Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8158 Solutions

1 Colonised elsewhere having paid twice? (9) RESETTLED (Double meaning)
6 Praise when road tax finished early (5) EXTOL (when=EX, road tax finished early=TOLL-L)
9 Post standing erect (7) UPRIGHT (Double meaning)
10 Smiled so foolishly, sergeant-major is disgusted (7) SMIRKED (sergeant-major=SM, is disgusted=IRKED)
11 You taste shift to be perceptive somehow (6) ASTUTE (ana. You=U+taste=TASTE)
12 Sense, say, a meeting of spirituals (6) SEANCE (Homonym of sense)
15 Where to yawn when late (10) BEHINDHAND (Double meaning)
16 The lady's calling one knight back (4) IRIS (one=I, knight=SIR, knight back=RIS)
18 Pretentious songs? (4) AIRS (Double meaning)
19 A white coat put on when making a wedding cake (5,5) ICING SUGAR (Direct)
23 Widespread murmur of discontent at the sound of thunder (6) RUMBLE (Double meaning)
25 Mass he found to use as cover (6) CLOTHE (Mass=CLOT, he=HE)
28 Blindly devoted I got into bed (7) BIGOTED (ana. I GOT BED)
29 Be vigilant and keep one's eyes open (4,3) LOOK OUT (Double meaning)
30 Carried gun as load for a draw (5) TOTED (Direct)
31 Stimulant for repast, pie maybe (9) APPETISER (ana. REPART PIE)

1 Garden plant you use as fruit (7) RHUBARB (Direct)
2 It brings relief to a sore surface (9) STRETCHER (Direct)
3 Fasten rigidly to secure (7) TIGHTEN (Double meaning)
4 Neatly let you play the instrument (4) LUTE (ana. LET+you=U)
5 Particular food for a goodlooker (4) DISH (Double meaning)
6 Deprived of a residence permit (6) EXILED (Direct)
7 Object used as evidence (5) TOKEN (Direct)
8 Climbers in a game with a number of snakes (7) LADDERS (Direct)
13 Resounding blow one feels like giving a naughty boy (5) WHACK (Direct)
14 Foolish to be somewhat in an ecstasy (5) INANE (Container => somewhat IN AN Ecstasy)
17 Just troughs? That is in confusion! (9) RIGHTEOUS (ana. TROUGHS +That is=IE)
18 Entertainer confused car with smashed boat (7) ACROBAT (ana. CAR+BOAT)
20 An act of betrayal that fills the theatre (4,3) SELL OUT (Double meaning)
21 Return to previous shape after a lapse (7) REENTER (Direct)
22 Editor shortly following a story up (6) ELATED (Editor shortly=ED, story=TALE, story up=ELAT)
24 Power to enforce one's will (5) MIGHT (Direct)
26 Immediate object of mental perception (4) IDEA (Direct)
27 Cut to trim (4) CLIP (Double meaning)