Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2584 Solutions

1 Fish round river and channel (6) TRENCH (Fish=TENCH, river=R=>T(R)ENCH)
4 Edible molluscs without equal, netted by seamen? (8) ABALONES (seamen=ABS, without equal=ALONE=>AB(ALONE)S)
9 Plate brought over for creature (6) ANIMAL (Plate=LAMINA, brought over suggests inversion of LAMINA=>ANIMAL)
10 Goes around with permit flanked by extras (8) BYPASSES (permit=PASS, extras=BYES=>BY(PASS)ES)
12 Subordinate may produce a report inside ground (9) SATELLITE (ground=SITE, a=A, report=TELL=>S(ATELL)ITE)
13 Discover the whereabouts of ethnic group after end of concert (5) TRACE (ethnic group=RACE, end of concert=T=>RACE after T)
14 Use influence to remove section of orchestra (4,3,7) PULL THE STRINGS (Double meaning)
18 Monarch, say, in country independent of outside authority (9,5) SOVEREIGN STATE (Monarch=SOVEREIGN, say=STATE)
20 Singer from Crete? No, Rhodes (5) TENOR (Container=>CreTE, NO, Rhodes)
22 Flower people mostly backing country (9) CARNATION (People=RACE=>People mostly=RAC=>people mostly backing=CAR, country=NATION)
24 Pillar of strength, mother during visit (8) MAINSTAY (mother=MA, during=IN, visit=STAY)
25 Relaxed with a drink, drop of Scotch with last of ice (2,4) AT EASE (a=A, drink=TEA, drop of Scotch=S, last of ICE=E)
26 Curse old car by river (8) EXECRATE (river=EXE, old car=CRATE)
27 Kitchen utensil, bigger we hear (6) GRATER (bigger=GREATER, bigger we hear=homonym indicator=>GRATER)

1 Odd patterns in wing of church (8) TRANSEPT (ana. PATTERNS)
2 Mounting material from novelist... (5) ELIOT (material=TOILE, mounting material=>suggests inversion of TOILE=ELIOT)
3 ... one of the Brontes, sort of sweet (9) CHARLOTTE (Double meaning)
5 GI surrounded by beer, mostly drunk in Cagney film (3,5,4) BOYS MEET GIRLS (drunk is the ana. indicator for BEER, MOSTLY=>ana. of BEERMOSTLY around GI)
6 Smallest bottom of those in final (5) LEAST (bottom of those=E, final=LAST=>E in LAST=>L(E)AST)
7 Lost again abroad? That may bring on homesickness (9) NOSTALGIA (ana. LOST AGAIN)
8 Is up before short forbidding nurse (6) SISTER (Is up=SI, forbidding=STERN=>short forbidding=STER)
11 One who sells tents, perhaps (4,8) WINE MERCHANT (Direct=>One of the secondary meanings of Tent is a kind of wine available in Spain)
15 In any sole, freshly cooked with onions (9) LYONNAISE (ana. IN ANY SOLE)
16 Transient moved without delay (9) INSTANTER (ana. TRANSIENT)
17 Check on reportedly expensive animal (8) REINDEER (Check=REIN, expensive=DEAR, reportedly is a homonym indicator=>DEER)
19 Obstruct farmyard enclosure, one fenced by me (6) STYMIE (farmyard enclousre=STY, one fenced by me=I in ME=M(I)E)
21 Vertical pipe in boiler I serviced (5) RISER (Container=> boileR I SERviced)
23 Unsuitable at home, ornate tap (5) INAPT (at home=IN, ornate tap=>ana. TAP=APT)