Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8239 Solutions

1 Flower from sweet American bunch (9) CANDYTUFT (Direct)
6 You form an assembly for open discussion (5) FORUM (ana. U+FORM)
9 Enraged by scruffy green advertisement shortly (7) ANGERED (scruffy green advertisement shortly = ana. GREEN+AD)
10 Sings with trills (7) WARBLES (Direct)
11 Vicious person difficult to deal with (6) T_R_A_
12 Not so much of a tenant (6) LESSEE (Not so much = LESS)
15 Happening in landed property (4,6) REAL ESTATE
16 One biscuit for the wading bird here (4) IBIS (Container => I(one)+BIS)
18 Lowest part in music (4) BASS (Direct)
19 Garment for a hula dance (10) GRASSSKIRT (Direct)
23 Like long narrow furrows, can be very fashionable (6) GROOVY (Double Defn.)
25 Murderous disease that deprive life (6) KILLER (Crappy clue -- awful grammar)
28 Clear thick syrup (7) TREACLE (Direct)
29 Cause to be no longer in one's memory (7) UNLEARN (Direct)
30 Shares business transactions (5) DEALS (Double Defn.)
31 Overwhelmed, daunted in distress (9) INUNDATED (daunted in distress = ana. DAUNTED+IN)

1 Division of an episode (7) CHAPTER
2 People from the African city of Lagos (9) NIGERIAN (Direct)
3 Total number of a unit of measure (7) YARDAGE (Crappy clue)
4 Short road in use as they say in this language (4) U_D_
5 Won't rebuild an urban area (4) TOWN (Won't rebuild = ana. WONT)
6 Search out some silk tape (6) FERRET (Double Defn.)
7 Parts in plays (5) ROLES (Direct)
8 Becomes adept at diverting streams (7) MASTERS (diverting streams = ana. STREAMS)
13 Bird that carries in babies (5) STORK (Direct)
14 Put away and hide saint with burnt remains (5) STASH (saint=ST, burnt remains=ASH=>saint with burnt remains = ST+ASH)
17 Highly talented student in class (9) BRILLIANT (Direct - what kind of a clue is this? the clues is worded as if it expects a noun for an answer, but turns out to be adjective - pathetic clueing)
18 Being obstinate I got into bed confused (7) BIGOTED (I got into bed confused = ana. I+GOT+BED)
20 Without surface movement (7) STILLED (Direct)
21 Decorated and raised on dais (7) THRONED (Double Defn.)
22 Turns out the victim inside (6) EVICTS (Container => thE VICTim)
24 Russian lake that develops an ego (5) ONEGA (develops an ego = ana. AN+EGO)
26 Partly lose minimum wages here (4) SEMI (Container => loSE MInimum)
27 Revered spiritual leader (4) GURU (Direct)


Sagittarius said...

The answer to 04 Down is "URDU",I guess.("rd" from "Short road",but how come U..U?)

Sagittarius said...

Short road =>rd,use as they say=>UU.Short road in use as they say =>rd in uu =>URDU.