) MERL (Container=>in winsoMER Land)
18 Greek reacts so ebulliently (8) SOCRATES (ana. REACTS SO)
19 Length of time for which a dour nit goes round and round (8) DURATION (ana. A DOUR NIT)
22 Chant about a redhead's garment (6) SARONG (Chant=SONG, a redhead=AR=>S(AR)ONG)
23 As given to get a quick view (6) GLANCE (Direct)
25 Sanskrit recitation almost slow on the borders of Karnataka (5) SLOKA (almost slow=SLO, borders of Karnataka=KA)
26 Demand money for a former performance (5) EXACT (former=EX, performance=ACT)
28 Indian army in disenablement (4) SENA (Container=> in diSENAblement)

Friday, December 10, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8161 Solutions

1 Feature twice used for a toast (4) _ _ I _
3 Gets rid of odd menial ties (10) ELIMINATES (ana. MENIAL TIES)
10 Little clergyman, is it? Call again (7) REVISIT (Little clergyman=REV, is it=ISIT)
11 He is just learning to walk (7) TODDLER (Direct)
12 Deciduous coniferous tree (5) BIRCH (Direct)
13 Backing always shown initially in the circle (9) REVERSING (always=EVER, shown initially=S, circle=RING=>R(EVERS)ING)
14 Their hands are continually in their pockets (8) SPENDERS (Direct)
15 Some ugly people consciously looking satisfied (6) SMUGLY (Some=SM??, ugly=UGLY)
18 Slight lust in upheaval (6) INSULT (ana. LUST IN)
20 Denoting one remarkable thing (8) SINGULAR (Direct)
24 Aphrodite's emaciated form (9) ATROPHIED (ana. Aphrodite)
26 A sailor returning a volume of maps (5) ATLAS (A=A, sailor=SALT, sailor returning=TLAS=>ATLAS)
27 Situated towards centre of ship (7) INBOARD (Direct)
28 One who enters a religious order (7) INTRANT (Direct)
29 Fish the girl had — cause of food poisoning? (10) SALMONELLA (Fish=SALMON, girl=ELLA)
30 A novice from Troy (4) TYRO (ana. TROY)

1 Persons grouped round centres of interest (7) _ _ R _ B_S (If it's SCRIBES, I don't understand why)
2 Upside down — like this clue, made for you (7) INVERSE (like this clue, made for you = verse => IN VERSE)
4 Constituting written composition of the kind valued for quality of form (8) LITERARY (Direct)
5 I've to stimulate interest in Tom somehow (6) MOTIVE (ana. IVE+TOM)
6 Rock-bottom point (5) NADIR (Direct/Double meaning)
7 Gilt tin assuming sloping position (7) TILTING (ana. GILT TIN)
8 A horse looking skinny (7) SCRAGGY (A horse=One-horse=>means insgnificant=>SCRAGGY)
9 Posh deal arranged for Lily (8) ASPHODEL (ana. POSH DEAL)
16 Drifting nomads (8) MIGRANTS (Direct)
17 This theatre will mind being renovated (8) WINDMILL (ana. will mind)
18 Sloping types used for emphasis (7) ITALICS (Direct=>sloping types=sloping fonts)
19 Regarding ancient Jewish keeper of records (7) SCRIBAL (Direct)
21 Rock music (7) LULLABY (music that 'rocks' the cradle:-))
22 Stir too vigorously the rich dish (7) RISOTTO (ana. STIR TOO)
23 Fidget with the instrument (6) FIDDLE (Double meaning)
25 Player turning in a penny (5) PIANO (turning in a = ana. IN A=IAN, penny=PO??)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8159 Solutions

