Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 8273 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Speaking insistently on place of residence? (8) DWELLING (Dbl Def - 1. Speaking insistently 2. place of residence)
5 Shrewdness displayed by 51 about copy transfer (6) POLICY (ana. LI(51)+COPY)
9 Being capricious, Western leader moves to that man thus (7) WHIMSIC (Western leader=W, the man=HIM, thus=SIC => W+HIM+SIC)
10 The production of malt beverages about to take place in B-section (7) BREWING (about=RE, B-section=B WING=>about to take place in B-section = B(RE)WING)
11 Areas kept section-wise for parrots (9) PARAKEETS (ana. AREAS+KEPT)
12 Bury nitre compound (5) INTER (nitre compound = ana. NITRE)
13 In addition to some informal societies (4) ALSO (Container => informAL SOcieties)
14 Squash knocker C. O. despatched (9) CROOKNECK (knocker C. O. despatched = ana. KNOCKER+CO)
17 It is the jurisdiction of the Navy chief (9) ADMIRALTY (Direct)
19 Hunter has no time for official minutes (4) ACTA (??)
23 Pace in bar? (5) TEMPO (Dbl Def)
24 As used to wash out an organ (9) IRRIGATOR (Direct)
25 Long and thin, like Malabar pakkoda (7) RIBBONY (Dbl Def)
26 Medical students deprived of freedom? (7) INTERNS (Dbl Def)
27 Superlatively sound of mind (6) SANEST (Direct)
28 Such a fabric has a blend of two colours (5-3) CROSS-DYE (Direct)

1 Underestimate the release of PoW Dylan (8) DOWNPLAY (ana. POW+DYLAN)
2 They leave the country before a plane is hijacked in the South (7) EMIGRES (before=ERE, plane=MIG, South=S => E(MIG)RE+S
3 It is capital in Zambia (6) LUSAKA (Direct)
4 Are its members relatively explosive? (7,6) NUCLEAR FAMILY (Cryptic Def)
6 Old boy Edward on a wild nite is submissive to authority (8) OBEDIENT (Old boy=OB, Edward=ED, wild nite=ana. NITE=IENT => OB+ED+IENT)
7 Foolish, I had bumped into ten with a nervous disease (7) IDIOTIC (I had=I'd=ID, ten=IO, a nervous disease=TIC => ID+IO+TIC)
8 Rot! Guy can indeed serve a fermented preparation (6) YOGURT (ana. ROT+GUY)
10 Err onto biters that are a stray dog breed (6,7) BOSTON TERRIER (ana. ERR+ONTO+BITERS)
15 Energetic, six eat a sour mixture (8) VIGOROUS (six=VI, eat=GO, sour mixture=ana. SOUR=ROUS => VI+GO+ROUS)
16 Alec and Ross fix up a game (8) LACROSSE (ana. ALEC+ROSS)
18 From which one may pick bargains at a store (7) DUMPBIN (Direct)
20 Provided food to Tom, to begin with (7) CATERED (Tom=CAT)
21 Begins outbursts (6) STARTS (Dbl Def)
22 A Bill for marbles? (6) AGATES (A=A, Bill=GATES => A+GATES)


Chaturvasi said...

Actaeon (hunter) minus eon (time) gives ACTA.
For Actaeon = hunter, see Chambers.

Chaturvasi said...

Please also see my comment for the following post. Returned to Madras this morning after an out-of-town trip.

Karthik said...

I thought I was a crossword addict until I came across this site :) I now feel most normal :D Im from India too. Currently in America. I used to do ET crosswords (from the Daily Mail) in India. Never did the Hindu somehow. Are they available online.

Vinod Raman said...

Thanks a lot CVasi! I'm glad to say that my clue was a runner up in the UK CWC.

Karthik, I was an ET crossword fan too, but I dont subscribe to it anymore. Only find time to the hindu. The hindu xws are available online in the miscellaneous section of the online edition.