Monday, December 20, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2585 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Several in Maine like this as a starter? (4) SOME (Maine=ME, like this=SO => like this as a starter suggests that SO comes before ME => SO+ME)
3 Patter from porter on board with cast (5,5) SALES PITCH (Defn.=Patter, porter=ALE, on board=on ship=SS => ALE on SS=SALES, cast=PITCH...explanation thanks to Chaturvasi)
10 Social worker, male, put in a single room initially (7) ALMONER (male=M, a=A, single=LONE, room initially=R => male, put in a single room initially=M in ALONER=AL(M)ONER)
11 Odd coin in vase depicting heraldic beast (7) UNICORN (ana. COIN+vase=URN)
12 Game birds (5,3,6) DUCKS AND DRAKES (Double meaning)
14 A socially acceptable street before, without luxury (7) AUSTERE (A=A, socially acceptable=U, street=ST, before=ERE => A+U+ST+ERE)
16 Atomic pile concerning one on the boards? (7) REACTOR (concerning=RE, one on the boards=ACTOR => RE+ACTOR)
17 Vagabond, exhausted, in front of shed (7) OUTCAST (exhausted=OUT, shed=CAST(v.) => OUT+CAST)
19 One helps to control banking loan I arranged round middle of term (7) AILERON (ana. LOAN I+ER(middle of tERm))
20 Difficult issue in France, one that causes embarrassment (6,8) ENFANT TERRIBLE (Double meaning => issue as in child)
23 Feeling expressed by English poet (7) EMOTION (English=E, poet=MOTION(Andrew Motion) => E+MOTION)
24 A name is given wrongly — the cause? (7) AMNESIA (ana. A NAME IS)
25 Letter openers, presumably? (10) ADDRESSEES (Cryptic defn.)
26 Not quite nimble enough to escape? (4) FLEE (nimble=FLEET, not quite nimble=FLEET-T)

1 Flower in picture, a monster (10) SNAPDRAGON (picture=SNAP, a monster=DRAGON => SNAP+DRAGON)
2 Italian girl caught parrot (5) MIMIC (Italian girl=MIMI, caught=C => MIMI+C)
4 Set out with a compass crossing river (7) ARRANGE (a=A, river=R, compass=RANGE => A+R+RANGE)
5 English copper on winding road in South American country (7) ECUADOR (English=E, copper=CU, winding road=ana. ROAD=ADOR => E+CU+ADOR)
6 Dancer in Marbella somehow grabbed by unlikely pair (5,9) PRIMA BALLERINA (ana. IN MARBELLA + PAIR)
7 Steer and tow a broken-down sports car?(3-6) TWO-SEATER (ana. STEER + TOW)
8 Manual worker given cards (4) HAND (Double meaning)
9 Temptation? Ease off gradually (3,4,2,1,4) ONE STEP AT A TIME (ana. TEMPTATION EASE)
13 Influential woman — big cheese — head of Equity (6,4) GRANDE DAME (big=GRAND, cheese=EDAM, head of Equity=E => GRAND+EDAM+E)
15 Perched in small forest in tropical tree (9) SATINWOOD (Perched=SAT, in=IN, small forest=WOOD)
18 Short examination involving poorly aunt reveals an infectious disease (7) TETANUS (Examination=TEST=> short examination=TEST-T=TES, poorly aunt=ana. AUNT=TANU => TE(TANU)S)
19 Demo disc in superb gallery (7) ACETATE (superb=ACE, gallery=TATE => ACE+TATE)
21 Centre of operations on line from Swiss city (5) BASEL (Centre of operations=BASE, line=L => BASE+L)
22 Goddess? Some mother, anyway (4) HERA (Container => motHER Anyway)


Chaturvasi said...

I tried to post some explanations on Ganesh's orkut community but even as I used proper keystrokes, strange things happened repeatedly and I have given up! Orkut is very unstable and Ganesh should start one in Yahoogroups or the new Google groups so we may carry on conversations without snags.
I am now posting some comments here (the entire answers are below and it is easy to pick clues on which I want to say something).
In orkut when I copy Ganesh's notes, the colours disappear and so the red answers that need some comment don't show. You have here provided explanations to most of the answers.

1a I have not entered anything here as I am as yet unable to explain any answer satisfactorily. If you put in SOME, you should be able to say how you derived it.

3a S(ale)S-pitch (v. (to)cast porter = ale Sales pitch is the patter or spiel that a salesperson keeps up inorder to persuade someone to buy the product he is handling.

23a Perfect explanation. But Ihave never heard of Motion the poet! Anyway, William Wordsworth in his Preface to the Lyrical Ballads defined poetry as "emotion recollected in tranquillity". So "feeling expressed by English poet" led me to the answer!

4d range = R is a typo. It should be river = R