Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8248 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Not that such people have darkened vision (4-4) GRAY-EYED (Direct)
5 As done to clean one's hands without using water (6) DRYRUB (Direct)
10 Ah! Stupa can be rebuilt if it is necessary (2,1,4) AT A PUSH (ana. AH+STUPA)
11 Agra zone endlessly produces material (7) ORGANZA (ana. AGRA+ZONE-E)
12 Renew state appointment (6) UPDATE (State=UP, appointment=DATE => UP+DATE)
13 An opponent has no play in this (4,4) FREE KICK (Direct)
15 She comes back and forth (4) ANNA (back and forth suggests a palindrome)
16 Not as actors portray the Mafia (4,6) _O_A _ _ _T_A (thought it could be an anagram of NOT+AS+ACTORS, but this has 11 letters)
18 As given to a digital photo for enhanced appeal (4,6) EDGE EFFECT (Direct)
20 Table in Borde's kitchen (4) DESK (Container => BorDES Kitchen)
23 Win easily and leave the scene (4,4) WALK AWAY (Double Defn.)
24 Father's bird is not capable of doing the thing (4,2) PAST IT (Father's=PA'S, bird=TIT)
26 In the street no cook is ready for delivery (2,5) IN STOCK (In=IN, street=ST, no=O, cook=CK => IN ST+O+CK)
27 The tale about a jock (7) ATHLETE (ana. THE+TALE)
28 The girl backs the Communist dodge (6) EVADER (The girl=EVA, Communist=RED=>backs the Communist=DER => EVA+DER)
29 Wonderful features of cricket fielders (4,4) FINE LEGS (Wonderful=FINE, features=LEGS)

1 Wah, Ted, regal unit produces a kind of sugar (10,5) GRANULATED WHITE (ana. WAH+TED+REGAL+UNIT)
2 Move out of a restriction a great many put in operation (7) ABANDON (a=A, restriction=BAN, a great many=D, put in operation=ON => A+BAN+DO+N)
3 Ownership that's fair and just (6) EQUITY (Direct)
4 Call to mind some of the Cho plays (4) ECHO (Container => thE CHO)
6 Where the rascals hold sway (8) R_G_E_ _ _
7 Act without restraint as iron falls in a groove (3,4) RUN RIOT (iron falls=ana. IRON=NRIO, groove=RUT=>RU(N RIO)T)
8 Back steelmarker exposing those who engage in illegal trade (5-10) BLACK-MARKETEERS (ana. BACK+STEELMARKER)
9 No fisherman will be rich with this (4,5) POOR CATCH (Direct)
14 They offer storage space above one's head (4,5) ROOF RACKS (Direct)
17 Not to mention the hindrance the boy imposed on an individual (3,5) LET ALONE (hindrance=LET, the boy=AL, individual=ONE => LET AL+ONE)
19 The girl acquires an Indian name — altogether a foreign name (7) GALUSHA (girl=GAL, Indian name=USHA => GAL+USHA)
21 Once meter ran beyond a norm (7) EXTREME (Once=EX, meter ran=ana. METER=TREME => EX+TREME)
22 Mothers run to iron (6) MASHIE (Mothers=MAS, run=HIE => MAS+HIE)
25 Military Intelligence admits the boy as a gardener (4) MALI (Military Intelligence=MI, boy=AL=>Military Intelligence admits the boy = M(AL)I)


Chaturvasi said...

The answer is COSA NOSTRA.

Subject "not as actors" has 2 Ts but the anagram has 1 T only.

It is a mistake that has been overlooked.

The other answer is ROGUEDOM.