Monday, May 16, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2604 Solutions

1 Leader of such a quiet band (4) SASH (Leader of such=S, a=A, quiet=SH => S+A+SH)
3 Garland - girl on set (5,5) DAISY CHAIN (girl=DAISY, set=CHAIN)
10 Seaman's single shellfish (7) ABALONE (Seaman=AB, single=ALONE => AB+ALONE)
11 Language used by last in queue is apt (7) GERMANE (Language=GERMAN, last in queuE=E=>Language used by last in queue = GERMAN+E)
12 Admonish travelling salesman, chap stopping to deliver (9) REPRIMAND (travelling salesman=REP, chap=MAN, to deliver=RID=>chap stopping to deliver = RI(MAN)D=>travelling salesman, chap stopping to deliver = REP+RIMAND)
13 Key from a ring (5) ATOLL (a=A, ring=TOLL => A+TOLL)
14 Close and hot in Greece and Spain? Possibly (12) CHEESEPARING (hot=H, Greece=GREECE, Spain=SPAIN=>hot in Greece and Spain? Possibly = ana. H+GREECE+SPAIN)
18 Morsel, pretty fancy for Mother Carey's chicken (6,6) STORMY PETREL (Morsel, pretty fancy = ana. MORSEL+PRETTY)
21 Dye girl applied to front of head, then back (5) HENNA (girl=ANNE, front of head=H=>girl applied to front of head, then back = rev. of ANNE+H)
22 Fair treatment abroad, without delay (5,4) RIGHT AWAY (Fair treatment=RIGHT, abroad=AWAY)
24 Willingly study? One's extremely lazy (7) READILY (study=READ, One=I, extremely LazY=LY => READ+I+LY))
25 Where one may see fighter pilots in sky, low (3,4) AIR BASE (sky=AIR, low=BASE)
26 After much delay in a stall, got racing (all bar one) (2,4,4) AT LONG LAST (in a stall, got racing=ana. IN+A+STALL+GOT, all bar one suggests removal of I => ana. N+A+LONG+LAST)
27 Aquatic mammal in close (4) SEAL (Dbl Def)

1 Plant fake diamond (8) SHAMROCK (fake=SHAM, diamond=ROCK => SHAM+ROCK)
2 Keen group brought round instruments (5-3) SHARP-SET (group=SET, instruments=HARPS=>group brought round instruments = S(HARPS)ET)
4 Runs after a girl in park (5) A_E_A
5 Good in bread? Yes, processed cheese (4,5) SAGE DERBY (Good=G, Bread=BREAD, Yes=YES=>Good in bread? Yes, processed = ana. G+BREAD+YES)
6 A scolding from one's wife in retirement? (7,7) CURTAIN LECTURE (Direct?)
7 High explosive found in dam at Oldham (6) AMATOL (Container => dAM+AT+OLdham)
8 Goad a pointer (6) NEEDLE (Dbl Def)
9 West Indian, inside Union Station, relaxed with Catch-22? (2-3,9) NO-WIN SITUATION (West Indian=WI, Union Station, relaxed=ana. UNION+STATION=NON SITUATION=>West Indian, inside Union Station, relaxed = NO(WIN) SITUATION)
15 Picture of boy in doorway (9) PORTRAYAL (boy=RAY, doorway=PORTAL=>boy in doorway = PORT(RAY)AL)
16 British law one breaks supplying bottled beer (5,3) BROWN ALE (British=BR, law one breaks=ana. LAW+ONE=OWN ALE => BR+OWN ALE)
17 Create havoc in stage show - he will, shortly (4,4) PLAY HELL (stage show=PLAY, he will shortly=HE'LL=HELL)
19 Himalayan mountain guide's turn of phrase? (6) SHERPA (turn of phrase = ana. PHRASE)
20 Call for English translation of Latin (6) ENTAIL (English=E, translation of Latin=ana. LATIN=NTAIL => E+NTAIL)
23 See head of glamour girl in mirror (5) GLASS (head of Glamour=G, girl=LASS => G+LASS)


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