Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8301 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Dearly loved one puts out an exclamation from a West Bengal town (7) DARLING (exclamation=JEE, a West Bengal town=DARJEELING=>puts out an exclamation from a West Bengal town = DARJEELING-JEE)
5 Aboard ship a sailor is in the course of greeting masters (6) SAHIBS (ship=SS, a sailor=AB, greeting=HI=>Aboard ship a sailor is in the course of greeting = S(A(HI)B)S)
9 Secure framework? (5) TRUSS (Dbl Def)
10 Which one has to sign oneself (9) AUTOGRAPH (Direct)
11 Head in Germany thought creatively (7) NOODLED (Head=NOODLE, Germany=D => NOODLE+D)
12 Mail P.R.O. posted to an Italian personage (7) PALMIRO (Mail P.R.O. posted = ana. MAIL+PRO)
13 Young women lose their heads over fools (5) ASSES (Young women=LASSES=>Young women lose their heads = LASSES-S)
14 Looks not left to parade order (4,5) EYES RIGHT (Looks=EYES, not left=RIGHT)
16 Lips extol excitedly those that try to predict an electoral outcome (4,5) EXIT POLLS (Lips extol excitedly=ana. LIPS+EXTOL)
19 Medic throws out a proclamation (5) EDICT (Container => mEDIC Throws)
21 PAC return to sort out those holding hostages (7) CAPTORS (PAC return=CAP, sort out=ana. SORT=TORS => CAP+TORS)
23 Tom comes back with lite version that is producing a sensation (7) TACTILE (Tom=CAT=>Tom comes back=TAC, lite version=TILE=>Tom comes back with lite version = TAC+TILE)
24 Funds of former examiner, we hear (9) EXCHEQUER (former=EX, examiner=CHECKER=>former examiner, we hear = homonym of EX+CHECKER)
25 All but bring in company to the Greek lawgiver (5) DRACO (bring=DRAW=>all but bring=DRAW-W=DRA, company=CO => GRA+CO)
26 Has not changed a given name (6) ASHTON (Has not changed = ana. HAS+NOT)
27 Tires running inside the ship to find relatives (7) SISTERS (Tires running=ana. TIRES=ISTER, ship=SS=>Tires running inside the ship = S(ISTER)S)

1 They promote union between man and woman (6,8) DATING AGENCIES (Direct)
2 Loud and rough, the Karnataka man gave company to you and me (7) RAUCOUS (the Karnataka man=RAU, company=CO, you and me=US => RAU+CO+US)
3 Treats rudely the fashionable sultans without an arrangement (7) INSULTS (fashionable=IN, sultANs wihout AN arrangement=SULTS => IN+SULTS)
4 Room where the watchman sits? Not exactly! (5,4) GUARD CELL (Cryptic)
5 The way it's organised: a quarter to put up (5) SETUP (a quarter=SE, put up=reverse of PUT=TUP => SE+TUP)
6 Bargainer Hal and Greg tackled (7) HAGGLER (Hal and Greg tackled = ana. HAL+GREG)
7 Relation about each going in to fetch (7) BEARING (each=EA, to fetch=BRING=>each going in to fetch=EA in BRING = B(EA)RING)
8 Cast away — but is it any use to the canines? (5,2,3,4) THROW TO THE DOGS (Cryptic subsidiary indication)
15 Yes, master, offer payment by instalments (4,5) EASY TERMS (Yes, master, offer = ana. YES+MASTER)
17 Mischievous boy plays a role that influences strongly (7) IMPACTS (Mischievous boy=IMP, plays a role=ACTS => IMP+ACTS)
18 Conceive of a planned undertaking (7) PROJECT (Dbl Def)
19 Foreign monetary units C.Os. used recklessly (7) ESCUDOS (C.Os. used recklessly = ana. COS+USED)
20 I am at one gallery to copy (7) IMITATE (I am=IM, one=I, gallery=TATE => I am at one gallery=IM+I+TATE)
22 Reject the special container (5) SPURN (special=SP, container=URN => SP+URN)


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