1 Troubles aplenty? Or just fine? (7) PENALTY (ana. APLENTY)
5 The fourteenth letter to loved one will charm (7) ENAMOUR (14th letter=N=EN, loved one=AMOUR)
9 Latter parts of happy stories (7) ENDINGS (Direct)
10 Church leader has a number to punish (7) CHASTEN (Church leader=C, has=HAS, number=TEN)
11 Pass the animal over here (3) ASS (Container)
12 Be of value to provide help (5) AVAIL (Double meaning)
13 Vibrating metallic sound from an instrument (5) TWANG (Direct)
14 Is miserable causing gloom (6) DISMAL (Direct)
15 A liqueur I put down before going out (8) ANISETTE (I, put=SET, before=ANTE, before going out => AN(ISET)TE)
18 Impertinent redhead left rash (8) IMPUDENT (redhead=R, rash=IMPRUDENT, redhead left rash=IMPRUDENT-R)
20 A country that is full of rich Arab bores (6) KUWAIT (Arab bores=Arab oil wells)
24 Substantive ideas or things (5) NOUNS (Direct)
26 Flash of wit from a gallant (5) SPARK (Double meaning. Spark means a flash of wit as well as a young lover i.e. a gallant)
27 Document of acknowledgement of debt (1,1,1) IOU (Direct)
28 Gold on board a dramatic scene (7) TABLEAU (Board=TABLE, Gold=AU)
29 Tidiest cattle set out (7) NEATEST (cattle=NEAT, set out=EST)
30 Piercing cry of uncanny tones (7) SCREECH (Direct)
31 Arranged to move round centre (7) ROTATED (Direct)

1 Settled before getting a packet? (7) PREPAID (Direct)
2 They believe in maximum exposure (7) NUDISTS (Direct)
3 Help to advance a factory worker (4,1,4) LEND A HAND (Advance=LEND, a=A, factory worker=HAND)
4 He is willing to agree to anything always (3,3) YES MAN (Direct)
5 Ten clues rewritten being edible (8) ESCULENT (ana. TEN CLUES)
6 Anticipate a delay somehow (5) AWAIT (a=A delay=WAIT)
7 Friendless vagabond (7) OUTCAST (Double meaning)
8 Renounce to deplore the gene somehow (7) RENEGUE (deplore=RUE+GENE ana.)
16 Instant glue must have been used on the rocks no doubts (5,4) STUCK FAST (Double meaning)
17 Insofar? (8) INASMUCH (Direct)
18 Novice left brown coat that causes to burn (7) IGNITES (brown coat=LIGNITES, novice=L=>LIGNITES-L)
19 Quietly rumble to get worker to attend to water system (7) PLUMBER (Quietly=P+RUMBLE ana.)
21 Indefatigable worker devouring citrus fruit for sustenance (7) ALIMENT (Indefatigable worker=ANT, citrus fruit=LIME, Indefatigable worker devouring citrus fruit = A(LIME)NT)
22 Aunt Ted reproached somehow (7) TAUNTED (ana. AUNT TED)
23 Way things happen or is done (6) MANNER (Direct)
25 Screen is turned the night before (5) SIEVE (is turned=SI, night before=EVE)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8158 Solutions

1 Colonised elsewhere having paid twice? (9) RESETTLED (Double meaning)
6 Praise when road tax finished early (5) EXTOL (when=EX, road tax finished early=TOLL-L)
9 Post standing erect (7) UPRIGHT (Double meaning)
10 Smiled so foolishly, sergeant-major is disgusted (7) SMIRKED (sergeant-major=SM, is disgusted=IRKED)
11 You taste shift to be perceptive somehow (6) ASTUTE (ana. You=U+taste=TASTE)
12 Sense, say, a meeting of spirituals (6) SEANCE (Homonym of sense)
15 Where to yawn when late (10) BEHINDHAND (Double meaning)
16 The lady's calling one knight back (4) IRIS (one=I, knight=SIR, knight back=RIS)
18 Pretentious songs? (4) AIRS (Double meaning)
19 A white coat put on when making a wedding cake (5,5) ICING SUGAR (Direct)
23 Widespread murmur of discontent at the sound of thunder (6) RUMBLE (Double meaning)
25 Mass he found to use as cover (6) CLOTHE (Mass=CLOT, he=HE)
28 Blindly devoted I got into bed (7) BIGOTED (ana. I GOT BED)
29 Be vigilant and keep one's eyes open (4,3) LOOK OUT (Double meaning)
30 Carried gun as load for a draw (5) TOTED (Direct)
31 Stimulant for repast, pie maybe (9) APPETISER (ana. REPART PIE)

