Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2613 Solutions

1 Endless series of notes written by one, a Shakespeare character (7) OCTAVIA (series of notes=OCTAVE=>Endless series of notes=OCTAV, one=I, a=A=>Endless series of notes written by one, a = OCTAV+I+A)
5 Unfair arrangement that involves untreated wood (3,4) RAW DEAL (untreated=RAW, deal=WOOD)
9 Terribly irate going round ancient city in ancient country (7) ETRURIA (Terribly irate=ana. IRATE=ETRIA, ancient city=UR=>Terribly irate going round ancient city = ETR(UR)IA)
10 Woman ringing daughter on island state (7) FLORIDA (Woman=FLORIA, daughter=D=>Woman ringing daughter = FLORI(D)A)
11 So tasty, Thai cooking in other words (4,2,2,3) THAT IS TO SAY (So tasty, Thai cooking = ana. SO+TASTY+THAI)
14 Minister's chatter cut short (5) RABBI (chatter=RABBIT=>chatter cut short = RABBI)
15 Mail a lad abroad about a spiritual leader (5,4) DALAI LAMA (Mail a lad abroad = ana. MAIL+A+LAD)
16 Increasing the wealth of church popular in Niger originally (9) ENRICHING (church=CH, in Niger originally=ana. IN+NIGER??=ENRIING=>church popular in Niger originally = ENRI(CH)ING -- 'originally' is not convincing as an ana. ind.)
19 Despicable person with dog (5) HOUND (Dbl Def)
20 New York politician plugging Ireland, say (6,5) EMPIRE STATE (politician=MP, Ireland=EIRE=>politician plugging Ireland=E(MP)IRE, say=STATE)
23 On the subject of a rugby player, very large (7) APROPOS (a=A, rugby player=PROP, very large=OS => A+PROP+OS)
24 Was obsequious to a degree, one visiting editor (7) TOADIED (to=TO, a=A, degree=D, one=I, editor=ED => TO+A+D+I+ED)
25 Pangs of conscience about son getting in again (7) REMORSE (about=RE, son=S, again=MORE=>son getting in again=MOR(S)E => RE+MORSE)
26 More demanding Irish novelist, by right (7) STERNER (Irish novelist=STERNE, right=R=>Irish novelist, by right = STERNE+R)

1 Reversed more than is usual, then changed direction (10) OVERTURNED (more than usual=OVER, changed direction=TURNED => OVER+TURNED)
2 Hackneyed yarn, unembellished? (10) THREADBARE (Hackneyed=BARE, yarn=THREAD)
3 Receiving repair, damaged plant (8,7) VIRGINIA CREEPER (Receiving repair, damaged = ana. RECEIVING+REPAIR)
4 Notice fit little boy getting changed (7) ADAPTED (Notice=AD, fit=APT, little boy=ED => AD+APT+ED)
5 No regrets? (7) REFUSAL (??)
6 Western fancy goods they had in plant (5,10) WOODY NIGHTSHADE (Western=W, fancy goods they had in = ana. GOODY+THEY+HAD+IN)
7 Leave former partner with it (4) EXIT (former partner=EX, it=IT=>former partner with it = EX+IT)
8 Guide boy round centre of Crewe (4) LEAD (boy=LAD, center of CrEwe=E=>boy round centre of Crewe = LEAD)
12 Troublesome lout ain't as welcome (10) SALUTATION (Troublesome lout ain't as = ana. LOUT+AINT+AS)
13 Ted Heath was one reportedly suppressed PM? (10) BANDLEADER (suppressed=BANNED=>reportedly suppressed=homonym of BANNED=BAND, PM=LEADER => BAND+LEADER)
17 Deadlock dad's locked in new semi (7) IMPASSE (dad's=PAS, new semi=ana. SEMI=IMSE=>dad's locked in new semi = IM(PAS)SE)
18 Circles Ayr and gets disoriented (7) GYRATES (Ayr and gets disoriented = ana. AYR+GETS)
21 Pretty fine tune (4) FAIR (fine=F, tune=AIR => F+AIR)
22 Close to old and strange house (4) _R_M ??


manish said...

22 dwn seems to be "cram"
cram-> close fit
no explanation though :)

adarsh said...

good blog ;-)