Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8338 Solutions

1 Conservative bid by beastly mother for watertight structure in construction (9) COFFERDAM (Conservative=C, bid=OFFER, beastly mother=DAM)
5 The team daughter supported (5) SIDED (team=SIDE, daughter=D)
8 In despair I go urging some strictness (6) RIGOUR (Container despaiR I GO URging)
9 Worker gets direction and time to be earlier (8) ANTEDATE (Worker=ANT, direction=E, time=DATE)
11 Vegetable, half all right (4) OKRA (all right=OK, RA=??)
12 A pop singer's distracted by music makers in church perhaps (5,5) ORGAN PIPES (A pop singer's distracted = ana. A+POP+SINGER)
14 Be leaving illegal bar with a gleam (5) SHEEN (Be=BE, illegal bar=SHEBEEN=>Be leaving illegal bar = SHEBEEN-BE)
15 At home the girl's appeal is to get property... (7) INHERIT (At home=IN, the girl's=HER, appeal=IT (sex appeal))
16 ... in delusive babyhood (7) INFANCY (in=IN, delusive=FANCY)
17 Wild dog making a racket — leave (5) DINGO (a racket=DIN, leave=GO)
19 Insincere support for IPC: servile nonsense (3,7) LIP SERVICE (IPC: servile nonsense = ana. IPC+SERVILE)
20 Landowner, no end, in lion's den (4) LAIR (Landowner=LAIRD=>Landowner, no end = LAIRD-D)
22 Warning about bad lager containing metal (8) ALERTING (bad lager=ana. LAGER=ALERG, metal=TIN=>bad lager containing metal = ALER(TIN)G)
23 The element of a popular match in totality (6) SODIUM (a popular match=ODI(one day international), totality=SUM=>a popular match in totality = S(ODI)UM)
24 Priest's vestment of old, giving record cover for head with one ring out (5) EPHOD (record=EP, cover for head=HOOD, ring=O=>record cover for head with one ring out = EP+HOOD-O)
25 Dome, English variety, is a perfect specimen (9) ARCHETYPE (Dome=ARCH, English=E, variety=TYPE)

1 Copy of a part of a tramcar bonnet (6) CARBON (Container => tramCAR BONnet)
2 Numbers of spoken words — metaphors and so on (7,2,6) FIGURES OF SPEECH (Numbers=FIGURES, of=OF, spoken words=SPEECH)
3 Creatures in the east must be docked (4) EMUS (east=E, MUSt)
4 The Diplomatic Corps in the U.K. got involved with new drama: "Asian Bird" (8,4) MANDARIN DUCK (ana. DC(Diplomatic Corps)+IN+UK+N(new)+DRAMA)
5 Knot made with a meek person's coil of rope (10) S_E_P_H_N_
6 A combination of Jekyll and Hyde? (4,11) DUAL PERSONALITY (Direct)
7 Such eyes as those of a devious group (4-3) DEEP SET (devious=DEEP, group=SET)
10 Mysterious, nasty larva in a part of Romania (12) TRANSYLVANIA (Mysterious, nasty larva in = ana. NASTY+LARVA+IN)
13 In undershirt, concealed in grass, ploughed (the money) back in for profit (10) REINVESTED (in=IN, undershirt=VEST, grass=REED=>In undershirt, concealed in grass = RE(INVEST)ED
16 Sick notes get notoriety (3-4) ILL-FAME (Sick=ILL, notes=FA+ME(Do/Re/Me/Fa/So/La/Ti)
18 Weight of Greek upset Austen girl (6) GRAMME (Greek=GR, Austen girl=EMMA=>upset Austen girl=AMME)
21 Twenty failing to start in the centre (4) CORE (Twenty=SCORE=>Twenty failing to start = SCORE-S)


Chaturvasi said...

11 Vegetable, half all right (4) OKRA (all right=OK, RA=??)

Vegetable - def. for reqd. OKRA
Half (of which is) OK = all right.

That's how I see it.

The explanation eluded me for a few seconds before I saw light.

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