1 Garden plant you use as fruit (7) RHUBARB (Direct)
2 It brings relief to a sore surface (9) STRETCHER (Direct)
3 Fasten rigidly to secure (7) TIGHTEN (Double meaning)
4 Neatly let you play the instrument (4) LUTE (ana. LET+you=U)
5 Particular food for a goodlooker (4) DISH (Double meaning)
6 Deprived of a residence permit (6) EXILED (Direct)
7 Object used as evidence (5) TOKEN (Direct)
8 Climbers in a game with a number of snakes (7) LADDERS (Direct)
13 Resounding blow one feels like giving a naughty boy (5) WHACK (Direct)
14 Foolish to be somewhat in an ecstasy (5) INANE (Container => somewhat IN AN Ecstasy)
17 Just troughs? That is in confusion! (9) RIGHTEOUS (ana. TROUGHS +That is=IE)
18 Entertainer confused car with smashed boat (7) ACROBAT (ana. CAR+BOAT)
20 An act of betrayal that fills the theatre (4,3) SELL OUT (Double meaning)
21 Return to previous shape after a lapse (7) REENTER (Direct)
22 Editor shortly following a story up (6) ELATED (Editor shortly=ED, story=TALE, story up=ELAT)
24 Power to enforce one's will (5) MIGHT (Direct)
26 Immediate object of mental perception (4) IDEA (Direct)
27 Cut to trim (4) CLIP (Double meaning)

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8157 Solutions

1 Set powerful and most difficult to break like an elephant, maybe (9) STRONGEST (Double meaning)
5 Refuge in a resort (4) NEST (Double meaning)
8 Be back before bachelor will decline (3) EBB (Be back=EB, Bachelor=B => EBB)
9 Feeling strange in running away (7) FLEEING (ana. FEELING)
10 Regret being cruel here (3) RUE (Container => cRUEl)
11 Highly flavoured morsel (5) TASTY (Direct)
12 Hearkened to Greek music and looked radiant (9) GLISTENED (G+LISTENED)
13 Coil of hair at the nape of the neck (7) CHIGNON (Direct)
15 Dark underground hollow of a cave (6) CAVERN (Direct)
17 Extra-small creature found in sections (6) INSECT (Container => found IN SECTions)
18 Offender in a criminal charge (7) ACCUSED (Direct)
21 Let one plate become a spangle (9) PAILLETTE (ana. LET I PLATE)
22 Confuse in thought (3,2) MIX UP (Direct)
24 Run over snow or water (3) SKI (Direct)
25 Cause to be no longer in one's memory (7) UNLEARN (Direct)
26 The answer one wants to hear (3) AYE (Direct)
27 Grows old in a genteel way (4) AGES (Container => in A GEnteel + Way=S)
28 Sword to divide the girls? (9) CUTLASSES (divide=CUT, girls=LASSES)

