Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8303 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Ban priest who is breaking an ornamental clip (9) BREASTPIN (Ban priest who is breaking = ana. BAN+PRIEST)
6 Understood Tacitus without you and me (5) TACIT (TacitUS - US (you and me))
9 Plans aside for a change (5) IDEAS (Plan aside = ana. ASIDE)
10 Weariness put out due to lassi taken on time (9) LASSITUDE (put out due=ana. DUE=UDE, lassi=LASSI, time=T => LASSI+T+UDE)
11 Unnatural having been brought from a long way away (3-7) FAR REACHED
12 The French ship appears to be inferior (4) LESS (The French=LE, ship=SS => LE+SS)
14 An example is for quarter back to be under protection of sponsors (7) AEGISES
15 Tire out an abstainer to make him look more shabby (7) TATTIER (Tire out=ana. TIRE=TIER, an abstainer=a teetotaller=A+TT=>Tire out an abstainer = T(A+TT)IER)
17 Do teach straight off, the source of electrons in valves and tubes (7) CATHODE (Do teach straight off = ana. DO+TEACH)
19 Not so heavy as a box of matches? It's probably heavier (7) LIGHTER (Dbl Def - 1. Not so heavy 2. heavier than a box of matchess - cryptic def)
20 Put out a net stake for poker game (4) ANTE (Put out a net = ana. A+NET)
22 Urge a senior teacher to continue the good work (5,5) PRESS AHEAD (Urge=PRESS, a=A, senior teacher=HEAD=>Urge a senior teacher = PRESS A+HEAD)
25 Promises of party with show band (9) MANIFESTO (show=MANIFEST, band=O => MANIFEST+O)
26 I'm at an age to portray an exact copy of an area (5) IMAGE (I'm=IM, age=AGE=>I'm at an age = IM+AGE)
27 Company used red colour embellishments for their room (5) DECOR (ana. CO+RED)
28 They maliciously set fire to properties (9) ARSONISTS (Direct)

1 Work for a barrister economical with words (5) BRIEF (Dbl Def - 1. Work for a barrister 2. economical with words)
2 Look intelligent despite a small bloomer (3,6) EYE BRIGHT (Look=EYE, intelligent=BRIGHT)
3 Suspect retirement pay will lead to temporary lay off (10) SUSPENSION (Dbl Def)
4 Al has space to accommodate large public buildings (7) PALACES (Al has space to accommodate = ana. AL+SPACE)
5 Beginning to develop in nest — can be possible? (7) NASCENT (nest — can be possible = ana. NEST+CAN)
6 Neat haircut (4) TRIM (Dbl Def)
7 Conservative gets ill mannered and vulgar (5) CRUDE (Conservative=C, ill-mannered=RUDE => C+RUDE)
8 New rate more certain to be official (9) TREASURER (new rate=ana. RATE=TREA, more certain=SURER => TREA+SURER)
13 Not against development of non-progressive state (10) STAGNATION (Not against development = ana. NOT+AGAINST)
14 Revised medical account welcomed with enthusiasm (9) ACCLAIMED (Revised medical account = ana. MEDICAL+AC)
16 Generally where practising Catholics reaffirm their faith (2,3,4) IN THE MASS (Cryptic Def)
18 Possibly a continent comprising mid-west region (7) EURASIA (Direct)
19 Girls take no direction to catch wild horses with long ropes (7) LASSOES (Girls=LASSES, no=O=>Girls take no = LASS(O)ES)
21 Keynote to good health? (5) TONIC (Dbl Def)
23 Clothe with suitable material (5) DRESS (Dbl Def)
24 Some may have to keep a deaf Arab at a distance (4) AFAR (Container => deAF ARab)


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