Monday, March 14, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8240 Solutions

A third-rate grid. The clues fall into one or more of the following categories:-
- unfair (with missing anagram indicators)
- poor surface reading
- non-cryptic direct dictionary meanings (and I thought this was a cryptic crossword)
- plain senseless.

Why do we have to endure this? :-((

1 Drew up air as an expression of contempt (7) SNIFFED (Double Defn.)
5 In extraordinary time ran up a prayer tower (7) MINARET (ana. TIME+RAN)
9 Physically powerful performer (7) ATHLETE (Direct)
10 Time when the sun is at the highest point (7) NOONDAY (Direct)
11 Sound of hesitation (3) HMM (Direct)
12 Having great control and austerity (5) STOIC (Direct)
13 General applause for brilliant display (5) ECLAT (Double Defn.)
14 Meal, note, with the man it should satisfy (6) DINNER (note=N, man=DINER=>note, with the man = DIN(N)ER)
15 Forced in true uninvited fashion (8) INTRUDED (ana. IN+TRUE+DD(can someone pls enlighten me where the DD comes from??))
18 They search around for plunder (8) PIONEERS (Direct)
20 Reserved for emergency use (6) SPARED (Direct)
24 A storm somehow based on law (5) LEGAL (Dunno how to explain this, but I get the feeling that the compiler had GALE in mind when he wrote 'storm'. Now where the 'L' comes from, and how GALE and L magically bond to make LEGAL remains a mystery to me. Something tells me it's a mystery to the compiler too)
26 Does not get suntanned in this study? (5) BROWN (??)
27 Act in dumb show for mother shortly (3) MUM (Double Defn. -- pls note the poor clue construction)
28 Lone companies comfort in grief (7) CONSOLE (ana. LONE+COS(companies) -- the compiler is gracious enough to let you use the anagram indicator of your choice)
29 A true inflexible member having prominence (7) FEATURE (ana. A+TRUE+FE -- pls don't ask me to explain this one)
30 Ability to walk on rolling deck (3,4) SEA LEGS (Direct)
31 Clearly not west country domains (7) ESTATES (No idea)

1 Sash led to cut drastically (7) SLASHED (ana. SASH+LED -- what suggests the anagram you and I ask. No one knows)
2 Barbarous and cold-blooded (7) INHUMAN (Direct)
3 Is in the pink, although aware of rising sea (5,4) F_E_S _E_E (??)
4 Malignant supernatural being (6) DAEMON (Direct)
5 Threatening in a horrible manner (8) MENACING (Direct)
6 Ensnare soon in the East (5) NOOSE (ana. SOON+E (East) -- ana. ind. pleaseeeeeeeee)
7 Pierced with many holes (7) RIDDLED (Direct)
8 Made an appointment (7) TRYSTED (Direct)
16 Interminably sorry about the pen of my French aunt (9) REPENTANT (about=RE, pen=PEN, French aunt=TANT => RE+PEN+TANT)
17 Professional car firm takes the measure of difficult questions (8) PROBLEMS (Professional=PRO, rest=??)
18 Locations occupied by royal residences (7) PALACES (Direct)
19 Transparent silky stuff piped from South Africa (7) ORGANZA (pipe=ORGAN, ZA=Zambia?? -- this clue takes the bakery. I confer upon it the honorary title of 'worst clue of the century')
21 Go back to specified date (7) REMOUNT (??)
22 Rainy days naturally put these on outdoor activities (7) DAMPERS (Direct)
23 Mocha, for example (6) COFFEE (Direct)
25 Release from bonds or restraint (5) LOOSE (lol, what a clue!)

Just count the number of Direct clues. Can someone please remind the compiler this is supposed to be a CRYPTIC puzzle!!


Jax said...

good work dude. have to agree with you that the grid was a pathetic one!