Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8343 Solutions

1 Unimportant kind of boxer (11) LIGHTWEIGHT (Dbl Def - 1. Unimportant 2. kind of boxer)
9 Restraint on mob rage exploding (7) EMBARGO (mob rage exploding = ana. MOB+RAGE)
10 Work unit dug out a prickly pear (7) OPUNTIA (Work=OP, unit dug out=ana. UNIT=UNTI, a=A)
11 Prince perhaps and a viceroy also in part (5) ROYAL (Container => viceROY ALso)
12 Cripple the poor actor's call? About time (9) HAMSTRING (poor actor's=HAM'S, call=RING, time=T=>poor actor's call? About time = HAM(S)TRING)
13 French coffee and where to get it (4) CAFE (Dbl Def)
15 A feat by editor gets dwarfed (7) STUNTED (A feat=STUNT, editor=ED)
19 Garden of fruit trees or a variety of beet (7) ORCHARD (or=OR, a variety of beet=CHARD)
20 Ruler who developed arts (4) TSAR (developed arts = ana. ARTS)
24 The endless bad wind affected the range of frequencies in transmission (9) BANDWIDTH (ana. BAD+WIND+TH(endless THE) -- poorly placed 'endless' and ana. ind)
25 Synthetic resin to keep oxygen stable within (5) EPOXY (Container => keEP OXYgen)
27 One from Anjou is given an adjustment (7) ANGEVIN (given an adjustment = ana. GIVEN+AN)
28 Processed hide, article accepted by old king (7) LEATHER (article=THE, old king=LEAR=>article accepted by old king = LEA(THE)R)
29 A curate's art used as a cooking ingredient (6,5) TARTAR SAUCE (A curate's art used = ana. A+CURATES+ART)

1 Pressure group in a part of the House (5) LOBBY (Dbl Def)
2 Man in north India with the French mouthwash (6) GARGLE (Man in north India=GARG, the French=LE)
3 Article not featured in wasting a prize (6) TROPHY (Article=A, wasting=ATROPHY=>Article not featured in wasting = ATROPHY-A)
4 The monstrousness of a minor yet to be trained (8) ENORMITY (minor yet to be trained = ana. MINOR+YET)
5 Excessive eating in a surplus situation by a chap (8) GLUTTONY (surplus situation=GLUT, chap=TONY)
6 Being worn out as a state isn't subject to change (9) TATTINESS (state isn't subject to change = ana. STATE+ISNT)
7 Parvenu, poor in the past perhaps (3,4) NEW RICH (poor in the past = recently rich)
8 Slow kind of music from a popular golden time (5) LARGO (Container => popuLAR GOlden)
14 British navy to fight madly for a period of time (9) FORTNIGHT (British navy=RN, to=TO, fight=FIGHT=>British navy to fight madly = ana. RN+TO+FIGHT)
16 Finished with working the teeth? Consider carefully (4,4) CHEW OVER (Finished=OVER, working with the teeth=CHEW)
17 Instrument to develop a grand aim (8) MRIDANGA (develop a grand aim = ana. GRAND+AIM)
18 Cheese processed in rue Grey (7) GRUYERE (processed in rue Grey = ana. RUE+GREY)
21 Upper-class craft, once a terror in the main (1-4) U-BOAT (Upper-class=U, craft=BOAT)
22 Creatures hard to find in a part of the U.K. (6) WHALES (hard=H, part of the U.K.=WALES=>hard to find in a part of the U.K. = W(H)ALES)
23 Kind of feeling already encountered in France (4,2) DEJA VU (Direct -- French for 'Kind of feeling already encountered')
26 Contemptuous expression about a yellow-orange colour (5) OCHRE (Contemptuous expression=OCH, about=RE)