Monday, March 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8252 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Sort of play gripping Mum or Dad, so it seems (10) APPARENTLY (Sort of play=ana. PLAY=APLY, Mum or Dad=PARENT=>Sort of play gripping Mum or Dad = AP(PARENT)LY)
6 Southern outfit made available for a short play (4) SKIT (Southern=S, outfit=KIT => S+KIT)
9 Guilty look, so treat the murderous mongrel as guilty (7) HANGDOG (mongrel=DOG=>treat the murderous mongrel as guilty=HANG the DOG = HANG+DOG)
10 Do head off (7) EXECUTE (Cryptic defn.)
12 Made cue to actor to dress as warrior (8) ACCOUTRE (ana. CUE+ACTOR)
13 Solidly built to be permanent (5) PUKKA (Double Def.)
15 Places odds on equal basis (5) EVENS (Double Def.)
17 Great gathering — a service intended we hear (9) AMASSMENT (a=A, gathering=MASS, intended=MEANT=>intended we hear=MENT => A+MASS+MENT)
19 Carried away by success to become a conceit (9) SWELLHEAD (Direct)
21 A composition on stage (5) DRAMA (Direct)
23 Had gold ordered for her (5) RHODA (Had=HAD, gold=OR=>Had gold ordered = ana. HAD+OR)
24 Too awfully pale, that's clear (8) OVERLEAP (Too=OVER, awfully pale=ana. PALE=LEAP => OVER+LEAP)
27 The old man has to economise (7) HUSBAND (Double Def.)
28 A horse, we hear, seen in a crystal ball — it's looking skinny (7) SCRAGGY (??)
29 Get through an exam without honours (4) PASS (Double Def.)
30 Actor showing the way to others (7,3) LEADING MAN (Double Def.)

1 Writing a note, a guy can be given pain (4) ACHE (a=A, note=C, a guy=HE => A+C+HE)
2 Part of Espana cheering this theatrically (7) PANACHE (Container => EsPANA CHEering)
3 Got on horse to go round the Wild West show (5) RODEO (Got on horse=RODE, round=O => RODE+O)
4 Frightful mate for a dark horse? (9) NIGHTMARE (mate for a horse=MARE, dark=NIGHT)
5 Lie around for instance, under a feudal tenure (5) LIEGE (LIE + ana. E.G.)
7 Joint near which indecent remarks are made (7) KNUCKLE (Cryptic Defn.)
8 Armageddon as part of recent history (3,4,3) THE LAST DAY (Double Defn.)
11 Divorcee did modelling in the nude (7) EXPOSED (Divorcee=EX, did modelling=POSED => EX+POSED)
14 Spice shorn out in dictator's office (10) CENSORSHIP (Spice shorn out = ana. SPICE+SHORN)
16 Despot's concubine (7) SULTANA (Direct)
18 Gave a talking to, as they are at present lined up (9) ADDRESSED (??)
20 They hold the doctrine of their own importance (7) EGOISTS (Direct)
22 A mixture from Malaga served with meal starter (7) AMALGAM (ana. MALAGA+M(meal starter=1st letter of Meal))
24 A film produced considerable time ago (5) OLDIE (Direct)
25 She look to learning traditional course (5) LOREN/LORAN (look=LO, traditional course=??)
26 Get him soundly to praise the Lord (4) HYMN (soundly suggests a homonym of HIM)