Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8302 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 One in which a cricketer may score highly (4,4) EASY OVER (Cryptic Def)
5 American investigators contained crazy return of the first man (6) ADAMIC (American investigators=CIA, crazy=MAD=>American investigators contained crazy=CI(MAD)A=>American investigators contained crazy return=reverse of CIMADA)
10 Famous? Take half of them in the medical department (7) EMINENT (half of thEM=EM, in=IN, the medical department=ENT => EM+IN+ENT)
11 Something kept back about the tennis stroke (7) RESERVE (about=RE, the tennis stroke=SERVE => RE+SERVE)
12 However complete, no right round (6) THOUGH (complete=THOROUGH, right=R, round=O=>complete, no right round = THOROUGH-RO)
13 Squeeze in to put something in order, we hear (8) STRAITEN (put something in order=STRAIGHTEN=>put something in order, we hear = homonym of STRAIGHTEN)
15 A tiny amount to go back into our airlines (4) IOTA (to go back=OT, our airlines=IA=>to go back into our airlines = I(OT)A)
16 Soap, shampoo and other articles used in body care (10) TOILETRIES (Direct)
18 Describing the state of one suffering direst sins, perhaps (2,8) IN DISTRESS (direst sins, perhaps = ana. DIREST+SINS)
20 Put in place an old English historian? (4) STOW (Dbl Def)
23 Cars they pass off to sailors (8) YACHTERS (Cars they pass off = ana. CARS+THEY)
24 Tie Pai ordered is capital (6) TAIPEI (Tie Pai ordered = ana. TIE+PAI)
26 One of our countrymen on a U.S. State (7) INDIANA (our countrymen=INDIAN, a=A=>One of our countrymen on a = INDIAN+A)
27 Dismiss from consideration obstinate person losing his head in utter defeat (4,3) RULE OUT (obstinate person=MULE=>obstinate person losing his head=ULE, utter defeat=ROUT=>obstinate person losing his head in utter defeat = R(ULE)OUT)
28 Poet stays one year in the roll (6) LYRIST (one year=YR, roll=LIST=>one year in the roll = L(YR)IST)
29 He graded quaint kind of painting (4-4) HARD-EDGE (He graded quaint = ana. HE+GRADED)

1 One must have had the power to pay it (11,4) ELECTRICITY BILL (Cryptic Def=>'power' as in electric power -- Fantastic clue)
2 Go quietly away with the inner dress removed? (4,3) SLIP OUT (inner dress=SLIP, removed=OUT)
3 Precipitously nervous? (2,4) ON EDGE (Dbl Def)
4 Meal for which the poet is late in starting (4) EATS (poet=KEATS=>poet is late in starting = KEATS-K)
6 Talks at length about Ted's scan (8) DESCANTS (about Ted's scan = ana. TEDS+SCAN)
7 Language in which Ram is up with a hit-out (7) MARATHI (Ram is up=MAR, a hit-out=ana. A+HIT=ATHI=>Ram is up with a hit-out = MAR+ATHI)
8 Hails castle anew — refurbished without any dirt or marks (5,2,1,7) CLEAN AS A WHISTLE (Hails castle anew — refurbished = ana. HAILS+CASTLE+ANEW)
9 To ruin a butler is unfair (9) BRUTALISE (a butler is unfair = ana. A+BUTLER+IS)
14 Yell about our cultured dairy product, if acidic (4,5) SOUR CREAM (Yell=SCREAM, our=OUR=>Yell about our = S(OUR)CREAM)
17 Butts are deposited into these (8) ASHTRAYS (Cryptic Def)
19 One who resolves to put the agents among the animals (7) DECIDER (agents=CID, animals=DEER=>put the agents among the animals = DE(CID)ER)
21 Not the way to the underworld? (3,4) TOP ROAD (Cryptic Def)
22 Dragged but grimly held around a bend (6) HAULED (grimly held=ana. HELD=HLED, a=A, bend=U=>grimly held around a bend = H(AU)LED)
25 Field of study of a realtor (4) AREA (Container => A REAltor)