Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8278 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 The most popular member of the company? (4,9) FIRM FAVOURITE (company=FIRM, puplar member=FAVOURITE)
8 Cunning variety of leg hits (7) SLEIGHT (variety of leg hits = ana. LEG+HITS)
9 Wanted a carton for food — but sent up something similar (3,4) TUB LIKE (but sent up=TUB, similar=LIKE)
11 Makes it suitable if taken straight past lawman (6) ADAPTS (straight past=ana. PAST=APTS, lawman=DA=>taken straight past lawman = A(DA)PTS)
13 Government VIP who has a speaking engagement on Sundays (8) MINISTER (??)
15 Many confined in enclosure beg for money (5) CADGE (Many=D, enclosure=CAGE=>Many confined in enclosure = CA(D)GE)
16 Let loose (7) RELEASE (Direct)
18 A solemn promise given to the President to edge out the French (7) PLEDGEE (President=P, edge=EDGE, the French=LE)
19 Trembling tree as the writer made it out to be (5) ASPEN (as=AS, the writer=PEN => AS+PEN)
21 Make a song about money smelling (8) SCENTING (Make a song=SING, money=CENT=>Make a song about money = S(CENT)ING)
23 Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau is a chirpy little thing (6) CICADA (Contemptible fellow=CAD, American intelligence bureau=CIA=>Contemptible fellow in American intelligence bureau = CI(CAD)A)
25 An African shirt for a high class and good looking girl (7) D_S_I_I
26 Jet with speed will leave the country (7) MIGRATE (Jet=MIG, speed=RATE=>Jet with speed = MIG+RATE)
28 Lightest of brushes for a daily (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER (Direct)

2 I'd learn about part of the British Isles (7) IRELAND (I'd learn about = ana. ID+LEARN)
3 The face of an easy dupe (3) MUG (Dbl Def)
4 Plays around with Bill on the back lane (4) ACTS (Bill=AC, lane=ST=>back lane=TS=>Bill on the back lane = AC+TS)
5 He hopes to make catches in the deep (10) OUTFILEDER (Direct)
6 A timid person in no time can become a teacher (5) RABBI (A timid person=RABBIT=>A timid person in no time = RABBIT - T(time))
7 Let this plant become the Scottish emblem (7) THISTLE (ana. LET+THIS)
8 As unfortunate as Romeo and Juliet in actors' dress that is loose (4,7) STAR CROSSED (actors' dress that is loose = ana. ACTORS+DRESS)
10 Feature at that time town with pottery (11) EARTHENWARE (Feature=EAR, at that time=THEN, town=WARE?? => EAR+THEN+WARE)
12 A subject in English given to them (5) THEME (English=E, them=THEM=>English given to them = THEM+E)
14 One in the class of two masters (10) _R_G_N_I_E
17 The sailor has to account for one of the counting frames (5) ABACI (The sailor=AB, account=AC, one=I => AB+AC+I)
18 A gift that's at the end, given to the media (7) PRESSIE (that's=IE, media=PRESS=>that's at the end, given to the media = PRESSIE)
20 Calm when bill is found in coat (7) PLACARTE (Bill=AC, coat=PLATE=>bill is found in coat = PL(AC)ATE)
22 It isn't common to spread infection (5) TAINT (It isn't = 'T AINT)
24 I'd find my maid among them (4) AMID (ana. MAID)
27 Shown up to sag with garrulous talk (3) GAS (up to sag=reverse of SAG(or so the compiler might want to think))