Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8297 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

Phew, finally, after all these days of unspeakable and ineluctable torment, it's a different compiler. An easy grid. Enjoyable nevertheless.

1 Curt gibe about a zoo baby (5,3) TIGER CUB (Curt gibe about = ana. CURT GIBE)
5 Leaps over safes? (6) VAULTS (Dbl Def)
9 Train chaps to be Cinderella's accompaniers to the ball (8) COACHMEN (Dbl Def)
10 Airplane trip involves fifty in a squabble (6) FLIGHT (fifty=L, squabble=FIGHT=>fifty in a squabble= L in FIGHT = F(L)IGHT)
12 One to observe a children's game (1,3) I SPY (One=I, to observe=SPY)
13 A candid set hoisted as runners (10) CANDIDATES (A candid set hoisted = ana. A+CANDID+SET)
15 Quarter to the identical seed (6) SESAME (Quarter=SE, identical=SAME => SE+SAME)
17 Confine a poet? (5) POUND (Dbl Def)
20 About conclusion, at a stretch (2,3) ON END (Dbl Def)
21 Warns hesitantly about Oriental response (6) ANSWER (Warns hesitantly=ana. WARNS=ANSWR, Oriental=E=>Warns hesitantly about Oriental=ANSWR about E = ANSW(E)R)
24 A government that overly shepherds its citizens (5,5) NANNY STATE (Direct)
27 Pole, be lenient endlessly (4) SPAR (be lenient=SPARE=>be lenient endlessly = SPARE-E)
29 Girl brings the learner to Mother (6) THELMA (the=THE, learner=L, Mother=MA=>brings the learner to Mother = THE+L+MA)
30 Desperate final effort in the home stretch, perhaps (4,4) LAST GASP (Direct)
31 Detesting the witch going round a box (6) HATING (witch=HAG, box=TIN=>witch going round a box=HAG around TIN = HA(TIN)G)
32 Direct the view doing the rounds about revolutionary art (8) STRAIGHT (view=SIGHT, revolutionary art=reverse of ART=TRA=>view doing the rounds about revolutionary art=SIGHT around TRA = S(TRA)IGHT)

1 Strategic plan to perform in the grip of a nervous complaint (6) TACTIC (perform=ACT, nervous complaint=TIC=>perform in the grip of a nervous complaint=ACT in TIC = T(ACT)IC)
2 Relative may behave violently in Georgia (6) GRAMPA (behave voilently=RAMP, georgia=GA=>behave violently in Georgia=RAMP in GA = G(RAMP)A)
3 Demon in Agra humbled (4) RAHU (Container => agRA HUmbled)
4 Superior meal cooked up for a body of Muslim scholars (5) ULEMA (Superior=U, meal cooked up=ana. MEAL=LEMA => U+LEMA)
6 Suffered ill-health as one deli dished up wrongly (5) AILED (one=A, deli dished up wrongly=ana. DELI=ILED => A+ILED)
7 Begins to smoke after an easily assimilated drink (6,2) LIGHTS UP (easily assimilated=LIGHT, drink=SUP)
8 Stop to allot a task to a team (3,5) SET ASIDE (task=SET, a=A, team=SIDE => SET A+SIDE)
11 A god's farewells (6) ADIEUS (A=A, god's=DIEUS??)
14 Look after a number, a large number (4) SEED (a number=TEN, a large number=D => TEN+D)
16 Looks forward to a week on a sit-out (6) AWAITS (A=A, week=W, a sit out=ana. A+SIT=AITS => A+W+AITS)
17 Get ready advertising on the record (4) PREP (advertising=PR, record=EP => PR+EP)
18 First-rate (3-5) TOP-NOTCH (Direct)
19 Most miniature settee in order (8) TEENIEST (settee in order = ana. SETTEE+IN)
22 Jumped as the Superintendent of Police called (6) SPRANG (Superintendent of Police=SP, called=RANG)
23 Royal Marines in a mine, the least desirable place (6) ARMPIT (Royal Marines=RM, a=A, mine=PIT=>Royal Marines in a mine = A(RM)PIT)
25 Country where persons who always agree have no shred of shame (5) YEMEN (persons who always agree=YESMEN, shred of Shame=S=>persons who always agree have no shred of shame = YESMEN-S)
26 Stretch a treatise (5) TRACT (Dbl Def)
28 "Fragrant oil" not right! "Flour" is! (4) ATTA (Fragrant oil=ATTAR=>Fragrant oil not right=ATTAR-R)


Chaturvasi said...

"dieu" is "god" in French as in the common expression "Mon Dieu!" (My God!) It occurs very often in Hercule Poirot stories by Agatha Christie.
So "god's" gives "dieus".
Maybe there should have been a reference to the fact that it is a foreign word. But the surface reading may have suffered.
If a foreign word is too common, can the foreign origin be ignored?