Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8254 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Stand up position for a collector of foreign matter (7) DUSTPAN (Stand up position = ana. STAND+UP)
5 Girl eager to provide material (7) NANKEEN (Girl=NAN, eager=KEEN => NAN+KEEN)
9 Loves to unravel a problem (5) SOLVE (ana. LOVES)
10 Work of masters auctioned off (9) EDUCATION (auctioned off = ana. AUCTIONED)
11 Henry takes back gunner with a fool to pester (6) HARASS (Henry=H, gunner=RA=>takes abck a gunner=AR, fool=ASS=>Henry takes back gunner with a fool = H+AR+ASS)
12 Original prints, that's what it is (8) PRISTINE (ana. PRINTS+IE(that's))
14 She has a habit to board stupidly (5) R_O_A
15 Once a wall's built it's taken into account (9) ALLOWANCE (Once a wall's built = ana. ONCE+A+WALL)
18 For example, a queen contracting debts would be notorious (9) EGREGIOUS (For example=EG, a queen=REG, debts=IOUS=>For example, a queen contracting debts = EG+REG+IOUS)
20 Do not give lip to me to instigate (5) IMPEL (ana. LIP+ME)
22 Here's hoping common drug is treated with gravity (8) ASPIRING (common drug=ASPIRIN, gravity=G => ASPIRIN+G)
24 Stretch one's resources to acquire a small suite (6) STRAIN (small=S, suite=TRAIN => S+TRAIN)
26 Say it's a team from America (9) STATESIDE (Say=STATE, team=SIDE=>Say it's a team=STATE+SIDE)
27 Middle Eastern terrorist group in France who are heartless (5) IRAQI (terrorist group=IRA, in France who=QUI=>in France who are heartless=QUI-U=QI => IRA+QI)
28 Old meter fluctuates highest in degree (7) EXTREME (Old=EX, meter fluctuates=ana. METER=TREME => EX+TREME)
29 Practice the art of preserving health (7) HYGIENE (Direct)

1 Bring accusations after the underworld boss is let off (9) DISCHARGE (accusations=CHARGE, underworld boss=DIS=>Bring accusations after the underworld boss = DIS+CHARGE)
2 Learn layout in so famous an Italian City (7) SALERNO (ana. LEARN+SO)
3 A bunch of reporters keen to enlist help? (5,4) PRESS GANG (A bunch=GANG of reporters=PRESS)
4 Require Ned to be around the English (4) NEED (NED to be around E => NE(E)D)
5 Political policy, to be set in mural position? (10) NEUTRALISM (set in mural position = ana. SET+IN+MURAL)
6 Closes the short distance (5) NEARS (Double Defn.)
7 Number of identical articles issued at one time (7) EDITION (Cryptic Defn.)
8 Occasion occurring for a particular purpose only (5) NONCE (Direct)
13 Dressing many a one is difficult (10) MAYONNAISE (many a one is difficult = ana. MANY+A+ONE+IS)
16 In wing this unfit beginner heard blowing at the end of game (9) WHISTLING (wing=WING, this unfit=ana. THIS=HIST, beginner=L=>In wing this unfit beginner = W(HIST+L)ING)
17 Inelegant variety of wild rose (9) EGLANTINE (Inelegant variety = ana. INELEGANT)
19 Surgically replace a severd limb (7) REPLANT (??)
21 The French female caught in the head's embrace is calm (7) PLACATE (The French female=LA, caught=C, head=PATE=>The French female caught in the head = P(LA+C)ATE)
22 Sale one finds in the supermarket passageway (5) AISLE (ana. SALE+I)
23 Veer the Easterner towards a high official (5) REEVE (ana. VEER+E(Easterner))
25 Gamble Henry takes on her (4) BETH (Gamble=BET, Henry=H => BET+H)


rajesh said...

Hey Vin..This is Raapi
A small suggestion...
Can you add the link to the pdf webpage of the hindu at the start of ur post everyday?
Coming to the crossy,
a few questions..
"edition" ..Is there no cryptic element in the clue?
"Press Gang"..what is the role of 'enlist help' in the clue and how is the 'Gang' part indicated?
As to 14 across, ABORD fits it but then DISCHARGE seems a solid answer.