Friday, May 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8298 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 It is proverbially poor (11) CHURCHMOUSE (Cryptic Def - ref. to the proverb 'as poor as a churchmouse')
9 Strike because the hair is removed? (4-3) LOCK OUT (hair=LOCK, removed=OUT)
10 Encroachments by one on northern thoroughfares (7) INROADS (one=I, northern=N, thoroughfares=ROADS => I+N+ROADS)
11 Player (man) to swim for pleasure (5) BATHE (Player=BAT, man=HE => BAT+HE)
12 One who is next door to you (9) NEIGHBOUR (Direct)
13 Extraordinary persons don't start embarrassing mistakes (5) ONERS (embarassing mistakes=GONERS??=>don't start embarrassing mistakes = GONERS-G)
15 One who communicates with lean girls in a way (9) SIGNALLER (lean girls in a way = ana. LEAN+GIRLS)
18 Alert Cole to reform a kind of college (9) ELECTORAL (Alert Cole to reform = ana. ALERT+COLE)
21 Head for room? (5) ATTIC (Dbl Def)
22 Bends over even as one shares accommodation? (7,2) DOUBLES UP (Dbl Def)
24 Experience of a Pole in the gallery (5) TASTE (a Pole=S, gallery=TATE=>a Pole in the gallery=S in TATE = TA(S)TE)
26 Mistake in the garden? (7) BLOOMER (Dbl def. - 1. Mistake 2. in the garden (cryptic def))
27 Nothing, the French in the boat is rich (7) OPULENT (Nothing=O, the french=LE, boat=PUNT=>the French in the boat=LE in PUNT=PU(LE)NT => O+PULENT)
28 How one goes in submission (2,4,5) ON ONES KNEES (Direct)

1 Jail accountant lax about a follower (9) CALABOOSE (accountant=CA, lax=LOOSE, a follower=follower of A=B=>lax about a follower=L(B)OOSE=> that only gives CALBOOSE. An A is missing. Looks like we have typo here)
2 Peacekeepers' share is complete (5) UNCUT (Peacekeeper=UN, share=CUT => UN+CUT)
3 Group of people having no open mind (6,3) CLOSED SET
4 Pairings out of which an issue may result (7) MATINGS (Dbl Def)
5 Joining in marriage, perhaps (7) UNITING (Direct)
6 The abode of mortals (5) EARTH (Direct)
7 Two align together to make a sleeping-car (5-3) WAGON-LIT (Two align together to make = ana. TWO+ALIGN)
8 Thinker doesn't begin to be a consumer (4) USER (Thinker=MUSER=>Thinker doesn't begin = MUSER-M)
14 One who has the will power, no doubt (8) EXECUTOR (Cryptic Def. - One who has a will power = one who has the power to execute a will)
16 As made quickly and dishonestly to grow rich (1,4,4) A FAST BUCK (Direct)
17 See, Carter somehow revives (9) RECREATES (See, Carter somehow = ana. SEE+CARTER)
19 So I roar about an Argentine town (7) ROSARIO (So I roar about = ana. SO+I+ROAR)
20 Friend goes up: nothing to cuddle (3-4) LAP LOVE (Friend=PAL=>Friend goes up=LAP, nothing=LOVE)
22 Of the French bees — they are inapt workers (4) DUBS (Of the French=DU, bees=B's=BS => DU+BS)
23 Forgotten state (5) LIMBO (Direct)
25 Foreign national to marry in the South-East (5) SWEDE (to marry=WED, South-East=SE=>to marry in the South-East = S(WED)E)


Chaturvasi said...

The solution ONERS is correct. But it is derived by deleting the initial letter B from BONERS (which means embarrassing mistakes)