Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8235 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Reduction in spending may cause pain to footballer (7) CUTBACK (Double Defn.)
5 Characters with a slant, they give emphasis (7) ITALICS (Direct)
10 Sacred word from a clamant Rastafarian (6) MANTRA (Container => claMANT RAstafarian)
11 He leaves his country for a grand: ingrate, unreliable (8) EMIGRANT (grand=M(1000 in Roman), ingrate=INGRATE=>grand: ingrate, unreliable = ana. M+INGRATE)
12 Go after unionist steeped in money (6) PURSUE (unionist=U, money=PURSE=>unionist steeped in money = PURS(U)E)
13 Entangled men heed second change (8) ENMESHED (men heed second change = ana. MEN+HEED+S(second))
14 Medieval America's Gorgon with snakes for hair (6) MEDUSA (Medieval=MED, America=USA => MED+USA)
15 In the cook book, it is a right piece for disaster (6) RECIPE (right piece for disaster = ana. R+PIECE)
18 Recently, it was even found in Old English (2,4) OF LATE (even=FLAT, Old English=OE=>even found in Old English = O(F LAT)E)
20 Flower part, in a way? So be it (6) STAMEN (a way=ST, so be it=AMEN => ST+AMEN)
23 He talks extravagantly about race norm being violated (8) ROMANCER (race norm being violated = ana. RACE+NORM)
25 Sticky stuff swallowed by old general was the fruit of a pulse plant (6) LEGUME (Sticky stuff=GUM, old general=LEE=>Sticky stuff swallowed by old general = LE(GUM)E)
26 Lifeless bit of tress creates a stalemate (8) DEADLOCK (Lifeless=DEAD, bit of tress=LOCK => DEAD+LOCK)
27 Boisterous player with computer memory meets returning salesman (6) RAMPER (computer memory=RAM, salesman=REP=>returning salesman=PER => RAM+PER)
28 Good man, as he died, was put in a secret place (7) STASHED (Good man=ST, as=AS, he=HE, died=DIED=>'was put in' suggests containment => STASHEDied)
29 Armyman for training in Asian state (7) MYANMAR (Armyman for training = ana. ARMYMAN)

2 Planet pictured by originally unknown artist: big star on the rise (6) URANUS (unknown=U, artist=RA, big star=SUN=>big star on the rise=NUS => URA+NUS)
3 Her son was a wise man on the Sabbath: he suffered (9) BATHSHEBA (Sabbath: he suffered = ana. BATH+SHEBA)
4 Tea and water in France? About time in the castle (7) CHATEAU (Tea=CHA, water in France=EAU, time=T=>Tea and water in France? About time = CHA(T)EAU)
6 He fits out motor vehicles to be more spruce (7) TRIMMER (Double Defn.)
7 Look, teacher is upset by primate (5) LORIS (Look=LO, teacher=R, is=IS => LO+R+IS)
8 Casual worker in continued disregard of authority (8) CONTEMPT (Casual worker=TEMP, continued=CONT=>Casual worker in continued = CON(TEMP)T)
9 Brass hat to deal a blow to widespread stoppage of work (7,6) GENERAL STRIKE (Brass hat=GENERAL, deal a blow=STRIKE)
16 Priest, good Roman Catholic, mingling with laymen (9) CLERGYMAN (good=G, Roman Catholic=RC, laymen=LAYMEN=>good Roman Catholic, mingling with laymen = ana. G+RC+LAYMEN)
17 Plant trees with a fresh start, lot of trees (8) AFFOREST (a=A, fresh start=F, lot of trees=FOREST => A+F+FOREST)
19 Hem in in two directions and bring to an end (7) ENCLOSE (two directions=EN, bring to an end=CLOSE => EN+CLOSE)
21 Hypersensitivity of an accomplice accepting work unit (7) ALLERGY (an accomplice=ALLY, wrok unit=ERG=>an accomplice accepting work unit = ALL(ERG)Y)
22 Can a moa be a shapeless creature? (6) AMOEBA (ana. A+MOA+BE)
24 Mountain formation in South American desert (5) ANDES (Container => AmericAN DESert)