Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword No. 2596 Solutions

1 Applaud international bagging 50 (4) CLAP (international=CAP, 50=L=>international bagging 50 = C(L)AP)
3 Overcome with anger, police act outrageously arresting pawn (10) APOPLECTIC (ana. ANGER+ACT+P(pawn))
9 Name a lake after Italian family that's famous for healing (9) MEDICINAL (Name=N, a=A, lake=L, Italian family that's famous=MEDICI=>Name a lake after Italian family that's famous = MEDICI+N+A+L)
11 Cat mostly circling mother cats (5) PUMAS (Cat=PUSS=>Cat mostly=PUS, mother=MA=>Cat mostly circling mother = PU(MA)S)
12 Simultaneously, however (2,3,4,4) AT THE SAME TIME (Double Defn.)
14 Polish on river, European one (5) RHONE
16 Deny I featured in awfully rude tape (9) REPUDIATE (I=I, awfully rude tape=ana. RUDE+TAPE=REPUDATE=> featured in awfully rude tape = REPUD(I)ATE)
18 Washington, for example? (9) STATESMAN (Direct)
19 Distinct touch of comedy by English humorist (5) CLEAR (touch of Comedy=C, English humorist=LEAR=>touch of comedy by English humorist = C+LEAR)
20 Real teak barge adrift in large body of water (5,4,4) GREAT BEAR LAKE (Real teak barge adrift = ana. REAL+TEAK+BARGE)
24 Send watch back? (5) REMIT (watch=TIMER=>watch back=reverse of TIMER)
25 Snoopy's confidant in lumber with store (9) WOODSTOCK (lumber=WOOD, store=STOCK=>lumber with store = WOOD+STOCK)
26 Fabric shrink? So far, both ends of tie! (10) WINCEYETTE (shrink=WINCE, So far=YET, ends of TiE=TE => WINCE+YET+TE)
27 River Don? (4) WEAR (Double Defn.)

1 Reach a sort of pass and provide what is expected (4,6) COME ACROSS (Reach=COME, a=A, sort of pass=CROSS => COME A+CROSS)
2 Inspect accounts of car manufacturer close to Detroit (5) AUDIT (car manufacturer=AUDI, close to Detroit=last letter of DetroiT=T)
4 Star-shaped figure in manger? Apt, possibly (9) PENTAGRAM (manger? Apt, possibly = ana. MANGER+APT)
5 Up amongst legumes - lupins, lentils, etc. (5) PULSE (Reverse Container => legumES LUPins)
6 Terribly dire prospects for camaraderie (6,2,5) ESPRIT DE CORPS (Terribly dire prospects = ana. DIRE+PROSPECTS)
7 Sober, Paddy had a meal (9) TEMPERATE (Paddy=TEMPER, meal=ATE=>Paddy had a meal = TEMPER+ATE)
8 Cover action (4) CASE (Double Defn.)
10 Somehow cheered, met me around noon for a drink (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE (ana. CHEERED+MET+ME around N(noon))
13 Excessively sentimental story, ripper written about Yank? (4-6) TEAR JERKER (ripper=TEARER, Yank=JERK=>ripper written about Yank = TEAR (JERK)ER)
15 Society member phoned head of embassy in sultanate (9) ORANGEMAN (phoned=RANG, head of embassy=E, sultanate=OMAN=>phoned head of embassy in sultanate = O(RANG+E)MAN)
17 Write series of questions about chapter on old festival (9) PENTECOST (Write=PEN, series of questions=TEST, chapter=OC=>Write series of questions about chapter = PEN+TE(CO)ST)
21 Used for corporal punishment, it could make one sweat (5) TAWSE (ana. SWEAT)
22 In agreement with a character (2,3) AT ONE (a=A, character=TONE => A+TONE)
23 Boast about rank (4) CROW (Double Defn.)


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