Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8231 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Kind of glass little Frederic found around the East of Germany (7) FROSTED (little Frederic=FRED, East of Germany=OST (means 'East' in German)=>little Frederic found around the East of Germany = FR(OST)ED)
5 Polish the image, cross it and commit yourself (7) RUBICON (Polish=RUB, the image=ICON=>Polish the image = RUB+ICON)
9 Software — to power the surgeon's method? (9,6) OPERATING SYSTEM (Cryptic => surgeon-OPERATION)
10 The girl is a ringer, they say (6) ISABEL (is=IS, a=A, ringer=BELL=>ringer they say=homonym of BELL=BEL => IS+A+BEL)
11 Can TN ignore leaking gas ... (8) NITROGEN (TN ignore leaking = ana. TN+IGNORE)
13 ... till we meet again in Paris? (2,6) AU REVOIR (Direct => means 'till we meet again' in French)
15 What the undergrad works for (6) DEGREE (Direct)
18 Make a demand for inclusion of sibling in international (6) INSIST (sibling=SIS, international=INT=>inclusion of sibling in international = IN(SIS)T)
19 Cupid's victory, a surprise in this tournament (5,3) DAVIS CUP (Cupid's victory, a surprise = ana. CUPIDS+V(victory)+A)
22 Trembling milk maker in modest surroundings (8) SHUDDERY (milk maker=UDDER, modest=SHY=>milk maker in modest surroundings = SH(UDDER)Y)
24 The meaning of one part of foreign trade (6) IMPORT (Double Defn.)
27 In language, it is the... sure thing! (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE (Cryptic Def. - 'The' is a definite article)
28 Deer tracked by university official in English girl's school (7) ROEDEAN (Deer=ROE(a kind of deer), university official=DEAN=>Deer tracked by university official = ROE+DEAN)
29 Dirty pawnbroker, a Pole (7) UNCLEAN (pawnbroker=UNCLE, a=A, Pole=N)

1 Plant life around centre of presidency in American state (7) FLORIDA (Plant life = FLORA, centre of presIDency=ID=>Plant life around centre of presidency = FLOR(ID)A)
2 Carmen, for example, part of a cooperative effort (5) OPERA (Container => coOPERAtive)
3 Some dregs to inspire the fortune teller (3,6) TEA LEAVES (Direct)
4 Solid support for speakers (4) DAIS (Cryptic Defn.)
5 Get back in gear somehow (6) REGAIN (in gear somehow = ana. IN+GEAR)
6 Customer for a cow shelter, say (5) BUYER (cow shelter=BYRE=>cow shelter, say = homonym of BYRE)
7 Unqualified Erica got caught slipping (9) CATEGORIC (Erica got caught slipping = ana. ERICA+GOT+C(caught))
8 A candidate, benami perhaps (7) NOMINEE (Double Defn.)
12 Appropriate seizure (3) FIT (Double Defn.)
14 Rearrangement that could worry ministers (9) RESFHUFFLE (Direct)
16 Imagine Connecticut turning mysterious (9) ENIGMATIC (Imagine Connecticut turning = ana. IMAGINE+CT)
17 Authority to influence a decision perhaps (3) SAY (Double Defn.)
18 Member of the team, one privy to exclusive information (7) INSIDER (Double Defn.)
20 A design to lightly hit a bird (7) PATTERN (lighly hit=PAT, a bird=TERN => PAT+TERN)
21 Native of Brittany in a British school (6) BRITON (Double Defn.)
23 Kathak, say, in a mundan ceremony (5) DANCE (Container => munDAN CEremony)
25 At the right moment, unity surrounds copper (2,3) ON CUE (unity=ONE, copper=CU=>unity surrounds copper = ON (CU)E)
26 Demon of a planet (4) RAHU (Direct)