Monday, May 30, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2605 Solutions

1 More than one aquatic bird plunges suddenly under water (5) DUCKS (Dbl Def - 1.More than one aquatic bird 2.plunges suddenly under water)
4 Artist is overcome by shock valuation (9) APPRAISAL (??)
9 Fancy cups set out (7) SUSPECT (cups set out = ana. CUPS+SET)
10 Old soldier cracking code in desert (7) REDCOAT (cracking code=ana. CODE=EDCO, desert=RAT=>cracking code in desert = R(EDCO)AT)
11 One who goes on country walks and runs with thriller writer (7) RAMBLER (runs=R, thriller writer=AMBLER (Brit. writer) => R+AMBLER)
12 Berthing fee, low at end of summer time (7) MOORAGE (low=MOO, end of summeR=R, time=AGE=>low at end of summer time = MOO+R+AGE)
13 What's been cooked with a crab is piece of albacore from part of the Atlantic (9,3) CARIBBEAN SEA (been cooked with a crab is=ana. BEEN+A+CRAB+IS=CARIBBEAN SE, piece of Albacore=A=>What's been cooked with a crab is piece of albacore = CARIBBEAN SE+A)
17 Mother (with no partner) and grannie slept fitfully? (6,6) SINGLE PARENT (grannie slept fitfully = ana. GRANNIE+SLEPT)
20 See leader in Brussels to encourage to produce sprouts (7) BURGEON (leader in Brussels=B, encourage=URGE ON=>See leader in Brussels to encourage = B+URGE+ON)
21 Pawnbroker given article that's soiled (7) UNCLEAN (Pawnbroker=UNCLE, article=AN=>Pawnbroker given article = UNCLE+AN)
23 Layman, a friend visiting ancient city (7) AMATEUR (a=A, friend=MATE, ancient city=UR=>a friend visiting ancient city = A+MATE+UR)
24 Instrument in a car, damaged by first of owners (7) OCARINA (in a car, damaged=ana. IN+A+CAR=CARINA, first of Owners=O=>in a car, damaged by first of owners = O+CARINA)
25 Groom. Unhappy about food, left (6,3) STABLE LAD (Unhappy=SAD, food=TABLE, left=L=>Unhappy about food, left = S(TABLE+L)AD)
26 Stinking fish, initially brought by high tide (5) FETID (fish initially=F, high tide=ana. TIDE=ETID=>fish, initially brought by high tide = F+ETID)

1 Rags scattered with bones outside? It's a scandal (8) DISGRACE (Rags scattered=ana. SGRA, bones=DICE=>Rags scattered with bones outside = DI(SGRA)CE)
2 Charge girl for aromatic plant (8) COSTMARY (Charge=COST, girl=MARY => COST+MARY)
3 Excellent southern source of oil, maybe (5) SWELL (southern=S, source of oil=WELL => S+WELL)
4 Chief law officer prepared treaty? No, army commander (8,7) ATTORNEY GENERAL (prepared treaty? No = ana. TREATY+NO=ATTORNEY, army commander=GENERAL)
5 Ridiculous amount? Top-drawer motel, perhaps (11,4) PORTMANTEAU WORD (Ridiculous amount? Top-drawer = ana. AMOUNT+TOP+DRAWER, 'motel perhaps' - motel is an example of a portmanteau word from motor+hotel)
6 A DA is shown round state capital, then plant (9) ANDROMEDA (A=A, DA=DA, state=ND(North Dakota, New Delhi??), capital=ROME=>A DA is shown round state capital = A(ND+ROME)DA)
7 Work hard on an advertising jingle (6) SLOGAN (Work hard=SLOG, an=AN=>Work hard on an = SLOG+AN)
8 Stagger up, gripping abstemious character (6) LETTER (Stagger=REEL=>Stagger up=REEL, abstemious=TT=>Stagger up, gripping abstemious = LE(TT)ER)
14 Newlywed, properly in prison (9) BRIDEWELL (Newlywed=BRIDE, properly=WELL => BRIDE+WELL)
15 Saint Arnold, for example (8) BENEDICT (Dbl Def)
16 Conventional flag ... (8) STANDARD (Dbl Def)
18 ... confusing to a sub, or subs ... (1-5) U-BOATS (confusing to a sub = ana. TO+A+SUB)
19 ... Royal Marines notice over area, following a fleet (6) ARMADA (Royal Marines=RM, notice=AD, area=A, a=A=>Royal Marines notice over area, following a = A+RM+AD+A)
22 Tease husband in greasy spoon (5) CHAFF (husband=H, greasy spoon=CAFF??=>husband in greasy spoon = C(H)AFF)


Chaturvasi said...

APPRAISAL works thus:
Re CHAFF, visit Ganesh's orkut group.