Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Hindu Crossword 8159 Solutions

1 Troubles aplenty? Or just fine? (7) PENALTY (ana. APLENTY)
5 The fourteenth letter to loved one will charm (7) ENAMOUR (14th letter=N=EN, loved one=AMOUR)
9 Latter parts of happy stories (7) ENDINGS (Direct)
10 Church leader has a number to punish (7) CHASTEN (Church leader=C, has=HAS, number=TEN)
11 Pass the animal over here (3) ASS (Container)
12 Be of value to provide help (5) AVAIL (Double meaning)
13 Vibrating metallic sound from an instrument (5) TWANG (Direct)
14 Is miserable causing gloom (6) DISMAL (Direct)
15 A liqueur I put down before going out (8) ANISETTE (I, put=SET, before=ANTE, before going out => AN(ISET)TE)
18 Impertinent redhead left rash (8) IMPUDENT (redhead=R, rash=IMPRUDENT, redhead left rash=IMPRUDENT-R)
20 A country that is full of rich Arab bores (6) KUWAIT (Arab bores=Arab oil wells)
24 Substantive ideas or things (5) NOUNS (Direct)
26 Flash of wit from a gallant (5) SPARK (Double meaning. Spark means a flash of wit as well as a young lover i.e. a gallant)
27 Document of acknowledgement of debt (1,1,1) IOU (Direct)
28 Gold on board a dramatic scene (7) TABLEAU (Board=TABLE, Gold=AU)
29 Tidiest cattle set out (7) NEATEST (cattle=NEAT, set out=EST)
30 Piercing cry of uncanny tones (7) SCREECH (Direct)
31 Arranged to move round centre (7) ROTATED (Direct)

1 Settled before getting a packet? (7) PREPAID (Direct)
2 They believe in maximum exposure (7) NUDISTS (Direct)
3 Help to advance a factory worker (4,1,4) LEND A HAND (Advance=LEND, a=A, factory worker=HAND)
4 He is willing to agree to anything always (3,3) YES MAN (Direct)
5 Ten clues rewritten being edible (8) ESCULENT (ana. TEN CLUES)
6 Anticipate a delay somehow (5) AWAIT (a=A delay=WAIT)
7 Friendless vagabond (7) OUTCAST (Double meaning)
8 Renounce to deplore the gene somehow (7) RENEGUE (deplore=RUE+GENE ana.)
16 Instant glue must have been used on the rocks no doubts (5,4) STUCK FAST (Double meaning)
17 Insofar? (8) INASMUCH (Direct)
18 Novice left brown coat that causes to burn (7) IGNITES (brown coat=LIGNITES, novice=L=>LIGNITES-L)
19 Quietly rumble to get worker to attend to water system (7) PLUMBER (Quietly=P+RUMBLE ana.)
21 Indefatigable worker devouring citrus fruit for sustenance (7) ALIMENT (Indefatigable worker=ANT, citrus fruit=LIME, Indefatigable worker devouring citrus fruit = A(LIME)NT)
22 Aunt Ted reproached somehow (7) TAUNTED (ana. AUNT TED)
23 Way things happen or is done (6) MANNER (Direct)
25 Screen is turned the night before (5) SIEVE (is turned=SI, night before=EVE)


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