Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2612 Solutions

1 Demonstrate bit of skill - and how! (4) SHOW (bit of Skill=S, how=HOW)
3 Trainee astronaut, one who often gets high (5,5) SPACE CADET (Dbl Def - 1. Trainee astronaut 2. one who often gets high (a druggy))
9 Tumble on top of rest (11) OVERBALANCE (on=OVER, rest=BALANCE)
11 Mother carrying one girl (3) MIA (Mother=MA, one=I=>Mother carrying one = M(I)A)
12 A Greek goddess paid her to in error (9) APHRODITE (paid her to in error = ana. PAID+HER+TO)
13 Head of security in art gallery gains experience (5) TASTE (Head of security=S, art gallery=TATE=>Head of security in art gallery = TA(S)TE)
14 The place from which one begins a journey trainspotting, possibly (8,5) STARTING POINT (trainspotting, possibly = ana. TRAINSPOTTING)
17 One employed in Fleet Street, running off pursued by crowd? (8,5) PRINTING PRESS (running off=PRINTING, crowd=PRESS)
21 Laborious work, note, filling in crossword diagram (5) GRIND (note=N, crossword diagram=GRID=>note, filling in crossword diagram = GRI(N)D)
23 Resourceful substitute almost checked by foul (9) VERSATILE (??)
24 Champion boxer from Australia (3) ALI (austrALIa)
25 Unhappy chappies make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter (11) MALCONTENTS (make harsh criticisms=SLAM=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection=MALS, subject matter=CONTENT=>make harsh criticisms, upon reflection, about subject matter = MAL(CONTENT)S)
26 Henry, with mum in new bar, has potato dish (4,6) HASH BROWNS (Henry=H, mum=SH, new bar=ana. BAR=ABR=>mum in new bar=A(SH)BR, has=OWNS => H+A(SH)BR+OWNS )
27 Film director tucked into bubble-and-squeak (4) LEAN (Container => bubbLE ANd)

1 Work hard on a new catchword (6) SLOGAN (Work hard=SLOG, a=A, new=N)
2 The position lies unsettled, so declare war? (4,11) OPEN HOSTILITIES (The position lies unsettled = ana. THE+POSITION+LIES)
4 Friend reportedly failed to see fortune-teller (7) PALMIST (Friend=PAL, failed to see=MISSED=>reportedly failed to see=homonym of MISSED=MIST)
5 Business interest (7) CONCERN (Dbl Def)
6 Talk about last to leave do (5) CHEAT (Talk=CHAT, last to leavE=E=>Talk about last to leave = CH(E)AT)
7 Household skills demonstrated by servant since cooking course (not ours) (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE (servant=DOMESTIC, since=SINCE, course not ours=COURSE-OURSE=CE=>since cooking course (not ours)=ana. SINCE+CE=SCIENCE)
8 Parody attempt to conceal an undergarment (8) TRAVESTY (attempt=TRY, undergarment=VEST=>attempt to conceal an undergarment = TRA(VEST)Y)
10 Cheerful lad, we hear, followed by social worker (7) BUOYANT (lad=BOY=>lad, we hear=homonym of BOY=BUOY, social worker=ANT)
15 Cement mostly used round about start of century to make a form of concrete (7) PRECAST (Cement=PASTE=>Cement mostly=PAST, about=RE, start of Century=C=>Cement mostly used round about start of century = P(RE+C)AST)
16 In front of husband, rip page out showing inscription (8) EPIGRAPH (husband=H, rip page out=ana. RIP+PAGE=EPIGRAP)
18 Composer's new look (7) NOVELLO (new=novel, look=LO -- Ivor Novello)
19 Lift beam across ring (7) PURLOIN (beam=PURLIN, ring=O=>beam across ring = PURL(O)IN)
20 Daughter, leaving study ahead of boy, makes an excuse (6) REASON (Daughter=D, study=READ=>Daughter, leaving study=READ-D=REA, boy=SON)
22 Discharge leader of battalion after protest march (5) DEMOB (leader of battalion=B, protest march=DEMO)


Chaturvasi said...
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Chaturvasi said...

23 Resourceful substitute almost checked by foul (9) VERSATILE (??)

The explanation struck me just now as I looked at the clue in your posting.
Resourceful - versatile
substitute almost - ersat(z)
checked by - c/c signal
foul - vile

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