Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8165 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Earl I'd up for a kind of anaesthetic (8) EPIDURAL (ana. EARL ID UP)
5 Mark that is a disgrace (6) STIGMA (Direct)
9 In favour of South Arcot in-charge, though dull and ordinary (7) PROSAIC (Infavour of=PRO, South Arcot=SA, in-charge=IC=>PRO+SA+IC)
10 A network computer, in fine, produces money (7) FINANCE (a network computer=ANC, fine=FINE => FIN(ANC)E)
11 Gas: Roger's proved to be the offender (9) AGGRESSOR (ana. GAS ROGERS)
12 Gizmo hurled out an old coin (5) MOHUR (Container => GizMO HURled)
13 Early morning, bachelor puts down a verse foot (4) IAMB (Early morning=1 AM=IAM, bachelor=B=>IAM+B)
14 A form of Siva a harridan spelt out (9) ARDHANARI (ana. A HARRIDAN)
17 Not that this city has too many prohibitory orders (9) BANGALORE (too many=GALORE, prohibitory order=BAN=>BAN+GALORE)
19 Pygmy in Namakkal (4) AKKA (container => NamAKKAl)
23 Muse: it takes long time for the openers of the office (5) ERATO (long time=ERA, openers of the office=TO => ERA+TO)
24 Thinking alike: there are no two opinions about it! (2,3,4) OF ONE MIND (Direct)
25 Smell of high game (7) FUMETTE (Direct)
26 Cool to have this beverage in the afternoon (4,3) ICED TEA (Direct)
27 Understand there is a meeting of the French and an Italian leader (6) DEDUCE (of the French=DE, Italian leader=DUCE => DE+DUCE)
28 As danger develops, half of them go back to the police officer (8) GENDARME (ana. DANGER+EM (half of THEM=EM))

1 Positive about impact he created (8) EMPHATIC (ana. IMPACT HE)
2 Preparation that is too hard to chew? (4,3) IRON GUM (Direct)
3 Practices of rishi in America (6) USAGES (rishi=SAGE, America=Us => sage in America = U(SAGE)S)
4 Property in which descendants of a family live (9,4) ANCESTRAL HOME (Direct)
6 Building from which people view all round (8) TENEMENT (people=MEN, view=TENET => people view all round= TENE(MEN)T)
7 Grass the writer, for one (7) GUNTHER (oblique reference to author Gunther Grass)
8 Being tired, decidedly wary about running water (6) AWEARY (ana. WARY + EA for runing water)
10 More warning to chief: "Return mobile" (7,6) FURTHER NOTICE (ana. TO CHIEF RETURN, mobile being the anagram indicator)
15 New Goan writer is an unbeliever (8) AGNOSTIC (ana. GOAN + writer=STIC)
16 Difficult to wear out military weaponry (8) HARDWARE (Difficult=HARD, wear out=ana. WEAR=WARE)
18 Frightened the distraught Malar with the journalist (7) ALARMED (ana. MALAR + ED for journalist)
20 Rent kit out to one who makes garments (7) KNITTER (ana. RENT KIT)
21 Tree did this: turned over the pages (6) LEAFED (Double meaning)
22 Champion is fed up with the conclusion (6) DEFEND (fed up=DEF, conclusion=END=>DEF+END)