Friday, December 24, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8173 Solutions - by Vinod & Ganesh

1 Breathing space? (7) AIRHOLE (Direct)
5 The French domesticated the wild one (7) UNTAMED (The French=UN(disagree with the compiler. UN means number one in French. The French should be LA or LE), domesticated=TAMED => UN+TAMED)
9 A channel used to receive gold coin (5) DUCAT (A=A, channel=DUCT => used is the ana. indicator => ana. A+DUCT)
10 Thought to phone about one point a boy made (9) REASONING (phone=RING, one point=E, a=A, boy=SON => phone about one point a boy = R(E.A.SON)ING)
11 Ted made tent and gained clear profit (6) NETTED
12 Let's rush about; they do (8) HUSTLERS (ana. LETS RUSH)
14 Some people complain dialect's hard to understand here (5) INDIA (Container => complaIN DIAlect's)
15 Stars arising from the East taking chances (9) ASTERISKS (ana. EAST+RISKS(chances))
18 A film Rome edited once standard in France (9) ORIFLAMME (ana. A FILM ROME)
20 Eager to be compatible (5) AGREE (ana. EAGER)
22 Sent round a small amount of money as a deposit (8) SEDIMENT (Sent=SENT, a small amount of money=DIME => Sent round a small amount of money = SE(DIME)NT)
24 Scraped out to destroy (6) ERASED (Direct)
26 Her endless speech in a tiara, for example (9) HEADDRESS (Her endless=HER-R=HE, speech=ADDRESS => HE+ADDRESS)
27 I find Evan to be with natural simplicity (5) NAIVE (ana. I+EVAN)
28 Domestic servants used as messengers (7) BEARERS (Double Defn.)
29 Thing set apart for a particular requirement (7) SPECIAL (Double Defn.)

1 Slowly musically and not in a medley (9) ANDANTINO (ana. AND NOT IN A)
2 Repeated fate of the recidivistic co-respondent? (7) RECITED (??)
3 Alert batsmen have their sights set three (2,3,4) ON THE BALL (looks like there's a typo here. The clue should read 'set there' instead of 'set three')
4 Cure not rightly done to unbleached linen (4) ECRU (ana. CURE)
5 Where to find a Koala in difficulties (2,1,3,4) UP A GUM TREE (Double Defn.)
6 Our abstainer has become an unpleasant interfering old person (5) TROUT (ana. OUR+TT(abstainer=Teetotaller=TT))
7 He bowls over the ladies (7) MAIDENS (Double Defn.)
8 Do away with boastful talk? (5) DEGAS (Cryptic Defn. => boastful talk=GAS)
13 Jingoistic big fight promoters (10) WARMONGERS (Direct)
16 Set the compass back to front (9) REARRANGE (compass=RANGE, back=REAR => back to front suggests that REAR is in the front of RANGE => REAR+RANGE)
17 Veronica will go quickly by the spring (9) SPEEDWELL (will quickly go=SPEED, spring=WELL => SPEEDWELL(a plant of the genus Veronica))
19 State of the fashionable princess (7) INDIANA (fashionable=IN, princess=DIANA => IN+DIANA)
21 Italian opera composer possibly in a San Francisco town? (7) ROSSINI (Double Defn.)
22 Form of address to a refined person (5) SAHEB
23 Dim eastern girl could be a very small person (5) MIDGE (ana. DIM+E(eastern)+G(girl))
25 Puts quarter to some purpose in America (4) USES (quarter=SE, America=US => U(SE)S)