Friday, April 29, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8280 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Corrupt engineer used to lead astray (6) SEDUCE (Corrupt engineer used = ana. CE(engineer)+USED)
4 Little Edward heartened by the wife he married (8) ESPOUSED (Little Edward=ED, wife=SPOUSE=>Little Edward heartened by the wife = E(SPOUSE)D)
10 Made certain Ted arranged nurse (7) ENSURED (ana. ED(Ted)+NURSE)
11 Plot to aim to a most favourable condition (7) OPTIMAL (Plot to aim = ana. PLOT+AIM)
12 Lawyer is placed on a raised platform to speak (4) DAIS (Lawyer=DA, is=IS => DA+IS)
13 For instance, consider problem experienced before (10) RECOGNISED (For instance=EG, consider=CONSIDER=>For instance, consider problem = ana. EG+CONSIDER)
16 Instrument to attack and defend (6) WEAPON (Direct)
17 Claimed to be relating to art of healing (7) DECIMAL (Claimed to be relating = ana. CLAIMED)
20 One has to get in pier to work as labourer (7) PIONEER (One=ONE, pier=PIER=>One has to get in pier = PI(ONE)ER)
21 Ill-treat one lower in status (6) DEMEAN (Dbl Def)
24 Estate managers can bring fellows down to earth (4,6) LAND AGENTS (Dbl Def)
25 Press forward with earnestness (4) URGE (Dbl Def)
27 A private room to chat (7) PARLOUR 9Direct)
29 Member got between Al and Ted in making an unacceptable assertion (7) ALLEGED (Member=LEG, Al=AL, Ted=ED=>Member got between Al and Ted = AL(LEG)ED)
30 The end of the day — flat time (8) EVENTIDE (flat=EVEN, time=TIDE => EVEN+TIDE)
31 An arts graduate Edward calmed down (6) ABATED (An=A, arts graduate=BA, Edward =ED => A+BA+TED)

1 Decline to make way for a successor (4,4) STEP DOWN (Dbl Def)
2 People put on new diets? That's the end! (11) DESTINATION (People=NATION, new diets=ana. DIETS=DESTI=>People put on new diets = DESTI+NATION)
3 Anxiety over vehicle given to English (4) CARE (vehicle=CAR, English=E=>vehicle given to English = CAR+E)
5 Curtain down, take on a guided tour (4,4) SHOW OVER (Dbl Def)
6 Frequently about half a score of instances (10) OFTENTIMES (about=OF, half a score=TEN, instances=TIMES => OF+TEN TIMES)
7 First of all Uncle gets a projectile to neutralize enemy attacks (3) SAM (??)
8 Deceit of the French, accepting arranged duel, was all wrong (6) DELUDE (of the French=DE, arranged duel=LUDE => DE+LUDE)
9 Editor arranged dad to have an increased amount (5) ADDED (Editor arranged dad = ana. ED+ADD)
14 Reason for angst among the players (5,6) STAGE FRIGHT (Cryptic Def - players meaning actors)
15 In the vicinity of the island (10) ROUNDABOUT (Cryptic Def - traffic signal island)
18 Had recourse to the arbiter having made a mistake (8) REFERRED (arbiter=REF, having made a mistake=ERRED => REF+ERRED)
19 Meant to marry her he did (8) INTENDED (??)
22 Please arrange to slip away silently (6) ELAPSE (Please arrange = ana. PLEASE)
23 The last one broke the camel's back (5) STRAW (Dbl Def - 1. Last straw 2. The straw that broke the camel's back)
26 A wooden iron for golf? (4) CLUB (Direct or Dbl Def??)
28 Feel sorry for what happened (3) RUE (Direct)