Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8307 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Walked softly, one said furthermore (6) PADDED (softly=P, one said furthermore=ADDED => P+ADDED)
4 Making a murderous attempt in the back? (8) STABBING (Cryptic Def)
10 Plugged the faulty appliance in, having said one wouldn't? (7) REFUSED (Plugged the faulty appliance in = RE-FUSED)
11 Cast a spell — can then transform (7) ENCHANT (can then transform = ana. CAN+THEN)
12 Eros rose up to find a tender spot (4) SORE (Eros rose up = rev. of EROS)
13 Land use affected a tree least (4,6) REAL ESTATE (affected a tree least = ana. A+TREE+LEAST)
16 Offer service for a price (6) TENDER (Dbl Def)
17 Fired with the dieting craze (7) IGNITED (dieting craze = ana. DIETING)
20 The underworld forwarded their opinion to differ (7) DISSENT (The underworld=DIS, forwarded=SENT => DIS+SENT)
21 Daughter left possibly on Sunday to get earthenware from Holland (6) DELFTS (Daughter=D, left possibly=ana. LEFT=ELFT, Sunday=S=>Daughter left possibly on Sunday = D(ELFT)S)
24 Diane allowed French aunt to be an arts devotee (10) DILETTANTE (Diane=DI, allowed=LET, French aunt=TANTE => DI+LET+TANTE)
25 In addition to Eastern part of a church (4) APSE
27 Cold and unemotional person (7) ICEBERG (Dbl Def)
29 Relieved by the bosses? (7) S_ _ _DED
30 Note from a government department? (8) TREASURY (Dbl Def)
31 Removed deer as destructive (6) ERASED (deer as destructive = ana. DEER+AS)

1 He has a host of location for airborne soldiers (8) PARASITE (location=SITE, airborne soldiers=PARA)
2 Feel trained to be submissive (11) DEFERENTIAL (ana. FEEL+TRAINED)
3 Simple to find in this clue, as you can see (4) EASY (Container => cluE AS You)
5 They have nothing to record in this subject (8) THEOLOGY (they=THEY, nothing=O, to record=LOG=>They have nothing to record = THE(O+LOG)Y)
6 Recidivist to support idlers possibly (10) BACKSLIDER (support=BACK, idlers possibly=ana. IDLERS=SLIDER => BACK+SLIDER)
7 He may have joined, first of all, Irish Republican Army (3) IRA (first of all, Irish Republican Army = IRA)
8 Flicker like a candle along the edge of the roof (6) GUTTER (Dbl Def)
9 He is most reluctant to work (5) IDLER (Direct)
14 Gardening expert is a card (3,2,6) ACE OF SPADES (Dbl Def)
15 Black jewellery makers who are international socialites (3-7) JET-SETTERS (Black=JET, jewellery makers=SETTERS)
18 Risk damaging the green and rough in it (8) ENDANGER (green and rough in it = ana. GREEN+AND)
19 Went up as many finished (8) ASCENDED (as=AS, many=C, finished=ENDED => AS+C+ENDED)
22 One who cannot keep off the grass (6) ADDICT (grass=marijuana)
23 Timber on road, may be a hiding place for drug (5) STASH (Timber=ASH, road=ST=>Timber on road = ST+ASH)
26 An inconvenient adherent like a knot in thread (4) _ _ _ R
28 A brood of pheasants (3) EYE??


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