Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8344 Solutions - by Vinod & Sriram

1 Security device at ATM — electrode designed to capture time (5,8) METAL DETECTOR (ATM — electrode designed=ana. ATM+ELECTRODE, time=T=>ATM — electrode designed to capture time = ana. ATM+ELECTRODE+T
9 The candidate — me, one in trouble (7) NOMINEE (me, one in trouble = ana. ME+ONE+IN)
10 Support the English partner (7) ESPOUSE (English=E, partner=SPOUSE)
11 New or Old, it is part of the book (9) TESTAMENT (Direct)
12 Incomplete surgery is a dramatic thing (5) OPERA (surgery=OPERATION=>Incomplete surgery = OPERA)
13 Old President managed to conceal age somehow (6) REAGAN (managed=RAN, age somehow=ana. AG=EAG=>managed to conceal age somehow = R(EAG)AN)
14 So in a state of unconsciousness as to come flapping (8) COMATOSE (as to come flapping = ana. AS+TO+COME)
17 Furtive, cunning: but they last, anyhow (8) STEALTHY (they last, anyhow = ana. THEY+LAST)
19 Insist upon inclusion of right in something valuable (6) ASSERT (right=R, something valuable=ASSET=>right in something valuable = ASSE(R)T)
23 Catalogues of desires (5) LISTS (Dbl Def)
25 French article definitely known to be subject to variation (9) UNCERTAIN (French article=UN, definitely known=CERTAIN)
26 Lively music Al Gore played with a hint of lilt (7) ALLEGRO (Al Gore played=ana. ALGORE=ALEGRO, hint of Lilt=L=>Al Gore played with a hint of lilt = AL(L)EGRO)
27 More pungent part of Morocco (7) TANGIER (Dbl Def)
28 A flirt's facing difficulty from a regulator of vehicular movement (7,6) TRAFFIC SIGNAL (A flirt's facing difficulty = ana. A+FLIRTS+FACING)

1 "I beheld the wretch — the miserable — whom I had created" (Mary Shelley) (7) MONSTER (Direct)
2 What the new employee has to go through to get the maximum pay for the job (9) TIMESHARE (??)
3 Old actress Turner sheltering brown plant (7) LANTANA (Old actress Turner=LANA, brown=TAN=>Old actress Turner sheltering brown = LAN(TAN)A)
4 The hole that the seer permitted (6) EYELET (seer=EYE(one that sees), permitted=LET)
5 Periodic trial of the politician (8) ELECTION (Direct)
6 Starch from cassava (7) TAPIOCA (Direct)
7 The way to get out in the protection of British sappers (5) ROUTE (out=OUT, British sappers=RE=>out in the protection of British sappers = R(OUT)E)
8 Typical quality of a girl, good oriental (7) AVERAGE (a=A, girl=VERA, good=G, oriental=E)
15 Theatrical manoeuvre? (9) OPERATION (Cryptic Def - ref. to the Operation Theatre)
16 Dismiss Pole, awfully rough, very loud (5,3) SHRUG OFF (Pole=S, awfully rough=ana. ROUGH=HRUGO, very loud=FF)
17 Rescue student in the grip of a fierce animal (7) SALVAGE (student=L, fierce animal=SAVAGE=>student in the grip of a fierce animal = SA(L)VAGE)
18 Food to resolve a snag in American city (7) LASAGNA (resolve a sanag=ana. A+SNAG=ASAGN, American city=LA=>a snag in American city = L(ASAGN)A)
20 The instrument to play ragas in (7) SARANGI (play ragas in = ana. RAGAS+IN)
21 It supports a plant to hasten drilling work here (7) TENDRIL (Container => hasTEN DRILling)
22 The acid for producing vinegar (6) ACETIC (Direct)
24 Penny in the slot to produce a break (5) SPLIT (Penny=P, slot=SLIT=>Penny in the slot = S(P)LIT)


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However, we often talk of payscale, rather than timescale. Haven't checked the authenticity of this term. Perhaps you could!