Monday, April 25, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2601 Solutions

1 100 ring over voucher (6) COUPON (100=C, ring=O, over=UPON => C+O+UPON)
4 Blackleg at pub confronting duke that carries a sword (8) SCABBARD (Blackleg=SCAB, pub=BAR, duke=D=>Blackleg at pub confronting duke = SCAB+BAR+D)
9 Former king of France in crooked deal (6) ALFRED (France=FR, crooked deal=ana. DEAL=ALED=>France in crooked deal = SL(FR)ED)
10 Beneficial to lock stronghold (8) FORTRESS (Beneficial to=FOR, lock=TRESS=>Beneficial to lock = FOR+TRESS
12 Wren seen by parsley and baneberry? (4,11) HERB C_R_S_O_H_R (parsley=HERB)
14 Sad one inside proposes showing pornographic films (4,6) BLUE MOVIES (Sad=BLUE, one=I, proposes=MOVES=>Sad one inside proposes = BLUE MOV(I)ES)
15 Pole rebukes revolutionary (4) SPAR (rebukes=RAPS=>rebukes revolutionary=reversal of RAPS)
17 A container, slightly open (4) AJAR (A=A, container=JAR => A+JAR)
18 Persevere to the end with one solicitor, after criticism (5,2,3) STICK IT OUT (one=I, solicitor=TOUT, criticism=STICK=>one solicitor, after criticism = STICK I+TOUT)
20 What a courier may have brought that a spinner hopes to produce? (7,8) SPECIAL DELIVERY (Dbl cryptic def)
22 Corresponding with an uncle, perhaps (8) RELATIVE (Dbl Def)
24 The Scourge of God held back by Vandal? It tallies (6) ATTILA (Reverse Container => vandAL IT TAllies)
25 Coffee service finally provided — put in large cupboard (8) ESPRESSO (
26 Cheers for model (6) PROSIT (for=PRO, model=SIT => PRO+SIT)

1 Cyclist initially spots collision (5) CRASH (Cyclist initially=C, spots=RASH => C+RASH)
2 Miserable out at fen, run off (11) UNFORTUNATE (out at fen, run off = ana. OUT+AT+FEN+RUN)
3 Get the better of me, giving support to accomplished commander (8) OVERCOME (me=ME, accomplished=OVER, commander=CO=>me, giving support to accomplished commander = OVER+CO+ME)
5 Independent member, more peevish about form? (12) CROSSBENCHER (more peevish=CROSSER, form=BENCH=>more peevish about form = CROSS(BENCH)ER)
6 German chap in outskirts of Benidorm, the far end (6) BOTTOM (German chap=OTTO, outskirts of BenidorM=BM=>German chap in outskirts of Benidorm = B(OTTO)M)
7 Very good air conditioning at top of escalator (3) ACE (air conditioning=AC, top of escalatorE=>air conditioning at top of escalator = AC+E)
8 Treacherously abandon sailor sent over for WWII soldier (6,3) DESERT RAT (Treacherously abandon=DESERT, sailor=TAR=>sailor sent over=RAT)
11 Squaddie is in a Coward play (7,5) PRIVATE LIVES (Sqauddie=PRIVATE, is=LIVES(v.))
13 Thick-skinned creature joining royal in ancient city (5,6) HIPPO REGIUS (Thick-skinned creature=HIPPO, royal=REGIUS)
14 Restaurant could make money by lake (9) BRASSERIE (money=BRASS, lake=ERIE=>money by lake = BRASS+ERIE)
16 Head of government department, one entering large church (8) MINISTER (one=I, large church=MINSTER=>one entering large church = MIN(I)STER)
19 Small, most of brood left within (6) LITTLE (brood=LITTER=>most of brood=LITTE, left=L=>most of brood left within = LITT(L)E)
21 Food supplement, of course, that includes a bit of torula (5) YEAST (of course=YES, a=A, bit of Torula=T=>of course, that includes a bit of torula = YE(A)S+T)
23 Sauce from packet mostly used up (3) L_P


Reshmi said...

I was wondering whether 8 dn could be desert fox. Any suggestions. BTW how do you explain soldier and WWII? Reshmi

Reshmi said...

Can 12 ac be herb christopher?

Also please why dont you post your answers (you're so quick!) to the hinduxword group? Is it still active?

Vinod Raman said...

8dn. TAR is sailor. TAR sent over becomes RAT. DESERT RAT was a regiment of the UK military in WWII (I had reverse engineer this explanation from the answer:))

12ac. Yea, CHRISTOPHER it is. Never heard of this one before.

Do you think I should post answers on the group? Would it not spoil it for everyone who wants to solve it one's own?

Reshmi said...

Thanks for the explanations. Is there a guide or a book you can recommend for me? Please do, if you can. Also any online resources?

Since you have been doing the xword so quickly, I think you should post the answers with a caveat on the subject line itself so those who do not want to see the answers dont have to.

Since the Sunday puzzle is not evoking many postings to the group, I think theres no harm if you do post whenever you can - even a partially completed grid. Annotations and comments would also be liked, I feel.

Dont forget to let me know about books and guides, and also online resources so that I can improve. Thanks.

Reshmi said...
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Vinod Raman said...

Hey Reshmi, I'll compile a list of useful resources and mail them to you. Please stay tuned. Sorry abt the delayed response

Reshmi said...

Thanks. Looking forward eagerly to the list and to any help you may give. Please let me know about this sunday's xword also. Good luck. Reshmi

Reshmi said...

Also, is it possible to get the photocopies or the physical copies of the hindu crosswords? I would like to keep a collection. How much would it cost? Thanks. If not the daily ones (though that would also be welcome,) but especially the Sunday ones, because I cannot use the archives for this. Reshmi.

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