Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8277 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Hold on, I can't move! (7) CONTAIN (on, I can't move = ana. ON+I+CANT)
5 A contest between two Poles and an Arab (7) SARACEN (A=A, contest=RACE, two Poles=SN=>A contest between two Poles = S(A+RACE)N)
10 It's a delight to be in the garden of paradise (6) EDENIC (Direct)
11 Work too hard? Certainly open to question (8) OVERTASK (open=OVERT, to question=ASK => OVERT+ASK)
12 The shortest way in is straight (6) DIRECT (Dbl def)
13 A book about lubricants involving much hard work (8) TOILSOME (A book=TOME, lubricants=OILS=>A book about lubricants = T(OILS)OME)
14 Disturbed a bride to make her one short of par (6) BIRDIE (ana. I+BRIDE)
15 A Semitic takes the French to make land fit for crop production (6) ARABLE (A Semitic=ARAB, the French=LE=>A Semitic takes the French = ARAB+LE)
18 They are the additional passengers (6) RIDERS (Dbl Def)
20 Girl takes article on Thursday to stow away safely (6) SHEATH (Girl=SHE, article=A, Thursday=TH=>Girl takes article on Thursday = SHE+A+TH)
23 Legitimate quarry on the level (4,4) FAIR GAME (Legitimate=FAIR, quarry=GAME)
25 Build new areas for sporting contests (6) ARENAS (build new areas = ana. N(new)+AREAS)
26 It is so ancient it sounds like original sin! (8) PRIMEVAL (sounds like PRIME(original) EVIL(sin))
27 Unimportant details having no value (6) TRIVIA (Direct)
28 Wesley sent in perhaps because of the rain (7) _E_O_S_
29 Locked Ted to make him dress up (7) TRESSED (??)

2 Decree that Noraid be disbanded (6) ORDAIN (Noraid be disbanded = ana. NORAID)
3 Fruit of Argentine origins (9) TANGERINE (ana. ARGENTINE)
4 Provoked action with a stimulant (7) INCITED (Direct)
6 A mother accommodates Eric in Sam's country (7) AMERICA (A=A, mother=MA, Eric=ERIC=>A mother accommodates Eric = A+M(ERIC)A)
7 Vehicles briefly taken for short religious dramas (5) AUTOS (??)
8 Ben seen with 50 different musicians playing together (8) ENSEMBLE (ana. BEN+SEEN+L)
9 Lear story then gave rise to the cruel wind (13) NORTHEASTERLY (ana. LEAR+STORY+THEN)
16 Slender types from wild Caithness (9) ASTHENICS (wild Caithness = ana. CAITHNESS)
17 Rebellious underworld, eager to differ (8) DISAGREE (underword=DIS, eager to differ=ana. EAGER=AGREE => DIS+AGREE)
19 Overfasts? (7) STARVES (Direct)
21 The man pressing a claim as a former player (7) EXACTOR (former=EX, player=ACTOR => EX+ACTOR)
22 Stare in an agitated way at the literary sarcasm (6) SATIRE (ana. STARE+I -- where does the I come from??)
24 A Medieval tale of chivalry and love (5) ROMEO (Direct??)


Vinod Raman said...

Thanks for the coreection, Anisha. Yea, looks like Roman it is!