Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Hindu Crossword 2600 Solutions

1 It may illuminate quarry, minor crossing eastern bridge (11) SEARCHLIGHT (minor=SLIGHT, eastern=E, bridge=ARCH=>minor crossing eastern bridge = S(E+ARCH)LIGHT)
9 Get the better of unfashionable party (5) OUTDO (unfashionable=OUT, party=DO => OUT+DO)
10 Aggressive type, butcher at social gathering (6,3) KILLER BEE (butcher=KILLER, social gathering=BEE)
11 Puts down head causing scene (9) LANDSCAPE (Puts down=LANDS, head=CAPE => LANDS+CAPE)
12 Guy drinks last of wine (5) TEASE (drinks=TEAS, last of winE=E => TEAS+E)
13 Colour of pies cooked with hint of allspice... (5) SEPIA (pies cooked=ana. PIES=SEPI, hint of Allspice=A=>pies cooked with hint of allspice = SEPI+A)
15 ... or additional sage (9) OTHERWISE (additional=OTHER, sage=WISE => OTHER+WISE)
17 Prostitute, not quite sober, by block of flats facing East (9) COURTESAN (sober=SANE=>not quite sober=SAN, block of flats=COURT, East=E=>not quite sober, by block of flats facing East = COURT+E+SAN)
18 Article by newspaper revealing robbery (5) THEFT (Article=THE, newspaper=FT=>Article by newspaper = THE+FT)
19 Regions in Far East (5) AREAS (Container => fAR EASt)
21 Prison etc. must be awful for a police officer (9) INSPECTOR (Prison etc. must be awful = ana. PRISON+ETC)
24 A haul in it plundered from country (9) LITHUANIA (A haul in it plundered = ana. A+HAUL+IN+IT)
25 Play with tot by front of arcade (5) DRAMA (tot=DRAM, front of arcade=A=>tot by front of arcade = DRAM+A)
26 Found toddler holding hands in plant (6-2-3) FORGET ME NOT (Found=FORGE, toddler=TOT, hands=MEN=>toddler holding hands = T(MEN)OT=>toddler holding hands in plant = FORGE+T(MEN)OT)

1 Harm baby (5) SPOIL (Dbl Def)
2 Take notice of one dropping out of lawsuit (3,2) ACT ON (one=I, lawsuit=ACTION=>one dropping out of lawsuit = ACTION-I)
3 Meet about one and social worker will provide a roll (9) CROISSANT (Meet=CROSS, one=I, social worker=ANT=>Meet about one and social worker = CRO(I)SS+ANT)
4 Very smart, typical of a scoundrel with extremely sordid secret (4,1,4,6) LIKE A _O_S _I_N_R
5 Superb worker upset with pay-off (6,9) GOLDEN HANDSHAKE (Superb=GOLDEN, worker=HAND, upset=SHAKE => GOLDEN HAND+SHAKE)
6 Minister to pay for another (5) TREAT (Dbl Def. - 1. Minister to (v.) 2. pay for another)
7 Harsh, a supporter with different views once wicket's lost (8) ABRASIVE (a=A, supporter=BRA, different views once wicket's lost=ana. VIEWS-W(wicket)=SIVE => A+BRA+SIVE)
8 Strong virile chaps bandaged by doctor (8) VEHEMENT (virile chaps=HE MEN, doctor=VET=>virile chaps bandaged by doctor = VE(HEMEN)T)
13 Accordingly, one in telegram is friendly (8) SOCIABLE (Accordingly=SO, one=I, telegram=CABLE=>one in telegram=C(I)ABLE => SO+CIABLE)
14 Girl removed piece of elastic from shoulder decoration (8) PAULETTE (shoulder decoration=EPAULETTE, piece of elastic=E=>removed piece of elastic from shoulder decoration = EPAULETTE-E)
16 Bad lot to barricade European port (9) ROTTERDAM (Bad lot=ROTTER, to barricade=DAM=>Bad lot to barricade = ROTTER+DAM)
20 Mostly boring material (5) STUFF (boring=STUFFY=>mostly boring=STUFFY-Y)
22 Artist brought in can teach (5) TRAIN (Artist=RA, can=TIN=>Artist brought in can = T(RA)IN)
23 Respond with reference to decree (5) REACT (with reference to=RE, decree=ACT => RE+ACT)


Chaturvasi said...

In my first session I too got all except 4d.
The answer is provided by Ganesh in his orkut group.
The phrase is one that I have not come across before; it is not returned by any crossword pattern search software. But it is in Chambers.