1 A doubting Thomas (7) SKEPTIC (Direct)
2 Device suggesting name of its bearer (5) REBUS (Direct)
3 Greet men coming out nicely (8) EMERGENT (ana. GREET MEN)
4 Petty unimportant things (6) TRIVIA (Direct)
5 He keeps his eyes open in dark period between day and day (5,8) NIGHT WATCHMAN (Direct)
6 Unknown persons enrage good men rightly (9) STRANGERS (good men=STS, enrage=ANGER, rightly=R)
7 Heavy and dull like grey metal (6) LEADEN (Direct)
9 Striking success for the man who gets his pilot's certificate (6,7) FLYING COLOURS
14 In May I can be found to be exhilarating (9) INSPIRING (In=IN, May I can be found=SP(I)RING)
16 Play some role in dismantling (4,4) TAKE PART (Double meaning)
17 Quietly practise deception on someone (6) IMPOSE
19 Ladles of astronomic importance? (7) DIPPERS (Direct ref. to Great Bear & Little Bear)
20 Character with a leaning to the right (6) ITALIC (Direct)
23 Inside shots (1,4) X RAYS (Direct)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2583 Solutions

1 Trojan prince is shown on standard (5) PARIS (Standard=PAR + IS)
4 Objects after shop damaged hair (5,4) SPLIT ENDS (Objects=ENDS, shop=SPLIT??)
9 Dress up bride more elaborately (9) EMBROIDER (ana. BRIDE MORE)
10 Left on account of toy boy (5) LOVER ( Left=L, account=OVER)
11 Rotter locking Italian inside Spanish fortress (7) CITADEL (Rotter=CAD, Italian=IT, Spanish=EL => C(IT)ADEL)
12 Outside broadcast — do watch (7) OBSERVE (Outisde broadcast=OB, do=SERVE)
13 Dreadful print of a dying Mozart? (6,7) INFANT PRODIGY (ana. PRINT OF A DYING)
15 Six feet under, or over? (4,3,6) DEAD AND BURIED
17 Old instrument in bar, not entirely used to make a pasta dish (7) RAVIOLI (Old instrument=VIOL, Bar not entirely=RAIL-L=RAI => RA(VIOL)I
19 Animal in one, performing (2,5) ON STAGE (ON(STAG)E)
21 Opposing female, 50, easily bribed (5) VENAL
22 Pride in work over in island church (9) ARROGANCE
23 Formal item of clothing dear? Cost's outrageous (5,4) DRESS COAT (ana. DEAR COSTS)
24 Heartless teddy boy becomes a boxer (5) TYSON (Heartless teddy=TY, boy=SON)

1 Deliver a sermon, a real beauty about beginning to repent (6) PREACH (a real beauty=PEACH, beginning to repent=R => P(R)EACH)
2 Runs a racket in capital (5) RABAT (Runs=R, a=A, racket=BAT)
3 Brand new floods came bringing impending disaster (5,2,8) SWORD OF DAMOCLES (Brand=SWORD + ana. FLOODS CAME)
4 Prevented from participating in hobby by daughter (9) SIDELINED (hobby=SIDELINE, daughter=D)
5 Great short piece from orchestra in a slow tempo (5) LARGO (Great short=LARGE-E=LARG, piece from orchestra=O)
6 Rifleman's aid — light piece — cost's outrageous (10,5) TELESCOPIC SIGHT (ana. LIGHT PIECE COSTS)
7 Little Edward's trapping destructive creatures — it doesn't matter (5,4) NEVER MIND (NE(VERMIN)D)
8 Apologetic about Church of England suggesting witchcraft (7) SORCERY (Aplologetic=SORRY, Church of england=CE => SOR(CE)RY)
13 One with bit of nerve to go on ahead (2,7) IN ADVANCE
14 Fool receiving awful clout from powerful rich type (9) PLUTOCRAT (Fool=PRAT => P(ana. CLOUT)RAT)
15 Traced the source of English river? I have, in the outskirts of Dartford (7) DERIVED (outskirts of Dartford=DD, English river=ER, I have=IVE => D(ER)(IVE)D)
16 River that's cut off any number... (6) SEVERN (cut off=SEVER, any number=N)
18 ... in part of Florida, hot U.S. state (5) IDAHO (FlorIDAHOt)
20 Girl from the North kept in a long time (5) AGNES (long time=AGES, North=N => AG(N)ES)