Friday, December 17, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8167 Solutions - by Vinod & Rajagopal

1 Killer is in a ship — a ship — with our sailors (8) ASSASSIN (a=A, ship=SS, a=A, ship=SS, our sailors=IN => A+SS+A+SS+IN)
5 Side by side a committee (6) ABOARD (a=A, committee=BOARD)
10 Fretful to be served edible fungus (7) TRUFFLE (ana. FRETFUL)
11 Free to enter into another tenancy contract? (7) RELEASE (another=RE, tenancy contract=LEASE => RE+LEASE)
12 This box is a television-set (6) GOGGLE (Direct => goggle box)
13 Stress makes hip seams to come apart (8) EMPHASIS (ana. HIP SEAMS)
15 Imitate unknown summit (4) APEX (Imitate=APE, unknown=X => APE+X)
16 One whose job is to keep animals safe from poachers (4,6) GAMe WARDEN (Direct)
18 Deceived, Robin batted an eyelid (10) HOODWINKED (Robin=HOOD as in Robin Hood, batted an eyelid=WINKED => HOOD+WINKED)
20 Eye the goddess? (4) IRIS (Double meaning)
23 Legal right enables us to cut fur freely (8) USUFRUCT (ana. US+CUT+FUR)
24 Am back to fool with Rani at the boat basin (6) MARINA (Am back=MA, fool with Rani=ana. RANI=RINA => MA+RINA)
26 Somehow retire around top of medieval galley (7) TRIREME (ana. RETIRE+M (top of medieval0)
27 Shop in India's capital for rifle (7) MARTINI (Shop=MART, in=IN, India's capital=I => MART+IN+I)
28 Check again about the cricket match (2-4) RE-TEST (about=RE, cricket match=TEST)
29 Ranged no order for male hormone (8) ANDROGEN (ana. RANGED NO)

1 Hero-worshipper who looks for some signs (9,6) AUTOGRAPH HUNTER (Double meaning)
2 Convey secretly, with no heed to duties (7) SMUGGLE (Direct => duties as in customs)
3 Regularly in tricky surroundings, but gently (6) SOFTLY (Regularly=OFT, tricky=SLY => Regularly in tricky surroundings = S(OFT)LY)
4 Article among site materials (4) ITEM (Container => sITE Materials)
6 Protective structure in ship takes a lot, chief (8) BULKHEAD (a lot=BULK, chief=HEAD)
7 Collected me as Das by mistake (7) AMASSED (ana. ME AS DAS)
8 A place where cuts in the services are taken care of speedily (8-7) DRESSING STATION (Direct => cuts as in injuries, servies as in defence services)
9 One who proclaims an elephant, for example (9) TRUMPTER (Double meaning)
14 Geese not to be shaken off? (9) BARNACLES (Double meaning => One meaning is Barnacle geese, and the other meaning is things that cannot be shaken off i.e. parasites)
17 They throng, keener aboard ship (8) SWARMERS (keener=WARMER, ship=SS => keener aboard ship=S(WARMER)S)
19 Wielding clout is the eye doctor (7) OCULIST (ana. CLOUT IS)
21 Dropping behind, late in coming, are fencing materials (7) RAILING (late in coming=TRAILING, Dropping behind=TRAILIN-T=RAILING)
22 Engineer in trade show is more equitable (6) FAIRER (Engineer=RE, trade show=FAIR => Engineer in trade show=FAI(RE)R)
25 One embracing yours truly has the last word (4) AMEN (One=AN, yours truly=ME => One embracing yours truly=A(ME)N)