Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8272 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 View from a distance of a contestant who is unlikely to win? (4,4) LONG SHOT (View=SHOT, from a distance=LONG)
6 Dust rubbed off the upright in house framing (4) STUD (Dust rubbed off = ana. DUST)
9 Mala's a peculiar greeting (6) SALAAM (Mala's a peculiar = SALAAM)
10 They engage in debate (7) ARGUERS (Direct)
13 Engraving of a gray phlox, perhaps (9) XYLOGRAPH (gray phlox, perhaps = ana. GRAY+PHYLOX)
14 Man who brings about a sea-change in the princess (5) DESAI (sea-change=ESA, princess=DI=>sea-change in the princess = D(ESA)I)
15 River in England douses endlessly (4) OUSE (douses endlessly= dOUSEs-ds)
16 Don, Al and Aditi together produce an extra (10) ADDITIONAL (Don, Al and Aditi together produce = ana. DON+AL+ADITI)
19 Our dour bat could well be a singer of folk songs (10) TROUBADOUR (Our dour bat could well be = ana. OUR+DOUR+BAT)
21 Cast aspersions on some of his lurkings (4) SLUR (Container => hiS LURkings)
24 Deliveries at the junction are open to knowledge (5) OVERT (Deliveries=OVER, junction=T=>Deliveries at the junction = OVER+T)
25 Bird that is alert apparently (9) WIDEAWAKE (Dbl Def)
26 Test AIR conducted for a public performer (7) ARTISTE
27 The first alien approaches that woman. That's the end! (6) TETHER (The first=T, alien=ET, that woman=HER=>The first alien approaches that woman = T+ET+HER)
28 Catch sight of Oriental agent (4) ESPY (Oriental=E, agent=SPY => E+SPY)
29 It's just cooked for you! (4-4)

2 Prophesies put contests, about fifty, under a round (7) ORACLES (contests=RACES, fifty=L, round=O=>put contests, about fifty, under a round = O+RAC(L)ES)
3 Girl on the limits of the farm (6) GRANGE (Girl=G, limits=RANGE=>Girl on the limits = G+RANGE)
4 Clumsy son of Noah presented (3-6) HAM-HANDED (son of Noah=HAM, prsented=HANDED)
5 Impart skills to the old English pirate (5) TEACH (Dbl Def)
7 Crime rate goes haywire, boy! (7) TREASON (rate goes haywire=ana. RATE=TREA, boy=SON=>rate goes haywire, boy = TREA+SON)
8 They produce stimulating drinks that I still desire earnestly (12) DISTILLERS (I still desire earnestly = ana. I+STILL+DESIRE)
11 Wanders about the Princess offering Indian thrones (6) GADDIS (Wanders=GADS, Princess=DI=>Wanders about the Princess = GAD(DI)S)
12 Extra ITO note seen to be exceeding bounds of reason (12) EXTORTIONATE (Extra ITO note seen = ana. EXTRA+ITO+NOTE)
17 Flooded with tuna, I'd end import (9) INUNDATE (tuna, I'd end import = ana. TUNA+ID+END)
18 A British author becomes less intense (6) ABATES (A=A, British author=BATES => A+BATES)
20 Dress worn by not-completely-observable revolutionary (7) OPENTOP (not-completely-observable=OPEN??, revolutionary=TOP
22 Persons who do no work in the bakery? (7) LOAFERS (Dbl Def - 1. Persons who do no work 2. in the bakery)
23 Coming up, observed Edward being very thin from disease (6) WASTED (observed=SAW=>Coming up, observed=WAS, Edward=TED => WAS+TED)
25 Overcome Western position of leadership (5) WREST (Western=W, position of leadership=REST)


Chaturvasi said...

It was not opentop but OVERTOP (dress) as you might have checked already.
OVERTOP in wordplay is split as OVER-TOP
OVER is from "not completley observable" that is incomplete over(t).
TOP is from revolutionary, that is something that revolves.