Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8279 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Surprised that a shed is not damaged (10) ASTONISHED (a shed is not damaged = ana. A+SHED+IS+NOT)
6 Title given to African chieftain (4) EMIR/AMIR (Direct)
9 Easy to read the new glib General (7) LEGIBLE (new glib General = ana. GLIB+LEE)
10 With courage I'm on shore in revolt (7) HEROISM (I'm on shore in revolt = ana. IM+SHORE)
12 The man will have nice recollections of Greece (8) HELLENIC (The man will=HE'LL, nice recollections=ana. NICE=ENIC=>The man will have nice recollections = HELL+ENIC)
13 A language that is Greek to me! (5) LATIN (Cryptic Def)
15 Arrange again to receive stolen goods (5) RESET
17 Can't coups overthrow the incumbents? (9) OCCUPANTS (Can't coups overthrow = ana. CANT+COUPS)
19 An exceptional talent, one that's developed early (9) ANTENATAL (An=AN, exceptional talent, one=ana. TALENT+A(one)=TENATAL=>An exceptional talent, one = AN+TENATAL)
21 Wear away slender bar from both directions (5) ERODE (slender bar=ROD, both directions=EE=>slender bar from both directions = E(ROD)E)
23 Small amounts of coins (5) CENTS (Direct)
24 Open one myself, though it is extra work (8) OVERTIME (Open=OVERT, one=I, myself=ME => OVERT+I+ME)
27 Musical work with which Thomas Edison initially got work in theatre (7) OPERATE (Musical work=OPERA, Thomas Edison initially=TE => Musical work with which Thomas Edison = OPERA+TE -- work in theatre as in Operation theatre)
28 The queen Titian represented with a tail! (7) TITANIA (Titian represented =ana. TITIAN, a=A=>Titian represented with a tail = TITANI+A)
29 Top cover the English dislike intensely (4) HATE (Top cover=HAT, the English=E => HAT+E)
30 Plant account for delivering babies? (6,4) STORKS BILL (account=BILL, for delivering babies=STORKS)

1 Every individual is a friend of the youth leader (4) ALLY (Every individual=ALL, youth leader=Y => ALL+Y)
2 Wild animal brought from Ethiopian province by ship (7) TIGRESS (Ethiopian province=TIGRE, ship=SS=>Ethiopian province by ship = TIGRE+SS)
3 Prize for a noble dissertation (5) NOBEL (ana. NOBLE)
4 Grim situation at the back of the ship (5,4) STERN PORT (Grim=STERN, situation=PORT)
5 The in charge arranged rules of behaviour (5) ETHIC (The in charge arranged = THE+IC(in charge))
7 In a mist, one gets slightly wet (7) MOISTEN (ana. MIST+ONE)
8 Thought back of short skirts caught in the tall grass (10) REMINISCED (short skirts=MINIS, caught=C, tall grass=REED=>short skirts caught in the tall grass = RE(MINIS+C)ED)
11 'e's more ashen looking, getting up — what a setback! (7) RELAPSE (e's=ES, more ashen looking=PALER=>'e's more ashen looking, getting up = reversal of ES+PALER)
14 The most appropriate fabric for a Norfolk boating jacket? (10) BROADCLOTH (Dirct??)
16 State capital, one with a following (7) TUNISIA (captial=TUNIS, one=I, a=A=>capital, one with a following = TUNIS+I+A)
18 Business is picking up for him (9) COLLECTOR (Cryptic Def)
20 Brown chap touching Circle Line? (7) TANGENT (Brown=TAN, chap=GENT => TAN+GENT)
22 The fellow portrayed in oils may be a Turk (7) OSMANLI (The fellow=MAN, oils may be=OSLI=>The fellow portrayed in oils may be = OS(MAN)LI)
24 Not right to veto what is open to view (5) OVERT (ana. R+VETO)
25 Carries the young child on course (5) TOTES (young child=TOT, course=ES(direction))
26 Enjoy in dancing (4) BALL (Dbl Def)