Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8171 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Rook accomplished attack (10) OVERCHARGE (accomplished=OVER, attack=CHARGE)
6 Cry given on sighting a whale (4) WAIL (Homonym of whale, though I don't see a satisfactory homonym indicator)
9 Go round a wizard place with a philosopher (7) SPINOZA (Go round=SPIN, wizard place=OZ, a=A => SPIN+OZ+A)
10 Quit post when five acted against one in trouble (7) VACATED (ana. V(five)+ACTED+A(one))
12 I had to suffer a setback with strain and misery (8) DISTRESS (I had=I'd=ID => I had to suffer a setback=DI, strain=STRESS => DI+STRESS)
13 Wax method in producing designs on cloth (5) BATIK (Direct)
15 Exposes nothing on his writings (5) OPENS (nothing=O, writings=PENS => O+PENS)
17 Made claim as per one's known experience (9) EMPIRICAL (ana. CLAIM+PER+I(one's))
19 The belittler of French farm machinery (9) DETRACTOR (of French=DE, farm machinery=TRACTOR => DE+TRACTOR)
21 Art of the French developed to deal in commerce (5) TRADE (ana. ART+DE(the French))
23 The French tax affected those we place in high position (5) EXALT (ana. LE(the French)+TAX)
24 A boisterous frolic starts with an E African salutation (8) JAMBOREE (Jambo means Hello in Swahili)
27 Pat takes a bird as a design model (7) PATTERN (Pat=PAT, a bird=TERN => PAT+TERN)
28 Brought up the information to the latest (7) UPDATED (Direct)
29 Closes up the last points (4) ENDS (Double Defn.)
30 Who cares, for example, about such a question? (10) RHETORICAL (Direct=>Cryptic defn.)

1 It's somewhat marvellous to eject the mafia don (4) OUST (Container => marvellOUS To, though the mafia don part is absolutely redundant)
2 Dreadful, if I cede large building (7) EDIFICE (ana. IF I CEDE)
3 The cult has no unusual influence to exercise (5) CLOUT (ana. CULT+O(no))
4 Arrangement made at base, meant to humble (9) ABASEMENT (ana. BASE MEANT)
5 Yields to pressure (5) GIVES (Direct)
7 Make a cat sit in an unstable position (7) ASTATIC (Ana. A CAT SIT)
8 An Amazon perhaps, could resist his advances (4,6) LADY KILLER (Double Defn.)
11 Show Tom with his middle unclad (7) CABARET (Tom=CAT, unclad=BARE => Tom with his middle unclad=CA(BARE)T)
14 They don't offend the fairies (4,6) GOOD PEOPLE (Direct)
16 Treats possibly about fifty for shock (7) STARTLE (ana. TREATS+L(fifty))
18 Standard quality of the greatest significance (9) PARAMOUNT (Direct)
20 Carried outside as it was to be drunk to someone's health (7) TOASTED (Carried=TOTED, as=AS => Carried outside as = TO(AS)TED)
22 Pies cat upset are not likely to go bad (7) ASEPTIC (ana. PIES CAT)
24 He is bad luck to be on board ship (5) JONAH (Direct=>ref. to the Bible)
25 A suitable arrangement made on command (5) ORDER (Double defn.)
26 Object of admiration (4) IDOL (Direct)


Chaturvasi said...

18 Standard quality of the greatest significance (9) PARAMOUNT (Direct)
If as you say it is a direct clue, the answer must be 'paramountcy' (n.)
If we take "standard quality" as a subsidiary indication and "of the greatest significance" as the definition, then it must be "standard quantity" (par plus amount).
Anyway it is an ill-written clue.
You have rightly pointed to some flaws in other clues.