Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8271 Solutions - by Vinod & Parasu

1 Dell cooking hurriedly for nursery character (3,4,4) OLD KING COLE (Dell cooking hurriedly = ana. DELL+COOKING)
9 A great number rent and oozed out maudlin sentimentality (7) DRIPPED (A great number=D, rent=RIPPED => D+RIPPED)
10 Rotisseries around Rhode Island have alcoholic beverages (7) SPIRITS (Rotisseries=SPITS, Rhode Island=RI=>Rotisseries around Rhode Island = SPI(RI)TS)
11 Sage among the parishioners (5) RISHI (Container => paRISHIoners)
12 Lengthens lone setup on departure areas (9) ELONGATES (lone setup=ana. LONE, depature areas=GATES=>lone setup on departure areas = ELON+GATES)
13 Putin processed information fed into a computer (5) INPUT (Putin processed = ana. PUTIN)
15 Ceased to consider that the absence of the daughter is regretted (9) DISMISSED (daughter=D, is=IS, regretted=MISSED => D+IS+MISSED)
18 It is on the road to slow you down (5,4) SPEED TRAP (Direct)
21 Begins a round with writing instruments (5) OPENS (round=O, writing instruments=PENS=>a round with writing instruments = O+PENS)
22 Fancy, I got no gin to be investigating! (5,4) GOING INTO (Fancy, I got no gin = ana. I+GOT+NO+GIN)
24 Entangles Sir and me in trouble (5) MIRES (Sir and me in trouble = ana. SIR+ME)
26 Goes up and down to look at cutting tools (7) SEESAWS (look at=SEE, cutting tools=SAWS => SEE+SAWS)
27 Of low grade, I belong nowhere (7) IGNOBLE (I belong nowhere = ana. I+BELONG)
28 Notes added to a completed letter (11) POSTSCRIPTS (Direct)

1 Request for food rests with hospital attendants (9) ORDERLIES (Request for food=ORDER, rests=LIES => ORDER+LIES)
2 Removes moisture (5) DRIES (Direct)
3 Engraved design in primed tin (9) IMPRINTED (design in primed tin = ana. PRINTED+TIN)
4 Thank heaven for this desirable but unexpected event (7) GODSEND (Direct)
5 Souse so displayed is bony (7) OSSEOUS (Souse so displayed = ana. SOUSE+SO)
6 Eastern ruler is using frugally (5) EKING (Eastern=E, ruler=KING => E+KING)
7 The young girl's state displayed antipathy (8) DISTASTE (girl's=DIANA's=>The young girl's=DIS, state displayed=ana. STATE=TASTE)
8 Flower girl (4) ISIS (Dbl Def - 1. Flower=something that flows=River=a river in Britain 2. an Egyptian goddess)
14 Propositions for buildings? (8) PREMISES (Dbl Def)
16 One who burrows for golf clubs? Not exactly! (4,5) IRON MINER (Cryptic Defn.)
17 Stress aid development for catastrophes (9) DISASTERS (Stress aid development = ana. STRESS+AID)
19 Arranges oneself again in a comfortable position (7) RENESTS??
20 Horses eat Oriental flowers (7) PEONIES (Horses=PONIES, oriental=E=>Horses eat Oriental=P(E)ONIES)
22 Exclamation of surprise at the old style in General Hospital (4) GOSH (old style=OS, General Hospital=GH=>old style in General Hospital = G(OS)H)
23 Hold firmly the grand file (5) GRASP (grand=G, file=RASP)
25 Review bur, apparently (3,2) RUB UP (bur=RUB written UP)