Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Hindu Crossword No. 2583 Solutions

1 Trojan prince is shown on standard (5) PARIS (Standard=PAR + IS)
4 Objects after shop damaged hair (5,4) SPLIT ENDS (Objects=ENDS, shop=SPLIT??)
9 Dress up bride more elaborately (9) EMBROIDER (ana. BRIDE MORE)
10 Left on account of toy boy (5) LOVER ( Left=L, account=OVER)
11 Rotter locking Italian inside Spanish fortress (7) CITADEL (Rotter=CAD, Italian=IT, Spanish=EL => C(IT)ADEL)
12 Outside broadcast — do watch (7) OBSERVE (Outisde broadcast=OB, do=SERVE)
13 Dreadful print of a dying Mozart? (6,7) INFANT PRODIGY (ana. PRINT OF A DYING)
15 Six feet under, or over? (4,3,6) DEAD AND BURIED
17 Old instrument in bar, not entirely used to make a pasta dish (7) RAVIOLI (Old instrument=VIOL, Bar not entirely=RAIL-L=RAI => RA(VIOL)I
19 Animal in one, performing (2,5) ON STAGE (ON(STAG)E)
21 Opposing female, 50, easily bribed (5) VENAL
22 Pride in work over in island church (9) ARROGANCE
23 Formal item of clothing dear? Cost's outrageous (5,4) DRESS COAT (ana. DEAR COSTS)
24 Heartless teddy boy becomes a boxer (5) TYSON (Heartless teddy=TY, boy=SON)

1 Deliver a sermon, a real beauty about beginning to repent (6) PREACH (a real beauty=PEACH, beginning to repent=R => P(R)EACH)
2 Runs a racket in capital (5) RABAT (Runs=R, a=A, racket=BAT)
3 Brand new floods came bringing impending disaster (5,2,8) SWORD OF DAMOCLES (Brand=SWORD + ana. FLOODS CAME)
4 Prevented from participating in hobby by daughter (9) SIDELINED (hobby=SIDELINE, daughter=D)
5 Great short piece from orchestra in a slow tempo (5) LARGO (Great short=LARGE-E=LARG, piece from orchestra=O)
6 Rifleman's aid — light piece — cost's outrageous (10,5) TELESCOPIC SIGHT (ana. LIGHT PIECE COSTS)
7 Little Edward's trapping destructive creatures — it doesn't matter (5,4) NEVER MIND (NE(VERMIN)D)
8 Apologetic about Church of England suggesting witchcraft (7) SORCERY (Aplologetic=SORRY, Church of england=CE => SOR(CE)RY)
13 One with bit of nerve to go on ahead (2,7) IN ADVANCE
14 Fool receiving awful clout from powerful rich type (9) PLUTOCRAT (Fool=PRAT => P(ana. CLOUT)RAT)
15 Traced the source of English river? I have, in the outskirts of Dartford (7) DERIVED (outskirts of Dartford=DD, English river=ER, I have=IVE => D(ER)(IVE)D)
16 River that's cut off any number... (6) SEVERN (cut off=SEVER, any number=N)
18 ... in part of Florida, hot U.S. state (5) IDAHO (FlorIDAHOt)
20 Girl from the North kept in a long time (5) AGNES (long time=AGES, North=N => AG(N)ES)